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Ishihara Fair Due March – “An Anime Event For Anime Haters”


The 2012 Tokyo Anime Fair has been announced as being due in March 2012, being dubbed by detractors “an anime event for anime haters.”

The event is dated for March 22-25, with participants as yet unannounced.

Ishihara insisted on holding TAF despite an anime industry boycott, with Kadokawa leading the launch of an alternative event in the form of the Anime Contents Expo.

However, the confrontation came to an end with the aftermath of the March tsunami, as both events were cancelled (ostensibly due to power supply concerns, although it appears TEPCO largely fabricated the shortage) in what can only be called a victory for the anime hating Ishihara, who went on to win re-election.

Kadokawa and company have yet to make any announcements regarding ACE.

The online reaction is beyond scathing:

“Tokyo still thinks it can run this?”

“An Ishihara onanism event, better off cancelled.”

“An anime event for people who hate anime…”

“Kadokawa vs Ishihara – and Ishihara won easily, though only because of the quake.”

“Nobody’ll go anyway.”

“There’ll be even fewer attendees than Jump Festa.”

“An event run by a committee which hates anime and manga.”

“Let’s hope Kadokawa attacks again.”

“I can’t believe they will cooperate – remember when Ishihara said ‘serves you right’ after the quake.”

“The publishers should attend – if only to announce their opposition to the manga ban. That’ll annoy him no end.”

“As long as this event bears Ishihara’s name, nobody should participate!”

“The ban is in place now, so opposing the government may not be a good idea any more. They might be better off not holding their own one.”

“If Ishihara backs down they should reunify the events.”

“Ishihara will never back down. It’ll go ahead, albeit empty because of ACE.”

“There’s no reason to hold their own one. They’ve said their peace, and it was only Kadokawa anyway. They should stop being so obstreperous.”

“You Ishihara fans are still going strong I see.”

“All you filthy Korean crazies are still bashing Isihihara I see.”

“Kadokawa can’t back down now they’ve said what they did. Even if they did, there’d be a storm of criticism.”

Some Ishihara quotes worth remembering:

The quake served the anime industry right

Otaku have corrupt DNA

Mangaka are despicable people!

Young people have no culture

The quake was a divine warning to the Japanese people

His deputy has a similarly low opinion of anime and manga:

Manga lovers lead dead-end lives – go talk to a living woman!

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