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2ch on Facebook & Sankaku’s World Cup Reaction


2ch has been presented with the gracious reaction of Americans on Facebook to Japan’s World Cup victory over them, and the subsequent response of Sankaku Complex users to them.

The Facebook responses of Americans can be seen in the original article; these and selected comments from Sankaku Complex’s article on the subject were then translated and presented to 2ch.

From Sankaku:

“Have they forgotten about Hiroshima & Nagasaki?”

“And after they nuked Japan…”

“It’s the ‘in’ thing at the moment for retards to hate Japan.”

“Their retarded brains can’t handle any information other than ‘Pearl Harbor’.”

“They’ve forgotten they dropped nukes on two civilian locations.”

“Now I would love to see them getting beaten by Team Vietnam. That would erupt even more patriotic heat among them.”

“They’ll be bleeding a river out of their asses from so much butthurt.”

“And they just saw the movie and not the real thing! What right did they have to talk about Pearl Harbor?”

“Maybe that’s what they’re all complaining about: ‘Man, I saw that Pearl Harbour movie and it sucked! That’s 2 and a half hours of my life I’ll never get back, and it’s all your fault Japan!'”

“Yeah, it’s not literally ALL Americans, but there’s a conspicuously high amount of resentment towards Japan in the country.”

“99.9995% of America doesn’t even know what the world cup is anyways. Soccer blows”

“They wouldn’t be able to give you the date, the details, or probably even the war if you asked them.”

“I wonder how much their fucking country owes Japan in fucking money? $585.9bn. Good fucking work America.”

2ch’s response to these and the original Facebook comments:

“Serves them right!”

“So it’s ‘serves you right, damn yanks!'”

This is the unconcealable nature of the American people. All we can say is that they are at least preferable to China and Korea.”

“Well done all you Korean Americans.”

“Sankaku are a decent lot!”

“Korean America.”

“Facebook: the American 2ch.”

“I can’t wait until all the radioactive water from our reactor reaches their shores.”

“Just how long many decades do they intend to keep dragging on this Pearl Harbor thing?”

“I hope all those American monkeys die in another hurricane.”

“No nation is as racist as America!”

“Xenophobic rightwingers are like this whatever the country.”

“We hold $585.9bn in US debt? Seriously?”

“Half their population doesn’t even know where Washington is and they think they can go on about Pearl Harbor?”

“This was probably all said by Koreans in America.”

“The ones with their faces out on Facebook were all whites.”

“They would all have been Koreans, Chinese and Russians.”

“Look at their pictures. They are all whites!”

“It’s all those Koreans in America trying to cause trouble.”

“Dirty Koreans masquerading in order to cause problems!”

“America’s right just can’t be helped. Just a bunch of white supremacist Republicans. In Japan they would be the anti-Asia LDP right wingers.”

“What an embarrassing bunch. As bad as the Koreans.”

“Right wingers everywhere are just a bunch of crazies!”

“You rightists need to try living over there. If you can’t speak English in the states you won’t be treated as a human!”

“I lived in America as a kid, and I can tell you this: a fool’s a fool, whatever the country.”

“Don’t forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki you hairy barbarians! Idiot Anglo-Saxons, if you disappeared from the world there would be no more wars! Scum!”

“Why do Japanese insist on calling them hairy barbarians? You’re the ones who get all flustered if a foreigner asks you a question on the street, aren’t you?”

“The two great Holocausts: Auschwitz and the atomic bombings.”

“Don’t forget what you did to the native Americans and how you stole Hawaii, Americans! Pray it never happens to you. And watch out for the Chinese and Koreans – they are copying all the worst parts of you whites.”

“I think we can conclude all the average American knows about Japan is ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘tsunami’.”

“Americans really are scum. I hope the next hurricane sweeps them away.”

“There’s certainly a vast gap between the dumb Americans and the clever ones…”

“Sweet tears from the Yankee white pigs! So sweet, so sweet!”

“That Facebook lot is just the American version of us.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    To quote a great anime, “It does not matter who started what, when both go to war. Both are at fault.” (I know its not exact but the point is there. And the last statement on this post should be a dead give-a-way for the anime.)

    Everyone is so quick to point the finger at one or another, blame one another and so quick to hate.

    To just cut to the chase with what I have to say, we all need to realize that true happiness for the world is made of “Love and Peace!”

  • Anonymous says:

    Well. Remember how I said I was tempted to dig up a bunch of dirt about Japan to prove they were just as bad as those Facebook idiots?

    Turns out someone did it for me.

    Again, this isn’t ALL of Japan, but it is kinda disconcerting.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Facebook: the American 2ch.”

    Oh haha, I think that would be 4chan.

    Speaking of that, I don’t frequent that site (save for /x/ sometimes) and I wonder what their reaction towards this world cup thing was.

  • Anonymous says:

    Alot of the Japan haters are caucasian with a few regretful mixed blacks in there. I’m about to leave this dumb fuck country. I’m really hoping for a country wide rebellion if shit gets worse for the BO admin too. Fucking dumb shit racist up in hurr’

  • Anonymous says:

    “The two great Holocausts: Auschwitz and the atomic bombings.”

    Also slavery. Millions of Africans were killed for the sake of cheap labor. Even after it was abolished slavers were still transporting slaves from Africa. Only difference then is that there was a good chance they’d be killed by shiploads because of U.S. Navy patrols. What I find ironic about the whole 400+ years is that there’s still some resentment of whites towards blacks even though it’s because of them they live here.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had no idea we were even competing in the World Cup.

    Either way, cool of Japan to realize that the pro-tsunami fucktards are just that, and not really a representation of America at large.

  • Geez, isn’t it obvious on how well our team played? Not to mention the previous record that our team has, we gave them the victory. We could have beaten them again, but our team wanted to give them something nice after the disaster they been in.

    I don’t care if you vote this down, it’s truth.

  • Anonymous says:

    The rabid ones in 2Ch seem to forget (or better yet, deny) the worst of Japan as well… If there were no Anglo-Saxons, “there would be no more wars”?! Hahaha!!! If there were no Anglo-Saxons, Japan would have raped and murdered the entire Asia!! True fact!!

    Good thing there’s smart people in 2Ch too, to make up for those morons, even if it’s few.

    Idiots are idiots in any country. The worst idiots of each country barking at each other is quite bothersome to watch for the normal people in general…

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how some Japanese still hate Korean’s, Chinese, or anyone else that is not Japanese even after WWII. The Yamato race sure is a angry bunch. Anyways, Americans are a racist bunch of idiots and thats coming from someone who is in america.

  • Anonymous says:

    “That Facebook lot is just the American version of us.”
    “I lived in America as a kid, and I can tell you this: a fool’s a fool, whatever the country.”

    These are the only reasonable replies. These guys are, for the most part, no less xenophobic than the cited fifteen or so Facebook posts, as if that were large enough a sample group to represent ANYONE but themselves. By the logic apparent here, there are more examples of Japanese racism than American racism in this post alone. Racism is racism.

  • Anonymous says:

    If Anglo-Saxons disappeared there’d be no more wars? So, what, did an Anglo-Saxon infiltrate Japanese command and order their army to invade China and South-East Asia?

    I guess those ancient monguls were a jolly bunch too, constantly gathering together hundreds of thousands of men so they could all politely visit neighbouring China for a pot of tea.

    War is a human condition, not a racial one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I for one congratulate Japan for winning the World Cup. I apologize on behalf of ALL the Americans that DO NOT live in trailer parks, DO believe in evolution and science, DON’T watch FOX NEWS and DO NOT live with their heads up their a$$. As for ALL the others posting stuff about Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Sorry about that. Sadly, our constitution gives them the right to be IDIOTS!! Just do what we do, ignore them and go about your day! Congratulations, again!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, I hate how a lot of them are dissing America for the atomic bomb and then not acknowledging their own role in WWII, which was so much more barbaric in every way imaginable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hooray! Next week will we get an inflammatory bit on “2ch on Sankaku’s reaction to 2ch on Facebook & Sankaku’s World Cup Reaction” ??? with ranch dressing on the side please???

  • Anonymous says:

    “Why do Japanese insist on calling them hairy barbarians? You’re the ones who get all flustered if a foreigner asks you a question on the street, aren’t you?”

    I’ve never understood this either. Compare porn stars for example. The American ones tend to be waxed clean or at least shaved, while the JAV ones usually have more fur than fashion week in Paris, Milan, and New York combined. Granted I don’t mind that at all, and enjoy JAV far more than American porn, but it certainly doesn’t do anything to reinforce their “hairy barbarian” theory.

  • is ironic to see how many of this people hate a country that much, to ignore the fact that what they are using to describe such a hate is technology from that country they hate that much…….

    main while in a parallel universe every people of the world sits in a bonfire and sings Kumbayah together…………and smoke some weed.

  • Anonymous says:

    These are my people. But it’s sad to see them being mean. Not all Americans are like this though. Americans are actually very compassionate too.
    But, some are very rude though. They tell you as it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bet the person who even showed the group of one-sided reactions to 2chan was
    the infamous troll artefact himself. Spreading hate around the world just so he can write an article about it.

    I come here for interesting information about the anime industry, and news concerning Japan that wouldn’t be publicized on most news sites. I liked the fact the information would represent Japan on a more down to earth level talking about the opinion and concerns of the actual people rather than government driven info.

    Unfortunately this place just get trashier and trashier all the time. The stories are only made to get a rise out of people sexually or emotionally, and usually negatively. Even to the point when Arefact has to create his own “media” by making flame wars. And all the the fail polls on this site with inaccurate results are getting ridiculus. Who the hell knows where the result came from.

    I used to like this site for some reason. Maybe I was ignorant or just horny. either way I have to find info elsewhere.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you don’t speak English in the states you won’t be treated human?If only that were true then maybe atleast 25% of Queens,NY would actually speak English.Don’t listen to your overly patriotic friends and news networks people.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Don’t forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki you hairy barbarians! Idiot Anglo-Saxons, if you disappeared from the world there would be no more wars! Scum!”

    Wait whut… Anglo-Saxons? The match was between the USA and Japan. Leave Britain out of this ok? 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    Sankaku’s business model:

    Post about something to get mindless mob of regular commenters riled up, preferably with 2ch commentary because apparently people care what a bunch of Japanese nerds think.

    Go back to 2ch and post Sankaku link.

    Take responses from posting Sankaku link on 2ch and use it to rile up mindless mob on Sankaku again.

    Imagine all the money you’re making because of all the people too stupid to block the ads.

  • Wait, so what you commentators are saying is that the opinions of the more vocal few doesn’t necessarily convene with the opinions of the less vocal majority?

    Well! Now I have a bit more hope for the Sankaku Complex community! This means that not all of the users here are above the age of 20 and like little girls under the age of 13, right?

  • Because Japan stood up, colored people were not discriminated like old time.

    Because Japan stood up, now there is this world.

    Because Japan stood up, the world is peaceful.

    Because Japan stood up, now we exist.

    Because there is Japan, there is a world!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Om so let’s all settle this:
    From Otakus of all shapes and fetish, wether they be Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, American, etc…:

    We all think that the posters in FB where they expressed their butthurt reaction from the match are all losers.

    PS. We otakus are far higher in IQ and EQ than you “normal” people. LOLZ

    -By: The M0on DOgg of the Philippines

  • I dunno why I’m bothering to post this but here goes…

    The people saying such horrible things about Japan over a game where people run around and kick a ball is disgusting. These are not fair representations of Americans! EVERY country has it’s idiots and racist! These posts on FB are not representative of Americans as a whole. Many Americans have and still are giving to charities to help the Japanese people get through their tough times. Anyone who would say such things over a sport is not in touch with reality and has no idea what’s really important in life. Please ignore these bigoted individuals.

    Hate more than sportsmanship seems to come from sporting events any more. People killed, cities and towns burnt and looted, all over a game… I can’t understand the mentality of a person that puts that much importance on something so meaningless and frivolous.

    As far as WWII is concerned (or any war for that matter) horrible things were done by all parties involved. I don’t really think that Americans at that time truly understood the consequences and long term ramifications of using atomic weapons of mass destruction. That’s not an excuse either, just a statement. Most people of the world still don’t understand that… and that’s sad.

    The statements against Americans and Koreans and the Chinese and other nationalities are just as ignorant and racist as the hateful statements from Americans on FB. Can you not see this?

    An American

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh , why must my people continue to make us all look like such neanderthals?? :==========|

    They only reinforce stereotypes and generalizations about Americans.

    Japan, we’re not all that way I swear!

    The honest fact of the matter is as follows.
    Two teams went in, did their best(or didn’t play up to their potential or whatever you want to say). And one won. And the other lost. One has to win and one has to lose. It’s simple good sportsmanship to say , good for you Japan. And America, we can’t always win, no one does. It is impossible. Maybe next time?

    I’ve never understood why goods sportsmanship among the commonfolk among my people is so sparse and rare. :=====()


  • Anonymous says:

    Anglo-Saxon? did i miss something? why was England brought into this…
    Oh i get it he wants to use it in a racial context for “white people” nice try looks like the Americans aren’t the only racists out there.
    BTW can foreign people enter public baths in japan now or is it still prohibited. (racism anyone?)

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, if the alien wanted to divide and conquer human, they will soon find out how easy it is.

    Play with the information, filter out love and peace, and pick up hot topic like this. Human themselves will do the rest.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus fucking christ! Lets just have another fucking war!

    I have always wanted to go to Japan, not because I like anime, (because I can get that here for free) but because I find their culture interesting and their food is awsome as shit. However, I would probably never go there as I doubt anyone would talk to me, even if I knew the language, and I would probable be segregated and treated like shit by people in the streets for being white, for being different, or for just being a foreigner.

    My fellow Americans! Why don’t we just elect the KKK grand dragon into the white house and make the leader of Volksfront (the most active skinhead group in America) the secretary of defense.

    Fucking people in this world are really dissapointing me as we are not becoming any smarter and still don’t except other ethnicities yet. “They won a soccer game so lets fucking kill them.” “A small percentage of Americans made mean comments about Japan, its all the white guys fault.”

    Fuck all of you people, Japanese and American readers of this alike. All this proves is that many Americans are still ignorant and that the Japanese are still self obsessed and highly Nationalist. You all fucking lose! Congrats to Japan for gloating over a soccer victory. Congrats to Americans for using facebook to express your hate towards an allie. Good fucking sportsmanship all around. From the comments it would seem that the Japanese are racist and Americans are just hatefull whiners.

    The Divided States of America

    The National Socialist Republic of Japan

    If you got a complaint about any of this, save it bitch. I ain’t gonna be reading it, plus you would be the same as all these other haters anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    North america blows, did u realize that everybody dislikes that pack of scums? Why? Because they don’t have anything good to offer, here in brazil we have a lot of japanese cities arround the country and so do german, italian and arabic, we like all these cultures and so on, but usa? Bunch of blind fat retarded racist nerds

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are people still talking about this shit. Its womens soccer and the game was days ago. I am a caucasian American and I don’t hate the Japanese. I don’t care about soccer and don’t know anybody in America that does, and I know alot of people and have been all over the country as I was in the Marine Corps. The amount of soccer fans in America is very small. Even If I did care about the sport, I would not play the race card or cry about the loss because I have better shit to do. I’m only writing this because I’m tired of seeing articles about it.

    The comments about wiping out Japan are even more foolish. The Japanese own half of America anyway, so they are not going anywhere. We get everything electronical from Japan and that is the fault of the American government for giving them the business and closing down our own industries. It was a fucking game, GET THE FUCK OVER IT PEOPLE!

    I come to this site to find out about new and interesting anime or updates about current anime, not to read about fuckers on facebook making comments about stupid-ass soccer shit. As far as the Japanese are concerned, they need to stop thinking that all Americans, especially caucasians, are all the same becauase we are not. I do have it on good authority that Japanese treat Americans, especially Japanese Americans, like shit, but I have not first hand experience so whatever.

    Get over Pearl Harbor and get over the nukes. The war ended 66 years ago. The fags that made the facebook comments are probably stupid fucking facebook junkie college kids that probably spend more time on facebook than they do with school work, their jobs, or anything else thats part of real life. The same shit is probably true for the Japanese that wrote comments about the comments. Congrats to the Japanese team for winning and I hope their team does well in the future.

    I fucking hate the social network, especially facebook.

  • Anonymous says:

    “They would all have been Koreans, Chinese and Russians.”

    I struggle to understand why the Russians would choose to bitch about Pearl-Harbor. We have our own grudges to hold, Tsushima Battle and Port-Arthur spring to mind.

    Nevertheless, being from the island of Sakhalin (former Karafuto), I’ve seen not a single person showing actual hate to any Japanese, regardless of degree of intoxication and/or employment in the Pacific Border Guard.

    But what do I know, right.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Yeah, it’s not literally ALL Americans, but there’s a conspicuously high amount of resentment towards Japan in the country.”

    It seems that someone on 2ch at least has half a brain cell.

    “That Facebook lot is just the American version of us.”

    Funny, that’s as insulting to them as it is to us.

    But seriously, people need to quit being racist idiots.

    Stop it and get along, NAO!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m really glad some people on all sides of the globe are getting the picture. Morons are morons, no matter where you are.

    It also so happens that media tends to bring attention to the most extreme of opinions (no matter the agreeing quantity) for the sake of popularity. This goes for the whole globe, including CNN, Fox News, even Sankaku and 2ch.

    As for the soccer competition, I have this to say: well played, Japan, well played. You fought hard, and you won it in the end. Keep in mind though that next year we won’t be going down without a fight! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    The way I see it: one country worked harder than the other…
    Japan possibly did the best they could to have something to look forward to when they get home.
    How would you feel if the WORLD looked at your women and said: “Oh they only lost because they were worried about their people.” Or “They lost to America because they helped them.”
    No! No matter what it is, the better team won and the ones with the cup are the ones who deserved it!
    Great job Japan! You Earned it!
    Besides who cares about soccer (I kinda do but does the general public)?

  • Everyone’s been posting about how there are racists in every country, blah blah blah. Missing the point. It is a very, VERY important indication as to the morals of the society as to how they deal with this kind of thing. What people should do is defriend/ block whoever says anything like this, or make an argument. Instead, overwhelmingly, people are neutral at best. Even the “congrats Japan” posts are overwhelmingly backhanded.

    My biggest issue is the people who posted these things- if their profile pictures are any indication. You expect this kind of thing from old people or rednecks in Alabama. However, girls from 15-25 and black guys are overwhelmingly the majority of anti-Japanese comments in my observations on Twitter. You would think that people who are fighting racism and sexism wouldn’t practice such vulgar and bigoted posting.

    Also, if my in-school education is common in other areas of the country, they think Japan bombed Pearl Harbor unprovoked, then nothing happened for a long time until 1943, and then the US kicked ass and bombed a couple of shitshack cities and now they’re “our” bitches.

    From experience on this one, most people you will meet in the US are either neutral or extremely and unwarranted negative in their views of Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    All countries are racist towards something else. Get over it. Most countries have both bad and good blood between them, but when something small happens people just think on the bad shit.

    Fuck soccer anyway. Its boring. And WOMENS soccer. Women sports doubles the boring factor.

    In any case good for you Japan. If you do best you deserve to be praised. Don’t pay attention to hick American drunks.

  • >A fool’s a fool anywhere

    This. How often do people generalize “groups” that are really just average (despicable) people who happen to have one minor, irrelevant trait in common?

    “[A] are a bunch of [x], us [B] are [y]”

    In fact both A & B are really just built from the same faggots, elitists, hipsters, noobs, bads, posers, as always.

    There are several images I could choose from that communicate this, usually ending in “Surprise, you’re BOTH a bunch of fucking nerds.”

  • *a Hong Kong chinese here*
    I hate the whole USA very much, but when I meet american in real life, I would not treat them badly.
    As I know, all of you are not deserved to be responsible for your country’ s history.
    I think, keeping saying darn things to attack each other would not improve.
    I hope one day chinese, japanese and american can co-exist peacefully without this kind of issues.
    *quite a shame to say that, my japanese is better than english…sorry for bad english*

  • Anonymous says:

    Being an American, it kind of upsets me to read things like ‘all Americans are retarded’, but with crap like this, I can honestly understand the reasoning. Please remember that idiots always talk the loudest.

  • Anonymous says:

    To all the hate coming from both sides of the fence, this is all I have to say: I just don’t give a fuck.

    I say that, because I don’t give a fuck about the shit talking Americans that can’t take a loss such as this, from a team that showed great sportsmanship. And I don’t give a fuck about those who believe Americans are pricks. Being human is no excuse for being a prick.

    And this is coming from an American that, as I said, just doesn’t give a fuck about anything else, but waking up.

    That is all.

  • Anonymous says:

    First of all, Pearl Harbor, Japan attacked the US first for no good reason [I don’t study history so this is a shot in the dark because I’m an idiot.]
    Second, anyone whose pissed about fifa should get over it!
    It’s just a sport where you kick around a ball.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hate hate hate….damnit the internet just brings out the worse in people. It really hurts reading this stuff. I’ll probably get trolled to high hell for saying this but I really do hope my great grandkids and the generations to come never ever have to see or deal with this pointless hate. Wishing harm to others over stupid petty things and past horrors….

  • Whatever, if we could write in moon speak we whould have passed the captcha and said what we wanted to say to that blog that you’re using as the source..

    Still, it’s just a god damn blog………

    So….yeah……who the fuck cares?

  • Anonymous says:

    “Just how long many decades do they intend to keep dragging on this Pearl Harbor thing?”

    As a British person, I can safely say Americans will never stop reminding you how much ass they kick. It has been nearly a quarter of a millennium and we’re still waiting.

  • Anonymous says:

    Heh. There MIGHT be something less interesting and relevant than the throwaway comments of a pack of anonymous anime fans displaying their dignity, elegance of writing, and well-developed knowledge of history, but it is hard to imagine what it could be.

    Seems a whole bunch of people in a whole bunch of countries need to take themselves a little less seriously.


  • Corect me if Im wrong, but none of those ppl listed had pics anywhere resembling an asian let alone a Korean. I guess being a bigot on the internet is still cool and edgy no matter the country.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think hating americans is the hipster fag thing to do right now. are any of you really affected by anything americans do? name 3 things. just wondering. the internet are full of idiots americans, europeans, asians etc… judging by some youre comments many of you are no better than any of those idiots on FB. sorry for english iam german

    • Anonymous says:

      1 American Oil companies can effect the US foreign policy,wich resulted a shit storm in Iraq.

      2 American Ignorance about anti western sentiment breeded by Alqaeda that lead to 9/11

      3 MPAA and Hollywood pressuring stupid copyright laws and lame anti piracy laws,that hinders the mp3 revolution and blantantly ignore privacy , 5th amendement and common sense.

      4 The so called anti anime law that ishihara ( Tokyo Governor ) passed sometime ago was sponsored by US based Christian NGO’s and Feminist NGO’s

      5 The Mortgage Crisis began in america and master minded by an american.

      6 Rupert and John Murdoch are Americans and that News of the world fiasco in England effects Britain to its very core.

      so yeah anything US do really effect the world,since US is a Superpower nation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just for clarification:
        4)Ishihara wanted that law passed so that Alice-Chan and UNICEF would look at him as a good job candidate when the good of Japan see him as the HACK he really is!!

        6) Rupert and John Murdoch are ONLY Americans because they needed citizenship so that they could buy The Wall Street Journal and collect one more piece on their ever growing MONOPOLY board.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sure more than half of the american population don’t even realize they bombed Japan twice. I only know of the Nagasaki bombing because of the internet; I’d never even heard about it when I was in school.

    • Anonymous says:

      What?! Bullshit! You’ve had to have learned about it when you studied WWII in History/Social Studies! Granted WWII was huge but something like the splitting of the atom and the world’s first nuclear device couldn’t have been skipped!

    • Anonymous says:

      WWII was a time when countries did a lot of fucked up stuff, yes namely by Germany and Japan, along with the nukes. I think the point is not to argue which country did the most evil shit then, but to point out that that is all past and people nowadays shouldn’t use that shit to go all racist on other countries.

  • I’m kinda flattered to see my comment getting featured up there in the “Quotes from Sankaku”….

    “Half their population doesn’t even know where Washington is and they think they can go on about Pearl Harbor?”

    This really cracks me up. It reminds me of that one student history-themed play I watched in my college and one of the dialogue went “The Brits didn’t even help in improvising the civilisation in Malaysia!” Talk about sleeping in history class..

    • Here’s yours in Japanese, as featured on 2ch and elsewhere:

      “Victorique Obsessor Maidniac どうせこの後、ベトナムにも負けるよ。真っ赤になってどんなコメントをするのか楽しみだな。”

  • Anonymous says:

    I think all we can conclude is that there are racists everywhere. A lot of you a quick to shun these people due to “American ignorance” and yet looking at the 2ch comments you see a lot of anti-korean and anti-chinese sentiment.

    Stupidity and racism is not confined within borders here, people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whats this, a few people from the nation of the team that lost in an international championship are spitting such hate and venom on a public forum for all to see!

    This is outragious!!! Such a thing would never happen in any other country, it simply would not be tolorated!

    (rolls eyes)

    • Anonymous says:

      It starts off by the fact only the stupid US country actually calls the sport “soccer”, it is football.

      Learn the correct facts before complaining, you know like the whole rest of the world…

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? You’re are going to lecture me on my usage of ‘soccer’ instead of ‘football’? You’re telling ME to learn the correct facts, when you have no idea what you are talking about?

        ‘Football’ officially became a sport in the late 1800’s with the creation of the Football association. Many of the players and fans adopted the word ‘soccer’ as an abbreviation of “Football Association” (assoc.). Eventually when English immigrants came to the U.S., they brought “Football”, but since a sport called football already existed they needed another name. (You can’t have two different Football associations) So they used the shortened version, soccer, as the game’s name in the U.S.

        So before touting how ‘stupid’ I am because I use the term ‘soccer’ instead of football, think before you speak.

        Both terms are interchangeable and it was the ENGLISH who came up with and adopted the word. Calling Soccer ‘football’ in the U.S. is incorrect because of the leagues associated with them.

        So fuck off you twit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, as a Korean American myself, I probably should be more offended, but eh. Racism is the universal stupidity, I guess. The facebook comments included of course. It’s pretty dejecting how there are always a number of vocal groups that just can’t seem to get along with anyone else.

  • Wow. They keep saying that they hope a hurricane will kill Americans and some Americans are saying that they hope a tsunami kills Japanese.
    They’re all hypocrites.

    Why did one guy mention that Americans “stole Hawaii”? They stole all their land from Native Americans.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a point of historical accuracy, America didn’t steal Hawaiʻi, it was forced down America’s throat by Europeans and Americans who lived there and who didn’t swallow Liliʻuokalani’s new constitution. That it turned out to be rather tasty is beside the point.

  • Anonymous says:

    and the fight goes on….
    im just wondering how we got from football to pearl harbour to hiroshima to aushwitz
    and o wouold kike to point out that some of the 2chs comment are as erroneous umm holocust wasnt caused by US and the US isnt just made up of anglo-saxons >.<

    and w8 2ch said were actaully a decent lot O.o relly suprised there

  • This is funny, Americans don’t care about soccer! Now if that was a National Championship College Football game these people would still be talking the same shit full of racist slurs and blue language to each other, it just happens to be the off season, so bored people start caring about Women’s International Soccer. There wasn’t a “Mike Massey’s Fabulous Pool Tricks” episode on, people? You gotta watch the girls soccer, huh? Whatever.

  • is this thank japan get for sharing all stuff with usa ?

    video game
    much more.

    and pearl harbor it was not yesterday it was over 70 years ago ?

    and they sound like usa punk would but up a innocent school girl who havent done a shit to them.

    and srly is just a game (soccer)

  • Anonymous says:

    This is kinda funny, considering Sanakaku sucks just as much as Facebook. 2ch’s reaction to our appeals is no different from Japan’s reaction to America’s TOMODACHI. Sometimes nations spend just waaaaay too much time in the now, and little to none in the past or future.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sherlock here.

    People are the same everywhere. No matter which country you are from. Everyone got lots of retards and idiots. You heard it here first.

    When is everyone going to realize that nationality doesn’t fucking matter.

    Humankind… to blind to see.

  • Anonymous says:

    This World Cup brought about the 2 things Americans don’t care about: Soccer and women’s sports. At least the cup went to a country that would’ve appreciated it. Japan, I hope you enjoy the American tears over this like we have the Vancouver tears.

  • sexynewbie says:

    “Facebook: the American 2ch.”

    Hmm… I guess, if maybe perhaps 4chan didnt exist -.- or maybe if it wasnt internationally used.. Not trying to get hate here, just stating facts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I knew it….I knew these guys would just go just say a lot of crap….Dammit Stupidity is everyone….There are some in America and there are some in Japan..

    I’m American, but I never said a darn thing…not once…not one single bad thing…and yet I wake up to find a lot of people from both sides saying crap because of a World cup game…..What…

    I’m just going to go play some video games now. I didn’t need to look at this mess…

  • yeah what did korea do to japan? I know japan’s gone over to korea and slapped their shit a few times but I don’t recall korea starting shit with japan, or do they mean like north koreans but don’t say? I just don’t get it.

  • Anonymous says:

    the awkward moment when i only just realised the whole it must be koreans thing is a joke and not serious… also whoever posted this “I wonder how much their fucking country owes Japan in fucking money? $585.9bn. Good fucking work America.” doesn’t hold into account that america also holds about that much in Japanese debts too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sweep away the garbage comments and there’s some nice and aware people in there.

    Even if their ancestors are German, or Russian, or even ICELANDER, I’m happy calling them “Korean-Americans” as an insult to their ignorance.

    Proper Koreans who are American should just call themselves American anyway, without the hyphen, so I don’t consider Korean-American to insult proper Korean Descended people anyways. If you got a problem with that, you need to learn more about FDR. You historically ignorant fuckface. Hint; try a phrase similar to “I do not believe in hyphenated Americans”

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes because only Americans are ignorant about history. Not the perfect Japanese, they could never be wrong./sarcasm

      Seriously now. The Japanese responded similarly on the internets during the 2008 Olympics. Not only that but they were even saying things like “China deserved the earthquake. Karma.” You can find plenty of such on youtube regarding Sharon Stone comments.

      People are just complete fucktards on the internet. 2ch is right up there among many others.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sadly, people everywhere are ignorant, not just the US. Honestly, my exposure to the internet and anime from such a young age made me into a better person overall. If I wasn’t such an anime otaku, I would have become as military obsessed and nationalistic as the rest of my family. They aren’t bad people, but my cousins seem a bit too eager to join military academies. Not helping is the fact that one of them rants about the Civil War and Southern pride, EVEN THOUGH he was born in California and only moved to Virginia in middle school. Oh, and he’s freaken Filipino of all things. I blame myself for not introducing anime earlier to him.

  • Anonymous says:

    >“Xenophobic rightwingers are like this whatever the country.”
    >“Right wingers everywhere are just a bunch of crazies!”

    >“It’s all those Koreans in America trying to cause trouble.”
    >“Dirty Koreans masquerading in order to cause problems!”

    oh you 2ch, oh you…

    • Implying this has anything to do with political spectrum.

      I’m a conservative Tea Partier, I like Japan, wish their team the best in the Olympics, and I appreciate the Japanese culture. I’m not white though so who knows.

      The insufferable American rabblerousers that they speak of are ill-educated and what people don’t know, they fear. Real good quote from Martin Luther King Jr:

      “People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Probably not the same people writing those. :p

        Also, I get the feeling some of them were intentionally overdoing (read, trolling) the Korean American nonsense, at least if the translation carries the connotations over well.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the excuse by many Americans as a chance to puff their chest and proclaim superiority as a country. I’m a born and raised American and I love my country, but others feel they need something other than the Bill of Rights and a country that once served as a “land of opportunity” for all. What are you going to do?

    • My Dad said the same thing happened in 1972 when Bobby Fisher beat Boris Spasky for the world chess championship.

      The public in the US was crowing about how great we were and they were all going to be grandmasters. Even though most of them didn’t even know how to play.

      When they realized just how intricate the strategy of the game was they went back to checkers.

        • kanbanmusume, I’m sorry. I explicitly disagree with you.

          Every damn public school in existence nowadays has a soccer club for BOTH genders and Chess clubs has become a part of Americana in terms of public schooling having them as a staple.

          Can’t really say competitive nature alone is indicator of how people love them.

          Even with competition taken into account, the amateur Women/Men soccer scene in America is extremely intense. It’s one of the largest pools of amateur talent in the world.

          All this to talk down to Americans makes me sad. Come on. Don’t use misinformation as any kind of a point to make. Does fads influence people? YES. Like how Attacker You! Anime in Japan exploded their attention towards Womens’ Volleyball in Japan and even in Italy. That doesn’t mean the fad dies instantly and that fad is all there is.

        • I think the point he was trying to make was that most people weren’t into chess prior to Bobby Fisher. It became the big thing like the World Cup (which is the only time Americans care about soccer and only if they’re in it) and after a few months most of the chess sets people bought went into the closet to collect dust or to yard sales. I’m not saying that some people weren’t taken with it.

          I had mentioned the Facebook comments to my dad and this was part of his response. Obviously there wasn’t an internet or a Facebook back then but if there had been and Bobby Fisher had lost you would have had a similar response.

          Most Americans like games that are relatively short in duration and have a lot of scoring. That’s why they prefer their version of football instead of soccer which they consider boring.

          I’m sure idiots on Facebook would also find chess to be bit too esoteric for their tastes.

        • Anonymous says:

          If the chess scene exploded afterwards it has imploded over the last 20 years again. Look at the grandmasters in the US. You have a few young American born grandmasters to brag about the rest are immigrants, many from russia.

    • Anonymous says:

      They dont, but if they won they would never shut up about it. Retarded rednecks will find any excuse to try and rub any victory in the face of who they fight, but cry like bitches if they lose.

    • Anonymous says:

      Based on population and the ammount of reported racial crime, the usa is of course #1 by a HUGE margin. What kind of ignorant fool would think otherwise outside of uneducated rednecks?

      • Anonymous says:

        “Racial crime” is a terrible measure of how racist a culture is. There’d be a lot less racial crime in America if racial minorities hunkered down and accepted inferiority (as was the case in even the recent past), but that would be massive institutionalized racism in the culture. America more than most countries actually tries to struggle with racism which makes a lot of noise. It makes racists uncomfortable and they go out and make trouble to feel better.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ll just quote a rather nice article written by one of the few blogger (“The Korean”) whom I do seem to resonate with.

        “The Korean firmly believes that America is the least racist country in the world, and this post will finally explain why that is. The Korean already wrote something about Korean-black relations here, but the second part of your question is most intriguing. Yes, the Korean does think that the U.S. has a way of dividing people of different colors – namely, U.S. is the only country where people of different colors live next to each other.

        I know, I know. The Korean knows that there are minority race living in various parts of the world. But except for Europe, there is no country in which ethnic minorities, starkly different in culture and appearance from the majority (so excluding situations like Hutus and Tutsis in Congo/Rwanda,) constitute a percent that matters, something like more than 20 percent of the entire population. (In the U.S., the percentage is nearly 30 percent.) And as to Europe, well, look what’s happening to them.

        Why do numbers matter? Because unless the minorities are somewhat numerous, they are not threatening to the majority. Hating takes energy; people don’t hate for no reason. Widespread hatred in the majority toward the minority takes place only if the minority is somehow threatening the majority’s position.

        So if you are an African-American tourist traveling through Korea for two weeks, you will find that Korean people are generally nice to you. Why wouldn’t they be? You will leave in two weeks! But trying living there and see how you like it.

        God help you if you were trying to date a Korean. Interracial relationship is a racist’s greatest fear, especially if it involves a minority-race man and majority-race woman. Ever wondered why Emmitt Till was so brutally lynched, just for whistling at a white woman? When a minority-race man dates a majority-race woman, other majority-race men feel their position threatened, because they feel that their possession is being taken. (It should not come as a surprise that racism goes hand-in-hand with sexism.)

        Similarly, if all Mexicans in America were tourists, there would be no racism in America towards Mexicans. Racism towards Mexicans exists only because there is a perception (however incorrect) that Mexicans are staying in America, and are taking away things that belong to Americans – in the form of jobs, tax dollars through welfare, or literally taking away life and property through crimes.

        On the other hand, Asians in America are not numerous enough to be threatening, so we have been spared from blatant racism so far. But whenever Asian Americans do appear to be threatening, the reaction is exactly the same – just look at what happened to Vincent Chin when Japanese automakers were threatening to American jobs.

        Here lies the reason why America is the least racist country in the world – it’s one of the few countries that racial minorities are in a position to threaten the racial majority, and it’s the only one among those countries that is by and large successful in curbing the racist sentiments that inevitably follow from such a situation.

        Notice that the Korean is not saying Americans are somehow morally superior by not engaging in the evils of racism. No inherent goodness makes Americans less racist than others – only decades of experience in an interracial society do.

        To understand this, you have to see racism for what it truly is. As the Korean said several times previously (here and here,) racism is a heuristic; it’s an instinctively created survival mechanism. (On some level, it’s very easy to understand – wouldn’t there be something different about a person if he looks so different from the rest of us?) In a vacuum, racism has no moral implication. However, racism in our modern world, in which people of different races must live next to one another, it becomes an evil that it currently is.

        For example, consider an act of running for your life and pushing away things that get in your way. That action, in a vacuum, has no moral implication. But what if you are a healthy young person, you are running out from a club caught on fire (and has only one narrow fire escape,) and the thing you are about to push away is a disabled man who can’t walk without his crutches, which were lost in the stampede? Pushing him away to die in fire in order to save your own skin is an evil act, but most people would do it anyway. And unless you are forced to make that moral choice by being in that situation, you can never claim that you are morally superior to the person who pushed away the disabled person to escape. Why? Because if you were actually in that situation, most likely you will do the same thing.

        Similarly, a country that has no significant number of racial minorities cannot possibly claim that it is not a racist country. How can you confidently say that your morals will overcome your survival instinct, if your survival was never tested?

        In fact, left alone long enough without a decisive intervention from the central government, a country will manage to find the differences within itself to hate upon each other. Northern Italians and Southern Italians bitterly hate each other; Walloon and Flemish Belgians hate each other so much that one New York Times commentator wondered how Belgium manages to stay together; Southwestern (Jeolla) Koreans and Southeastern Koreans (Gyeongsang) don’t get along to the degree that, until recently, each region would give 90 percent support to the parties representing the respective regions; the hatred between Hutus and Tutsis in Congo/Rwanda ended in genocide; same in Sudan, in Darfur.

        Of course, in all the situations above, the Korean fully understands there are deeper underlying causes for the hatred – difference in wealth, colonial legacies, and so on. But regardless of the reason for the initial spark of hatred, that hatred is escalated through the same mechanism as racism – i.e., people falling into such bigoted logic as “if he is from so-and-so region, he has this-and-that characteristics.” It is hardly a leap to think that, if a significant number of racial minorities were to be introduced to a country that can be swayed by such bigoted logic, the country will inevitably fall into a heat of racist hatred. In fact, the race riots in France is exactly this. Korea is the same way, with the new wave of immigrants from China, Southeastern Asia, and the mixed-race children born in rural areas – the Korean sincerely believes that Korea will find itself in massive race riots in 20 years unless Korean government anticipates the problem (and most likely they won’t.)

        America is the least racist country in the world because Americans have the longest experience in living in a truly multiracial society – more than a century. White Americans have stood in the middle of the burning club the longest. At first, they panicked like everyone else in the world. Those minority people – those chinks, wetbacks, and jungle monkeys – will take everything they had! Such fear of losing their position to the minorities is no different from the fear of fire. Just like everyone else in the world, white Americans pushed aside and oppressed the weaker, minority people, to maintain their superior position.

        And then something remarkable happened. Because of an amazing collective effort, white Americans began to see that minority people were not out to get them. The fire was not real. And what they used to do in order to maintain their superior position has been unfair and evil. Here is a stark truth: most Americans renounce racism, to a degree that people of no other country in the world does. Racism has become such a social taboo that even those Americans who remain racist cannot dare speak up on their views without instantly becoming a social outcast.

        Here is how much America is not racist. In 2002, then-Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott was attending Sen. Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party. Praising Sen. Thurmond, who ran for president in 1948, Sen. Lott said this: “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.” Problem was that the main thrust of Thurmond’s 1948 campaign was to maintain racial segregation. Controversy rose, and Sen. Lott resigned from his majority leadership.

        The Korean is willing to bet the lives of his as-yet-unborn first two children that something like this would not have happened anywhere else in the world in 2002. Running for President is an achievement in and of itself, as Rev. Jesse Jackson reminds us all the time. It would be nice to be recognized on that achievement, on your hundredth freakin’ birthday. For god’s sake, if someone lives until 100, he deserves to hear anything he damn well pleases. If the Korean ever lives until 100, he would like to be recognized for saving the Earth from alien attacks in the year 2046. On top of that, the presidential campaign happened in fifty-four years ago! Who the hell cares? American people did, and Trent Lott was gone.

        This is, of course, not to say America is a racism-free country. Quite the opposite is true. But those who are quick to decry that America is more racist than other countries by focusing on racist incidents in America, are simply clueless. In fact, America is one of the few countries in the world where such incidents would even be recognized as racist. The first step to cure alcoholism is to recognize that you have an alcohol problem. Even if you slip and have a few drinks, you are still ahead of those who don’t even realize they have a problem.

        The world is getting more diverse by day. World economy is more integrated than ever, and no single country can afford to live in racial and cultural isolation. Immigration will be a greater and greater trend. People who are not accustomed to living with different types of people will soon find themselves sharing a subway car with a strange-looking person; their sense invaded by unfamiliar smell of exotic food; their streets covered in signs of incomprehensible languages; their jobs eliminated by those willing to work harder, cheaper. And inevitably, a racist fire will build in their hearts, stoked by the fear of losing what is theirs. But even when the whole world is on fire, Americans, by and large, will remain calm.”

        • Anonymous says:

          We have the intelligence as humans to do away with racism and yet we stick to our insanity filled hate. We have the intelligence to change, and yet we continue to act this deprave, we are far from logical. Even those who had ancestors who were oppressed or killed based on their race. Who now only get a few racist looks/comments throughout their life can end up two-faced and bigot to some other race. You think education would solve this problem, but even your most sophisticated scientists, professors etc. can be the most racist. (Usually scientific-racism with no good proof)

          This is why I hate humanity equally.

        • Anonymous says:

          Racism is still Racism.Period.However small percentage it is.Just ask the Blacks and the Jewish people.There is no room for it in modern times.To blame on foreigners for economic reasons (losing jobs,etc) is absurd as blaming every little thing on aliens and devils.Racism is the primal fear of the unknown.Beat that shit and we as humans has the pride of evolution that seperate us from the apes.

        • Anonymous says:

          Very poetic and insightful, also I would like to point out myself the Americas(West) are pretty much a melting pot of allot of countries from the East.

          The many things in common with racists/nationalist are that they fear, hate and generalize.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Based on population and the ammount of reported racial crime, the usa is of course #1 by a HUGE margin”

        Another moron pulling bullshit statistics out of his ass I see. And btw, America has the hights amount of REPORTED racial crime because thse sort of crime anywhere else won’t even register as a racial crime. In Africa for example, it wouldn’t ring any bell when when one village slaughters another one based on the different tribes.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s basically because america is the most diverse country in the world. It’s the only place where every race on earth live together, so of course there would be racial tension and such. japan is filled with japanese people, africa is filled with black people, india is filled with indian people, etc. you must be an uneducated redneck if you didn’t even know that simple fact.

        • ^None of them can describe how stupid that comment was because that comment wasn’t that stupid in the first place. A bit oversimplified, yes; but not stupid.

          Go to any major city (or even mid-sized city) in the US, and you’ll realize that American racial diversity IS quite unique among Western countries. How many European countries as a whole are 13% black, or even 5% Asian? That doesn’t even count the 16% of the US population that’s Hispanic, which includes everything from white Cubans in Miami to black Dominicans in New York.

          Your idea of unique racial diversity must be different from mine. I don’t see how a country that’s 90% white like Britain can be called diverse when most American “white-flight” suburbs of major cities aren’t even that homogeneous.

        • “It’s the only place where every race on earth live together”

          There are half a million words in the English language, and none of them can describe how stupid that comment is.

          Go to any any major city in the Western world. Or better still, go to Brazil. You’ll realise that American racial diversity isn’t as unique as you think it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    That last quote “That Facebook lot is just the American version of us.” would be kinda true, though I don’t think 2ch would go apeshit over this sort of stuff… may be bias on my part XD

    • “That Facebook lot is just the American version of us.”

      that made me bust out laughing. for a troll to recognize itself in the mirror, and make a valid arguement. i am truly impressed. either way rest assured that soon these people will be on the news and hated by the world. they probably did it for attention.

    • We here at Sankaku may not get along with 2chan sometimes, but we all agree when dumb, ignorant f*cks like the gutter-trash who made those comments in Facebook are digging up old wounds for both countries and fostering hatred and animosity between Japan and the USA…

      “I lived in America as a kid, and I can tell you this: a fool’s a fool, whatever the country.”

      The above statement said by this awesome 2channer is the One Universal Truth no matter who you are, what you believe in, or where you live…

      My other favorites that also contain the absolute truth that cannot be denied:

      “You rightists need to try living over there. If you can’t speak English in the states you won’t be treated as a human!”

      “Don’t forget what you did to the native Americans and how you stole Hawaii, Americans! Pray it never happens to you. And watch out for the Chinese and Koreans – they are copying all the worst parts of you whites.”

      This one is my personal favorite for obvious reasons:

      “I think we can conclude all the average American knows about Japan is ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘tsunami’.”

      Yes indeed…

      The average Americans watch Fox News (and CNN, you know that station that f*cked up that Touhou BAD APPLE fan-vid) while the clever ones do ACTUAL research and find other sources like friends in Japan as well as relatives or someone you know who lives there…

      Nothing is gained from exhuming up both of our past sins…Only pain for both sides and painful memories of dead loved ones lost to the war…

      Like I said last time, if you were born long past the war (or recently), then you have no right to say “Pearl Harbor” blah, blah, blah, die or Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

      But I fear for the worst with the average American’s way of thinking…

    • Anonymous says:

      so much hate, so much hate, how long before we blow each other apart. i think we should reverse the globalization process, and shut down the internet, although i will miss the japanese porn, for our own good.

    • Noodlestein says:

      It’s rather true, everything said there is basically just what those failures on facebook said/did just in reverse.

      “Fuck you japan”
      “No fuck you america”
      One in the same I say.

      • Anonymous says:

        I imagine if you got a group of normal, rational Americans and a group of normal, rational Japanese people together for a discussion, stuff like this wouldn’t happen. The problem is that our representatives from either country are 2CHANNERS and FACEBOOK WHORES. Not exactly glowing examples of kindness, logic or level-headedness. You really can’t assume the angry, vocal few are actually in any way representative of their respective countries as a whole.

        Basically: if you think soccer is more important than people’s lives, you’re an emotionally stunted, borderline-sociopathic manchild whose parents ought to have taught you to think before you speak. On the other hand, if you think that any sort of vitriol directed at your country must be an evil Korean plot (and NOT just the rambling of the aforementioned manchildren), you’re a jingoistic self-righteous racist with a serious chip on your shoulder. Anyone with some common sense in ANY country should be able to see that. No one is in the right here, but that doesn’t mean all Americans are sociopathic manchildren and it doesn’t mean that all Japanese are racist lunatics. It just means people on the internet and jerkwads.

      • Anonymous says:

        So responding to the biggorty of some childish rednecks that lost a game puts you on their level?

        I can understand if your too stupid to have a grasp of the situation if your american, but thats some retarded logic.

  • It would seem most of them ignored Sankanku’s user base response. Not that it matters, reasonable people know what one person or one group of people in a country says, doesn’t amount to how everyone in that country feels and thinks.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Japanese. Being in denial since WWII. They really can be just as hateful and ignorant as the people they hate. Try and find one topic that doesn’t have blame or hate towards the Chinese or Koreans, when the topic itself doesn’t even concern the Chinese and Koreans.

      • Anonymous says:

        The time Korea when to Cold War mode and never recover?Divided by North and South.
        Or the time they invent effiecient Nuclear reactors,High speed Internet,cheap refridgerators and cheap air condioners?
        Or cheap animators thats been use by Hollywood and Japan.
        Or maybe Korean Drama….Wait!!thats not a contribution.

      • Why did all the translations have to refer to us Americans as ‘they?’ We had plenty of ourselves represented on Sankaku saying how stupid we were. The least that could have been done was to translate the fact that a great many of us Caucasian Americans (among many others) are very well aware of the fact that our country is a melting pot of stupidity as well.

        I know they don’t really have pronouns, but I know there are some words that exist for those reasons. I mean come on, this just unified everyone against the concept of white Americans yet again without even recognizing we too can’t stand our own trailer trash.

        • @ Anon 5:53

          It’s not hypocrisy at all. You know why white people roll their eyes about everyone else making fun of us? Because we know it’s pointless. Because of some mistakes from our ancestors, a bunch of other races decide to blame us for the ‘sins of ours forefathers’ and what does that mean to us? Nothing. I didn’t own a slave, but I have been mugged by a black person, and I sure as shit am not calling that ‘reparations’ for things I never did. It makes it that much harder to respect people of the other races when they try to lay blame on us for things and think somehow we’re so privileged because of our color. So you know what the reaction is? After a while we may actually start believing we ARE better than the rest, because all the other races blame us for them being ‘lesser’ or ‘screwed over by the white man’ or some such bullshit because they like to spout platitudes and blame. So instead of waste our energy apologizing, then fine, we’ll BE the best. Since apparently everyone’s perfectly willing to admit that since they say we rule everything.

          Stop giving away your power to a proverbial ‘white devil’ and you’ll stop seeing ‘evil white people.’ Do things for yourself and take responsibility and you won’t have anything to complain about except what all the rest of us complain about. We don’t give a shit about your whining. Many different races have been giving us their power of their own volition long after our ancestors stopped taking it because they like the blame game, so blame yourselves if your life sucks. If you want to blame the government because of all the whites in it, so do we, we don’t like our old crotchety fucks any more than you do.

          My point was, there are millions of white people who can’t stand this level of ignorant stupidity. Representing a nation by the idiocy of a few is just as much idiocy. And in case you weren’t aware, all Americans of whatever race are being lumped in subconsciously when they trash America, so yes, no matter your background, you’re included.

        • Well said. I take great offense to the comments that a handful of uneducated, self-centered pricks made on facebook but I take equal offense at being lumped into the same group as them simply because I also happen to be American.

      • Anonymous says:

        yep, its basically dumb teenagers and stupid uneducated hicks… People on 2ch need to understand that the american public is a brainwashed bunch. Americans are very gullible, whatever the government tells them, they believe. That is why watching a movie called pearl harbor somehow makes them experts on the topic… it is really sad that the youth gets to spread their uneducated bs through Facebook like this, making the whole country look bad… Thank God I live in Canada and not the states lol…. Congratz Japan on the victory, it was well deserved.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m with Anon 04:49 on this.

          Sure, Pearl Harbor was a tactical victory, but given the fact that aircraft carriers were becoming the new power houses of the age, and that none were hot during the attack. It was only a temporary victory and even became a rallying for the troops.

          If you look into it, that was the turning point of the US “isolationist” views. Which have since been a new issue given their current foreign policies.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not that brilliant. Firstly, they missed the aircraft carriers because they weren’t there. Secondly, although the US probably would’ve entered the war eventually they dragged them in then and there and woke up the sleeping giant.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your saying Pearl Harbor wasnt a brilliant maneuver? It worked, it killed plenty of enemies, so I cant really see how it would of been a bad attack.

          Rednecks constantly celebrate when they unfairly win a conflifct but god forbid another country does the same

        • Anonymous says:

          I honestly do not understand what was so bad about Pearl Harbor. Sneak attacks are not uncommon in any war. The only issue is that the Japanese lost that war. If the Japanese had won then Pearl Harbor might have well been considered a brilliant maneuver. I still think Pearl Harbor was an excellent idea and not something to be looked down on but to be considered for other wars. In doing so it is not about love or hate but learning from the past.

          The face-book comments were just stupid. I would bet good money that most of them do not know where they live on the globe.