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Aya Hira** Sex Snap Leaked


A Japanese magazine has published a photograph purported to be of a naked Aya Hirano snogging her latest boyfriend in bed.

The image in question:


The reaction online:

“Ah, she’s totally finished now.”

“The lifeliners have all stopped breathing…”

“I don’t know, somebody needs to check it’s her.”

“The forehead isn’t wide enough!”

“Since when is she a ‘national idol’ as this mag says?”

“The mole is in exactly the right spot. It’s her.”

“Does this rag publish fakes at all?”

“Sorry, but Bubka hasn’t published a snap like this in error yet. You can pretty much trust their photo pieces. They are known for it in the idol world.”

“A single mole isn’t a good enough basis. We need more evidence.”



“It’s a different spot!”

“It’s in exactly the same spot! It’s her!”

“It’s the same mole!”

“Don’t worry guys! The Bubka article is only about the mysterious Aya Hira**!”

Presumably the sex tape leak is only a matter of time…


Another picture has been revealed:


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