Reportedly an Akihabara curry house is offering freebies to visitors who bring their girlfriends along to dine with them – with the caveat that the girlfriend in question can be a figure.

Those bringing their girlfriend (in the form of a figure) along to Mammoth Curry and placing her on their table will be able to claim a free drink.

Apparently the scheme was hatched upon when the venue (whose main claim to fame is a 1kg curry for ¥950) was running a more conventional “free curry for your girlfriend if you come as a couple” event for a week last year – this being Akihabara, soon many patrons were asking whether their girlfriend had to be real or not.

Those wishing to give it a try can make their way to Mammoth Curry in Akihabara, taking care to bring their girlfriend.

2ch appears to be well suited to this offer:

“They’re a bit late!”


“A doll! You’re high level all right!”

“What happens if you take a real girl with you?”

“You’ll be looked upon with cold, cold eyes.”

“The shop will think some kind of weirdo has arrived.”

“The other customers might start on you.”

“You’re creepy!”


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