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Ishihara: “Japan Must Become a Nuclear Armed Military State”

Shintaro Ishihara

Tokyo’s governor Shintaro Ishihara has taken a break from bashing manga to stress the need for Japan to become a military state and to develop its own nuclear arsenal, lest it be torn apart by wicked foreigners.

He made his statements in a recent press conference:

“If Japan doesn’t become a powerful military state it will certainly lose all standing in the world.”

Alluding to President Obama’s supposed desire for a nuclear free world, he responds that Japan should have its own nuclear arsenal:

“Japan should pursue them. If we wanted to we could have as many as we like. We have a mountain of plutonium.”

He also proposes that Japan should use its space program to develop missiles of its own.

Though he may be a crazed far right xenophobe addled by senility, it is hard to deny the fundamental strategic logic of his position (even if it is simply stating the obvious):

“Japan is the only nation in the world to be so closely surrounded by hostile nuclear powers intent on seizing its territory; North Korea, China and Russia have all made or are intent on assailing Japan.

We must consider how to oppose these powers. This is no longer an age where economic power alone will suffice.”

Amazingly, 2ch actually appears to be largely against him:

“Shut up already, you old fool!”

“As expected of the great leader the citizens of the capital (those over 40 at any rate) have chosen!”

“Nuclear deterrence is pointless unless you have nuclear subs. America will never let us have them, so end of discussion. You need to consider America making Japan into one of its hypothetical enemies.”

“If he wants a military buildup, let him do it with Tokyo’s money.”

“As expected of his excellency!”

“Did Shintaro’s howling increase the military budget one iota?

Did Shintaro’s racist remarks against foreigners decrease foreign crime at all?

He went on and on about the Olympics but in the end he had no connections and lost the bid.

He’s all talk, he should retire.”

“His arguments are as sound as ever!”

“He’s right though. China, Korea and Russia will all keep coming after Japanese territory unless opposed.”

“This is 2ch but you’re all opposing him!? Dirty left wing spies must be active here…”

“It’s because of all those filthy lolicon.”

“When Argentina invaded the Falklands in 1982, the UK crushed them in short order.

Japan has the Kuriles, Takeshima, the Senkaku isles, Tsushima, Yonagunijima, etc., etc. You have to take care of your own affairs yourself.”

“It’s pointless to have them as such a small nation. With three nukes the country would be done for. It’s best to rely on our American masters to protect us.”

“There is no way America will ever use nukes to save us.”

“They won’t use them for us, but at least they are in the background.”

“People who depend on America will end up in trouble eventually. We have to do something before that…”

“I approve of us becoming a military state!”

“Militaries cost a fortune. Although they can manage it with arms exports…”

“You can’t trust anything this guy has to say. It sounds as if he just says this stuff to drum up support amongst his conservative backers.”

“I support Isihihara!”

“This senile old fool needs to retire as soon as possible.”

“Then go ahead and build nukes in Tokyo! The citizens of the capital will be just fine with that I expect.”

“He’s right. Anyone who disagrees needs to find a successful example of a non-military developed nation to point to!”

“Nuclear arms are a last resort. First we need a normal constitution and a normal military strategy. It’s a miracle we survived this long like this when surrounded by those countries. It’s only thanks to America.”

“I want to know what Ishihara’s definition of ‘military state’ is.”

“There is no way our incompetent government is even up to the task of pursuing a nuclear arsenal. They can’t even manage a nuclear power station. And the people criticising Ishihara are not Japanese! He’s just a hawk.”

“He is no hawk or even a conservative. He’s just full of excuses with no real achievements to his name. I can’t believe there are still idiots who expect anything of this elderly plague which is ruining our nation.”

“This guy wouldn’t last 3 months as PM, would he?”

“The Great Empire of Japan was so much more proficient at statecraft. Japan has been castrated by America and made into a faggot nation – that’s the cause of all this.”

“Hurry up and die you addled old coot.”

“I like his military policies but it was pretty worrying seeing his shaking body on TV.”

“Once America goes bankrupt they’ll not be able to afford a vast military which can defend us. We need to hurry up and rearm before they collapse!”

“Military rule might be preferable to DPJ rule. But I think military types mean military control when they say ‘military state.'”

“Ishihara is no hawk, he’s just a nut. He attacks everything apart from Korea.”

“Sieg Nihon!”

“Those dirty Koreans really hate him! He’s necessary for Japan!”

“Constitutional reform, pachinko bans, nuclear armaments – he advocates it all without actually doing a single thing, that’s Ishihara in a nutshell.”

“I want to ask those Chinese just what merit they think there is in taking over a radioactive little island nation with no natural resources.”

“All these lolicon really hate Ishihara, don’t they?”

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  • Nuclear arms or not… even saying this as a proudly American Individualist, it definitely cannot be argued that the Japanese have every right to their own military just as any other nation. The only reason they get ridiculed is because they lost in WWII like Germany and Italy (especially in spite of the facts that Stalin killed and tortured over 20 million Russians, the amount of Japanese-Americans thrown in concentration camps, and most importantly, it was the U.S. that illegally imposed embargos on mideastern oil against the Japanese).

    Dragomir Bahadur

  • seriosly guyz (and gurls…). we’re kinda getting of topic here…

    first: who started this b*lls*it about gundams huh??? (not that i mock mecha fans but.. come on!!!)

    second: seroisly people. if japan starts making freakishly big bots… then all that like this gundam war topic just wants to make WW3 come to life.. that means no anime for a season (maybe even a year or more..) and all of you will prove the mayans right…

    By: †LorD_ZerO†

  • Yes, because Ishihara also forgets how much more shit Israel has to deal with, considering it’s borders. Seriously, a militarized Japan would bring nothing more than a red cross mark on the face of it. China would NEVER allow such bull shit to happen, and South Korea would probably MAKE America do something about it (and tbh, America has enough problems with it’s own government). Let alone, probably the UN will throw a tremendous amount of shit onto Japan.

    What is this idiot thinking? Are all politicians in Japan this much detached? The country has gone through three nuclear disaster, one being made by it’s OWN citizen. And in the past 50 or so years, Japan had a pretty GOOD standing without having any sort of military power.

  • An old person’s fear of death should not be the basis for major national decisions.

    This man alone may be reason enough to restrict the voting age for the elderly. He is only concerned with paranoid delusions and the burning desire to return to a cleaner more whole imagined Japan. I really wonder just how aware he is of Japan’s long, LONG history of porn, because his decency standards are ridiculously stupid.

  • I don’t know what to say. Is it wrong to help people? I guess when the victim becomes dependent its a bad thing but….to go so far so to declare that they need a military state? Hasn’t the world suffered enough wars? Because that is what a military state will end up in. A fucking war. I know people like to fight hell I like to fight but killing people is fucking different from a fucking fight! I’m sick of seeing this stuff. I’m sick of seeing that xenophobic asshole preaching about stuff he obviously doesn’t understand and I’m sick of hearing the xenophobic bastards and bitches in my own country. I don’t believe in all the nonsense of peace or getting along and understanding one another but is it wrong to at least hope we can all tolerate each other and respect each others space?

  • I have no ideological issue with Japan becoming militarized. Being a state with a strong non-imperial army is a good thing to be.

    However, the current financial state of Japan is such that trying to make itself a competitive military power is simply fantasy. Even if Japan desperately wanted to become a military power, it doesn’t have the liquid assets to make it happen without extensive volunteer/slave labor work on the part of the citizenry.

  • however, obviously he doesnt understand things before he starts preaching non-sense. Nukes are more trouble than they are worth, plus nobody in their right mind would want to invade and control Japan, as stated, they have no natural resources, if someone did actually capture japan, the only thing they get is a ton of money that is completely worthless due to the hostile takeover, devaluing it to nothingness in the first place…

    I’m pretty sure the enemies that Japan surrounds itself with what like to see glorious Nippon wiped off the face of the map out of sheer spite. Generations and generations off hatred has been building up. The Japs can’t rely on American, that’s for damn sure. American isn’t going to stick it’s neck out for some yellow bastards in any real crisis. You can be sure of that.

  • The guy wins dropping anime and now wants to bring down nations…
    This happens by doing nothing, for those who run the country!
    As a nation is so stupid as to keep a madman in power?

  • as twisted his views on anime and the like are hes not wrong about this America isn’t exactly in a position to do anything if anyone other than North Korea decided to assault japan and if it were during Obama’s tenure I’m not sure he Would do anything I know he wouldn’t threaten nuclear force and even if he did no one would believe him cause of everything hes said and his actions thus far.

  • “ch is just as senile as that old asshat.

    Look at the comments. It’s as if all of Japan’s right wingers are roaming around there. What a joke. Those that scream the loudest against minorities are avid participants themselves.

  • While I think it’s silly to continue enforcing the WW2 restrictions on Japan after more than half a century, nuclear weapons shouldn’t be sought by anyone. As the only nation to have experienced their use in war, Japan should know this better than anyone.

  • “This is no longer an age where economic power alone will suffice.”

    Lol what? Hmm. Maybe 1940’s were more of an economic age? World have never been as civilized as it is now.

    He wanna be the next Hitler

  • I don’t think relying too much on US military is good… People doesn’t know how it feels to have a foreign military base in your own country.

    And who would say Japan can’t have a strong military? Japan does have a potencial and already has a JSDF. If Japan quit restriction on no-attaking-weapon-rules (no Nuclear, no Missile, etc), Japan can overcome the level of Europe in a few years. It’s not the matter of technology, it’s the matter of political decision.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    “All these lolicon really hate Ishihara, don’t they?”

    LOL at the hostile 2ch reaction. The sentence above pretty much sums it up.

    It’s too late Ishihara, not even pandering to the right-wing sentiments of 2ch can ever redeem you from the ultimate sin of banning their 2D bread and butter.

  • Well its funny because Ishihara is the one saying this, however he has a point, Japan is surrounded by nations with some bad history, and America well, can’t protect everyone for ever, and in 20 years we all know who is gonna be on top anyway.

  • Sounds right to me, man. I’ve been saying for a long time the US needs to work closely with Japan to fight off China and North Korea.. and Vietnam while we’re at it. It’s not like we can do it alone.
    Japan is totally our Vegeta, we defeated them and made friends, and now they need to be fighting alongside us.. Those are the rules.

    • lmao at Viet Nam. They’re like the Black Sheep of the commie family now. I wouldn’t be surprised if their closest allies are all “free” countries nowadays.

      Even back in the Cold War era, diplomatic relations with China were shit. I think the only Asian country that doesn’t hate China’s guts politically is North Korea, and that’s for political reasons too albeit.

  • great idea let every one get Nukes then the fun can start we can make the fallout game a reality instead of only a game. Or better yet kill every fucking adult age 50 and up cuz it seams today´s adult don´t know a fucking shit how to rule our future great idea lets build nukes and on top on that we add the world is going in to a Financial hell why not just hand every one a gun so we can kill our self end humanity and let the animals take over for they seam to be allot smarter than humans. Sure the world will end 2012 or I mean the world will be okey Humanity will be gone thank for we being a bunch of retarded morons that think with out asses instead of our brains.

  • “If Japan doesn’t become a powerful military state it will certainly lose all standing in the world.”

    its because of YOU moron japan’s will lose/is losing its standing in the world -.-

    Stop blaming others when your the one screwing up Japan!

  • Ishihara: I repeat, all manga and anime hating personal are to evacuate to Arsenal Gear em immediately.

    OtakuN: Kaku-san, you heard them, if we don’t stop them now they will suppress our free will from ero-tech and destroy the last of the non-banned material form history.

    Kaku-san: We can’t let that happen, right kid?

    “kid”: I miss my mom

    OtakuN/Kaku-san: hehe, they will never know we stole the actual Sons of Ishihara.

    “kid”: What?

    Kaku-san: Night time kid…

    Those that have played MGS2 know what arsenal rectum is… Let’s just say “kid” got his part in it.

  • I’m not so surprised about that asshat and his delusions.
    I’m more surprised at how the Japanese let something like that slide. Especially when they are STILL suffering from Fukushima as we speak.

    So, I want to address the Japanese directly:


  • There’s one solution to that: Greater East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere version 2! Last time the Japs tried, it was for sole Japanese domination. Try using the words “Fair and equal alliance” Japs! The Filipinos will never abandon a comrade.

  • As long as Japan is considered an ally of the americans, the chinesse, and their lackey nk, will not do anything that could be regarded as an act of war against Japana. Simply because, America is China’s best customer, and vice versa. One’s economy can’t survive without the other.

  • Japan’s prime minister Naoto Kan renewed his pledge to help make Japan nuclear-free as Hiroshima marked the 66th anniversary of the US atomic bombing amid the Fukushima crisis.

    After the March 11 quake and tsunami triggered the nuclear accident that left radiation leaking into air, soil and sea, Mr Kan said the country must reduce its reliance on atomic power with the goal of eventually becoming nuclear-free.

    “The large-scale, long-running nuclear accident has triggered radiation leakage, causing serious concerns not only in Japan but also in the world,” Mr Kan said at a memorial ceremony in Hiroshima’s Peace Park.

    “I will deeply reflect on nuclear power’s ‘myth of safety’, investigate thoroughly the causes of the accident and fundamental measures to secure safety, as well as reduce the dependence on nuclear power plants and aim for a ‘society that does not depend on nuclear power plants,” he added.

    Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui also called for the government to review the country’s energy policy after the Fukushima accident, the world’s worst since Chernobyl 25 years ago.

    “The continuing radiation scare has made many people live in fear and undermined people’s confidence in nuclear power,” he said.

    “The Japanese government must quickly review the energy policy… to regain people’s understanding and trust.”

    It was the first time in decades that any Hiroshima mayor has questioned Japan’s decades-long policy of developing nuclear power during the annual ceremony.

    A city official said that some 50,000 people participated in the ceremony to remember the 1945 atomic bombing, which killed an estimated 140,000 people instantly or due to burns and radiation sickness soon after the blast.

    Over 70,000 perished as a result of another US atomic attack on the port of Nagasaki three days later.

    Japan, the only country to suffer atomic bombs, has a self-imposed ban against nuclear arms, part of its pacifist post-war constitution.

    Saturday’s ceremony was attended by representatives of more than 60 countries including the United States.

    Earlier this week the government said it would sack three top energy officials over their handling of the Fukushima atomic disaster and other scandals that have eroded public trust in the country’s nuclear policy.

    Recent polls showed about 70 per cent of voters sided with Mr Kan’s vision of nuclear-free Japan and local communities are wary of restarting reactors shut down for regular maintenance and inspection, despite fears of power shortages.

  • The nuclear armed part I would agree with (no foreign nation will mess with you when you have nuclear weapons).

    The military nation part I do not agree with. This guy is, more and more, becoming comparable to the Emperor of Japan during World War II.

  • “Japan is the only nation in the world to be so closely surrounded by hostile nuclear powers intent on seizing its territory; North Korea, China and Russia have all made or are intent on assailing Japan.”

    hahhaha, very funny, and Poland is what? Every neighbour that we ever had attacked us o.O Even Sweden o.O and we don’t have nuclear armed military o.O

    • Yeah, but how many of your neighbours have nuclear weapons?
      Only Russia. Also most of your neighbours are harmles and/or wouldn’t have an interest in conquering Poland. The other European countries, that have nuclear weapons have long been your allies (although it did’t help that much in Poland’s history). Poland is in the EU and the Nato, so if someone actually dared to attack you nowadays, there is a high probability for help.

      The situtation with Japan is different, although I don’t think that Russia or China would have any reason to attack Japan. North Korea is of course a different case.

  • Ishihara won’t live forever, but he’s quite likely to be replaced by another old fart with a similar agenda. Japan is aging, after all.

    Whoever said that the United States will never risk itself if Japan is nuked is probably right, but even if Japan builds its own nuclear weapons, it wouldn’t protect it from North Korea. Deterrence doesn’t work against dictators who are desperate or nuts, and North Korea seems to have produced a dynasty of them.

    • I agree, we need to end war before war ends us.

      In the great words of Bliss N Eso:

      “I don’t want them to look back when the future was written
      and know we killed ourselves with nuclear fission and stupid decisions
      Shit I’d rather an asteroid due for collision then know the planet got fucked by the human condition”


  • I do agree that Japan does need a stronger military force, but somehow wouldn’t having nuclear weapons just give a reason for other hostile nations to outright attack Japan? I mean yes it is America’s fault for having stripped Japan of their military for so long, but on the other hand, maybe its one of the reasons why Japan hasn’t been attacked in almost the past 80 years. I dunno. Personally I’d probably more enthusiastic about this policy if it was by any other politician, except Ishihara. Just retire already. For once I’d like to see a governor of Japan that is in his 30’s or younger. Fresh new blood with innovative ideas. I’m sick of all these old men who are in power that drag the past behind them like extra baggage.

  • All the smart Japanese people will soon leave for America. Start a large colony in Michigan (since its nearly the same climate wise) and BAM! Gigantic economic growth, and less oppressive laws.

  • Nuclear arsenal aside, Japan is just not a viable military state, and never will be. It’s too small and has no natural resources. They NEED big allies, and they need to keep those allies. Plain and simple.

  • Sadly, Ishihara, that mad old idiot, is right on this matter. Japan MUST develop nuclear arsenal, or it will be destroyed by fucking america, else by bombings, or morally(since fucking usa has so many influence on Japan, japanese culture begins to die).
    In this matter, I wholly support the old fool, he seems to still have some brains in his old head. Maybe we could even drink some alcohol together, if he wouldn’t be so much against anime/manga.

  • Actually, he is kind of right. Since Japan doesn’t have any nuclear potential – it’s easy to threat, that’s why fucking USA and others can cause that much influence on it. That pisses me off too, so on this matter, Ishihara isn’t that wrong.

  • If China wants to take your isles, it will take them knowing that you wouldn’t use your nukes over such a petty matter.

    Having said that, it won’t even take over its own territory (Taiwan), so why should it invade Japan?

  • He finally lost what little sanity he had left.

    If Japan needs something to keep the Chinese and North Koreans at bay build some aircraft carriers and get some F35s and F22s it will be politically easier.

    Maybe also some rods from god.

    Modern smart weapons are just as good at fucking over an enemy military as nukes but since they are surgical you don’t kill millions of civilians.

  • I have no ideological issue with Japan becoming militarized. Being a state with a strong non-imperial army is a good thing to be.

    However, the current financial state of Japan is such that trying to make itself a competitive military power is simply fantasy. Even if Japan desperately wanted to become a military power, it doesn’t have the liquid assets to make it happen without extensive volunteer/slave labor work on the part of the citizenry.

  • Dare I hope that this will finally make the Japanese wake up and figure out that Ishihara is walking in Hitler’s footsteps and will send Japan to ruin?


    Note to Japan: Ishihara is espousing the same mindless hate-filled rhetoric that led you into WWII.

  • When I read shit like this, it feels like world war III isn’t far away.

    When 1 country makes nukes, another makes nukes to counter their nukes. And then another country will make more nukes in response to those nukes. Then it takes 1 idiot leader to press the launch missile button and all hell is lose.

  • Sometimes I don’t understand Japan. If any western leader said some of the shit Ishihara gets away with they’d be forced out of office by their party as part of damage control. If Obama turned around today and said that Katrina was divine retribution it’d be political suicide but in Japan saying stuff like that is totally okay?

  • “Once America goes bankrupt they’ll not be able to afford a vast military which can defend us. We need to hurry up and rearm before they collapse!”

    Smartest comment of the lot.

  • I agree with Ishiahara-sama. They should ban all things anime-related, use that money to sponsor a nuclear weapons program, and hire the TEPCO guys to direct it. After all, they have a lot of experience with nuclear explosions.

    • Yeah, even if they did have a stronger military, I think Ishihara is seriously underestimating the size of the countries who would be glad to blow them up if they tried anything. Sure, they could bomb some cities in one US state (they’d be lucky to make it as far as Hawaii these days), but then we have 49 other states who would be more than happy to return the favor. And that’s not even including what China and Korea would do.

  • what a fucking idiot. he boasts that he has a mountain of plutonium and that seems to be his motivation to build nukes. it’s a dumb investment. simply having nukes doesn’t ensure safety. also, with the economy the way it is, there is no return on investment in the building of nuclear arms. they would sit and after 50+ years they will be useless. the plutonium will be tied up in nukes and should it be needed, it’s unavailable. the workers will get paid for as long as it takes for them to be built, then layed off, wasting valuable steel, plutonium, labor cost, occupying a facility to build them in, retrofitting said facility up to code.
    all in all, it is like a hobby spent with the japanese taxpayers money. it’s not my money, but it just goes to show you how much he doesn’t care about his people. also, even if they were to be built, the people who would have a say in firing them wouldn’t, because of world opinion and politics.

  • the countries he listed (china, nkorea and russia) are either living under a dictatorship or heavily oppressed. why is japan so afraid, it invented DBZ and robots, put those theories together and japan will be unstoppable

  • Yo, Ishiharakiri: Read your own fuckin’ Constitution. Article 9 expressly PROHIBITS having an offensive military force. You want nukes? Too bad. Change your Constitution, and maybe you’ll get them. Good luck though…

    The U.S. and/or England will never allow re-militarization beyond a self-defense force. Remember how you lost World War II? That article was one of the primary foci of Japans’ surrender & peace treaty:

    “Renunciation of war: Under Article 9 of the constitution the “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes”. To this end the article provides that “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained”.”

    Forever, fucktard.

  • this sounds very similar to what happened when japan decided to go and try re-instituting the the imperial regime and decided to invade china for more land what happened after that was WWII way to go Ishihara or should i call you hitlerhara?

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one who could see similarities. Not saying this will lead to another imperialist Japan going on a rampage around Asia. No chance of that happening with the set quota of military force and co dependence between the nations. But this kind of mentality is what made Hitler as well known as he is.

  • Well, boys at 2chan know what’s outright stupid.

    I do concur that placement-wise on world map, it sucks to be Japan, most of the scum nations surrounding it.
    So it wouldn’t be bad idea to have army of some sort.

    At same time, having any forces might just ignite more troubles. Some fools are quick to read, and would consider arming up Japan as green flag to launch some biased pretext to commence full hostility.

    As for Ishithara, the imbecile should retire already and reserve a spot at seniors house. Obviously, his mind is malfunctioning due to his age.

  • I don’t really see the problem with this at all. Despite being one of the top industrialized nations on the planet they are left out of the big-boys table in the UN because they aren’t a nuclear power.

    It’s not like there’s any risk of them suddenly firing missiles into a neighboring country.

  • of all people in the world
    japs should have known better how destructive nukes are
    especially after the power plant meltdown @ fukushima and the two nuke americans threw at them
    i recommend them building gundams or mecha lollis instead which will be supported by the thousand otakus all across the country

  • What’s wrong with this crazy old man!?
    Does he want to convert Japan in another North Korea or what!!?? Seriously, Japan don’t need a crazy extreme nationalist to rule Tokyo. Ishihara is a potential danger for human kind. Someone shoot’im now!

  • Use Stein Gate’s time travel technology seems reasonable than making nukes. If war would happen, China will dominate, they are planning everything meticulously they even infiltrated CIA and planted a spy there, the Illumnati is working on making America get more debts.

    Scarce Resource, Economy Crisis, leads to WAR. Watch Break Blade movies for an initial idea.

    North Korea already prepared a lot for the upcoming World War 3 in 2015, sadly their first target is Japan and this would be a disastrous battle, then proceeds on conquering South Korea.

    China will get Taiwan but would have a hard time obtaining Philippines
    India have prepared a lot for WW3 so they can resist any country that attempts to attack them.

  • Okay heres my logic.

    Japan = tiny islands.

    If all nuclear weapons were banned and they were invaded they could have a chance to fight back with regular military if they were to build that up.

    If it became a nuke fight?

    Lets just say countries with very small land surface area are at an extreme disadvantage.

    In a nutshell Japans best bet would be entrench the heck out of the shore line, be prepared to mine the crap out of the surrounding water area, and build tons of anti air craft weaponry and anything that can intercept incoming missiles.

  • > “It’s because of all those filthy lolicon.”
    > “All these lolicon really hate Ishihara, don’t they?”

    2ch against lolicons? unexpected, to say the least.

    unless, they’re just trolling while fapping to 2D lolis…

  • With some (or just one) of the 2ch noobs commenting that they approve of japan being a military state.

    I can’t help but laugh when i imagine compulsory military conscription letters reaching all over homes of hikkikomoris and neets if japan really became a military state.

    trolling in 2ch is so easy, this guys don’t know what they are asking for.

  • Does Japan have trillions of yen to spare for a real military, hundreds of thousands of young people to fill the ranks (while not only not paying taxes into oldsters’ government benefits but also drawing a government wage while they’re at it) or a birthrate high enough to keep those ranks full into the future?

    Japan’s military potential is negligible.

  • for once, i do “kind of” agree with him. I do not agree in turning japan into a military state but i do agree for them to gain some nukes of their own to be on par with its hostile neighbors. nukes are the best deterrent out there.

  • This is what happens when Japan gets nukes.

    Kim Jong Il:I bomb New York,oops that’s Japan. I made a goof,let’s do it again…..

    Seriously,anyone who is crazy or ballsy enough to assassinate this man has my respect as relics from the 2nd World War like him are the reasons why relationships with Korea and Japan are so terrible.

  • Japan’s been nuclear for over a decade, them openly saying they want to make more is quite a surprise however, especially considering how the Japanese always hound other countries over their arsenals.

    • Indeed. He has a point when China intents to build 3 carrier and many scary toys. It’s almost like they are prepare for a third world war. Japan has to have something to hold them back because depend on US is not enough.

      • Scary toys? In the history of the world in making scary toys, America would look like it’s wants to start a war 24/7. Building military power doesn’t mean let’s go to war. It’s just another pissing contest between nations.

        Russia, China and N.Korea do not want a war. There is very little benefit for any of them. They’ll beat their chest and bark. But that’s about it. Same with US and the res of the allies.

  • Japanese people are immunised to Ishihara’s cantic oral performance.
    Some ultra right associacions are also advocating nuclear armament.
    But they are not at all nervous about such trivial things as manga, anime etc..

  • Having a huge military and nuclear power will not make Japan, bringing back innovation and changing the corporate climate(ya know treat your workers at least a little more like human beings) will make Japan.

  • Japan is such a small place. Look what a single nuclear plant in fukushima did to the whole nation.

    Imagine China is sick with Japan’s shit and just sends a SpecOps team over to blow up another one.

    Japan will be finished, before they ever started.

    Get back at producing loli-rape shit, Japan. You cannot into nuclear power today.

  • I don’t think he realizes that even if America got rid of nukes, they already have several back up weapons that are even more destructive and dangerous.

    He’s pretty much just admitting how ancient he is if he thinks nukes will solve their small peen problems.

      • High powered railguns for more precise long-range attacks, laser weapon systems that would disable or force an explosion of a nuclear warhead over the country that launched it, assassinations, germ warfare, low-orbit ion cannons, hacking their economy, computer viruses destroyng their electrical grid, blockades.

        Nuclear weapons have a strong force, yes, but they’re not the best weapons to get the job done. In most cases it’s a radical sect of people, not everyone in the area, that needs to be taken out. Killing potential allies only further alienates the survivors.

  • It’s not Japan that should strengthen military force, but the whole world should just get rid of it. Completely. So that the sole threat would be imaginary aliens. No wars, no religion, a lot of anime and manga for everyone.
    What a heck am I even thinking. The whole world is so fucked up, it makes me wonder when did this shit go wrong. Who was the first imbecile that started it. Even if we don’t know these answers, we still continue this shit, and in the end we will all ask ourselves, why wasn’t there a “smart one” to stop it first.
    One arms his country with this shit, all of the others follow him. Endless circle of absolutely meaningless crap. So fucking ridiculous. Why is there a need in military forces anyway? If no one had them, there would be no threat to anyone. No excuse to arm another country with things that take lives of innocent people.
    Why do I need to see this stupid shit even on one of my favorite websites? Why the hell do I need to see that face again?

  • ahora si se le fundio el chip nuclear a este “señor”
    se nota que esta viejo hahaha

    que se armen si falla no solo los afectara a ellos si no tambien el resto del mundo pero a el le vale mani ya que cuando eso pase el morira primero

    deveria autoarrestarse por pensar eso es una autoridad si pienza que el peligro biene uff hay que suicidarnos todos

  • This asshole is planning to take over the world!
    meh well who isn’t these days?
    But seriously he wont stop until the very core of H is eradicated from the world and I’m really getting sick of getting ticked at him XP

    • Yes, you’re the only one.

      Seriously, no one fears that Japan will start a world war. Because if they set everything off there isn’t one country with the capability that would hesitate to blow the shit out of them. So that wouldn’t be a world war, it would be Japanese suicide.

      • I guess your from the US. I don’t mean to offend, but having a foreign power have a base in your country is a controversial matter. Let’s not dwell on this as US bases in Japan have had troops done criminal acts to Japanese people in the past.

        Also, it must be embarrassing to the Japanese to have another country fight for them.
        Why can’t the USA support Japan as they do with South Korea. Let them build a military and have a coalition with them.

        • Compare the crime that those US soldiers do, to the native Japaneses, and you find out that that’s no comparison to the natives.

          Just as the US intervenes in foreign countries, Japan has done so, in tangent with the US, in recent years; just not to scale. So, they HAVE fought for them selves.

          Also, the US has bases in South Korea as well… Same concept as Japan, just not as hostile

        • Many people in the USA agree with leaving Japan. But we know that when we do one of the hostile nations will tear them a new asshole. Probably North Korea. When North Korea calms the fuck down I think the US will seriously entertain the thought of leaving. Until then.

        • America encouraged but didn’t write the pacifist article of the Japanese constitution. It was intended as a peremptory opt-in into an expected new world order where all or most countries cooperated to prevent any future war. This never actually came to be, but the Japanese, very tired of war, liked the pacifist thing anyway.

          If the Japanese really want a real army again, they can change their constitution and do it.

      • there’s a dale drown novel that has this exact scenario:

        The chinese secretly attack a US aircraft carrier in the Japanese naval port and made it look like an accident (the americans own bomb went off on board)

        The japanese quickly kick the american ships out of their ports saying they are a safety concern, america says it wasnt our bomb. China comes in kicks some japanese ass and some rogue american pilot ignores orders from his higher ups and saves the world.

        (pretty much how all his novels end)

  • This is retarded for many reasons:
    -Japan has no natural resources, why invade?
    -China’s navy has very limited projection capability, any of the top 5 navies of Europe, not even counting the UK can kick their ass, now get USA and UK in the picture and it’s a curb stomp battle, try and invade an island country like Japan with zodiacs if you can. NK has zero navy.
    -China and the western world (including Japan, SK and rest of allies) have a codependency relation, China has zero interest in a war with anyone. Believe it or not even the greatest commie asshole cares about his country.
    -A nuclear arsenal cost money. A lot.

    And now this old shitbag wants another military regime? Wants to be the new Hideki Tojo?

    • >>-Japan has no natural resources, why invade?

      FAIL. Japan has a natural resoulce called gas-hidrate, at japanese sea.
      What coreans insist to call East sea.

      Plus, the plan of soulth corean to take over the japanese sea by world opinion has worked. At ICGH only japan was calling japanese sea as japanese sea.
      Now the public opinion call then only by east sea.
      And it was financed by American money, by the Shell to be more exactly.

      And takeshima now belongs to korea, and their resoulces at the sea too. I fell sad about that.

      • Correction – Not really a war. But childish bantering. If China wanted a war they would have done so a long time ago.

        China is an oppurtunist. Which is very capitalist. See this is how China does things:-

        -Is there any benefits? If there are, is it worth it?
        -If it is worth it. Let’s see how far we can go.
        -If it’s not worth it. Then make it known that we have interest. Even though we care little about it just to keep them on guard.
        -If it is deemed to risky or disadvantageous. Stop and withdraw.
        -Is it repeatable? If yes, rinse and repeat.
        -If no, find alternative and troll again.

        They are basically that guy that goes “Let’s try for the sake of it.” then “Meh whatever, let’s do something else.”

  • Japan: 377 944 km² of highly populated areas with complex infrastructure.
    China: 9 596 960 km² of complex terrain + 400+ strategic nuclear warheads.
    Russia: 17 075 400 km² of complex terrain + ≈2800 strategic nuclear warheads + comparatively low population/infrastructure density.
    So, in order to render Japanese islands into radioactive hostile environment you need less then 3% of China+Russia WMD. Thus, any serious nuclear conflict involving Japan will bring catastrophic result such as a loss of 90%+ of population (and all biological life forms on terrain) + total devastation of infrastructure + severe nuclear fallout for years.
    That means: ugly bastards like Ishihara are trying to shift public opinion to virtual problems full of crap (and he and his counterparts in US/EU will succeed till it’s too late because 90% of population is indeed stupid, whether it’s US or Japan). Jeez, based on current data Japan will turn into “dead” zone for purely economy/energy reasons within the next decade, if jerks/marionettes like Ishihara continue to rule there. Nuclear WMD? May help for nation-wide seppuku, right.

  • I think it’s time for him to retire from politics altogether. With statments like what he said, he’s starting to sound like the Japan from World War 2 era. Which is NOT a good thing.

  • “Japan should pursue them. If we wanted to we could have as many as we like. We have a mountain of plutonium.”

    Such sound reasoning! Quick, go build a few thousand. There only enough of them on this world atm to blow it up 200 times over after all.

    Somehow instead of developing a space program and creating their own army I think the money might be better spend somewhere else. Perhaps to deal with the damage from the nuclear power plants and the earthquake?
    Keep voting for this guy Japan, he’s full of good ideas!

    • “Perhaps to deal with the damage from the nuclear power plants and the earthquake?”

      You mean HELP people? Take the focus away from banning things? Stop bitching about things he never plans to do anyway?

      Clearly your logic is ridiculous. Ishihara obviously knows what he’s doing.

  • I can understand him wanting Japan to be strong but are nuclear weapons the right way to do it? I don’t want Japan to be like America either (Speaking as an American) but this guy would fit in very well with many of the fear mongering idiot politicians we have here.

  • Damn these narrow minded bitches ..

    And what’s with calling anyone who disagree/have a different opinion or give them a bad name “korean” ?
    In this case the one they call “korean” are actually the one thinking of the nation .

    They think they’re nationalist or anything by blindly following this guy ?
    They’re just stupid , if we had to speak like them , i guess we could call THEM the “korean” of japan .

    Nationalist xenophobic bastard … if they are japanese, it doesn’t surprise me that they feel the need to protect themselves , anybody would want to bomb the shit out of them , that’s for sure !
    And having bomb in their hand is only going to urge the need of enemy nation to strike first .

  • Japan needs a nuclear arsenal! I mean only peace loving country have a nuclear arsenal. North Korea, Iran, USA, Russian, China, Pakistan, Israel. All peace loving, freedom loving, democratic countrys. Who wouldn’t want to be named in a list with “China, North Korea, Iran, Israel Russian and the USA”?

  • When I read this I can just face the palm… soon enough all the old farts will DIE and the otakus and neets will rule japan, then at least there will be some intelligence in their government.

  • Hey, I know those Tesla tanks were not always that effective against the denizens from Monster Island, but aren’t nukes going just a bit overboard?

    Also, worst – possible – timing there buddy to get folks on board for this. Fukushima anyone? And what about all the help that has come from all these “wicked foreigners”? This is sounding more like late 1930’s Japan did.

  • he is partially right… Japan needs its own military, Americans r in a brink of economic collapse…so forget about them, since its surrounded by China Russia and nkoreans (military powers) out of that i will not support this guys…. i wonder if he knows how much of japan GDP comes from anime/manga/doujins/hentai/lolis/japanese sex dolls/etc

    • That’s because everyone still hates Germany because of WW2 and politicians there need to be careful. I’m not saying that to troll, I really think that there is left over resentment because of lack of knowledge about Germany today. With nothing new to learn, all people have to fall back on is WW2.

  • “It’s a miracle we survived this long like this when surrounded by those countries. It’s only thanks to America.”

    Like it or not, this is true. And if the Americans leave, Ishihara is the first person who would be begging them to come back when those countries gave them trouble.

    He wants to ban loli, not because it would be good for the nation, but because it looks bad to foreigners. He wants Japan to have a stronger military to “compete” with foreign nations.

    In the end, he just looks like an insecure old fool who feels like Japan isn’t respected the way HE thinks it should be.

  • Japan with nuclear weapon is like monkey with grenade. Just look at Fukushima. And military Japan definitely will become rightful military target for nuclear missiles and preemptive strike strategy, because people still remember what Japan was like in WW2, and don’t want it again. Not to menton it will start an arm race in region.

  • is he too senile to remember about what happened after the earthquake in Japan several month ago…
    hit his head hard and remind him about what happened to nuclear power generator after earthquake…
    when we are doing that make sure we hit him hard enough to kill him…

  • hey, if he figures out a way for Japan to pay for it.

    i suspect many in Japan would love him if he suddenly figured out how to drag Japan out of the slow economic sink Japan’s been going through for what… a decade and a half now?

    because unless he does, i don’t know who Ishihara’s expecting to pay for it.
    is he expecting the US to support and pay for a Japanese military build-up?

    he better think of the solution fast though.
    he’s not getting any younger, and neither is the overall Japanese population.

    of course even if he does figure out a way to pay for it, i hope Ishihara realizes that a large military (beyond a basic domestic defense force, which Japan already has) is actually a huge economic money sink unless you’re planning to use it (if you’re not, you’re basically spending millions for a standing army to do nothing but stand there).

    which begs the question, who is Ishihara planning to attack?

    or is he just out to waste money?

  • “I want to know what Ishihara’s definition of ‘military state’ is.”

    He wants to launch japan into earths orbit with nuclear missiles and shoot rocks down on the other lesser nations…

    That nutcase probably thinks something like that and thinks he is really clever. Just wait and see when he finally unveils his whole plan…

  • Don’t know whut the fuss is about, there is always at least one Carrier Strike Group based in the Japans at any given tiem.

    All US Navy ships cruiser class and up have Nuclear Warhead equiped missiles.

    Doesn’t the dorks in 2ch knoe this?


    Besides, Japan is too busy with rebuilding after the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster fuckup.
    They don’t have the money for massive (wreckless) SDF build up right now.

    Not when their exports are taking a beating, because production is reduced.
    It doesn’t help that Yen is beating down the euro/dollar. This just complicates things further.

    Old gezzer needs to “be” retired, as expediently as the people can. Unfortunately, the otaku that feel most strongly opposed against him – still refuse to get off their backsides and come out of their man caves to do anything about it.

    The irony is, they (domestic otaku) can be a poitical force to be reckoned with if only they could be organized. They have the numbers to make a difference.

    Besides, if Japan wanted, I’m sure the U.S. Navy would lease or sell one of the Nimitz Class Carriers currently in mothballs. So that the SDF could start to build up a fair sized deep water force of its own – if need be.
    Hell, the US Goverment could really use the money to offset the national debt. Arms deals are the fastest way to raise funds traditionally for the last few decades.

    • The problem is that Japan will never be really able to count on the US actually using a nuke in retaliation for an attack on Japan; they’ve got too much to lose and it isn’t their home soil. Much safer to just let China / Korea / whom else ever overrun it; avoiding nuclear war. Of course it sucks to be Japan in that scenario.

      By the way, this has been discussed before on Sankaku and back then it was all ‘Japan would be stupid not to go nuclear’ and ‘it’s essential for East-Asian regional stability’ but now that Ishihara says ‘let’s go’ it’s suddenly a stupid idea. Even though we regularly complain about the hypocrisy of this manga-banning porn writer.

      • I agree that the US military would not likely use nukes in the event of an invasion of Japanese territory by some East-Asian nation, but they would undoubtedly provide them with heavy non-nuclear defense. The only way I could see the US using nuclear weapons at all is if another country were attacking them with nukes first, otherwise using them would be an invitation for the opposition to return nuclear fire. The US has plenty of heavy weapons that can take out enemy installations without nuclear repercussions.

        Japan building up a heavy military or nuclear arsenal would only be bad for their country, as it would only decrease support for them among the countries who currently view them as a peaceful nation, not to mention the massive costs required for such an effort. That money can be much better spent on things like education and technology to better its citizens lives. Japan’s lack of need for a strong military, while still having protection, is much of why they managed to become one of the top world powers, with a relatively high quality of life among its populace. As long as Japan remains the “good guys” in the event of a conflict, they’ll have the support of many nations around the world.

        • “But hey, at least we brought democracy, equality, and freedom of thought and expression to Japan right?”

          It’s the Japanese fucking that up. No other country can take the blame for their ridiculous censorship or their fear of any sort of conflict which keeps them from making changes in their own country.

        • >Japanese constitution says X
          Constitutions can be rewritten and amended. And be glad, since that’s how we got the First Amendment.

          >The US has to protect Japan
          Nobody can the US, and there could be circumstances under which the President decides not to pursue the matter. For example, if the nation attacking Japan is a nuclear nation that threatens to nuke us if ‘the West’ interfere in the ‘internal affairs of East Asia’ or if the US military is tied up in some war or other then it could be very hard to act.

        • Aaaaand let us not forget Article 9 of Japan’s national Constitution, which explicitly states that “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes” aaand that “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.” And so, sadly, Japan will forever be limited to its JSDF for internal affairs, while wearing crutches provided by the country permanently who broke Japan’s leg.

          Yepp, we effectively emasculated Japan when we won WWII and MacArthur forced them into signing this constitution. But hey, at least we brought democracy, equality, and freedom of thought and expression to Japan right?…right?

  • I dont see why I-countries (if thats what u call them in english) would like nuclear weapons.
    Its not like I-countries will try to take over and make other countries their own these days anyway.

    Only reason to have a military these days is just to help the “U-countries” like in the middle east and so on.

  • So let me get this straight, he wants to:
    Ban one of the largest economic factors in the nation and import


    Declare they need to build something that may destroy themselves ANC they cannot afford

    This guy has gone senile, please sent him to a retirement house already, thank. You 🙂

    • They have dangerous levels of radiation in the air, water, soil, food, animals, and people at the moment.

      Top off the fact that the only reason the reactor didn’t suffer a meltdown was because a US lead group of UN engineers inspected it and told the Japanese crew/government that they where doing everything WRONG and that it would go into meltdown if they didn’t surrendered the handling of it completely.

      Somehow, I don’t think they could handle actual nukes when they don’t seem to understand how to even run a nuclear reactor..

      • That’s the one thing I can’t wrap my head around. Japan is a heavily urbanized land of almost zero resources and possesses no positional or tactical advantage for ANY of the nations mentioned. In this day and age going after Japan or any attempt at annexing them would be a complete waste of money.

        • I doubt anyone would invade Japan for reasons beyond the political, but those reasons are good enough.
          Thing is: Remember that graph that pops up on political forums showing how out of kilter US military spending is compared to the world?
          It got that way because we spend money defending many of those other nations with capital military assets.
          Anyone going near Japan would incite a conventional and/or nuclear armed retaliation from the US and other first world nations on the same day.

          I’m a warmonger, so I wouldn’t say Japan shouldn’t have nukes. But what is the purpose beyond aggravating their neighbors and making it tough for the allies trying to defend them?
          Even the US is calling its nuke arsenal into question. Going nuclear is the wrong direction for the wars of today.

  • Insanity… he’s gone insane from the years of suppressing his desire for loli rape novels to fap his insignificant cock to. When you have free elections and fucking idiots like this are elected then there’s something wrong. I’d rather have a benevolent monarchy. At least that way they’re insane from inbreeding not malevolent impotence.

      • Actually, the USA were one of the smaller players and would have lost if not for Russia. If Germany had not attacked Russia people would now be speaking German in Washington…


        Btw: Actually your “argument” is completely invalid anyway, because Japan lost WW2 just like Germany…douchebag…

        • It doesn’t matter who thought of the damn thing. Tons of people thought about it. What matters is who DEVELOPED it. You can sit on your ass and think about things all you like. Without action it’s worthless. Yes, the US did DEVELOP the first nuclear bomb.

        • You know, if you look at the tactics the Russian Army used to win in WWII, then MOST people would not agree with them.

          It’s the old, “It doesn’t matter how many we lose, as long as we win”.

        • “Um, we developed the nuclear bomb before Germany.”

          By this arrogant statement I can only assume you’re american. Well, how many of these names actually do sound american to you ?

          Robert Oppenheimer, David Bohm, Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Otto Frisch, Rudolf Peierls, Felix Bloch, Niels Bohr, Emilio Segre, James Franck, Enrico Fermi, Klaus Fuchs and Edward Teller.

          “If they had not attacked Russia Germans wouldn’t be speaking at all because there would be no Germany.”

          No, actually many historians agree that they would have won because the US would have kept still like a bitch… 🙂

        • “So you just agreed.”

          Not at all.

          What you fail to understand is that the germany of now is an *entirely* different country from the germany in ww2. This germany was literally built up from absolute 0 (not counting burned ruins and plundered cities by the ww2 winners) in the last 70 years and started with a comparatively weak military and that remains so to this day.

          Btw, the USA was pretty afraid of the russians back then, but then they are always afraid of anyone they cannot buy or bully…

        • So you just agreed. Japan and Germany both got their asses handed to them. And both were military nations until they got their asses beat. So they can’t really be considered successful non-military nations because that was the original intent and it had to be beaten out of them.

          Also, all the Red Army really did was rape everyone. Yes, really.

        • And to end the point, Germany never wanted to take over the USA, Hitler in the Mein Kampf state that for the surviving of Germany the Lebensraum (living space) was the most important thing, so after including Austria and part of Poland, he went for the most important “field” of Europe, Russia. That after kicking their ass had their way until Berlin.

          If it weren’t for the Japanese, probably now the Europe, and a big slice on Asia would be speaking German.

    • We don’t have and don’t sell nuclear weapons. But that doesn’t mean there was any war in the last 30 years without german weapons. We sell one-side or both-sides of a war weapons. After the war we “help” the winner rebuilding his country. Well, not for free. Afterward he has huge debts. This idea was so good that even the USA started to copy it.

      The good thing is, over 80% of the germany dislike war. Over 80% sad that germany shouldn’t be part in anykind of war (like Afganistan). Over 95% vote the parties which sad “War is good!”.

      A funny fact is that the normal german vote mostly parties which do the total opposite of what he himself wants. But I guess it is just funny as non-german. As german it is rather sad. *Sigh*

  • I hate Ishihara as much as the next person. He’s an idiot and I hope something can be done, fair means or foul. But on this subject, I’d agree, not to his extent. A Japan armed with nuclear weapons doesn’t seem too bad. With neighbors that Japan had, they should’ve had it a long time ago. It’s not like they don’t have the know-how, they’re practically a nuclear state without a trigger.

    Nuclear states like China, North Korea and Russia doesn’t help Japan at all, and South Korea ain’t much help either.

    America would like Japan to be armed with nuclear weapons as well, as long as they can keep it under their control.

    Everyone, including the American experts, knows that when Japan start independently develop weapons, it wouldn’t be long until it superior to American tech.

    • Hello arms race! You think the US really wants to see that? You think China and N Korea will just sit by and let Japan build up a nuclear arsenal without doing anything? You think completely destabilizing the region and starting a new cold war (if it doesn’t result in open war before that) will possibly be good for ANYone in this economic and political climate?

      Exactly which world have you been living in lately? Because it sounds far more idealistic than this one.

      • Why do you think this would suddenly happen if Japan got nukes? If Japan tried anything with nukes the rest of the world would blow the shit out of them. And most of the countries who want to are REALLY close to them.

    • People seem to think that Japan is one big technological country. The fact is that most of it is made of rural and small suburban areas with living standards that are far below what would be accepted in any developed Western country.

      Most important medical, military, computer, and space tech comes from America.

      • Um that’s wrong. Japan has a higher GDP per capita than America and is the third highest ranking nation in GDP.

        Even if you live on a farm the city is only a few hours away on a train ride.

        CHINA is mostly rural and poor.

        • Lack of building insulation, central heating or air, or proper building construction for most natural disasters that have been hitting that country for centuries says otherwise.

          People going to Japan expecting to see tons of technology everywhere will be sadly mistaken.

        • I didn’t say anything about them being poor, genius. I said their living standars are far below what would be accepted in any developed Western country. I had good pay and a fairly nice place there but fuck the building standards are terrible.

    • America is more technologically advanced than Japan and always has been. Weeaboos think otherwise because for some reason they think Japanese robots and toilets are hardcore progressive tech, but that’s just them being stupid.

    • I find it amusing that you think Japan could somehow exceed USA in military technology. Have you any idea how much money Americans burn every year on military research? Japan simply lacks resources for it.

  • “If Japan doesn’t become a powerful military state it will certainly lose all standing in the world.”

    Japan HAD its standing before you came into politics, now you just brought up Japan’s most un wanted taboo, ishihara i hated you, now i detest you even more. You dont deserve to call yourself japanese

  • Why is it that when a country needs to increase the size of their world penis they resort to nuclear weaponry? I get that it is the most destructive weapon on earth, but come on, in this age we have various alternatives that won’t make the attacked area uninhabitable.

    For example, an unmanned drone zergrush works just as well, wouldn’t it? “Sure, go ahead and fire that nuclear missile, but the billions upon billions of drones will ravage and enslave your country for countless generations after we’re gone.” is a viable threat for me.

    • I think you’re missing the point of owning a nuke. Making the place uninhabitable is the whole point. We’re not in WW2. Nations don’t build nukes to win wars. They build them to prevent wars. If both America and Russia hadn’t had nukes, the cold war would have been an all-out war instead.

        • I think you fail to realise how ‘easy’ it is to mass produce nukes. The Soviet Union was estimated to have 45.000 of these bad boys in 1988.

          45.000! That could turn the entire frigging planet into one big nuclear cloud. They are called weapons of mass destruction for a reason.

        • It’s impossible for Japan to destroy the entirety of Russia or China. Seriously, look at the differences in size. The entire country would have to be one big missile silo and even then they could only destroy major Chinese cities.

          Also, first world countries do not go to war because the economics is too complicated. If China for some reason was able to completely destroy America and Japan they would become a worthless country because they just destroyed the entire reason they have such a high GDP. Chinese people can’t afford Chinese products, foreigners can.

      • I sure hope so, because if someone is sick enough to actually use one, the earth would be one big mess. I believe the US and Russia are sane enough, but looking at North Korea….
        Nuke in the hands of those people gives me the creeps.