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Confused?, don’t be. They actually wear undergarment/support pad alot, to avoid revealing those sensitive spots and also boost their size.

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    Shit, so now it bold down to the fact that i can’t marry?

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Mass Cunnilingus Manga:
    Can we ban this righteous anonymous man from our community? i’d definitely feel lots safer

  • Finally – Aya Hirano Bares Pussy To Fans:
    “…the intensity of the original, festooned with pulsating hearts and flashing stars as it is…” Already knew the title is 99,99% misleading, but i can’t help but have a faintly expectation that i’d finally see some real actions. Guess not

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    I’ve been watching and admire Emirin since long time ago, adore her even without the dental fix, and just until now i know the 2ch been harrasing her, for her teeth? Man, she’s like one of the sweetest seiyuu i’veever known. Fucking scumbag i’d say! those 2ch (only those minorities scumbag.) Congratulation Emirin, i wish you the best of health and luck, please keep going strong, heading on your career. Cass

  • Scores Celebrate Ritsu’s Birthday:
    I haven’t had any cake for my birthday since like … forever. I think that the reason why i grew up so quick.


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