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Aya Hirano’s Friday Debut: “She Did 3 of 4 Band Members”


The spectacular self-destruction of “rampant” seiyuu Aya Hirano’s career has made the pages of top Japanese gossip rag Friday, which alleges her agency killed her musical career in order to punish her for having sex with her band.


Their expose essentially confirms the authenticity of the photographs and the claim that she ruined her music career by treating her band as a personal harem; it also dispenses with “Aya Hira**” and refers to her by name:

An idol magazine editor has this to say:

“Seiyuu fans hate seiyuu love scandals even more than normal fans would. After she lost her prim and proper black-haired image, fans soon started to call her a ‘bitch.’ Perhaps deceiving her own fans by acting in accordance with this image was difficult for her.

If these leaked pictures are genuine, it’s hard to call her conduct anything but rash and irresponsible. Nobody cares if she has a boyfriend, but taking pictures of herself in bed with him is outrageous and won’t wash with fans or sponsors. Perhaps she lost sight of the fact that her image is her precious ‘product’?”


A source close to Hirano says the photograph is genuine, and that the man pictured was her 2008 touring guitarist. And not only that – from 2008-2010 she had intimate relations with 3 of her 4 band members. And at the end of 2010 her agency replaced all her band members…

“In May last year she stopped all musical activity, saying she wanted to pursue her career as artist but couldn’t. In fact, it would seem her agency may have been punishing her for her activities with her band.”

Performers aren’t forbidden for pursuing romantic liaisons. But excessively rampant private lives will have an impact on their careers. Even if Hirano thinks “love is the fertile soil from which art springs,” this leak is only going to further quicken the alienation of her fans.

Friday has a circulation an order of magnitude greater than that of Bubka, so it would seem there is no going back now.

Although it has long since become a stretch to call this the “fan reaction,” her dissolution is still proving more of a draw than her career ever did – though by now more concern is being expressed for the future of Haruhi than for her career prospects:



“There’s no going back for her now!”

“What’ll they do about Haruhi’s voicing now…”

“She can still find work as a fallen idol.”

“Her 3 man hare finally m came out in print…”

“Why would show business sources say that stuff about her? Show business is scary stuff…”

“It was probably someone involved with the affair.”

“She was so out of control that even her agency couldn’t deal with her, that’s why.”

“She became hard to use so they liquidated her like a bad debt, and then started looking for a replacement, that’s all.”

“Scary… how long before she turns up in an AV!?”

“That skinny little body is not wanted in any AV.”

“You guys keep pressing your pathetic virginity fantasies on these girls. Keep them to 2D girls only.”

“I don’t care how many guys she did. It’s the damage to the image of the titles she voiced that bothers me.”

“Who cares. Normal people don’t care what the person who voices the characters does.”

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