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“Steins;Gate 8bit” Quite a Sight, Especially for $65…



Time paradox visual novel Steins;Gate is to receive a retro-styled “8bit” edition with gorgeous graphics in no less than 16 colours and a ground-breaking context sensitive text UI allowing players to explore the world by typing such commands as “open door” and “look can.”

As might be expected from a game striving to emulate the advanced look and feel of the pre-Windows Japanese personal computers of the 1980s, such as the NEC PC-8801, in addition to 8bit graphics the game apparently features no voicing and emulated FM synthesiser music.


The game itself is an adventure spin-off of the original game and is to feature an original story featuring the cast of the original.

Steins;Gate 8bit is due for release on October 28th, on the PC and priced ¥5040 – a price which has had many fans wonder if 5pb have themselves fallen victim to a temporal anomaly and been transported back to the start of April…

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