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So if I went in a halter and shorts they’re not going to let me in? I guess if a girls going to cosplay she better go as Horo in her nun outfit but considering how hot it is in Tokyo in August they better have a lot of ambulances on standby. What crap!

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    I always liked Pinochet’s uniforms, especially the hat! Dictators always have great tailors.

  • BTOOOM! Rape Anime:
    True but really lard assed otaku don’t have a lot of muscle so aren’t strong. OK maybe their one hand and arm muscles from fapping.

  • BTOOOM! Rape Anime:
    @ Kazaza2 Ron Jeremy’s gotta be in 60’s so maybe he forgot what pussy he left it in! Senile sex! @Anon 05:00 I don’t ever recall Ron Jeremy looking like a bloated beach ball so I don’t see the comparison.

  • Atelier Meruru = 50% “Sexualized Outfits On Very Young Girls”:
    @ Anon 12:37 You must live in a Very liberal country! If any adult had sex with a child in most places in my country you’d be lucky to escape with your life if discovered. I mean you would be torn limb from limb and left in the street for the dogs.

  • Teacher Punishes 3-Year-Old with Vaginal Seed Insertion:
    @ Anon 03:15 You don’t need a doctorate in computer science to understand how one works, know it’s parts and make repairs and upgrades to memory cards and cpu’s and motherboards etc. You just need to become more informed on the subject at hand.


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