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Police Hunt Man Spoken To By Child


Police have issued a warning after a man was spoken to by a child in the street.

According to the Osaka police’s advisory, the offender was spoken to by a young child who was on the way to a piano lesson at 10AM one morning.

The man was riding a bicycle and wore black rimmed spectacles.

2ch is disturbed by the dangers innocents must now brave on the mean streets of Osaka:

“Good lord!”

“This is awful.. something must be done about this!”

“We’d better avoid being spoken to by any children from now on.”

“Just going outside is now a danger.”

“You can now be arrested just for being spoken to by kids. It’s best to avoid going near schools.”

“You just have to flee if a child approaches. It’s dangerous to be seen fleeing though. Try to avoid being detected at all.”

“This is a new one alright.”

“You’re done for if you speak to them, you’re done for if you run off, you’re done for if you ignore them.”

“If you ran away from a child you’d definitely trigger a ‘suspicious activity’ report.”

“Who on earth reported this…”

“He got close enough for the kid to call out to him, he deserved it!”

“What the… the guy wasn’t even doing anything!?”

“If you did flee it would be ‘a suspicious man who saw a child suddenly ran off’.”

“When I saw the title I thought this would be some happy story about a child greeting adults or something…”

“What would you do if a kid demanded money from you in a situation like this.”

“What happened to this country?”

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