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Catherine = 100% “Not Just A Weird Game, A Great One Too!”


Catherine’s creepy anime graphics and extreme difficulty are apparently not too much for American gamers after all – the game has received a series of ringing endorsements from US gaming rags, some as high as 100%.

The game’s Metacritic scores so far:


Even masochistic Japanese players complained of extreme difficulty in the initial version, but Atlus obligingly patched it to playable levels and it is this foreigner-friendly easy version which Americans get – a decision which seems to have paid off

For those wondering, the actual game easily escaped censorship (Japanese game censorship is rather more draconian than western standards, save where it comes to crazed child pornography laws), and the Bowdlerised cover is only in restricted circulation.

In other news, Catherine has also secured a European publisher and will at some point be reaching the barbarous wastes of Europe – happily Catherine is, as 2ch would have it, “an old hag” so further interference seems unlikely.

The English version ships in a few days, with a saucy artbook for pre-orderers.

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