Lolicon Teacher Kidnaps 11-Year-Old in Tokyo Car Chase


A teacher who attempted to kidnap a schoolgirl with the intent of assaulting her has been arrested after a police car chase through the streets of Tokyo.

The 33-year-old Kawasaki elementary school teacher randomly plucked an 11-year-old girl off the streets of Tokyo one afternoon whilst she was on her way to a local swimming pool, threatening her with a knife and forcing her into the back of his car after binding her hands with tape, at which point he drove off.

Fortunately, a passer-by noticed the attack after hearing the girl’s screams and called police. As he was able to recall the car’s details, including part of its license plate, police were able to rapidly locate the car before it had got 400m from the scene of the crime.

The teacher resolved to flee, and police gave chase for a further kilometre, at which point his vehicle’s progress was blocked by another car, allowing police to arrest him whilst he was stopped. The girl was rescued unharmed.

He admits kidnapping the girl with the intent of indecently assaulting her, saying “I wanted to use my camera to take pictures of a little girl naked.” Whether this is all he intended is of course a matter of some doubt.

He had taught for several years at a Kawasaki elementary school, having worked at juku prior to this, and the school reports nothing untoward about his time working for them – although it seems unlikely they would admit to having noticed anything under the circumstances.

The local school board gave the usual boilerplate apology and hints that he might even lose his job:

“If true, it is most inexcusable. After establishing the facts of the matter we would like to take appropriate action.”

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