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“The Biggest Misunderstandings Men Have About Sex”


A sex guide’s contention that men do not become wizards if they can make it past 20 without succumbing to female temptation is proving controversial.

Some of the extracts in question, from a Japanese sex guide penned by a female doctor:

If you pass 30 without having sex with a man, you’ll get ill?

It’s often said that “if he passes 20 without experiencing a woman a man will become a magician” (of course, this isn’t true).

It’s also often said that a woman who passes 30 without experiencing a man will get ill. Naturally, this is a lie. There are diseases you can get from sex, but none that you can get from abstinence.

Women really enjoy lengthy foreplay?

It’s a misunderstanding to say that because they like foreplay, they’ll enjoy it being drawn out. Certainly, things will go (in) smoothly if it is drawn out, but it’s not the case that pleasure increases in proportion to the time taken. Foreplay should be seen as an approach to insertion.

If you give her the ultimate orgasm, she’ll faint?

You often hear that women experiencing heavy orgasms can find themselves fainting. According to doctor Son, there are women who experience multiple orgasms, and if this continues they can start to feel faint and find themselves in a state of consciousness resembling a faint.

However, it has to be said that the chances of this happening are quite low. Men hoping to do a woman into unconsciousness are unlikely to be able to accomplish this easily.

The assertion that men making it past a certain age without corrupting themselves by contact with the opposite sex cannot in fact become magic users is encountering some resistance on 2ch:

“As if some green 20-something could become a magician.”

“It’s from 30 that you become a magic user.”

“You get magic from 30 onwards you moron!”

“It’s 30, not 20!”

“She lies!! I’m going to become a great wizard!”

“No 20-year-old punk is going to be able to use magic.”

“Don’t let her deceive you guys, it’s from 30!”

“You’ll only be level 1 though. It’s a long road.”

“I made it to 35 this year and I am an immoveable sage.”

“I got my powers last year, I can buff myself with magic now.”

“I can use Haste.”

“Being able to curse people to death when you reach your forties can warp you though.”

“Over 30 = Magician
Over 40 = Sage
Over 50 = Legend”

“70% of 20-year-olds are probably virgins anyway.”

“Most unpopular types are probably still virgins in their twenties. After their twenties they have money though, so even if they are still unpopular they can at least use whores and get rid of their virginity that way.”

“The magician theory comes from a 2ch thread in the first place. It was popularised after appearing in some eroge:


Silly female doctor, you have much to learn of the world.”

“30-year-old virgins are practically normal now anyway.”

“The fact that you can stand being a virgin at that age is the real magic.”

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