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Errr… Was it all this;

Maybe you won’t see no more Ikkitousen, Strike Witches, Queen’s blade, Soniko, Boa Hancock, Panty & Stocking, Rosario+Vampire, Sora No Otoshimono, Dead Or Alive…

Are these enough ? In case, I can go on ! I got a LOOOOONG possible blacklisted series… ^^

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  • Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay:
    Fuck Japanese censors…. Just a bunch of fucking idiots. Make something illegal/banned/forbidden and people will want it EVEN MORE! Next comiket will only be half full… the other half of the people will be across the street enjoying full ero cosplay for half the price.

  • Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay:
    I am a male cosplayer and have no problem with this. lol

  • Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay:
    Wow, I couldn’t help but laught at your post. It’s evident you don’t know shit about what happens in Japan. People have gone crazy and stabbed people in the street for a lot less than this, and there will be a point where a desperate NEET will try and take justice on his hands.

  • Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay:
    I hope you all realize where all this is coming from, what’s behind Ishihara and will corrupt, poison and destroy japanese culture, like it has done with other local cultures around the world. Christianism.

  • Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay:
    “Most of us here are not Japanese citizens so we can’t do much except lend moral support.” …and have other Japanese point to you and say “OMG dirty old foreign men lusting after our daughters!!!!!!!”…

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