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Scores Killed in “China Quality” Bullet Train Accident


A major accident on China’s much trumpeted new high speed rail system has prompted the inevitable “China quality” denunciations online.

The train derailed crossing a bridge, with two carriages falling off the bridge into the river below. Rail authorities claim a “lightning strike” was responsible, causing a train to lose power on the bridge, only to be smashed into by another train approaching from behind.




Initial reports indicate at least 11 fatalities and 89 injured; each carriage had a capacity of 100.

China has been accused of flagrantly pirating Japan’s Shinkansen, even going so far as to sell the copies overseas, and the father of its high speed rail program has been arrested for massive corruption – all facts which have resulted in massive schadenfreude in Japan, although there is some disappointment that no explosions were involved:

“It’s here!”

“China quality, as ever…”

“Independently developed.”

“Do some inspections!”

“There were no earthquakes or anything and it still derailed?”

“That was quick.”

“Weren’t they supposed to be more advanced than Japanese trains?”

“I hope there are no fatalities.” [casualty figures were not yet released]

“If there was anyone on that train you can bank on there being dozens dead.”

“From Japanese TV:”

china-bullet-train-accident-006“She’s half smiling…”

“So it derailed before it could explode.”

“What kind of track are they using…”

“Will they sue Kawasaki and JR East for damages?”

“This is a huge accident, isn’t it?”

“This is horrible.”

“They’re selling this stuff overseas?”

“Honestly, I didn’t expect something this bad.”

“Has one exploded yet?”

“China isn’t really ready for high speed rail.”

“There is no way China is going to be able to maintain these systems safely.”

“This is the beta version. The Chinese can count themselves lucky the bugs are being caught early on.”

“Was there a problem with the bridge?”

“If there was you really can’t laugh about this…”

“High speed rail is too much for China at this time.”

“You can’t just copy trains like that – they’re missing the ability to manage and maintain the system.”

“The Japanese ones have never derailed except in one major earthquake and the only fatality the system ever experienced was from someone getting trapped in a door.”

“Maybe the rails exploded and threw the train off the tracks?”

“Nobody is going to buy their trains after seeing this.”

“It was one of these:”

china-bullet-train-accident-007“It could not have derailed in a worse possible place.”

“This is a major accident!”

“My prayers are with the departed. They died for political reasons, and even Japan has TEPCO so you can’t laugh about something like this.”

“I expect they are going to try and cover this up and minimise it.”

“Well, it hasn’t exploded yet so they are doing well, for China.”

“We can only pray that not too many people perished. Rest in peace…”

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