Haruhi Cloned, Again


The announcement of an anime adaptation of “Papa no Yu Koto o Kikinasai!” has been greeted not with appreciative squirts of anticipation from anime fans but with howls of derision at the rather obvious Haruhi clone it presents as a heroine.

The anime is to be adapted from the light novel by Tomohiro Matsu (the author of the Mayoi Neko Overrun! series); although it is subtitled in questionable English as “Listen to me girls. I am your father!”, a closer translation of the title is “Listen to what father tells you!”

The story itself revolves around a university student who suddenly finds himself thrust into the role of being the father of three young girls (or in other words it is a contrived soft-incest harem fantasy, perfect anime material).

It is the Haruhi clone aspect which most exercises anime fans:

“Another fake Haruhi…”

“Damn, this looks awful.”

“It hasn’t even started yet but you can still tell it’s finished.”

“The ‘I am your father’ bit seems familiar.”

“It’s done for. Already.”

“They copied Haruhi a bit too much here.”

“At least be a bit less obvious about it.”

“How many of these heroines do we have to put up with!”

“I’ve never seen a hairstyle like that in real life. What’s it called anyway? It looks awful, to be frank.”

“Mayoi Neko all over again then…”

“Haruhi > Chinese rip-off > AB > Papa < We are here.”

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