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18-Year-Old Arrested for Raping 69-Year-Old’s Corpse


A schoolboy who sexually defiled the corpse of an elderly woman who had committed suicide has been arrested.

The incident occurred in the Southern Korean city of Cheongju when an 18-year-old high school student called police at 3AM one morning, reporting that he had found the corpse of an elderly woman in the flowerbed outside an apartment building whilst about the town.

Police conducting an autopsy of the cadaver, that of a 69-year-old resident of the building, concluded that she had committed suicide by jumping from the building, having suffered from depression. Her death was recorded on CCTV.

However, they also soon discovered that after death the corpse had been stripped, raped and stabbed repeatedly.

Taking the boy into custody, police found he readily admitted having sex with and stabbing her corpse, sayingthat “I just wanted to touch her” and that he “wanted to see what would happen.”

Police report being shocked at a complete lack of remorse on his part; he is said to be undergoing psychiatric evaluation. He claims to have been the victim of extensive bullying at school.

He has been charged with desecrating a corpse – as the woman was already dead when he interfered with her remains, rape or sexual assault charges do not apply.

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