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“The Difference Between American Sex & Japanese Sex”


Japanese 2ch denizens have been pondering the differences between Japanese and American sex, such as they know of it.

The exchange:

“American girls want to look at it in them whereas Japanese girls don’t want to see it at all.”

“Iku! < Japan

Come on! < USA”

“I’m coming! [kuru] < USA

I’m going! [iku] < Japan”

“Yes! Oh yes!! < USA

No! This is no good! [“Dame, konna no dameee!”] < Japan”

“Japan = sexual activity

USA = active sports”

“In American fellatio they don’t look at your face, they stare at your penis whilst licking it.”

“When foreigners are having sex it doesn’t feel like the woman is being raped. It’s more like two people are fighting each other on an equal basis. Like a sport, in fact.”

“Japan = silent, USA = BGM.”

“Are American girls all bitches?”

“I homestayed in the states… the host’s 17-year-old daughter kept pestering me for it. I remember thinking they look prim and proper – but it’s really a nation of bitches!”

“I want to do a blonde if only once! Tell me what you thought.”

“Well, I was a virgin but of course she wasn’t. Her nipples were pink and of course she was blonde. She was a single daughter but she came onto me and we starting touching one night, she took my hand and put it on her breast herself.”

“You say ‘of course she was blonde’ but most blondes there aren’t even natural?”

“The whole family was blonde. [A lengthy account of his encounter follows]”

“I’m just going to go and home stay in the US!”

“As a twenty-something virgin this makes me sad and envious.”

[He continues]

“Damnnnn! Arrrrgh!”

“It’s a lie! Keep going please!”

[He continues]

“Hey, what are you doing – keep writing!”

“What are you doing!”

“What, it’s finished!?”

“I homestayed in Australia but nothing like that happened…”

“I can’t imagine American women doing it like Japanese women though.”

“Americans do it from behind, Japanese tend to pile up. That’s because Japanese penises are shorter. Americans are longer, but their weakness is that their penises are softer [many Japanese seem to be under the impression that foreign penises are softer than Yamato ones].

Hard Japanese penises are really popular with American women! Ask some of the women at American bases!”

“Japanese seem to derive a lot of their pleasure from some sense of sexual shame they get from the act.”

“The passion of American sex is wonderful.

It varies with the individual, but generally Japanese women just act as if they’re being raped and defiled, and seem to become intoxicated from that rather than the sex itself. Though that has some merits too, I suppose.”

“You lot only know what you’ve seen in pornos.”

“How else would you know anything about American sex?”

The usual disclaimers about these statements largely being based on Japanese viewing tawdry American porn apply – although given the source it seems their experience of Japanese women is likely to be just as limited, so perhaps this evens out…

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