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Tera Online = “$35 Monthly + Item Charges”


Ero-moe MMORPG Tera Online seems to be not only the sexiest MMORPG yet, but also the most expensive, having already been written off prior to its launch with the news that it apparently combines a monthly fee of ¥2700 with item charges and the ¥7000 cost of the game itself.

The price is rather well hidden, for obvious reasons:


Some would say the game is worth it all the same:


However, most prospective Japanese players are ridiculing this pricing as a rip-off of the first order which has doomed the title before it even launched – although coming from the same country which has spawned and sustained the likes of IdolMaster their reaction perhaps deserves some sceptical consideration.

Whether the sky-high pricing will stay or be quietly revised with developers insisting it was not actually final and accusing their customers of jumping the gun will likely determine just how few people end up playing the game.

No firm subscription details for the much censored US release have been announced, although the game is available for pre-order now despite this.

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