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  • Anonymous says:

    All these people are stupid. They mixed up about sports and military history. Ok, I can understand that Americans have a strong feeling about Pearl Habour… But the past is the past. That’s why there’s FIFA WC or Olympic. Sports should bring people, whoever they are, for a pleasant moment, not aliening them.
    Also wishing an another “Tsunami” for Japan…. totally DUMB. Are they aware that even USA can have tsunamis ? If a tsunami will hit Hawai or California, Japan will be one of the first country to help USA.

  • soccer hooligans are fuckin’ nuts, what can I say. Pearl Harbor was a shitty movie made in the good ol’ US of A and we should be ashamed to even bring it up to use for gloating.

    but eh… freedom of speech and all that, even if it is all kinds of retarded nana boo boo.

  • Wow, comments from idiot racist bigots. Big surprise.

    Did Japan deserve to win because of the tsunami? No. They deserved to win because their Olympic team was better at the sport.

    Not all Americans feel this way, there’s lots of us that love and support Japan over here in America. Don’t let some retarded morons get to you because they’re butthurt over losing in the Olympics.

  • of course, a handful of assholes makes the rest of us look bad…well I watched the game and it was a terrific match. Japan deserved to win. Kinda like how all the twats in the above pics should rot in the ground…

  • Anonymous says:

    To people who insist that nuclear bombing saved lives (slight simplification):
    That is the most hypocritical sentence every devised by anybody. Aaaaand it went against the Geneva Convention which America (well, the allies except for the USSR) was adamant about using when they did all the trials. But Japan was not part of it.
    If the coup that happened after the recording of the capitulation succeeded, Japan would have definitely fought to the bitter end. (Or at the least, guerrilla and kamikaze attacks would have continued until America finally occupies the whole of Kyushu)
    The Emperor (blessed be His Name) and his Cabinet have already started thinking about accepting the ultimatum, and for that matter, most of the diehard people were technically wiped off the cabinet after the forced resignation of General Toujo.
    The nuclear bombing did not have any real ‘good’ motives. It was there to scare the Soviet Union who was coming down from the north (sweeping into Manchuria who were by then given orders not to resist but were fired on anyway, and we have now the predicament of N. Korea and a powerful PRC)
    Those who insist it was good for both sides (which they usually do to justify), are forgetting the fact that they only did it for the US side. Expected casualties for Japan that might have been saved because of the capitulation (which was already being considered) were an afterthought to keep the Japanese public happy to co-operate with the GHQ. Essentially they tried to do a ‘no hard feeling’ and the stupid public bought that (understandable, but not really forgivable)
    For those idiots who say “It serves them right”, wars are not fought in ways so it “serves them right”. But then Massacring defenceless citizens (oh wait, according to the official US line, especially Curtis Lemay, all Japs were combatants because they all were involved in the manufacturing of weapons. WAT.) and then justifying it later is an act US has done a few times so I am not surprised.
    And then for people who say “But but but, look what Japan did to Nanking (or other variants in Romanised spelling). They all killed defenceless non-combatants” or “Look what they did to POW” and whatnot.
    I will start with the slightly less controversial one. This in my view is a slightly bad excuse, but Japan was not in the Geneva convention. Next off, Japan’s logistics weren’t really up to scratch with non-essential things, so of course, food and what not will not be delivered as often to prison camps. Bataan death march and similar things, well, the distance they travelled was, according to the Hohei Souten, or the Infantry Manual, was within what they called “Tactical Limits”, the Japanese command obviously thought the Americans (and whoever joined with other ‘death marches’) were up to it. Japanese doctrine being rather harsh at the time did not really think about the wounded or malaria bound people, because they thought that if you have the mental strength you can even stop bullets. Also, I have the feeling nobody has heard of the Aaron Prisoner of War Camp(アーロン収容所) and various other detention centres and what went on there. Oh the hypocrisy of the allies.
    Now for the more controversial part: Nanking. Now, everybody in history lessons were taught that something terrible happened here. From all that is available, people insist on using the Iris Chang version.
    First off, if you check out certain statistics, this means that more people were killed than the actual population of Nanking (even though Nanking was the capital of the ROC, it wasn’t exactly that big, especially because it is a walled off city/town).
    Second, nobody bothers to remind themselves that a battle took place here with the KMT army.
    Third, the KMT army were notorious for something they do when they are routed.(Of course, after killing the designated barrier-troops) They kill a civilian, throw off their uniform and escape as fast as possible with a newly acquired civilian clothing, and then turn into guerrillas.
    Fourth, collateral damage due to ARTILLERY bombing. As far as one knows, the air raid targeted specifically military installations (unlike the botched bombing at Peking).
    Fifth, plenty of guerrillas in the crowd, and people insist that even guerrillas are included in the count. And before anybody says ‘They were unarmed’, they were found to be armed, and executed as guerrillas. The Geneva convention technically allows for the swift execution of guerrillas on the spot (if people start reciting the Geneva convention). Guerrillas as in plain-clothed irregulars not wearing any identifiable uniform. Not guerrilla tactics.
    Sixth, from the administrative records, PLENTY of Kempeitai were around. Which means, it is very difficult for Japanese soldiers to commit random acts of raping and pillaging. Kempeitai protocol (Kempeitai are very picky about protocol, and are ideologically haredened so will not do anything against the protocol) demands immediate execution of soldiers pillaging or raping. If they are lucky, a military tribunal might have been held, but as the ‘massacre’ was supposed to have happened within a week of the occupation of Nanking, no military tribunal as it would still have been deemed a danger zone, therefore, those neglecting their duties and caught in the act would have been executed. The soldier who admitted raping did say “I did it avoiding the Kempeitai”. It shows that even if things like that happened (I am sure it did happen, but not on that scale) they were under great risk in committing the act. Hmm.
    Seventh, John Rabe even though he was a Nazi had NO ulterior motives writing that book. Oh wait. His business with the KMT was ruined (weapons export), and before anybody says that the Nazi and Japan were friends, the Battle for Nanking occurred before the Pact. And Germans at the time were sceptical (and racist) towards the Japanese. Look up the relevant passage in Mein Kampf.
    Eighth, people think that essentially, a disorganised group of soldiers managed to kill and rape more people, than a managed Nazi death/concentration camp within a few days. What.

    Now for the idiots who say Pearl Harbour.
    What one constantly forgets is that the declaration of war was delivered just before the attack. It is the State Department’s own fault for delaying the declaration to reach the president. The proper Declaration of War gets given to the appropriate administrative department/ministry. Not to the executive. Therefore, Japan did not break any international ‘customs’ with the declaration. And the State Department has no excuse regarding the translation as the Embassy did that for them. (But then, I hear theories that America did that on purpose so they can get the justification)
    For people that insist on historical responsibility, I wonder WHICH country FORCED Japan to enter the waves of the good old IMPERIALISM for survival. I wonder what would have happened if a CERTAIN SOMEBODY and all his BUDDIES just left Japan alone. I wonder. And I wonder WHICH country kept various Pacific islands and the Philippines and Cuba and a few concessions in China. Then decided to drop them like hot potatoes when they all started to think that the Japanese ideal for the Asian self-determination looked better.

    I thank whoever had the patience to read the whole text.

    • Et en plus vos femmes sont moches… je veux dire celles qu’on croisent dans la rue. Pas les poufiasses qui ont claqué 100 000$ de chirurgie et qui passent dans vos clip de rap à la con avec des bouzeu qui savent même pas lire la bible…

  • Anonymous says:

    Facebook really should TAG every one of those that commented in this way and create billboards of their comments with their pictures and post them on their front lawns for their neighbors and the world to see.
    Racists and idiots and just plain losers all have one thing in common; they’re all scared. Just plain scared.
    There are certain things that will get you kicked out of a “Forum” or a health club or a business or a school; there should also be a certain number of things that’ll get you kicked out of being an American.
    Posts like these should be included. They should ALL have their citizenship called into question.
    They are NOT one of us. [Real Americans]


  • Anonymous says:

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    2,402 killed
    1,247 wounded

    Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima
    60,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki

    now…….who is the bloody jerk here?!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand, how Japan is hated why so much after all. At least it’s a added lustre to it a little bit unfortunate ones, even then, if this sport does not attract an audience of that size despite female participants, than his real form.

  • no fucking way………………………………..this people is incredibly………………….forgive me…………there is no freaking word that can describe the level of……….stupid xenophobia in this world……and for a soccer match…………..?

    with this, we humanity deserve that a meteorite comes and erase us all from the face of the universe…..i mean………all…………Japanese, American, Colombian or any other………….

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder how they feel when that chunk of the island off of africa finally split and fall into the ocean, causing a massive tidal wave and wipe out the ENTIRE east coast. bwahaha, I feel no pity for my fellow Americans because they are the stupid % thats screwing up the country.

  • Anonymous says:

    This kind of shit pisses me off. Bringing up Pearl harbor. Japan got nuked twice! pearl harbor had almost 3000 deaths. Japan had over 300,000 from the bombs and another 300,000-400,000 from us fighting in japan. Its the fucking past and people need to grow the fuck up. I hope the people who said these stupid comments fucking burn in a fire.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Americans should just shut up,they are envious because Japan actually has a culture,anime,manga, the way better music(American music is the cheapest shit,even a beggar on the street can make better music and all the Rock/Soul/Jazz/Reaggee comes from the Africans so all beside Trance/Techno/Pop is not American at all) and componists (with excessive use of classical instruments,if you give a violin to an American he might think it’s an antique tennis racket or a kind of gun) besides having the more beautiful women and a mindset that is one of a kind around the world(they don’t say: fuck America,they dropped 2 Atomic Bombs on our country,Pearl Harbor was nothing against this(and plotted by the Americans because they knew of the attack and send off their valued ships and sacrificed the other people/ships that remained there).)

    The world should just boycott the retarded shit that comes from America: Fast Food(MC Donalds,Burger King,Starbucks,etc.),Comics(like Batman/Spiderman/Hulk…),Cartoons(Looney Tunes,Tex Avery,Scooby Doo…) and their cheap cars(Opel/GM/Ford….) to finish off their economy and start a new century/world order without them because we need culture/healthy people/good products to evolve and nothing like that can come from America, they only have tons of weapons and stupid presidents that start wars around the world!

  • Anonymous says:

    So I heard these americunts nuked Japan. Twice. And now they whine about 3000 dead soldiers that died in a military strike, because they can’t play football.


  • Anonymous says:

    …seems like they’re all WHITE!

    …sometimes it’s embarrassing to be an American.

    To all Japanese friends;
    Gomen’nasai…honto ni gomen’nasai.
    (Bows head..low…very low.)

    And to the WORLD CHAMPION
    lady’s soccer club;
    Banzi!! Omeditou gozaimasu

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh no matter what country there will always be dumb people.Just because a few Americans say stupid shit on a social network doesn’t mean it speaks for all of America.These people just got to excited over a dumb sports event.It means nothing and they want attention like this to get aggression out.Thanks to Hollywood the whole world thinks America are a bunch of fat people wiping their asses with money.Theres also the misconception that we have a say in our government.They do what they want.The military does what they want to.Its awful.The majority are lower middle class people just trying to make it; making dumb mistakes and occasionally not thinking before speaking like everyone else.Over here most teens fap to anything Japanese,praise their music and art and I can’t begin to tell you how many people were going nuts over the tsunami.Countless charity organizations,church events and missions trips to help out.The normal American is very empathetic.Just cuz .00001% on FB whine about some sports event means nothing and its certainly nothing to judge a whole country over.

  • Anonymous says:

    ha take that america rasistas malditos chupen mi maseta puertorique-a japon#1 odio alos idiotas americanos que se cren que vivieron pearl harbor eso era la geuerra animales ademas america le tiro una nuke a inosentes focking gringos fuck you all you stupid red necks jajajajajajajajajaja

  • Anonymous says:

    I find it extrememly surprising that there are people in America who actually care about the world cup, I’ve yet to meet on in person.

    Also, I can guarantee you that people who are such sore losers like that, are all faggots who suck cock for sustenance and are in no way representative of this or any country.

    I bet if China lost you’d see a LOT more vitriol.

  • If anyone deserves to die, it’s not japan for Pearl Harbor.

    Remember what you did to them you fat retarded americans? You nuked them twice, which is 100000 times worse than Pearl Harbor. There was almost no death there, everyone was gone, they attacked an empty base.

    Believe me, Japan didn’t deserve an earthquake or tsunami, USA did and they deserve to die a lot more. Beside, USA is fileld with fat retarded losers, if they all died, no one would care.

  • Anonymous says:

    Born and raised in America, gahh hate these tard losers that makes America look bad, more then 90% population of America are self centered,immature, stupid, obese, creeps, jerkoffs, douchebags, and mostly uncultural bastards =/

  • Anonymous says:

    Im not even from US but i still hate japan, those fuckers still coming to my country for work with all his failures… Fuck, the major biazzare things is from japan, cancer place. Why usa just not nuke the whole shitplace?

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many of these people were going on about how the Saints “deserved” the Super Bowl win in 2010…I hope New Orleans gets another Hurricane and it kills all the retards in America.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, stupid goes far on the internet. Butt hurt people only make up a small percentage of people here (thankfully.) Both teams played well.

    To be frank, if Japan had lost, there would be plenty of people bitching on the Japanese side about Americans. It goes both ways. (2ch always loves to have something to complain about especially if it’s the fat, apparently idiotic, thieving Americans.)

  • (Damn, even a day later, my comment is missing… Watch it show up a minute after I repost it!)

    Ignorant racists have put me in despair!

    Calling for military-strike-scale disaster and suffering because they lost a game. What fine human beings. Unlike them, I don’t believe in punishing a nation indiscriminately, but these individuals could use a little education.

    Close to 21,000 have died in the tsunami – I suggest we waterboard these losers to near-death 20,000 times each so they understand what they’re calling for. After coming back from the edge of drowning even 50 times, I think they’d have a little more tact. I’ve heard even doing it to yourself, while in full control, once, is a horrible, life-changing experience. These whiny bitches need to learn the meaning of what they ask for before one of them turns into the next Hitler.

  • Dear Japan:

    Do ignore the idiots of the United States. Mostly because they got this worked up over a freaking soccer game, and secondly because they can’t admit their team choked.

    Signed, a US sports fan who doesn’t care about soccer

  • Anonymous says:

    Those must be from the northern states, we just had tornados down south, and Japan sent us aid, my town even has a sister relationship with a Japanese town, not all Americans are like that. They go on about Pearl Harbor, yet they forgot that the U.S. had already entered the war secretly and was already attacking Japan before Pearl Harbor. Not all schools in the U.S. teach propaganda. Thanks Japan, and congratulations.

  • Anonymous says:

    So sick of this people. They only talked about Pearl Habour? Can that be compared to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Just accept what have happened the U.S. pranks. congrat Japan!!!

    btw. I’m Thai

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does this site focus on the idiots in America. There are millions of people here in the US, 95% of which love the Japanese and their people. But all this site posts is the crap that makes us look like inconsiderate idiots. I personally think everyone of those Facebook comments can go shove it. The people who complain about Japan are just uneducated. Which is again about 5%. Quick picking the morons to be your representatives of America….

  • Anonymous says:

    Americans are the most racist and butt hurt fans in the world. For those who keep up with Men’s soccer when Mexico defeated the US in the Gold Cup final with a 4-2 victory. A bunch of their racist and sore losing fans were making racist insults just because they lost. What a bunch of sore losers they are. Its funny and I am American and say go Japan and congratulations to you. Your team was the BETTER team.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMFG! Really! I for one am an American and even I am ashamed of these people! Who the fuck are they! How rude and disgusting can they get! Talk about poor sportsmanship! I for one love soccer and the sport and in the woman’s world cup Japan vs US match… well if Japan won then great this shows tht they are the best team and they worked and played hard so they deserve it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Being an American, I dont condone what they are saying, though this is only a small amount Im sure there are many more that just dont know or dont care, or both. i For one enjoy the sport, and while it is a regrettable loss on the part of my home team, the United States, I congratulate Japan on a hard won win. Well done.

    Once more, sorry for the comments, and I agree with most of you when it comes to, some people just either didnt pay attention to the WWII studies in school, or just learned the base facts and dont care about the rest. I feel sorry for them… good on ya.

  • Anonymous says:

    Soccer has to be the lamest sport, next to baseball, so I don’t see why anyone even gives a fuck who wins or loses. Hopefully America realizes it’s potential and expands the empire to show you barbarians what real sports are.

  • demonhaseo says:

    OMFG, they get butthurt over a woman’s soccer game and they have to bring up PEARL FUCKING HARBOR!!! Gezus christ we got back at Japan for that already let it die already so we can move on with our fucking lives. That was the japan of the past, this is the japan of the future. They didn’t win on any fucking technicalities they won because of their skills. Fucking idiots and they wonder why 98% of the world hate us americans >.>.

  • Anonymous says:

    The sad part is this is women’s soccer, not like it matters much, when it’s a regular game it of no importance, but world anything america cares? I smell trolls.

    Congrats Japan, no butthurt here.

  • The ONLY excuse for these people acting like this is that they have a severe lack of brain cells (as you can tell by most of their profile pics).

    Do I remember Pearl Harbor? Yes. Do I want all living Japanese to die in another Tsunami even though they WEREN’T EVEN ALIVE TO HAVE CAUSE PEARL HARBOR? No. Fucking morons. And on top of that, IT’S A FUCKING GAME, WHO CARES IF THEY WON??

    -US citizen who’s disgusted with our population

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, those people would be dumbasses regardless of their country of origin. All sorts of sports fans are total mouth breathers.

    During soccer games in Europe following 9/11 there were people chanting Osama.

    What can you do except laugh at the stupidity.

    Seriously, if some dorks get that upset over people kicking balls into nets, there’s nothing to be done for them other than pray for good ol Darwin to work his magic on them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously weeaboos? Seriously? Defending those chinky eyed goal stealing ricers? Their “opportunistic” offense was just like the “opportunity” they took at PEARL HARBOR!!! I can’t believe I’m seeing all this UnAmerican bullshit! Didn’t deserve a tsunami? Are you fucking high on Pocky?! The Lord God KNEW this was going to happen and sent the tsunami in advance as a warning that if those yellow midgets sullied the record of the team He supported there would be fucking HELL to pay. Mark my words. There will be an even BIGGER tsunami to finally finish off the gooks for good. Football, nay, THE WORLD will be better off for it. The Nips play dirty, are dirty, and this is their last act of kamikaze bullshit. The line has been crossed. If Obama had any balls whatsoever he’d drop a bomb 10x the size of fat man and little boy combined, and then a week later carpet “bomb” the rubble with soccer balls. That’d be epic. They’d deserve every bit of it. I only hope we have the time to round up you treasonous douchebags so you can be there for it. God bless America. – A Proud AMERICAN Who Loves Her Country

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah just another reason why If I know someone is a American I naturally think arrogant/ignorant pigs…

    And It’s kinda funny you always see America going on and on about Pearl Habor a sneak attack during a war so strange. =o But they never mention how they dropped a nuke on Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey i’m an American! And guess what i have to say? Fuck all of you ignorant pearl harbor people. ITS OVER! I doubt then even 100 people ON facebook were even alive during the pearl harbor attack. Honestly these people don’t need to be taught a lesson. No lesson will ever fix them the way a bullet can. If i find these people i’ll personally give them a run down on how pearl harbor Doesn’t affect them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck the Americans. If they can blame Japan for what happened in Pearl Harbor about 70 years ago, then maybe we should remind them of what they did in Afghanistan & Iraq! Most of the people who died didn’t even do anything wrong. And what happened after Pearl Harbor? They dropped two bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so now they’re even. Lets just face it, Americans sucks at soccer

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever really understand why some people are still obsessed with Pearl Harbor. I feel like we more than already got “revenge” when we nuked two of their cities and firebombed the shit out 67 others.

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember back in the early 90s when the Philippines won the Little League Baseball championship against the US. The US looked for some loophole to disqualify the Philippines in a technicality to save face. When the US team discovered that there was a player who was a few months older than what’s allowed and didn’t come from his native town they used it as leverage. The US was granted the gold while Phil silver. The Phil being ass kissers to the US and didn’t protest. Now if there was a breach in the rules then why then was the Phil allowed to compete in the first place? And what makes them think the other teams including the US didn’t do the same?

  • Anonymous says:

    are these people idiots? the frequency of Japan getting hit by a Tsunami is pretty high, thanks to it’s location geographically. That’s like stating: “HOPE CALIFORNIA GET’S HIT WITH A HUGE EARTHQUAKE SOON!”, since yea, California is long over do.

    Regardless, WHO CARES IF NADESICO JAPAN WON AGAINST TEAM USA (if this was the men’s team, now that’s a cause for celebration). Like, why would these American individual give a rats ass about football, since it’s not like they would care anyway. I bet all these people just caught on to the football fad because team USA got there.

    Besides, losing your focus and having to bring the outcome of the match to a PK is the teams damn fault.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with these retards, I say after 2 nukes we’re more than even. We let them attack us to have a reason to join the war. It’s not like the attack wasn’t provoked.

  • The bottom line? The world is filled with outspoken idiots. The small fraction of comments some disgruntled fagbook users posted only speaks to those individual’s idiocy, not the country as a whole. I’m an American and I find those statements highly offensive. The overwhelming majority of Americans don’t give two shits about the soccer game or it’s outcome. Half of my local fire station volunteered to head to Japan after the tsunami hit. Please, for the love of the god I don’t believe in, take people one at a time.

  • Anonymous says:

    i notice the resemblance in all those pictures that they are all white people. i’m american but these people here are typical white americans you see everyday trying to fuck everything up.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it this americans don’t want to lose in anything, i don’t give a damn about them, it’s a sport to be played, it’s not a war zone, they sound that they lost the 3rd world war or something like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    definitely the minority opinion tho… I was at a bar fulla drunk aholes during the game, and at the end, even they gave a nice bit of applause for the jgirls… Of course, maybe they just wanted to get on the few slanty chicks in attendance…

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s really annoying when people bring out pearl harbor. The overall death toll reached 2,350, including 68 civilians, and 1,178 injured,
    But if your trying to measure death toll here what american killed in japan with just 2 bombs
    killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki and almost all civilians

  • Anonymous says:

    haters. Every one hates them. best thing to do is to ignore them and just do your thing. I great that Japan won the cup. They deserved it. So just ignore all those haters out there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are those idiots harping about Pearl Harbor when it comes to Japan? I’m sure they realized we fought a bitter campaign in the Pacific against the Japanese, not to mention the stories of POW camps on the japanese side. Almost every side was guilty of that. I think it’s hard to put the blame on just one country when so many other factors were included.

    I’ve read that it was intentional that we let the Japanese bomb us, so we could get into WW2. Almost the same deal with a lot of the wars, we’ve gotten into.

    I’ve read so many things on that and still I don’t know anything for sure. All I know now, is that they are all idiots (at least the people talking about Japan and Pearl Harbor.) and have no idea about history or about anything really.

    But that’s really history now. People need to let it go. Hell, we even helped rebuilt Japan after the war.

    Though I’m ashamed to be American at times. Sigh.

  • Oh wow, I’m American and I say Congrats Japan! Whats with all these people, come on so what Japan won it’s not like they shot the president.

    Also the fat guy wearing the sesame street hat, I think hes just jealous that other people can stand up and leave their houses unlike him

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    Nice, fake article Sankaku!! America saved Japan so they can say whatever they want about their football team. Congrats to you japanese women, you finally achieved something that no one in America or Japan really cares about.

  • Anonymous says:

    This makes me not proud to be an American. I don’t see us saying Fuck Great Britian for the Revolutionary War or Fuck Germany for all the soldiers we lost on the beaches of Normandy. Get the Fuck over Pearl Harbor. Its History!! The same assholes who are saying this shit probably watched the game on their SONY Tv’s and are currently playing Playstation in their house full of other electronics from Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    If it’s so easy to pull up these comments, it will be hilarious when all of these people can never get hired anywhere in the future because a quick online search for them shows that they’re retarded.

  • I just have to reiterate what has been stated many many times, this is a very RETARDED MINORITY of Americans who feel this way. And they only “feel” this way because they are fucking retards who has not known any better. Pity them, don’t hate them, they are not worthy of such strong emotions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry but I son’t think America consists of only 22 20-30 year old caucasion people.

    there are asshole like this in every country. don’t label the opinion of a few typical douchebags as the “American opinion”. I bet you can find atleast 22 people in any country that curse out another country when they lose a major sporting event.

    I can even go through this post and find atleast 22 people who would damn and slander all of America all because of the opinions of a few ignorant people.

    so people please direct your hate at young ignorant selfish patriotic butthurt wannabe jock douchebags. When you choose to say all of america is worthless shit because of them you’re just as bad as they are when they Japan should get hit by a tsunami. There are still many people selflessly donating to funds to support disaster areas in Japan, you’re thoughtless commentary is an insult to those people.

  • Clearly the people who posted such comments don’t know anything about football or soccer depending on which part of world you’re from. The Japanese simply played better down the stretch. Iwashimizu made a gutsy tackle that landed her a red card just outside the box to save the game and prevent the Americans from scoring a breakaway goal to win the game. Then in the penalty shootout, the Americans choked and the Japanese capitalized on the opportunity.

    Great match throughout.

    P.S. them Swedish players are hot.

  • Anonymous says:

    wtf? your gonna bring down a entire country over a game with hardly any reputation at all? and any guy with Oscar the Grouch hat shoudnt even be watching womens soccer. fuckin ridiculous.

  • Anonymous says:

    What bothers me is that people keep saying that WE kicked Japan’s ass during Pearl Harbor. No. They kicked our asses by coming in secretly and blowing it up. We did the two bombs in Hiroshima. 😐 Obviously these people never went to school. What ignorance also. It’s just a game.

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember when they had that big fit over losing to China in the 2008 Olympic Female Gymnastics, just because they got 2nd place to China (which everyone knew they would win in a sports like Gymnastics). As a woman had said on the news, “If the USA had won gold, there would be absolutely no complaints whatsoever”.

    America, you need to calm the fuck down. You don’t even like soccer, for Christ’s sake!

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny, and that from a country that couldn’t care less for football/soccer. Now I know why they only play their sports (american football), because this way an american team will win.

  • ShadowGryphon says:

    Before things go too far, lets just remember that this is a small group of idiots.
    Don’t pay them any heed, because something shiny will get their attention and they’ll forget all about this.

  • Anonymous says:

    It really saddens me that there are still so many brain dead morons in the US that still think it’s there God given right to win every major sporting event in the world. That is not the case.
    Get a life people!

  • I’m not a soccer fan but from what I read it was a great game. Those idiots posting bigoted remarks are nothing more than sore losers who should just move to Canada to help them rebuild Vancouver when it was destroyed when the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.

    Congratulations to the Japanese Women’s Soccer Team for winning a very close and entertaining game.

  • Anonymous says:

    What can we expect from retarded people who doesn’t even know the name of the sport in question? IT’S CALLED FOOTBALL YOU ILLITERATE FAT RETARDED MORONS. Stop destroying the ENGLISH language and get some education.

  • Ah one of the many aspects I hate about being American. It’s a fucking game. Boo hoo we lost, big deal. Since the team captain is from my area all I hear every night on the local news is about her. Then I turn on the national news and more. Give it a fuckin rest.

    I am glad Japan won. American needs to learn and show some humility and humbleness. hmm… traits the Japanese posses.

  • Anonymous says:

    The kid with the Oscar the Grouch cap is priceless! Anyway, as an American, I can safely say most of those people were idiots and/or were drunk and/or stoned at the time and in two days, they won’t remember there even was a game.

  • Anonymous says:

    Butthurt Whiney Amerifags and Ameritards unite? Keep losing since you guys are so great at it. America will always be remembered as a country who lost a soccer match agaisnt the Japanese in the year 2011, after we have all grown old and died. Keep losing, LOSERRS. TROLOLOLOLOL. 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    all of this looser not even they have been born when they atack pearl harbor, and any of us like the football that much they are just angry b coz they loose and im pretty sure just bcoz it was the female soccer no body carea about the girls that represent evry one of them on the fucking competision until they looose, yeah us nuked japan y and japan atack pearl habor but that was ont he fucking ww2 this is football men its a fucking sport not a fucking war thats why the football its the best and most popular sport on the world this loosers dont have any sense of sport

  • Anonymous says:

    i thought that this was disgusting, after all what has happened to japan this is how they are treated after a game, i cant see why things turn out this way over a game, i wold like to see one of these Diks say what they say in front of a japanese kendo master.
    people should realise that most games and consoles, most technology infact is from Japan.
    so without japan -: no cool anime, no cool games/ consols etc we owe them alot

  • Anonymous says:

    Americans who aren’t rednecks naturally have good sportsmanship because if they lose as a country they start rooting for their home countries.

    If you want to see bad sportsmanship you should be in China after they lose something.

  • Anonymous says:

    bunch o idiots treating life and death as a joke
    I bet the thought of: what if they’re own families, kids, relatives or friends were caught and killed in the tsunami how would they feel…heartless and brainless bastards that’s what they are.

  • LanceRayne says:

    good sportsmanship has all but died out. a true sportsman, IE: a viewer or participant, employs good thoughts and deeds when a sport is being played. being able to cope with a win or loss is largely dependent on ones skills to realize rationally that the better team will win. there are times that we think that the referee is bought or makes bad mistakes. but meh. its a game. get over it. and now i return to my level of debauchery and other mean stuff.. YAY! goooOOOOO NIPPON!!!!
    f-u too retards…..

  • I congratulate Team Japan for the win. I assure you that most of the US agrees with this comment.

    There are idiots in every corner of the world, not just in the US.

    It’s just sad that someone would use their right to free speech to degrade someone else. Just sad.

  • Anonymous says:

    All Looks pretty Shopped to me.

    Im pretty sure there are some ass holes out there saying bad but seriously, i did a little looking around and i didn’t see a single person disrespect japans victory from my Facebook page, or hundreds of friends of friends of friends.

    This is some failed hate news right here, someone wants this to be truth and it hard pressed to make drama of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh America, why do you care about womens soccer, you don’t even care about normal soccer, why you so butt frustrated, was it the thought you could do well in a sport outside america???

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    So they want to make stronger their so called ‘Statement’ against Japan by bringing up some History facts..

    Ok… Let me think of some other facts too..


    What? Japan isn’t enough?
    Ok then…


    And so many more that might ring a bell…

    Let me say that I have a few friends in USA. Very nice and open minded persons too!

    But these kind of persons in America are very rare.
    I can understand their shame for the people they have to live with in the same country.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had no idea we cared so much about soccer. But oh well, it’s not like sportsmanship got even a half-hearted FUCK YEAH in the song which makes me think it’s part parody and part social commentary.

  • Man, they’re always like “fuck japan, you killed many in pearl harbor, you deserve the H-bomb, the tsunami and the radiation!!!!!”

    However, they eat sushi 24/7, watch anime 25/8 and spend their hard-earned money on japanese products.

    I call that “Hipocrisy”

  • Anonymous says:

    Ugh. FFS these people make me hate my country more than I already do (which is a lot). Im glad Japan won the world cup, everyone deserves to win something every now and then. Also, get the fuck over pearl harbor. None you motherfuckers were even around when it happened, and very few had a relative involved in the bombing.

    • Anonymous says:

      *response to my last post* Also, I’m from the south (Texas) and I unfortunately see a lot of these stupid media monkeys every day. We’re not all like this, but they do exist =/

  • Anonymous says:

    During war, you have to bomb shit to gain shit. Like the others said, those guys who’s hating on Japan are just blind idiots. America done a shit load of bad things in the past, such as MAKING UP HISTORY and causing global issues… -_-“

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m Black American, and I must say that this does not represent the majority of Americans, only those racists types who can get over the fact that the US (for the better) is no longer the dominant world force is used to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      THANK YOU! You read my mind completely. Black American here as well. I love the beauty and grace that Soccer (yes, I said it. I know it’s also called futbol & Football) brings to the field.

      This is exactly why I ignore rednecks like these now. iPods come in handy these days.

  • Monkeys lol

    These IQ-less idiots probably know nothing about Pearl Harbor, just “hurr durr japan kicked our asses” and are asking for some retarded revenge.

    Why isn’t sports addiction considered a disease?

  • So their all a bunch of sore losers who lost and can’t let shit go! And also, who gives a shit about what happened at Pearl Harbor, that’s fucking ancient history now! This is why I hate people who just can’t let shit go, what’s done is done and nothing can change. Let me be blunt:

    Do I give a shit about Pearl Harbor, NO

    Do I care about a half-racist ass country with average absent-minded human(America) NO

    Am I glad Japan world cup, YES only because I rather see other countries win the cup other than America.

    All I’m saying is that America needs to stop bitching on facebook and move on!

  • Anonymous says:

    fuckin’ sad dude, i stopped reading them after the 3rd piece of shit inbred. it is people like this that make me feel ashamed to be an american and what we, supposedly, stand for.

    everything is about pearl harbor to these people, yet these assholes weren’t even alive during world war 2, and they refuse to acknowledge hiroshima and nagasaki.

    uneducated fuckers, god damn

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh The Land Of The FAT!!!!!!!!
    And The Home Of The DEPRAVED!!!!!!!!

    -I do know that not all americans are white and even some white americans aren’t racist 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    they can just say, pearl harbor here and there, but they dont remember the worst action that usa taked at that time 2 nukes, also thats the worst action taked in all human history i just can compare it with the nazi holocaust.

    BTW congrats japan by winning the cup.

    i pitty the usa ppl that cant grats a rival instead making offensive comments.

  • Anonymous says:

    All look like idiots. And besides, what else do you expect from the losing side of a futball team? Futball hooligans are the worst at any rate. Pay these assholes no attention and maybe a disaster will hit their family.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a pale white boy born in the USA.

    I don’t care about Pearl Harbor.

    I don’t care about Women’s soccer.

    I don’t care about Facebook.

    I do care about expressing my (dis)likes when felt necessary.

    Have a good day, everyone. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok alot of this seems like the spread stupidity of Alec Sulkin who wrote similar comment about pearl harbor on Twitter. And for the most part I agree about the people who post that trash are genuinely stupid.

    To hold a grudge about pearl harbor at this point is idiotic and to encourage the tsunami is even more so bad sportsmanship and foolish misplaced animosity. Anger is the result of stupidity, hostility is the sign of a weak minded fool.
    And for the record I’m an american.

  • well all i can say is good game and which ever team tried the hardest won. i may be american but you know what it’s just a game and i dont care which side wins or loses as long as it was a good game.

    as too the idiots spouting about pearl harbor all i can is this much. try living in hawaii where you see the damage every day as we are not allowed to repair it still. do i have anger from that incident? no, im military stationed on one of the bases that was hit and the only feeling i get are humbleness from the sacrifice from those long ago. seriously if i can live in of the spots that was hit and not be angry then why the hell are you spouting dumb shit when you’ve never been there.

    sorry ya’ll if it seems like i was ranting but these kinds of idiots make myself as an american soldier look bad when i travel outside the country.

  • Anonymous says:

    America: Butthurt since Pearl Harbor. Crying mad over a fucking soccer game. LOLLL. Go back to playing basketball, baseball, football, and volleyball and leave soccer to the Europeans, Asians, and Africans. Don’t get mad, get GLAD! 😀

  • People actually care about Soccer in the country?

    Also, you people need to realize something:

    If this was football or baseball, the comments would be more prolific and faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar worse. I love japan and I’d probably join the cavalcade of idiocy just for fun/intoxication.

    Just let it go: your comments are making our group look worse by comparison. I especially love the calls of “rednecks!” and “Nuke New Orleans!”

    That’ll teach those insensitive facebookers how it’s done!

  • It doesn’t matter that America has one the highest living standards on the planet and the best educational institutions. What really matters is that those dirty japs won a soccer game! Of course the measurable response to this abominable act should be nothing less than ethnic cleansing.

    -A white person on facebook

  • *Artefact picks out something the majority of Americans don’t even care about.*

    *Sankaku users think it’s the majority opinion and makes a big deal out of it.*

    *Eurofags starts Ameribashing since it’s the only thing they know on the internet, saying Americans are racist and stupid.*

    “American liberal fags agrees with Eurofags and others start self bashing, admitting they are racist and stupid, on the condition that the racist and stupid ones are Republican truck driving rednecks, showing that they are too Eurofaggy for Texas.”

    *A small number of Americans defend themselves with long paragraphs, Eurofags and others tl;dr’d*

    *Liberal fed American girls feel ashamed of themselves and lament the fact there are too many redneck in America that gives ignorant American teenagers a bad name.*

    *Some dude mentions Pearl Harbor, massive WW2 spamming ensues after some random Chinese dude who cracked his government’s censorship and posted “fuck all Japanese” in broken English*

    *Repeat everything at least 20 times, including this one.*

    Artefact: “Dance, puppets, dance!”

  • Anonymous says:

    No wonder Assmerica is in the pitiful state it is in and no wonder I have always hated it over the years growing up. The majority of its people, including these Assclowns are overly retarded. They got all butthurt over a fucking game…a GAME. This wasn’t a war, it was merely a game. LOL. I supported Japan during the soccer match and they won. Makes me proud. Banzai, Japan. Keep kicking the asses of the butthurt and weak Assmericans. Ganbatte!

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, look it the the bright side: They’re not hypocrites lying their ass off so that they can appear cool in front of others. They’re at least honest. It’s still a great pity finding people that think like this though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus H. Christ…I am from the USA and these idiots piss me off. They do NOT represent all of us. It’s a freakin’ game. I wish my fellow citizens would show some damn class. No wonder so many people in the rest of the world hate us, with morons like this.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m ashamed to be american because of these dunces.
    Because of these stupid people, America looks like a total ass. WHATS WORSE IS THAT THEY MAKE WHITE PEOPLE AND AMERICANS LOOK BAD. I’M FUCKING ASHAMED OF YOU ALL >8C…

  • Anonymous says:

    Einstein was right. The supidity of humanity is infinite. Also, Japan doesn’t deserve it because of the Tsunami, but because the US played like shit.

    And concerning the Pearl Harbor argument, There’s just one thing I can say: “Srsly? U mad bro?!”

  • Anonymous says:

    So the main thing found hilariously stupid about all these comments is that most of them had “pearl harbor” in it when in fact based on the pictures of the people who posted weren’t even involved with WW2 so the hatred seems rather misguided and pointless.Makes me ashamed to be an American citizen after reading this load of crap

  • Anonymous says:

    Over a fucking soccer game…over a crappy fucking sport!? Seriously….some people do not need internet access no they don’t even need to be around other human beings. Its people like that who give American’s such a bad rep. Can’t believe this…over a female soccer game……

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s sad how far people go with cursing just because of something lice soccer . . .
    I really don’t get why they can’t accept their defeat. They lost, so? Like anyone will care anymore in 2 months.
    Also, bringing up Pearl Harbour as compairson to this is simply rdicolous. PH incident has had many people killed, but the US took revenge . . . with a mass destruct weapon! If they really rely on such a stupid compairson, then how will they avenge this “humiliation of an already retarded bunch of racists”? Will they let you kill japanes civils in the next “Call of Duty” or will they simply get over it and stop being dicks?
    I really don’t hate america, and those sick fucks won’t change that since I know it’s just a minority showing a face which some people will take as the thruth about the US in it’s entity. Still, people like these just have no fucking idea what the hell they’re saying, and gladly, they don’t have control over anything in america – except for Facenoob.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl Harbor is a drop in the bucket compared to what we did by dropping two nuclear bombs in the middle of two heavily populated cities and killing thousands upon thousands of unarmed innocent civilians.

    What makes these people even more stupid is the fact that they weren’t even alive when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Not only that, the attack happened over 60 years ago. Japan was a very different country back then. It was a whole different generation of people back then. An entirely different world than today.

  • Anonymous says:

    Español (Spanish)
    Es una vergüenza ver este tipo de comentarios, en mi punto personal estas personas son la que no deberian de existir; Esto es un claro ejemplo de la ignorancia y lo retrograda que puede llegar el ser humano cuando no se le concede… no no, mejor dicho cuando no obtiene lo que quiere. Si japón gano es porque lucho por ello, en vez de lamentar sus derrotas deberían de analizar sus errores y practicar mas. Que de la nada no se hace algo.

    Ingles (English)
    It is a shame to see such comments, in my personal point these people are that should not exist; This is a clear example of ignorance and that can retrograde the human being when he is not given … no no, rather when you do not get what he wants. If Japan won is because I fight for it, instead of lamenting their losses should review their mistakes and practice more. That of nothing is something.

  • Anonymous says:

    If they want revenge for Pearl Habour so badly, why they do not kill some japanese people? Oh wait, they did by throwing a atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
    Pearl Habour was about 2000 dead people most of them were militaries.
    However, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki died 92000 people (and more because of late effects). And I guess, there were even more civillians.

    Honestly, what does soccer have to do with Pearl Habour? I guess nothing…so I don’t give a fuck what happend in Pearl Habour, Hiroshima or Nagasaki,
    Those kinds of fans set a good example for the worst loosers in history.

  • Arkansan here.

    This isn’t a Southern redneck thing. It’s an internet idiot from America thing.

    To you from me and my Arkansan friends, I hope that these people have to deal with the consequences of this for the rest of their lives. I hope to see their faces spat on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Last pic is total WIN in Irony. LOL

    Why are the names of these Inbred hics covered, no need to protect the privacy of these shits.

    If that Pearl Harbour movie had not come out 2001, these fuckers would have no idea what it is. Also if the movie haden’t included the doolittle raid, they would have thought that Japan won the war.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like these people, for one reason and one reason only: they are examples of what to not be like. A game that comes down to a penalty score is a hell of a game and the best response should be “Well played.” or “Clever girl.” Now, I didn’t see the game, but by all appearances it was played as well as the game can be played by mere mortals.

  • So, what does 2ch think of this ?

    Ooh… Japan !
    Someday I hope you realize, you cannot be friends with America.
    They are full of ignorant fools, that oppose everything that makes you so great !
    Just stick to your good ol’ friends from WWII.

    Your Germany.

  • Anonymous says:

    well…for all the things ive learned…about sports…there will be always 2 kinds of fans, the honorable “whoo go (insert country here)” and the totally fag dont deserve to watch sports or even live in their country “whoo go (hiscountry here), (opponent country here) YOUR SUCK. This is like vancouver’s cunucks all over again. anyone who is the BAD kind of fan, is a bad image for their country.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I am surprised most Americans today remember Pearl Harbor. However, they may have read it from a sports column that was lightly joking about it. So, they might still be retarded enough that they have no fucking idea why it happened, when it happened and how it happened.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously, I hate this crap. I’m an American, but unlike most I study history objectively, and every bigoted asshole who goes on to pull the “Pearl Harbor” card on Japan never realizes that America lost roughly 2,200 to 2,300 people that day… First off, even if you had family that passed away, IT WAS WAR, people die, damage is done, this does not mean that you mistrust every single person from that country, especially when 70 years later, said country is your number one economic partner and has the second largest economy on earth. And furthermore, America later retaliated with 2 nukes, killing in excess of 200,000 Japanese… If your going to boast how proud you are to be an American, READ A FUCKING BOOK ONCE IN A WHILE! It’s so easy to hate based on nothing, stupid ass bitter football fans just need a racial target to vent at… fucking retards

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me, I’m american, and I say that history (no matter who’s it is), can eat a fat dick. I know of it, but I’m not stupid enough to tout it around like it means something for me now.

      Especially over a game of Soccer (futbol, Football. Trust me, I know the correct names here). And I thought those who play online shooters (CoD, BF, TF2, etc…), who like to start shit & defend it for absolutely nothing, then get mad when someone pwns that ass was bad.

      Only thing I care about, is waking up. That’s about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    You see, I’ve been saying it for years.
    America and everything it represents is evil. In our history as human beings Empires rise and fall, e.g The Romans, The Mongols, The Ottomans etc now its the American Empire. Controlled by a handful of secret societies that want to push “a new world order” on everyone else. They have the self-proclaimed right to go to other people lands and call them terrorists simply because they refuse to live life the American way. And we Brits are no different, if the US says jump we say how high sir!!!…!
    This is the way life is now, they have put the wool over our eyes in order to control us directly and indirectly. I can go on and on on this subject but I won’t the only thing I can warn people about is ‘OPEN YOUR GODDAMN EYES AND LOOK AT THE LARGER PICTURE OF WHATS GOING ON!!!!’
    America as turned JAPAN, UK, FRANCE, TURKEY, even SAUDI ARABIA and many more into their own colonies with their McDonalds and Hollywood.

    If you begin to ask questions and think for yourself your will be labelled as a TERRORIST (even if you are an American yourself!)

    ’21st December 2012 end of the Mayan calender’, let the truth come out once and for all!

  • Anonymous says:

    When the Netherlands became 2nd in the World Cup. They still celebrated it. Sure, they were sad they didn’t win. And probably resented Spain a little. But still celebrated that they became 2nd.
    It’s a bit silly to generalize all Americans to be sore losers, but the few people who reacted like this really need their heads examined. I’m sure there’s more than a few screws loose.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many of those idiots knew we HAD a women’s soccer team (or football, as the rest of the world calls it) before we lost? Probably not many… I didn’t.

    I also love that the argument of a lot of these rants is “Hey, we helped you, why didn’t you let us win?” It’s like playing Mario Party with me 5 year old nephew, throwing a fit if I got a star before him.

  • Anonymous says:

    The people who post hate like that are low class and have low IQ’s. I’m not surprised in the least, these are Americans after all. They wonder why the world hates them, they think they deserve everything.

  • Anonymous says:

    The British annoy me with their constant bragging about the war. (I’m British by the way.)

    “Hey, Germany, we kicked your ass in World War II.”

    It happened sixty six years ago; get the fuck over it.

  • Noodlestein says:

    Not much we can do about those people. I do know the majority of the people I talk to who watched the match said that Japan deserved to win, they never gave up and the U.S. made mistakes.

  • Anonymous says:

    um stop living in the past stupid children yes we will all remember pearl harbor but thats the past so move on with ur life its a good thing japan won the game,after this shows it shows you that there are alot of losers out there….

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone keeps saying “pearl harbor”.
    I’m white and I live in america and these people make me die a little inside.
    One time at work we had a sign up for the memory of those who died in pearl harbor. And my fellow whities were being quite rude while my japanese coworker was sittin right there. so I said: what about nagasaki and hiroshima? That made her day a little better.

  • 1. Do these people even care about woman’s football?

    2. Both teams worked hard on winning this match, so whichever team wins, they deserved it.

    3. Pearl Harbor happened 70 years ago. Let bygones be bygones. And on top of that, it is the price of war. People who go to war risk dying, that is part of the job description for a soldier.

    4. If they want to talk about payback, 2 nukes that killed thousands of CIVILIANS(not soldiers) is more than enough to qualify for payback.

    5. So it is better to have people die than to lose a woman’s football match??

    I understand that being patriotic is good but this is just crazy. This shows just how patriotism can destroy common sense.

    • Best comment ever Yama-jii

      •I don’t think they care about it. They can’t stand to lose in every contest.
      •It was a fair game of course.
      •They’re so ignorant to realize that. Plus they’re young people who learned hate by their veterans granps and dads. They don’t care if the process to win it’s clean and fair, they just want to win at any cost. Like Maquiavelo’s quote says.
      •War is between soldiers Vs. soldiers, but they use a soldiers Vs. All Civilians system to win.
      •Iside of a rasist’s brain, everything is possible.

      *Being patriotic is OK but they’re extreme fundamentalist patriotic that guide them to lose mind. They’re parasites.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with pretty much everything everyone has said about these retards. Now I’m from the South, but I’m one of the lucky ones to actually pay attention in class. This Pearl Harbor comment that is repeated is just an excuse for people to show their ignorance. Oh well. Congrats Japan! “Haters gonna hate.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl Harbor = Sneak attack against US millitary base
    2,402 killed 1,247 wounded(57 civilians killed)
    Consequences to the future generations:

    Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:
    90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima
    60,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki
    Consequences to the future generations:
    Radioactive contamination, DNA mutations, etc….

    That’s why I not very fond of americans…

  • Anonymous says:

    as expected from redneck’d North americans…

    the funny part its that now they care about football… dam ignorants getting upset about losing the world WOMENS cup when their MLS is a shithole and a retirement resort not to mention their national team… i would like to see them trying to qualify for the next world cup on a division with countries better than mexico, costa rica….

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s really sad how every nation has its lot of ignorant scumbags. I do agree that Japan doesn’t deserve to win the World Cup only because they had a natural disaster, but they didn’t win because of that. They won through hard work and perseverance (and of course luck, which is the case with a lot of games anyway). These rednecks who call football, soccer, while the rest of the world calls it football, don’t have the right to whine about anything related to that sport. Any real fan of the sport will appreciate it regadless of the outcome. It’s not unnatural for the underdogs to pull through with a victory.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t why these guys on faces book are so hyped up on loosing an empty cup. It’s just an empty cup there are plenty of other empty cups out there and whatever you pour in there it will still taste the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    American deserves to be destroyed in every sense it has become to mighty for its own good that even no its ideals are reflected upon its ignorant populace. America has had more than its fair share of time i say the world needs another war this time the world vs america

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha, I respectfully disagree to you’re suggestion. You see sirrah, I am an American myself, those facebook comments up above? Yeah, those are American Dumbasses. How about we change those parameters of war waged on america, to war waged on american dumbasses. There there now sirrah, don’t we all feel a bit better now that we blew the dumbasses up and left the smart rational and respectful Americans live?

  • They’re just brainless idiots every country has them and you should not judge a country by it’s stupidest members.

    If Japan lost we would have a story about the exact same kind of idiots whining and saying racist crap on 2ch.

  • Ah jea our beloved stupid cowboys. (At least that kind of hillbillys who show that Image)

    I love it when Über-Patriots talk about perl habor.. That strategic attack on a millitary Target in a War.

    Well America threw 2 Atombombs on totally Civil targets but hey lets forget that THE JAPS DESTROYED SHIPS AND KILLED SOLDIERS

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, we in Canada may have rioted over a hockey game – although it’s been mostly proven that the majority of people there weren’t hockey fans, just people who wanted to riot.
    But at least we didn’t tell people to bloody DIE over a SOCCER GAME.
    Seriously America?

  • Anonymous says:

    I expected this, Americans always have this habit of N1 and revenge that 80 % of movies have this issue..
    Curious when it comes to pearl harbor and the proportion of Japanese killed by two atomic bombs and their entire campaign after the entry of the USA in World War II…
    Trolls like these exist everywhere in the world….. unfortunate

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of these redneck-trash people who rant about Pearl Harbor don’t even remember Nagasaki or Hiroshima. Definitely failed their “useless” history class.

    And national pride these days makes people so stupid, this is why pride should be treated like alcohol; fine to have in moderation, but too much makes you stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope the califoria fault line finally buckles this year an swallows most of the states. Then who the fuck is gonna be laughing me and japan for one after this disgusting display what makes americans think they deserve more than anyone else?

  • Polarbear925 says:

    Screw the haters. They wouldn’t know a good football match if it bit them on the ass. The Japanese keeper had a great day. Congrats to the Japanese women on a well-played match. The outcome may have been different if Hope Solo (American keeper) hadn’t gotten hurt late in the game, but it was still a great match to see. Only time will tell if football truly takes off in Asia after this.

    If any of you think that these twats represent the majority of Americans, you really need to get out more.

  • As an american, I’d like to thank these troglodytes for going to such lengths to try and dispel the stereotype that we are uncaring asshats who can’t be bothered to look further than the Big Mac in our hands….. So, Thanks you bunch of fucking bastards.

  • Anonymous says:

    These kinds of things make me sad. Im American and its depressing to know that I live in the same country as them. They do not represent all Americans, just the stupid ignorent ones.

  • Anonymous says:

    Americans who posted above should shut the hell up until they learn some proper respect. I live in Lithuania, and my country was invaded by USSR and Nazi Germany during the second world war, yet we have forgiven them and their actions. We gained liberty 21 years back, yet we don’t condemn folks from those countries. Instead of remembering the past try looking into the future and accepting other people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ignorant racists have put me in despair!

    Never mind that the tsunami death toll makes Pearl Harbor look like an itch, these idiots are calling for punishment for a whole nation for a soccer game… I don’t collectively punish whole groups, so I suggest the ones calling for another tsunami be waterboarded to near-drowning 20,000 times each – it still doesn’t catch up to the real death toll, but once they’ve nearly died even a hundred times, I suspect they’d be a little more respectful, having a faint idea what they’re calling for.

  • Anonymous says:

    My thoughts on this are pretty much: so what? These people don’t represent the US any more than nationalists on 2chan represent Japan. I care very little for what is said on Facebook; what matters is that the US Women’s team was very gracious in their defeat and said that the Japan Women’s team deserved their victory.

    The rest of you are idiots for giving this story any credit. Especially the ones that say they’re ashamed of their own country…be ashamed about thoughts and opinions that matter or you won’t last long on the Internet.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl Harbour? Last time maybe those yankie was blowing others yankie and they didnt realised the Kamikaze came and bombard the whole fking area~ Maybe are those yankies fault for the demolition of Pearl Harbour XDXD
    and damn you Americunts for cursing Japan ~_~”

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Americans do you remember vietnam and somalia ??
    now you got served by a female japanese football (Soccer) Team

    which is funny you said that football but all the time u played it with ur hand u idiot bastard

  • Anonymous says:

    *Clap clap clap* What a surprise… This always happens when their “precious” country loses in any kind of event… And didn’t they freak out when they lost in both Men and Women Hockey to Canada during the Olympics?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is why every world Cup, I hope that Japan, Korea, and the US get knocked out before they have to play each other. At least Japan won. Imagine how much 2ch would hate the US if we beat them.

  • I don’t get why people bring up stuff from like 100* years ago… Did you live it? No right? They all make it seem like it was yesterday and then was apart of it. One post was something about this how you repay them, wtf that mean its sports stop being a sore loser. I didnt watch it but my friends told me and I was like good for them something good now after all that shit. FUCK HATERS AND TROLLS!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is probably what asshole americans are good at anyway..

    bad mouthing every other people.. or pretty much anything around them…

    The funny thing is that most of these idiots probably don’t even know the name of the street their houses are placed in..

    Oh well, United states of America.. creating one of the most awesome whilst making the most ludicrous things since the dawn of mankind…

    P.S. Also giving you FREE democracy by bombing your country!

  • Anonymous says:

    Dunno but, last I heard, Pearl Harbor was a MILITARY base. If you are in the military, you should always expect to get hit by someone or something. Not saying they only killed military person, most likely a lot of civilians died as well.

    US military tends to hit military targets as well as civilian targets. Those people that posted that are happy Japan got hit by the tsunami, should think about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those bombs killed way more civilians than military personnel. So Japan should say, thank God for 911…and maybe they didn’t.

    Yawn, get over it, you lost at soccer, so? Fight harder next time. These people are not what America is about, they’re just a bunch of ignorant trash.

    This reminds me of SW Ep.1: There’s always a bigger fish…

  • Anonymous says:

    So alot of the people in the USA still want revenge for Pearl Harbor ?
    What about the 6. & 9. August 1945.
    The USA dropped 2 Nuklear Bombs over two Cities full of Civilians.
    The USA are a Country build of War, hate and ignorance.
    YOU kill almost every American Native, you killed familes in Korea, you killed Childs and Babys in ´Nam, you killed Children and raped Women in Iraq an A-stan.
    Your Guns and Bombs where selled to another Countries who will kill with these Weapons. And you American think we the Rest of the World love you ?
    HELL NO. Almost 78% of Europe want to see the USA dead.
    Almost 89% of the World says : Without the USA it would be alot more peacefull.
    I say only that you the USA are evil as Osama, Sadam and Hitler.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are there so many Racist Idiots on Facebook geez it just a FUCKING soccer game. the US wasn’t the only team in it and Shit there always next time. after everything japan gone through lately be happy for them. i mean whatever happened to sportsmanship?

  • Anonymous says:

    Before the flood of accusations of muckraking, minority blah blah blah, keep in mind that in twitter feeds from the US, “japs” and “pearl harbor” were in the top ten tags. This is a problem, and just because people criticise the US or roots for a different team doesn’t mean they are “anti-American.” saying that makes you look like an ignorant twat.

    • Anonymous says:

      “japs” and “pearl harbor” were in the top ten tags because people where telling people like those above to shut the fuck up and generally being angry at what they said numbnuts.

      And yeah saying Americans are racist and presenting a small sample as your evidence is Anti-America

  • Damn, I really hate these kinds of people..
    No wonder World Peace is like an infinity light years away.. You always say “Death to all Japanese” and yet you play Japanese games.. watch anime.. and such..
    Cant Move On? after 60+ years?
    What are you, a brand new kind of idiots?

  • Anonymous says:

    First off: Butthurt much?

    Second off:”After all we did for Japan.” Don’t say this if you weren’t in any part of helping Japan. Your army, some celebrities, and a few groups helped. You however, did not help and were probably off having the time of your life partying or some shit.

    Third: It’s totally ok for the US to kill other people from other countries. It’s not ok for other countries to kill people from the US.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, when I see posts like this, it makes me wish I hadn’t blocked all the ads on the site.

    So that I could block more ads in response.

    As it is I think I’ll just continue stripping off the referral link whenever I go to look at the statuettes advertised in the post so that you don’t see any money from the clicks.

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you being butthurt about now?

      As controversive as many of Artefact’s posts are, this article is pulling attention to Americans being bad sports about the world cup.

      It’s not like he’s saying he shares the opinion.

  • And I’m a Russian, and I don’t give a fuck about “nation” or “race” bullshit:

    1) Japanese generals who gave the order to attack pearl-harbor are fucking shitheads who deserve to have their nuts cut out.

    2) American Generals who ordered Hiroshima bombing are unbeliavable fucktards who deserve anal raping with sizzling hot crowbar

    3) But both countries had their share of innocent people who just wanted to live, not annihilate each other like fucking animals.

    4) Now there’s thousands of people in both America and Japan who doesn’t bear hatred towards each other, who just face their everyday porblems and nature disasters and struggle to survive. Yes there are Japanese and Americans who deserve to be hated, but not all of them.

    So, considering the above, if you think “All Americans should die” or “All Japanese should die” then you either:

    1) Think that all Americans/Japanese are the same, which is obviously untrue, read pt.4 above

    2) You think that innocent people could be sacrificed in order to punish the bad ones. Which make you not better than Hitler. Fucking nazi.

    3) No exceptions

    And we come to conclusion, that all those people who bash each other in the given context (and that’s no less than 50% of the population I’d say) are either stupid for defying the obvious, either fucking nazis. And YOU could be among them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny how when this kind of topic comes up most of the comment are : “they don’t represent our nation !”
    “if you think this=america then you’re stupid !”

    Yet when it’s another nation , or even just ONE person everyone agree that “they’re all the same” and bash on the whole nation like it’s the shit of the earth … may it be ANY country .
    racist joke , death threat etc …

    Hypocrisy much ?

    First the tsunami video /comments , now this , just how long do you people think you can defend your nation when your people can say stuff like that so easily ? specially for a damn sport !