Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay


Comiket has reportedly banned sexy cosplay with a revision of the rules governing how much skin female cosplayers are allowed to bare, supposedly because of public indecency fears.

The revision to the rules is supposedly to “avoid the possibility of public indecency offences,” although the severity of the new rules would apparently preclude quite a lot of commonly worn female fashion, as well as something as indecent as appearing at a beach in swimwear.

Rag Tokyo Sports describes the new rules in its most recent edition:

[Under the new rules] any costume with visible underwear or genitals is banned, as well as anything which greatly emphasises the genital region. Not wearing underwear is also banned. Anyone wearing swimwear must also wear supporters or underwear.

The revisions are severe, but the biggest change is this:

“For the chest, the standard is for no more than a third of the skin to be uncovered, and for no underwear to be visible (for women only).”

One lady cosplayer has this to say: “There are lots of cosplayer girls who hone their bodies for this event and look forward to being fussed over by photographers. These girls are going to be gutted by the ban. Young, cute, busty or scantily clad cosplayers are all popular. It’s all a nice fantasy world.”

With the event already dominated by sales of pornographic and technically illegal manga, the ban seems to continue the perplexing Japanese love of sex-related rules which make absolutely no sense…

The online reaction:

“Ishihara has it in for us.”

“Why not just ban photographers entirely?”

“It’s tough running something like this. It’d be the cosplayers who commit the crime, but the cops are going to hold the management responsible for providing the space.”

“There used to be the odd girl with costumes where you could see their nipples.”

“‘For the chest, the standard is for no more than a third of the skin to be uncovered, and for no underwear to be visible’ – so nipple exposure only is OK?”

“Don’t be an idiot, or at least be cleverer about it. They aren’t writing what is already banned by law.”

“The ones who just enjoyed the ero weren’t really enjoying the cosplay in any case.”

“Just leave them alone! The most perverted person here is the one who thought up such a tawdry set of regulations.”

“A smokescreen to deceive the morons in the mass media. If you compare this to what is on the discs they are selling…”

“80% of the busty cosplayers are ugly in any case.”

“Can’t they ban the ugly ones as well?”

“In that level of heat, forcing them to sweat away in tights is pretty nasty.”

Chouzuki Maryou is done for…”

“Ever since Ishihara got in we have been under constant oppression…”

“So you have to wear tights or supporters under your underwear? So everyone should basically come as kigurumi?”

Past events for those wondering what all the fuss is about.

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