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        • I’m a Canadian and believe me I hate the US as much as everyone else in the world but at leased everyone else doesn’t always get mistaken for one. I hope a all the retarded Americans get whats coming to them.

        • It just cracks me up that one guy says “finally got what was coming– a tsunami”. What were the two nukes the US dropped on ’em? Shits and giggles? Sorry gents, that debt was settled a long time ago. If anyone has the right to complain of tipped tables, it’s the Japanese– but I don’t see THEM taking to the interwebs with the hate.

          As it is, Japan shoved the US, the US shoved back. Then the US took a bat to Japan’s knees. Then the US ran over Japan in a red, white, and blue Ford truck. Then backed up over them, got out, and pissed on them.

          God forbid we forget that Japan is to this day the ONLY country to be hit by nuclear ordinance. Nevermind once, but TWICE.

          Yeah, sorry. Not buying it. Japan doesn’t owe the US jack shit at this point.

        • I am a Canadian too and i do share the same opinions of my Canadian countryman above. Seriously, how can an American say comments like this and still live with himself? You can dis other countries but you should look at your own people first and see all the atrocities your country has done to the rest of the world…

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it really sad that the only thing the typical American can find spiteful about Japan is Pearl Harbour.

      A military attack on a military location, which surely has been avenged via indiscriminatory firebombing attacks on Japanese civilians.

      • Anonymous says:

        This goes to show how many dumbasses of the world tend to be united on stupid shit. Chicks won a ball kicking game and they all screech like little bitches, It’s embarrassing to witness.
        Fuck this Pearl Harbor metaphors, it only shows me how retarded the American public schools are when they teach history with power points and colorful pictures instead of words!

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, that IS how history is taught in various countries. They outshine the “glorious” parts and muffle up the “bad” parts; sometimes they even pretend it never happened.

          Lol, I remember my friend going “wtf” when they went muffled up the Vietnam war in history class by only briefly mentioning it on like 1 page in the history textbook. It was like “yeah…vietnam…..we went there on vacation” >.>

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, please blame the American School System.
          As a high school teacher I could only stand the system for three years before finding another career. The students never learn to think for themselves or find their own answers, just parrot whatever their parents, teachers, rock stars, priests, and television says.
          The majority of these people don’t even know that the US wars are about stealing and controlling other countries natural resources.
          Their narcissistic elitism knows no bounds, they believe the USA deserves these resources.
          They’re white and right!

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t blame the American public schools.

          These were obviously idiots that never paid attention in class anyways and spent all their time obsessing over varsity letterman jackets and ESPN.

          These weren’t the creme de la creme of any public school system.

      • Anonymous says:

        pretty pathetic if you ask me that any time an american is frustrated with japan they go back to pearl harbor, it was a military location and the death toll was only in the thousands, america retaliated with hiroshima which is in the hundred-thousands and affected civilians more than military, yet americans seem to think pearl harbor was so much worse…

        • As far as I’m concerned, anyone who mentions Pearl Harbor as some retort against Japan instantaneously proved how unconscious and stupid they are.

          Frankly I’m glad for the Pearl Harbor repetition, because it acts as a beacon for detecting stupid people. Would make life so much easier if people like that could walk around wearing an “I’m with stupid” T-shirt with the arrow pointing up.

        • On behalf of every American with at least half a brain, I would like to apologize for these people’s behavior. This is disgraceful, and I am more proud than ever that I have nothing to do with Facebook.
          Seriously, guys – Pearl Harbor was 70 years ago, and we wiped out their fleet for it. Then we attacked their homeland (more than one military base). Finally, we bombed them, twice, with weapons so horrible they haven’t been used ever since.

          It’s just a game, anyway.

        • it’s sad that, with people all over the world fretting over nuclear warfare, a lot of them don’t seem to realize that Japan was the only one in all of history to actually have firsthand experience of that shit. So apparently, when one country launches a missile at another, that’s gonna be the apocalypse, and yet a country that already went through such an apocalypse apparently hasn’t suffered enough. Nope, they’re still asking for it after those 3000 casualties (no more than 100 of which were civilians) that they inflicted 70 years ago.

        • @ Anon 17:29

          I’ve never understood why German singing only sounds halfway decent to me with its techno rap. I haven’t heard any other lyrical song in German that works for me. German has too many harsh ‘angles’ in its speech to sound romantic or smooth. Too many harsh stops in the words. I’ve tried to see if it’s because of my American recognition of speech patterns, but I love Russian, Japanese, Indian, French, and even some Hispanic songs (even if their romance songs all sound trashy and it’s like sacrilege if any Spanish song doesn’t contain the word ‘amor’ or ‘corazon’). Actually I’ve heard multiple songs from multiple cultures and have found something I like in various genre, but with Germany, they can only seem to do techno.

          Granted, German techno is among the best, but still, it’s surprised me. I’d love to hear a German song that can prove me wrong, honestly, because I have yet to hear one.

      • Anonymous says:

        And then ignore all the war crimes committed by the Japanese.
        Oh well, the guys in power back then ignored it too in favor of receiving the medical information they had gathered in their research.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s only because of that crappy Michael Bay film of the same name. The movie wasn’t even accurate, and most critics panned it for being garbage, but it made hundreds of millions of dollars anyway.

        Most of the “Americans on Facebook” depicted here look like teenagers, so probably most of what they know about Pearl Harbor came from the same guy who brought us classics like Bad Boys II and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. :\

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep the same retarded Facebook generation that seems to forgot that without Japan ,the so called modern society wouldn’t exist.
          Save Darfur MY ASS!!!Racist Americans are really a bunch of coward hypocrites.Try say something Like the N word real loud in Harlem and see what kind reaction that they get instead yappin on Facebook about the far away Japan.

    • erochichi says:

      I do not wonder anymore why America spend so much on military. They fear and hate all other countries, even Japan, which has been their most trustworthy ally since early 50s.
      They accepted their defeat. Something muslim nations in war against America will never do, despite the inevitable.
      Still, i know there is good people in USA too.

    • Anonymous says:

      being a American i am ashamed to see this and these people are awful for saying these things its just a soccer game and people freak out and say these things im just shocked …… alot of these people look like collage kids feeding from their mommy and daddy’s credit card they need to shut the hell up before they get hurt and stop bringing past forgiven event’s into account from something that happened 80+ years ago and was long settled

      and hoping a tsunami hits ?? REALLY? well i hope someone cuts your access to your mommy and daddy’s credit card you fucks would be lost then

    • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

      This “butthurt” smells manufactured, especially since some of the comments are suspiciously similar.

      Also, who here uses Facebook? So someone answer me this, please: Since when does it use those little pink and blue “gender” symbols? Because I’m looking at mine right now and not seeing a one of them. Anyone else thinking something smells fishy here?

  • It’s moronic idiots like these people that give the rest of us Americans a bad name and part of the reason why the rest of the world hates my country. That and our government is full of greedy corrupt old jackasses!

    I’m glad Japan won the world cup! Because America doesn’t deserve to win anything if this is the way that people are going to react after a loss.

    What ever happened to sportsmanship?

  • Webbmaster62 says:

    Dude, all of them keep bringing up pearl harbor which happened long ago. It’s like the only thing they got..those are just sore losers. This is NOT all americans. These guys are just retarded.

  • Looking at the pictures of these troglodytes I think you’d be hard pressed to find an IQ over 80.

    Unfortunately every time somebody hits their cage (the media), they start howling like monkeys.

    These assholes make me regret that I didn’t emigrate to Australia when the opportunity presented itself a while back.

    I apologize for these fools, they make me ashamed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m canadian and I feel your pain: A friend of mine went to England and met a couple with a obvious southern american accent (Texas maybe). They where wearing canadian flag on their clothes.

      My friend asked them about their origin ’cause she’s a genuine canadian. Then a tour guide came over and thought she’s american and thought these couples are canadian.

      She was pissed and warned these couple to behave not to soil the flag they’re wearing or else…

      The reason why these american couple wears the canadian flag is because american around the world are not liked. I understand but do not agree what they’re doing.

      • Except the idea that American citizens are hated so much around the world that they need to pretend they are from another country or face unprovoked physical attack is a complete lie that anyone who has traveled the world can tell you is a total misconception.

        There are people in every country that act like that, but they are usually pretty racist/nationalist in general in the first place. There countries where the citizens behave like that too, But again I’d have to say those countries are places where they are hostile to most outsiders; not just Americans.

        The majority of citizens of the world have no problem with anyone just because of their country of origin (except if you’re Korean in Japan) as long as you respect their local customs. You’d even be surprised how many people you’ll encounter that can speak English fairly well in places you would least expect.

  • Tch. I really hate this kinds of things.

    I’m a Filipino and I’m aware what they did to my country a long time ago (The Death March), but it doesn’t bother me anymore cuz we Filipinos wants and desires World Peace. But even though I’m not a Japanese it hurts me a lot by reading at their statements.

    What the hell are they thinking!? They’re bringing up that “Pearl Harbor Incident” again, gosh IT HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO.

    And by the way, Congrats to Japan from winning the World Cup.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s fuck’n idiots who watch the movies about pearl harbor and think they lived through it… Those retards should go watch Yamato or something probably will have a change of hearts like everyone else did for the latest underworld movie first it’s like yeah vampires… now it’s like yeah lycans. :\

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s because America barley existed for more than 200 years, so they desperate cling to any kind of event/so-called-history they got unlike Europe, Japan and the rest of the world which got about 2500 years of history with rulers on it’s neck.

        Besides, everyone know Americans think the world exist only of them and couldn’t point out another country or even continent if they tried to.
        When the rest of the world learns about the history and civilizations of ALL countries all in the world, US don’t.

        • Anonymous says:

          It really does.

          And Americans don’t think we are the only one who exists. Our government is screwed up more in the fact that the politicians are more worried about doing what the big companies funding them want, then what the citizens of the country ACTUALLY want.

          And yes, I can point out a bunch of different countries all over the world, tell you some brief history about what happened there.

          In the way that the people are posting in this comment are showing massive amounts of stupidity, you are acting the complete same way, by showing just how ignorant you really are.

        • its always the country huh? it only takes an extra second just to type “majority” instead of the country. Like what doctor frost said(not robert frost) there are six billon different personalities in this world that means six billion different ways of thinking dont forget that.

          oh and this is a manhwa not a manga so if ya want to read it go to webtoons live or mangareader(preferably mangareader cuz it is added faster(a lot faster))

      • Toshihero says:

        America isn’t the only place that shows ‘hate’. Go anywhere in this world and you’ll find it’s full of hate towards something, regardless of race or country. Singling out America in a way that makes it seem like it’s the only country full of hateful people – specifics being drawn to foreigners – is a groundless concept.. if not just pointless altogether. Hate is everywhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see your point and it happened over 60 years ago BUT a similar situation happened in Europe, Serbians/Yugoslavians protected the Europeans from invasions over 600 years ago and yet they have the right to do what they want.

      Same in the situation in Australia MOST war veterans hate the Japanese for invading in WWII. This goes years back where a certain group of people hate another group of people for there wrongdoings in their view (WAR/TYRANNY/You name it, now it’s country hating one country) and thus hate each other for centuries to come. Take a look at ENGLAND, FRANCE AND GERMANY hate them even today for example the 100 years war.

      This is nothing new nor will ever be. SOMETIMES I feel like banging my head against the wall because of idiocy of people. This is getting off topic.

      HOWEVER remember the WORLD CUP BASEBALL that used to include all the ASIANS and the WORLD, same as WORLD CUP BASKETBALL. The reason being Asian Countries have beaten America at their own game, Japan, Taiwan and China. That’s the reason why World Cup is just the American States Only.

    • You think their comments are disturbing and disgusting?! Try remembering that most of these idiots fbing are breeders….

      Let that sink in for a moment.

      I’m a bit late to it, but I’d also like to congratulate Japan’s win in the World Cup. Their team worked damn hard for it, I’m sure. At least with all that’s befallen Japan so far this year (The tsunami, the nuclear emergency after it, Ishihara still breathing,…. ya know…. the generic stuff) they have something good happen out of all of it.

    • Well hater’s are gonna hate.but what bothers me about these cancers its that these haters don’t even seem to know why they’re hating.
      I’ll play the next winning eleven game just so I can crush america with team japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really, even though the Japanese pulled the death march, you gotta remember the whole little war bit the Philippines had with the US when it was decided that they would be a protectorate.

      Resulted in about 1 million deaths on the Philippine side. Also the American decided to make the .45. If anything, the Filipinos should probably dislike many of the major powers out there.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because we don’t have anything to gain through hate. So does anybody. These facebook comments were pulled off by uneducated losers who need to go back to school. They must have never been even outside the country.

        I’m a Filipino and it’s surprising not much people know about Spain’s 333 years of reign and terror in the Philippines? Top that off, Americans. Pearl Harbor must be like a bruise to that nation while we were whipped and chained and starved.

  • This is weird, because I’m a 22 yo American who’s born and raised in NYC. Never seen, realized or suspected so many people pent up over Pearl Harbor. What the fuck?

    Who the fuck cares? Yesteryear’s times of war have nothing to do with a friendly competition. Japan was an enemy in the 1940’s. Now they’re a close ally. Wow, what the fuck. The ignorance from these rednecks is on another level altogether and its not only embarrassing to other Americans, but frustrating.

    I’m pretty sure after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we’re even. So please, move the fuck on. This is like 10x worse than blacks with the slavery shit.

    • These are same morons who were talking about nuking Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. Driving around with little American flags on their cars. Six months later the roadsides were littered with the same flags all torn and dirty.

      The point being that’s the extent of their patriotism. If it doesn’t cost them anything except a few dollars for a cheap flag then they’re patriots. If someone else is doing the dying that’s cool too.

      If they really had to lay their asses on the line they’d be heading for the nearest exit. Re-institute the military draft in the US and you’ll would see how fast the war would be over. The same fuckheads would be screaming to end the war now!

      They talk shit about some game while their own government is fucking them up the ass every day with a smile on it’s face.

      Try to look through the fog of bullshit, you’ll be amazed.

      • A lot of people in the military, especially infantry where they actually *do* lay their lives on the line, think in the way you say they won’t. I wouldn’t be so hasty to proclaim that that’s the extent of their patriotism.

        To prove my point, if you think this is bad, the jokes infantry make about Japan when the boys don’t even care about soccer are 10x worse, at least in the Army.

        • Anonymous says:

          Reply to Kuraudo:
          Actually you might be right. Personally I’ve got a few friends in the PLA army, and trust me rascism against Japan is much worse in China. Sometimes listening to their claims on owning Japan just makes me wonder wtf would happen if someday people just got stirred up for an invasion or something, patriotism is so fucked up sometimes

    • I know how you feel.

      My country is China and the only thing everyone sees about them are explosions, plagirism, communism and our creativity.I also want you guys to realize that not every chink is like this.Dont judge a group’s soul with the actions of 1.I’ve always have dreamed of someday for China and Japan to make up.To forget the stupid mistakes our fore fathers have made and just accept our flaws and indifferences.Some of us may have done dumb things in the past, but you must know that there “are” bad people in this world so please just look at one of the few good and make peace (not love, just peace).

  • I just facepalm hard when I read these. So immature, but I guess that’s typical american for you. What’s with the pearl harbor? It’s nothing compared to nukes and tsunamis. These people weren’t even born when it did happen.

  • And I’m a Russian, and I don’t give a fuck about “nation” or “race” bullshit:

    1) Japanese generals who gave the order to attack pearl-harbor are fucking shitheads who deserve to have their nuts cut out.

    2) American Generals who ordered Hiroshima bombing are unbeliavable fucktards who deserve anal raping with sizzling hot crowbar

    3) But both countries had their share of innocent people who just wanted to live, not annihilate each other like fucking animals.

    4) Now there’s thousands of people in both America and Japan who doesn’t bear hatred towards each other, who just face their everyday porblems and nature disasters and struggle to survive. Yes there are Japanese and Americans who deserve to be hated, but not all of them.

    So, considering the above, if you think “All Americans should die” or “All Japanese should die” then you either:

    1) Think that all Americans/Japanese are the same, which is obviously untrue, read pt.4 above

    2) You think that innocent people could be sacrificed in order to punish the bad ones. Which make you not better than Hitler. Fucking nazi.

    3) No exceptions

    And we come to conclusion, that all those people who bash each other in the given context (and that’s no less than 50% of the population I’d say) are either stupid for defying the obvious, either fucking nazis. And YOU could be among them.

  • 1. Do these people even care about woman’s football?

    2. Both teams worked hard on winning this match, so whichever team wins, they deserved it.

    3. Pearl Harbor happened 70 years ago. Let bygones be bygones. And on top of that, it is the price of war. People who go to war risk dying, that is part of the job description for a soldier.

    4. If they want to talk about payback, 2 nukes that killed thousands of CIVILIANS(not soldiers) is more than enough to qualify for payback.

    5. So it is better to have people die than to lose a woman’s football match??

    I understand that being patriotic is good but this is just crazy. This shows just how patriotism can destroy common sense.

    • Best comment ever Yama-jii

      •I don’t think they care about it. They can’t stand to lose in every contest.
      •It was a fair game of course.
      •They’re so ignorant to realize that. Plus they’re young people who learned hate by their veterans granps and dads. They don’t care if the process to win it’s clean and fair, they just want to win at any cost. Like Maquiavelo’s quote says.
      •War is between soldiers Vs. soldiers, but they use a soldiers Vs. All Civilians system to win.
      •Iside of a rasist’s brain, everything is possible.

      *Being patriotic is OK but they’re extreme fundamentalist patriotic that guide them to lose mind. They’re parasites.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of these redneck-trash people who rant about Pearl Harbor don’t even remember Nagasaki or Hiroshima. Definitely failed their “useless” history class.

    And national pride these days makes people so stupid, this is why pride should be treated like alcohol; fine to have in moderation, but too much makes you stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl Harbor casualties: 2459
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki casualties: 222000

    I’d say there is no reason to hope for another tsunami, you already got your “revenge” about 90 times.

    But I don’t hate the United States just because there are a few bad losers at facebook. Im glad that most people are detached enough to not make generalizations.

  • Wow. Just wow.

    I know that there are many… ahem… special people in this world but this surprises me. Comments like that only prove that those people don’t know anything about history of their own country. Yet, they’re talking about some sort of patriotism. I hope they liked Pearl Harbor the movie because that seems to be the only source of their knowledge about World War II.

    “We were bombarded, raaaaawr! D:” What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about the other bombings of Japan? What about the other battles that took place between Japan and the USA? Battle of Midway? Anyone?

    War was and is a nasty business and EVERY country has its “dirty laundry.” And being loyal to your country doesn’t mean being chauvinistic.

    But why am I even talking about that? It’s just soccer or whatever. HOW can they even connect such unrelated things? That’s just beyond my understanding.

    *sigh* Learn to lose with dignity, silly people.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really wish I had the means to kill these people..they are too stupid to breathe the same air as me and to be called American sigh….we dropped 2 nukes that’s “payback” for pearl harbor..and most of these people wouldn’t even cut it in the armed forces..and to wish innocents dead is BS..they didn’t do anything..the only thing they did is train a better team….they didn’t rape your mother they didn’t kill anyone..

    People that show ignorance like that need to die in a fire..

      • Anonymous says:

        No..I just hate ignorant people..most cant be taught any better because they hold on to their faulty notions..They then spread like a cancer to the young and the cycle continues…they need to die before they spread..

    • Anonymous says:

      Notice how most of them are young people? A lot of Americans are like Koreans, they teach their sons and daughters to hate their enemy even after a 70 year old conflict.

      Honestly though those people who commented that crap don’t look educated and look like dropouts. You can breathe a sigh of relief as these rednecks just embarrass themselves.

      Any good soldier knows that Pearl Harbor was no excuse. It’s their duty to die. Those veterans who died there would cry and weep when they see the new generation of Americans still hating and trying to disrupt the peace that these brave soldiers died for.

      It’s really shameful.

  • Anonymous says:

    After reading these FB comments I’d really like to kick some stupid yankee ass’….
    You can’t accept it, when someones better than you.
    F*ck off! Try to learn how to be good LOSER instead of hoping for a natural disaster for your (better) opponents…

    • Anonymous says:

      Step 1: find the biggest idiots in the country you wanna make look bad.

      Step 2: post their idiotic statments online

      Step 3: ?

      Step 4: profit!

      I lulz whenever I see people falls for that.

  • Anonymous says:

    please… PLEASE… let me be extraterrestrial, at least than i would have absolutely nothing to do with these people on a dna level.

    that said, i’m with the ones that say they don’t deserve to win because of the tsunami, but for different reasons than them. saying they deserve it is demeaning to the hard work those women put out to win, they didn’t deserve it for the tsunami, they deserve it because they earned it.

  • *sigh*

    Just goes to show you how retarded people can really be, i’m going to assume this means they beat our team aswell but you don’t see me wishing death upon them its just a game people grow up >.<

    Sadly there is no true cure for that level of stupidity 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    All these people are stupid. They mixed up about sports and military history. Ok, I can understand that Americans have a strong feeling about Pearl Habour… But the past is the past. That’s why there’s FIFA WC or Olympic. Sports should bring people, whoever they are, for a pleasant moment, not aliening them.
    Also wishing an another “Tsunami” for Japan…. totally DUMB. Are they aware that even USA can have tsunamis ? If a tsunami will hit Hawai or California, Japan will be one of the first country to help USA.

  • soccer hooligans are fuckin’ nuts, what can I say. Pearl Harbor was a shitty movie made in the good ol’ US of A and we should be ashamed to even bring it up to use for gloating.

    but eh… freedom of speech and all that, even if it is all kinds of retarded nana boo boo.

  • Wow, comments from idiot racist bigots. Big surprise.

    Did Japan deserve to win because of the tsunami? No. They deserved to win because their Olympic team was better at the sport.

    Not all Americans feel this way, there’s lots of us that love and support Japan over here in America. Don’t let some retarded morons get to you because they’re butthurt over losing in the Olympics.

  • of course, a handful of assholes makes the rest of us look bad…well I watched the game and it was a terrific match. Japan deserved to win. Kinda like how all the twats in the above pics should rot in the ground…

  • Anonymous says:

    To people who insist that nuclear bombing saved lives (slight simplification):
    That is the most hypocritical sentence every devised by anybody. Aaaaand it went against the Geneva Convention which America (well, the allies except for the USSR) was adamant about using when they did all the trials. But Japan was not part of it.
    If the coup that happened after the recording of the capitulation succeeded, Japan would have definitely fought to the bitter end. (Or at the least, guerrilla and kamikaze attacks would have continued until America finally occupies the whole of Kyushu)
    The Emperor (blessed be His Name) and his Cabinet have already started thinking about accepting the ultimatum, and for that matter, most of the diehard people were technically wiped off the cabinet after the forced resignation of General Toujo.
    The nuclear bombing did not have any real ‘good’ motives. It was there to scare the Soviet Union who was coming down from the north (sweeping into Manchuria who were by then given orders not to resist but were fired on anyway, and we have now the predicament of N. Korea and a powerful PRC)
    Those who insist it was good for both sides (which they usually do to justify), are forgetting the fact that they only did it for the US side. Expected casualties for Japan that might have been saved because of the capitulation (which was already being considered) were an afterthought to keep the Japanese public happy to co-operate with the GHQ. Essentially they tried to do a ‘no hard feeling’ and the stupid public bought that (understandable, but not really forgivable)
    For those idiots who say “It serves them right”, wars are not fought in ways so it “serves them right”. But then Massacring defenceless citizens (oh wait, according to the official US line, especially Curtis Lemay, all Japs were combatants because they all were involved in the manufacturing of weapons. WAT.) and then justifying it later is an act US has done a few times so I am not surprised.
    And then for people who say “But but but, look what Japan did to Nanking (or other variants in Romanised spelling). They all killed defenceless non-combatants” or “Look what they did to POW” and whatnot.
    I will start with the slightly less controversial one. This in my view is a slightly bad excuse, but Japan was not in the Geneva convention. Next off, Japan’s logistics weren’t really up to scratch with non-essential things, so of course, food and what not will not be delivered as often to prison camps. Bataan death march and similar things, well, the distance they travelled was, according to the Hohei Souten, or the Infantry Manual, was within what they called “Tactical Limits”, the Japanese command obviously thought the Americans (and whoever joined with other ‘death marches’) were up to it. Japanese doctrine being rather harsh at the time did not really think about the wounded or malaria bound people, because they thought that if you have the mental strength you can even stop bullets. Also, I have the feeling nobody has heard of the Aaron Prisoner of War Camp(アーロン収容所) and various other detention centres and what went on there. Oh the hypocrisy of the allies.
    Now for the more controversial part: Nanking. Now, everybody in history lessons were taught that something terrible happened here. From all that is available, people insist on using the Iris Chang version.
    First off, if you check out certain statistics, this means that more people were killed than the actual population of Nanking (even though Nanking was the capital of the ROC, it wasn’t exactly that big, especially because it is a walled off city/town).
    Second, nobody bothers to remind themselves that a battle took place here with the KMT army.
    Third, the KMT army were notorious for something they do when they are routed.(Of course, after killing the designated barrier-troops) They kill a civilian, throw off their uniform and escape as fast as possible with a newly acquired civilian clothing, and then turn into guerrillas.
    Fourth, collateral damage due to ARTILLERY bombing. As far as one knows, the air raid targeted specifically military installations (unlike the botched bombing at Peking).
    Fifth, plenty of guerrillas in the crowd, and people insist that even guerrillas are included in the count. And before anybody says ‘They were unarmed’, they were found to be armed, and executed as guerrillas. The Geneva convention technically allows for the swift execution of guerrillas on the spot (if people start reciting the Geneva convention). Guerrillas as in plain-clothed irregulars not wearing any identifiable uniform. Not guerrilla tactics.
    Sixth, from the administrative records, PLENTY of Kempeitai were around. Which means, it is very difficult for Japanese soldiers to commit random acts of raping and pillaging. Kempeitai protocol (Kempeitai are very picky about protocol, and are ideologically haredened so will not do anything against the protocol) demands immediate execution of soldiers pillaging or raping. If they are lucky, a military tribunal might have been held, but as the ‘massacre’ was supposed to have happened within a week of the occupation of Nanking, no military tribunal as it would still have been deemed a danger zone, therefore, those neglecting their duties and caught in the act would have been executed. The soldier who admitted raping did say “I did it avoiding the Kempeitai”. It shows that even if things like that happened (I am sure it did happen, but not on that scale) they were under great risk in committing the act. Hmm.
    Seventh, John Rabe even though he was a Nazi had NO ulterior motives writing that book. Oh wait. His business with the KMT was ruined (weapons export), and before anybody says that the Nazi and Japan were friends, the Battle for Nanking occurred before the Pact. And Germans at the time were sceptical (and racist) towards the Japanese. Look up the relevant passage in Mein Kampf.
    Eighth, people think that essentially, a disorganised group of soldiers managed to kill and rape more people, than a managed Nazi death/concentration camp within a few days. What.

    Now for the idiots who say Pearl Harbour.
    What one constantly forgets is that the declaration of war was delivered just before the attack. It is the State Department’s own fault for delaying the declaration to reach the president. The proper Declaration of War gets given to the appropriate administrative department/ministry. Not to the executive. Therefore, Japan did not break any international ‘customs’ with the declaration. And the State Department has no excuse regarding the translation as the Embassy did that for them. (But then, I hear theories that America did that on purpose so they can get the justification)
    For people that insist on historical responsibility, I wonder WHICH country FORCED Japan to enter the waves of the good old IMPERIALISM for survival. I wonder what would have happened if a CERTAIN SOMEBODY and all his BUDDIES just left Japan alone. I wonder. And I wonder WHICH country kept various Pacific islands and the Philippines and Cuba and a few concessions in China. Then decided to drop them like hot potatoes when they all started to think that the Japanese ideal for the Asian self-determination looked better.

    I thank whoever had the patience to read the whole text.

    • Et en plus vos femmes sont moches… je veux dire celles qu’on croisent dans la rue. Pas les poufiasses qui ont claqué 100 000$ de chirurgie et qui passent dans vos clip de rap à la con avec des bouzeu qui savent même pas lire la bible…

  • Anonymous says:

    Facebook really should TAG every one of those that commented in this way and create billboards of their comments with their pictures and post them on their front lawns for their neighbors and the world to see.
    Racists and idiots and just plain losers all have one thing in common; they’re all scared. Just plain scared.
    There are certain things that will get you kicked out of a “Forum” or a health club or a business or a school; there should also be a certain number of things that’ll get you kicked out of being an American.
    Posts like these should be included. They should ALL have their citizenship called into question.
    They are NOT one of us. [Real Americans]


  • Anonymous says:

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    2,402 killed
    1,247 wounded

    Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima
    60,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki

    now…….who is the bloody jerk here?!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand, how Japan is hated why so much after all. At least it’s a added lustre to it a little bit unfortunate ones, even then, if this sport does not attract an audience of that size despite female participants, than his real form.

  • no fucking way………………………………..this people is incredibly………………….forgive me…………there is no freaking word that can describe the level of……….stupid xenophobia in this world……and for a soccer match…………..?

    with this, we humanity deserve that a meteorite comes and erase us all from the face of the universe…..i mean………all…………Japanese, American, Colombian or any other………….

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder how they feel when that chunk of the island off of africa finally split and fall into the ocean, causing a massive tidal wave and wipe out the ENTIRE east coast. bwahaha, I feel no pity for my fellow Americans because they are the stupid % thats screwing up the country.

  • Anonymous says:

    This kind of shit pisses me off. Bringing up Pearl harbor. Japan got nuked twice! pearl harbor had almost 3000 deaths. Japan had over 300,000 from the bombs and another 300,000-400,000 from us fighting in japan. Its the fucking past and people need to grow the fuck up. I hope the people who said these stupid comments fucking burn in a fire.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Americans should just shut up,they are envious because Japan actually has a culture,anime,manga, the way better music(American music is the cheapest shit,even a beggar on the street can make better music and all the Rock/Soul/Jazz/Reaggee comes from the Africans so all beside Trance/Techno/Pop is not American at all) and componists (with excessive use of classical instruments,if you give a violin to an American he might think it’s an antique tennis racket or a kind of gun) besides having the more beautiful women and a mindset that is one of a kind around the world(they don’t say: fuck America,they dropped 2 Atomic Bombs on our country,Pearl Harbor was nothing against this(and plotted by the Americans because they knew of the attack and send off their valued ships and sacrificed the other people/ships that remained there).)

    The world should just boycott the retarded shit that comes from America: Fast Food(MC Donalds,Burger King,Starbucks,etc.),Comics(like Batman/Spiderman/Hulk…),Cartoons(Looney Tunes,Tex Avery,Scooby Doo…) and their cheap cars(Opel/GM/Ford….) to finish off their economy and start a new century/world order without them because we need culture/healthy people/good products to evolve and nothing like that can come from America, they only have tons of weapons and stupid presidents that start wars around the world!

  • Anonymous says:

    So I heard these americunts nuked Japan. Twice. And now they whine about 3000 dead soldiers that died in a military strike, because they can’t play football.


  • Anonymous says:

    …seems like they’re all WHITE!

    …sometimes it’s embarrassing to be an American.

    To all Japanese friends;
    Gomen’nasai…honto ni gomen’nasai.
    (Bows head..low…very low.)

    And to the WORLD CHAMPION
    lady’s soccer club;
    Banzi!! Omeditou gozaimasu

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh no matter what country there will always be dumb people.Just because a few Americans say stupid shit on a social network doesn’t mean it speaks for all of America.These people just got to excited over a dumb sports event.It means nothing and they want attention like this to get aggression out.Thanks to Hollywood the whole world thinks America are a bunch of fat people wiping their asses with money.Theres also the misconception that we have a say in our government.They do what they want.The military does what they want to.Its awful.The majority are lower middle class people just trying to make it; making dumb mistakes and occasionally not thinking before speaking like everyone else.Over here most teens fap to anything Japanese,praise their music and art and I can’t begin to tell you how many people were going nuts over the tsunami.Countless charity organizations,church events and missions trips to help out.The normal American is very empathetic.Just cuz .00001% on FB whine about some sports event means nothing and its certainly nothing to judge a whole country over.