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Look Who Owns The USA…


Japanese left pondering the enduring hostility of some Americans to their nation could be forgiven for wondering why it is they have leant them almost a trillion dollars to help fund their record 14 trillion dollar public debt – and what the even more unpopular Chinese think about their massive loan to the states is anyone’s guess.

Who, aside from Americans themselves (who finance about 40% of their government’s debt), lends the US government the cash (figures in billions):

China: $1,152.5

Japan: $906.9

United Kingdom: $333.0

Oil exporters: $221.5

Brazil: $206.9

Taiwan: $154.5

Caribbean banks: $138.1

Russia: $125.4

Hong Kong: $122.4

Switzerland: $112.4

Canada: $87.7

Luxembourg: $78.4

Germany: $61.3

Thailand: $60.7

Singapore: $60.3

Other: $657.2

More details for those interested.

Of course, all this also means the likes of China and Japan can hardly afford to be smug about the USA’s economic woes, let alone upset them – not if they ever want to see their trillion dollar loans repaid, at any rate…

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  • time value of money dictates the value of money is cut in half ever 10 years. So 500 billion in 2001 is worth 1 trillion now, that is not reflected in this graph, it would be much flatter curve. That said debt sucks and we do not need more debt to help pay our debt, that is just dumb.

  • Anonymous says:

    We’re all greedy. Japanese and Chinese banks and government buy US securities for their own benefit.

    Blaming politicians is ridiculous: who elected those politicians? You and me. We vote for people who tell us what we want to hear, rather than the truth.

    Government debt is enormous, but private debt — your credit card and mortgage and mine — are of a similar order.

    Look in the effing mirror, dude.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to republicans and their “war efforts” they pretty much set Obama to fail at even attempting to get everything back in balance. Same thing happened with the last Bush and it took a democrat years to fix… history literally repeated itself!

  • Anonymous says:

    How did this come about? I thought the “get hit by another tsunami” and “you deserved it because pearl harbor” bullshit was because the US woman’s soccer team lost the world cup. So, what? A nation loses a sporting event and people go digging up bad history?

  • Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else really, really bothered that repub/demo shading on this graph shows only the party affiliation of the then president and not congress? ya know… the only branch of government that has any financial authority? who is president at the time is almost 95% irrelevant. It’s who’s in congress. Take a look again at the graph and plug in who had majority control of congress at the time and the results are predictable. Also, you’ll notice the times a certain party is in control the debt ceiling is raised mostly with inflation, not massive spending increases.

  • Anonymous says:

    America can feed itself. America can fuel itself. America can provide all its own infrastructure needs. If it defaults on every loan, closes its borders and says “fuck you” to the rest of the world, America can still maintain a decent quality of life for its citizens. Yes, certain elements of its economy would collapse and ultimately regionalism would take over inside its borders. Yes, eventually there would be deepset domestic strife as regions played games with one another for resources, and probably resulting in civil war. BUT, make no mistake, America could sustain itself. IF IF IF America could change its culture. The consumerism that drives so much industry and trade is also what locks America into this escalating debt crisis. “We can’t give up our luxuries, we don’t want to go without having whatever we want, we won’t stop trying to get it all however we can.” It’s really sad. Materialism is an insidious evil, and it’s going to put America through hell very soon.

  • The list doesn’t take into account the trillion owed by US central bank which buys treasury bonds using money made out of “thin air” which surpasses the amount owed by China.

    The US economy is run on government spending using Keynesian economics – which says government should continue to spend so consumers can consum and brings continuous “prosperity.”

    But in the past 3 years, the economy has been in a slump and not getting better- thousands of jobs shipped overseas, over 9 percent unemployment, rising food and gas prices and many families having trouble making ends meet. Yet the budget deficit grows billions more each year. The truth is the US won’t be able generate enough money to pay back this debt ever.

  • Anonymous says:

    the problem with america is stupidity, remove the safety label and let the problem solve itself
    this is not obama’s fault but stupid people who elected a moron with ape like intelligence TWICE

    • Anonymous says:

      There would be a war before that would happen hopefully not a nuclear one.

      China knows they had pretty much have no chance at winning a conventional war with the US.
      The old school Maoists would try to use nearby countries as hostages.

      A conventional war would result in the complete and total destruction of the PLA in a few months.
      But unfortunately if it goes nuclear things could be very bad for everyone.

      Also keep in mind all this debt all the countries owe each other will never be paid back.

      The best solution might be to simply kill all the big bankers everywhere and simply forget it every existed no war no B2s turning dams into gravel etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have heard somebody say something like
    “Don’t interfer with USA’s problems. They are the train that pulls us all”

    What I realy would like to know is.
    Who lays the track, and where does it go?

    • Anonymous says:

      The USA isn’t a train,it’s more like a dead weight that creates economical crisises with its financial system (banks,hedge fonds and stocks that have no value in reality but thousands of billions in cyber cash…) and is going to pull us all down if we keep getting involved too much with them (last years bank-fatality and their stupid rating-agencies weren’t enough already as it seems,we need to provoke a global financial crisis this time and all because of America who made our money worthless <_<)…

      I hope they go down fast and won't damage our economy just a little with it so that we can stop these childish games at the stock market/derivate sector of banks/fonds where they get rid off their foul credits/worthless stocks…
      We need more idependence from a purely destructive economy like the USA that will hopefully end after Tuesday 02.08.2011 when they have gone bancrupt!

    • Anonymous says:

      You good sir are quoting Winston Churchill after he visited Philadelphia for the second time and saw that sheer amount of industry we were churning out

      The first time he visited Philadelphia was on Black Friday October 29th when America lost 85% of its wealth in the greatest stock market crash ever. Yes the first day of the Great Depression.

        • Anonymous says:

          And yet, Moodies or whatever the fuck that American ratings agency is called, it’s trying their damned best to make my country (Portugal) pass for paupers and beggars who can’t pay their debts (bullshit, compared with Greece and Ireland, our financial problems are like a mosquito fart blowing in the wind).

          All i see when i look as America’s financial situation is a giant with clay feet and a glass ceiling, but who insist in talking big.

          America needs a jumbo sized humble pie delivered at their doorstep.

          I’m not an America hater. I’m simply calling it as i see it.

  • Japan and China keep lending to us because we’re a consumer based economy while they’re an export based economy. If we can’t consume, we lose influence and a decline in a standard of living. If they can’t export, they lose revenue and jobs. China and Japan just feel they don’t have a choice.

    Mass production requires mass consumption after all.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think Artefect must’ve been tempted to post this since the past few days, considering it’s quite a big news, what with the Democrats and Republicans playing tags on who’s got the best plan.

  • Anonymous says:

    thats what you get for being the world police.. we spend billions and billions on defense.. while all the other countrys spend Penneys on there own defense.. and spend all the “savings” on universal health care etc. ( witch ya’ll are bankrupt as well.. so Stuff it!) and rely on US to “protect” them.. I agree with above.. bring Everybody home (including my nephew DAMN IT!) and do our best impression of the Swiss.!!
    and don’t get involved Unless it concerns us… then we KICK ASS, and go home..

    so how long before the rest of the world comes knocking.. hat in hand.. and we just say.. hmm.. we owe you a trillion bucks??? ah… no… 🙂

  • ” . . . what the [Japanese and] even more unpopular Chinese think about their massive loan to the states is anyone’s guess.”

    They are thinking that the interest payments on the debt are quite nice. They are not worried about the principle per se, as long as payments keep coming in.

    It is like buying a house. Sure, the bank coughs up 250K, but they get all that back and much more over 30 years. That’s long term business.

    There is no way the US defaults on bonds (CDs, T-Bills, etc), which is the majority of foreign owned debt. The ones who should be worried are US citizens and governmnet employees.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thats why the fed reserve is trying to devalue US$, so they have to repay “less”.

    Oh and dont forget China’s US $ reserves.
    Hell, who need nuclear missile bombs these days, other than shooting alien scums.
    China can just throw money to sink US ships and Sadi can disable 50% of US’s big names when 3rd world war do happen.

  • Given the current diplomatic relations, any of these nations can hardly expect any repayment from the USA. Debt is issued with prospect for future returns, so debt ceiling tends to increase. Besides, recalling debt would hurt exporters so it’s clearly not an option.

    It’s a show in Capitol Hill every four years. We’re certainly expecting some shutdown. And is really frustrating. However, I can only think the rest of the world is also uneasy. As of now, China can only increase restrains for its exports and push for a new reserve currency.

    Damn! This really hurts my imports.

      • Focus VAT mostly on Chinese imports call it a carbon footprint tax which it is.
        On gas it got to be very careful maybe just eliminate subsidies to foreign oil but subsidize domestic energy esp alternative and energy from thorium.
        You simply cannot have a healthy economy with expensive energy.

        It takes 50% more energy to produce lets say a wrench or mp3 player in China then it would in the US or Mexico.

        BTW I’m being conservative with that number actually it could be double if you count shipping the ore around.

        Next restore the top income tax and top capital gains tax rate to 40%.

        The debt would disappear in less then ten years.

        • @ Anon 3:00
          Germany and Japan are partly why I say energy must be cheap for a healthy economy their economies are in worse shape then the US’s.
          Efficiency can’t answer all the problems some things such as freight trains are already getting close to maximum Carnot efficiency.
          Then there’s the diminishing returns with increased complexity.

          A Prius does not get much better mileage then a Geo Metro or VW diesel which is less complex.
          In fact under some conditions it’s actually worse.

          Any engineer worth their degree knows an energy source must be affordable or it’s unpractical.

          Plus keep in mind the size of the US.

          BTW the scarcity of fuel is artificial condition created by speculators the US has vast reserves of oil shale.
          oil can be made from coal at a profit for $45 a barrel.

          Transportation energy must be affordable as transport is a vital part of modern society.

          I still think we should get off fossil fuels as it’s wrecking the atmosphere.
          Cheap energy need not wait until fusion which seems to always be 20 years away it can be had now.
          I also think ITER is the wrong path for fusion anyway tokamaks seem to be a dead end.
          Polywell may be a better path.

          The answer near term is energy from thorium and biofuels.

          Thorium is a common element and more energy dense then even uranium.
          Enough to supply a person their life time energy needs would be the size of a walnut.

          A LFTR reactor would be cheap and extremely safe producing electricity for 5 cent per KW.

          It can not fail like Fukushima cut the power the salt plug melts and core which is already molten falls into the cooling chamber.

          On biofuel corn is not the answer switch grass is the crop that needs to be grown.
          Diesel can be made from algae.

        • Anonymous says:

          About energy – Germans and Japanese would like to disagree. Personally, I agree with low energy, but disagree on low gas prices. It just leads to inefficient energy use and is, in fact, living on credit (at the cost of future generations, who will have to deal with gas-less world much sooner thanks to all your gas-guzzers).

          Quite frankly – efficiency is the only way to go. Scarce natural resources will only go even scarcer and we cannot hope for truly cheap energy until and if (and it’s a HUGE if) ITER fusion project will become commercially viable. Which might take 50 years or more.

          Regarding tax:
          US was at it’s prime when highest tax rate was at 90% (yes, really), I would say that with current high capital mobility, 40% is too low.

        • Yes it is a tariff.
          I gave this a lot of thought a 10% VAT on all transactions would be a bad idea.
          It would negatively impact the sell of durable goods.
          If you made VAT on everything including necessities like fuel and food it might even cause riots and justly so.
          But making imports of trash from China a little more expensive would not harm the economy.
          So some guy has to buy $40 vs 35 dollar for a DVD player he would not even complain.

          It also would level the playing field with other countries who choose to actually try to follow environmental protection and human rights laws.
          China does things that would not even float in Mexico or Vietnam etc.
          Such as making people work 80 hours a week for $12 a day and live under conditions that would be illegal even for prisoners in the first world.

          A lot of assembly jobs would move to near by Mexico to avoid the carbon and human rights abuse tax.

          This would be good for the US by helping immigration and the Mexican factories would buy chemicals and microchips made in the US helping the US industrial economy.
          Some may even move to automation and be inside the US.

          To be fair I would allow a Chinese company to wave the human rights abuse tax if the factory can be toured and it shown the workers are given fair pay ,work reasonable hours, and are provided proper home.
          Another requirement it must be privately owned vs state owned.

          The biggest loser from China’s dominance of manufacturing was not the US but the rest of the developing world.

        • That’s not VAT, that’s tariffs…

          And speaking of CO2 and tariffs, I still can’t believe none of the green movement and workers rights movements haven’t been more vocal about using tariffs as a means of pushing non-cooperative nations to do what is right.

          The situation in Bangladesh for textile workers is horrendous, yet none of the ‘good’ clothing chains can move to improve the conditions due to the local government and other, more greedy, companies. So tariffs would work perfect here, where factories would get punished if they didn’t provide proper wages and working conditions.

          Same goes for the US / China and other countries that don’t seem to want to follow the various international movements for reducing emissions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lets have low gas prices and high energy consumption, and have China, India, Brazil and any other upcoming countries decimated the atmosphere with their businesses.
          This is my wet dream.

      • Anonymous says:

        We saved the Nationalists, not the CPC. The CPC doesn’t consider itself to owe any favors or debts based on agreements with the Nationalist government. If the US wants to collect on war favors it has to ask Taiwan for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        If without the help of USA,the USSR would extent its helping hand to China,and Japan either bare its ass to USSR or USA and saying’Fuck me hard,baby”.what a pathetic samurai nation,HA.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Economy is all an agreement anyway. In the end, realistically, you could take the currency out of it and it’s still a trade in products and services, it would just require a change in societal perception.”

          Execpt that money cant go stale or bad, its value is in flux with others so it always as a set price even if the price changes.

          Bartering went the way of the dinosaurs for a reason. You might have had an arraignment for getting your latest porn for a beaver pelt but the person with the porn could have easily said that those pelts weren’t good enough for him and walked away after all that hard work.

        • Economy is all an agreement anyway. In the end, realistically, you could take the currency out of it and it’s still a trade in products and services, it would just require a change in societal perception.

          It doesn’t matter, this system doesn’t really work anyway. Those that don’t function will collapse rightfully, those that do will grow stronger, and then the smart ones will follow the ones who are doing things right and survive.

          It’s bar graphs that show increasing debt and all that are just scare tactics. If you actually think about it, it doesn’t actually mean anything, because nobody will do anything about it. If they did, they’d shatter themselves.

          That’s actually the benefit of the catastrophic economy right now. The world now finally is faced with the fact that those imaginary lines that separate us mean precisely jack shit in reality, and as such are being forced against their will to recognize that we are a connected species regardless of cultural differences and can no longer deal with people on a ‘country’ basis. So while corporations can be quite eye-rollingly assholic in their methods, they are also one of the key reasons that we are becoming “Humanity” instead of nations.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe the US should return to its post-World War One neutrality and let all the countries under its assistance (any kind) just deal with stuff themselves. That’ll cut back on its spending in more than one big areas.

    On a different topic, but relating to what I said above… Play the world cop, and everyone hates you for it. Suddenly stop, and everyone will cry about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The irony is that we’re borrowing it from the countries that need it, while paying a late fee for doing so. If these countries actually gave a shit about their people or took care of themselves, we wouldn’t have to.

      That said, the US should not be providing FREE protection to the middle east, while they charge ridiculous prices on oil, resent/attack us for being there & we PAY to rebuild their shitty nations. Fuck them.

      • Anonymous says:


        The countries you destroyed hire American companies to rebuild it..
        The governement borrows money from the “national bank” (guess who runs that show huh.. and which currency)..

        Seeing they can’t pay it back you basicly say.. oww.. well lets take “that” piece of land where you extract oil from..

        Thats how it really goes.. (feel free to watch Zeitgeist..)

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually it was the Entente power’s dickish demand to the defeated Alliance for super-reparations.

        Germany’s hellish embarrassment coupled with the lack of any enforcement of terms (this is where US neutrality might have had some effect, though there are still far too many factors involving how to have restrained Germany) created compounding events that led to WWII

    • Anonymous says:

      Only corrupted leaders who take these brib- i mean “assistance” cry about it. I’m sure most of the middle east are sick of their US-sponsored dictators who receive this assistance anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not really, those middle eastern countries were/are supporting the US against the rebel insurgencies before occupation and even today. You know, the same extremist that held the governments before the US came.

        Since elections have been put in place for a while, I fail to see how they’re dictators, but I can see how they are “sponsored”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fun fact: The U.S. president has the ability to stay president for as long as he lives. The Amendment that gives us the right to bare arms lets us legally stop the president from doing that.

        • @ Anon 14:57

          You ignored the fact that the above was mentioning elections after the US had intervened and given them the chance to ACTUALLY have elections. Now if I’m not mistaken, of course, some of their old power plays that they were used to came into effect again and caused some issues, but only a fool wouldn’t expect that in some form in the initial days.

          Iran and Saddam-ruled Iraq were obviously dictatorships. In a very strange way China and pre-US Iraq and Iran are popcorn-worthy entertainment in how thinly veiled the facades were. Their elections were almost like watching a man in front of you with genuine enthusiasm holding his own feces trying to tell you it’s a miracle cure, and you can only just stand there, staring sadly at his ecstatic grin on the cusp of laughter and pity.

          Don’t get me wrong, the US isn’t an end-all-be-all solution or anything. Far from it. But frankly, getting in there and mixing up the stagnant culture for better or for worse is for the better no matter what happens. Same with our own as well, it’ll just happen in different ways. Every single thing that happens which is a tragedy or catastrophic can be traced to something good on a long enough time line.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just because there may be elections doesn’t mean it cannot be a dictatorship.

          Look at Iran. Elections, but in the end under the control of the Ayatollah.

          Look at Iraq under Sadam. Elections, but in the end he was the one in charge.

          And that doesn’t even take into account ballot stuffing. Where the “elected” one gets so many votes, that it’s about as likely to be truthful, as it is for Ishihara to be a Lolicon supporter.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the US wants to pay off their debt, they just have to recall all of the money they lent to various European countries during WWI and WWII (with interest). Charge middle eastern countrys for any assistance rendered in the last 20 years. Or simply recall all world wide disaster relief funds paid out over the last 30 years.

    Its not like the US was spending their money on themselves.

  • I know this is YATT (Yet Another Top Thread) in disguise… so fess up.

    Of all the things that came up there, though, what the hell are Caribbean banks doing on that list, let alone be in the top ten? There must be a lot of banks to have given over $100 billion in loans to the US.

    As a final note, Japan should just come forth and own us all. China would make for an interesting explosive impression though.

  • Noodlestein says:

    Only reason why Obama’s is so high is because Bush was hiding some of the debt he caused, and Obama forced the Govt. to add that to our debt so it’d be out in the open.

    Something along those lines and I’m too lazy to look it up, if ya dont believe me just google it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The above is simply an exponential curve, which is driving itself already. It started with Bush, but Obama continues the trend exactly.

      It’s funny. According to the above curve, the “I don’t know where I should place my penis” Clinton was actually competent.

    • Anonymous says:

      After 3 years of things only getting worse, you can’t really put it all on the previous President. Not that he isn’t a factor, but to say “Only reason why Obama’s is so high”, is a no-no.

      • Anonymous says:

        Uhm, fiscal inbalance is an effect, not the cause.

        Your budget looks the way it looks, because it’s burdened by high intrest payment on already accumulated debt. It’s like blaming garbage man for yesterday’s binge he is cleaning up.

        You should look at debt levels to see who’s really responsible for the sorry state your country is in.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most of that money(and the heat that generate the rest) came from the Bush administration). Bush in his hysteria dropped billions on weapons and such while it wasnt really that necessary while leaving the rest of the US people and economy to rot…Obama just got to burn because both parties dont want to resolve the problems, but to point fingers at each other.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bush: “Look at the mess I caused this country.”
        Obama: “I see your mess and raise you a catastrophe.”
        Next President: “Oh yeah? Watch this.”

        Wouldn’t it be nice if people could stop arguing over which dictator is worse?

    • Anonymous says:

      Do the math and figure out how much your cut would be, then come over to the US and ask the first American citizen you meet to pay up. I’m sure one of us will gladly oblige.

      …or reach for our gun. One or the other.

        • erochichi says:

          Artefact, Japanese government owes money almost solely to Japanese creditors. Japanese government can tax those very same creditors to get rid of debt, if it feel it necessary, politically acceptable or if possible new government has it in their political program.
          There is a difference being in debt to creditors in own country, or to foreign creditors.

        • If 907 billion is owed to the Japanese government, it doesn’t mean that Japanese people are owed anything at all by the USA. It’s just the government.

          Also, the amount of profit these countries will make when the money is paid back in full could even be more than twice the amount they lended.

        • Artefact, pretty much all of that Japanese debt is in the form of yen dominated government bonds held by Japanese investors.

          The Japanese export industry is also very strong and remains far above import levels ($765.2 billion versus $636.8 billion in 2010), thus the debt is not in any way as serious as what the US is facing.

          It is, however, true that as long as the Diet doesn’t introduce some proper VAT levels and look into fiscal austerity measure… It will remain very hard for them to raise the near-zero interest rate on borrowing, and thus leave very few mechanisms to kick the economy out of deflation / near-deflation.

        • That’s nothing – every Japanese person has borrowed $93,000 by way of their government (their national debt stands at over $7 trillion).

          As their population is now ageing, shrinking and retiring, and the only way of paying their pensions is by borrowing even more and taxing the few young people who remain, their problems make those of the US look positively benign.

        • I admit my mind shuts off as soon as I realize what the Tsunami and the power plant and all the repairs will do to affect that. Unfortunately, that shredding paper of an economy we have will continue to shred, but until we step to the side of it and acknowledge that it’s just a sheet, we’ll never let it be what it is, and it will continue to be what we make of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ha ! As if you can trust anything a USian says ! USA have a large history of backing out of their promises and contracts, so basically they are just pathological liars and cheaters. Like the one time USia fucked France and refused to pay their debts. Should have been nuked that time, or at least French debt collectors should have broken arms and legs of that dumbass USian president.

        • Anonymous says:

          Firetribe, printing money is essentially a tax which hits the poorest people hardes. (Everyone loses the same fraction, so rich people lose more, but it turns out that when you take into account what the money actually does for you, standards of living of poor people are actually more affected. Rich people will turn moderately affluent, but poor people start to have trouble paying their bills.)

          For those interested in past defaults:

          And here’s another article about the current situation:

        • Historically, the US has defaulted three time in historically, but yes they have been able to make all their payments once they got off the gold standard. Now we can pay by printing money out of thin air. If the US cannot borrow money, having the reserve currency, they could just print the rest. The problem with this is the blow back of devaluing the currency. In 1964, you could get your gas at 10 cents a gallon with full service. Today, you can get gas at $4 a gallon and you have to pump it yourself.

          What makes the pre-1965 dime special is that it is backed by it’s silver content. It’s worth about $5 now and can still buy you a tank of gas as it did in 1964. Today’s money is backed by the credibility of the US and we are losing it. But alas the checks will continue to come in – just they won’t buy as much as they used to.

        • He *does* have a point from a certain point of view.

          For example, look at how quickly we backed out of the Missile Defense treaty with the Eastern European nations – we left out allies completely hanging after breaking our written word because we wanted to please a country we had no such agreements with (Russia).

          Remember South Vietnam? We left them to die at the hands of the North Vietnamese butchers – millions perished in the resulting pogrom while we did nothing.

          Those are just two examples off the top of my head – the point is that we have a history of this kind of thing as much as we’d like to tell ourselves otherwise. It’s an ugly history that goes back a ways. I want to say we make good on most of our promises, but the ones that stand out are pretty ugly, there’s no question. It’s up to us citizens such as ourselves to make a stand and put an end to such broken promises, however.

          I don’t like it any less than you folks do, but the poster *does* have a point.

        • Anonymous says:

          Aside from the obvious military might which America reluctantly contributed to save its own butt from the Axis powers, the “help” for the UK in WWII was mainly in the form of loans that we only just finished paying back a few years ago. Talk about pound of flesh…

        • Anonymous says:

          The US helped Europe in two world wars and that counts for a lot, but it is true they could’ve been more generous about it and not made Britain give them the keys to the Atlantic and pay back loans forever while giving so much to Germany and Japan.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s not just about food and other aid. The US has a very high credit rating because, historically, even though the US borrows money like crazy, there has never been an issue of whether or not the US would be able to make payments on that debt owed.

          Countries may not like our foreign policy, but they lend to the US not only because it serves a strategic interest to them, but because they know that they will be paid back over time.

        • Anonymous says:

          What do you mean “just a way to make other countries indebted to the US”? Why should historically very wealthy countries like the UK and France be given gifts to clean up the mess they made of Europe? Damn right they have to pay it back…eventually. It’s not like the US drained them dry or anything.

        • Anonymous says:

          now that’s a successful troll

          at least if you apply the newfag definition of trolling:
          act retarded – get replies

          if you don’t apply that definition though you just made yourself look like a complete idiot

        • Anonymous says:

          or all the food the us gives out for free, the aid we give out and general help.

          sure, people abuse their power some times in foreign countries, but this is a rareish occurrence.

  • Anonymous says:

    *sigh* I love the US, but as a Hong Kongers (I’m half Cantonese) I really want our 18,000 dollars back soon. We should also unpeg our currency.

    Srsly, Donald Tsang and his government sucks… Why are we lagging behind in investment and after all this wrangling there’s just a 6,000 HKD hand-out (700 USD). Build stuff and renovate dammit!! Make a second line from Admirality to Kowloong Tong and Sham Shui Po!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is only the debt held by foreign hands; about 30-31%. This really isn’t that bad.

    As a percentage, China only holds about 9.5% of US debt. 69% of debt is held by Americans and American companies.

    Perspective, you now haz.

  • To put it in small guy terms, would you seriously consider yourself bright, if you routinely and consistently loaned this guy on the block money, lots and lots of money, if the same guy hated you, made threats against you and acted as if it was YOU that was the real danger in the neighbourhood?

    I personally think if the Chinese are anything, it’s fucking stupid.

    What would they do, if over an argument such as Taiwan, the US and them went to war? Would they seriously expect to ever see a fucking penny of all that debt?

    I also can’t figure out Japan. Sure they are ‘buddies’ now, but the US were once NOT buddies, and we anime manga loving types forget, there are no shortage of Japan hating types in the US. WW2 is NOT ancient history.

    • I take it you failed history class.

      What happens is the government gets deposed , the old monetary system abandoned and those who held the debt just have to eat the losses.

      This could be good or this could be bad.

      Mexico defaulted on their debt numerous times and installed a new government each time.
      Napoleon tried to collect on the debt anyway and invaded Mexico.
      All this really did was help contribute to the fall of his regime.

      In the Soviet Union the new Russian federation was a better government then the USSR.

      But in Germany the fall of the Weimar Republic due to hyper inflation and crushing debt caused the rise of the Nazi regime.

      This almost resulted in western civilization being completely ruled by despots.