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Square Enix Finally Scraps FF14 “Fatigue” System


Square Enix’s controversial decision to implement a “fatigue” system in Final Fantasy XIV in order to pander to casuals and the Chinese government has finally been revoked.

The change comes by way of the 1.18 patch:

Removal of the Fatigue System

Fatigue is the means whereby playing for prolonged periods of time progressively yields less and less skill and experience points, eventually reaching a point where neither can be obtained.

Patch 1.18 will see the removal of this system, meaning players will no longer be subjected to a reduction in skill and experience point awards even after long hours of play.

In light of this change, accumulated surplus points will also be done away with.

The stated reason for implementing the system was to make the game more friendly to casual players, although some also suspected the system was introduced in order to comply with the Chinese government’s onerous regulations on MMORPGs, as Square Enix has lately been noted for entertaining fantasies of success in China.

Whether any actual hardcore players are left to appreciate the change is another matter – even the brave soul who stayed on to produce unofficial estimates of the server populations has become fed up and quit; his last estimate, published at the end of June, showed the population on the most popular server had sunk to 1,339, down from a peak of 4,000 in the week after release.

Square Enix for its part still maintains a PS3 version “will definitely come, so don’t worry!” – though this of course rather optimistically supposes anyone was still worrying about the game.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to save the game. A fatigue system is just one of those things that most player don’t want to deal with. If they weren’t playing then, they most likely aren’t gonna start now. I’m betting most people have moved on to different things.

  • At least they’re “trying” to make the game stop at sucking but even with the removal of the Fatigue system, the fact that its taking forever to show up on PS3 (if it ever does) means that they lose… “potential” (I did say potential…) people that would want to give it a shot.

    Its still kind of funny that even with these graphics, it can’t even compare to FFXI.

    • Anonymous says:

      FFXI actually has content. The funny thing is, since FF14 was released, FFXI has had more content added than FF14.

      With that said, FFXI isn’t thriving, there were more server merges earlier this year.

  • “showed the population on the most popular server had sunk to 1,339, down from a peak of 4,000”

    Those numbers are pretty similar to international Ragnarok Online (the game that came out 10 years ago) but still alive and probably actually earning more money than FF14, pretty ironic.

  • Penalties are the wrong way to do it. Never punish your players for playing. If they need to add a premium for resting, use a resting bonus, like WoW or TWEWY.

    Fatigue: Play past a certain point, and start to suck more. Keep playing and keep sucking. When the player sucks, the game sucks.

    Rest bonus: When you come back, there’s a little reward for the time you took off. A helping hand to the casuals, a little peace of mind for obsessive players. You use it up, but then you’re just playing normally.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or you could say that rested in WoW is 100% xp and that un-rested is 50% xp. In which case saying rested in WoW is 200% and un-rested is 100% is merely a way to disguise its own fatigue system. In any case WoW is so easy that it doesn’t matter. Even Wiitards play it.

      • and so it’s silly to see only rested xp as 100%. Like you said, it’s so easy it doesn’t matter. In FF14 it sounds like you gradually get less and less until you get nothing, where with WoW, you get more, only for a little while, and then stays regular.

        Besides, it’s mostly about the spin they put on it. Reward for not playing, instead of punishment for playing. Don’t make your players feel bad – and if you do, make it minor and not discouraging; if you crush their spirit, they will leave.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is why I stick to FPS when it comes to online gaming.

        In Left 4 Dead, I just continue to shoot zombies and survive the map until I become good enough to shoot anything with 100% accuracy, and save everyone while I’m at it. More tangible rewards than grinding for hours only to get meager stat increase and skills you can’t carry over to any other games.

  • starsplash says:

    Lets face it, any mmorpg game with a fatigue system sux. Dont get me wrong, this game suxed before they introduced the system, but the fatigue system ended it all for a lot of people. The fatigue system is an absolute contradiction to the definition of an MMORPG game and should never be used.

      • NakkiNyan says:

        I think the new director is actually pissing off the old codgers with his changes. That can only be a good thing. the 1.18 patch is actually quite massive and changing how a lot of the events are going to work not just remove fatigue.

      • Lost Odyssey is proof to me that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The tree itself punted the ripe apple thinking it was doing it a favor. And then the tree was left with fruit that just wasn’t as nice.

        Strange analogy, but I admit to being weak about those at 2 Am ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      They did, the team working on FF14 right now is a new team, some of which come from the old FF11. They have implemented a bunch of fixes and tweaks that has improved the game, to the point I decided to check it out.

      All I can say is the game is not as bad when it came out, still feels like a beta though, but more improvements are coming, and they even have an open schedule to see what is coming on which up date.

      However they seem to focus a lot on solo-play rather then multiplay, and that forces the game to take a turn to the antisocial, as getting in a guild (linkshell) is one of the hardest accomplishments in the game, and getting in a guild that actually is sociable is even harder.

      Personally I’m really looking forward to this update, as it will improve a substantial amount of the game, in implement a series of features new to the game, I think right now the only thing that really needs to improve is the community, the team could really stimulate this by implementing for guild based objectives, quests and perks.

      I think the only reason people still hate this game so much, is that they think it is the same game from release, and it is not. Still not a perfect game or even a great game, it may never even become either of these, but to be honest I find that it is currently an okay game, and rather playable.

      tl;dr FF14 (under new management) is much better now then when it came out.

      • Anonymous says:

        “tl;dr FF14 (under new management) is much better now then when it came out.”

        ANYTHING ANYONE did to FF14 would have been an improvement, so that isn’t saying much. There were literally dozens of people I knew who were anticipating this game. Currently, I know one person playing.

        And I don’t know how you can call an MMORPG with no raids playable when it’s been out for 10 months. Maybe, just maybe, this is why most guilds are not sociable.

    • You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. I hate the idea of a ‘game designer.’ In my experience all the new ones come from schools that have ‘game designer’ mean ‘weak programmer, can’t write, and think they’re going to make the next big thing’ when they don’t know shit about shit. I’m an animator and a better designer than many of the ones I’ve seen. I’ve yet to meet a designer in the industry who knows anything about architecture, or even a decent knowledge of history. At least Bioware only goes for published authors for their writers, that’s a start.

      So all the whiny bitches who seem to think Squeenix needs to die just because they tried some things that didn’t work are the same complete fucking morons who think everyone should resign when they make a mistake that takes any company in any direction that didn’t work out. THAT’S CALLED EXPERIENCE! THEY WON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! You don’t fire everyone who ever made a mistake, or you never have any fucking experience left to recognize that history repeats itself.

      Only short-sighted idiots are the ones who somehow think a long-established company needs to end because of some mistakes. And get over the fact that Final Fantasy is a series. The only real similarity between any of them is the names and a few gameplay basics. If they changed the name, everyone would still complain about all their games being like Final Fantasy, because they did a LOT of changes each game. Even shifting genres a bit a few times.

      If you have to be considered a fanboy just to recognize the lack in logic of destroying a good company, then so be it. You idiots who know nothing about the games industry don’t seem to recognize that we need the big companies. Their ability to survive is the ability to survive for the entirety of the RPG genre, as well as do new ideas.

      If they died every time they did something foolish, every game would be 5 hours long and play like Gears of fucking War, or be Facebook games. Grow up.

        • I look forward to seeing what they do with it, I couldn’t care less what people thought about FF13. I ignore anyone who whined about it, because of all the ones I’ve ever heard, only two had valid reasons for disliking it that they could articulate. The game was absolutely wonderful. Just because everyone’s spoiled by exploration, and as such can’t take a game at face value anymore, is not a reason to call that a bad game. Nearly all the complaints I’ve heard are simply opinions, and what’s funny is most of those opinions aren’t even the opinions of the people using them. They’re taken from others because people are sheep and things like Sankaku’s article showing the corridors made everyone already judge it. Most of them never finished the game or tried to. They judged it, and threw it away, then pretended they could judge the whole game on what they saw.

          Do I want more exploration? Yes. Did I let it ruin FF13 for me? Hell no, in fact for once I could actually go through the plot and remember what was happening instead of forgetting the last scene after 20 hours of doing other random shit. So I considered that an improvement.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that’s what they did with FF14: young, inexperience game designers who come up with, in their OWN opinion, the coolest ideas (fatigue system, freaking huge worlds, horse bird, etc), but are incapable of actually pulling it off.

      I have a better idea for them: hire a group of experienced software engineers, an experienced producer, an experienced game artist, an experienced game designer (basically experienced people for all the important roles), and leave the tedious, menial tasks (creating model/music/art duplicates/variants, testing, coffee, etc) to the Chinese.

      Square Enix could learn a thing or two from sweatshops in China.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most of the young game designers create casual shit, one-dozen-a-dime shit (Crysis, CoD, etc), and flash shit for facebook (which might or might not be a carbon copy of another flash shit).

        They should get the creators of Chrono Trigger or Xenogears and do some “old Squaresoft” magic.

      • Now say that the Final Fantasy series couldn’t do with some fresh air.

        Old game designers aren’t necessary bad, but they’ve been making games for a living for so long that they can forget what it’s like to play them and what players are looking for in a game. They also are sometimes unable to make new bold moves or come up with new ideas. FFXIII and FFXIV are perfect examples of that. I personally enjoyed some aspects of FFXIII, but the combat system was crap and the story/characters recycled a million times over. While well written storyline and characters can make a game enjoyable for some it does not make it a great game. A great game delivers well in all compartments and a game designer must know that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Square Enix has plenty of young inexperienced designers as well as a fair share of money grubbing fools who have no interest in playing games.

          The experienced game designers quit Square a long…long…time ago.

        • Anonymous says:

          I concur, since the original producers called it “Final Fantasy” because Square inc. was going to go belly up and that was to be its swan song. It blew off the charts and they where saved!~~~ to remake/reprint the original over and over.. and over and over… and over and over and over and over and over and over~~~~ again. What truly murdered Square inc-Soft was the deluded idea to make a CG movie with “Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within” WITHOUT the “Fantasy” and That is what crippled them to the point of merging with another company and ended up being called sqenix..
          There should be a true FINAL fantasy game with a complete overhaul on the system – story – music – game mechanics – what have you as a Grand FINAL farewell to the fans~ when running birds fly will this happen of course

  • Anonymous says:

    Cool, I guess. No idea why SE thought this was a good idea to implement though. Did they honestly think people would let it fly?

    “Whether any actual hardcore players are left to appreciate the change is another matter”

    Only the most hardcore of the hardcore still remain. Wait, wrong word. I meant to type “delusional”.

    Looking forward to the announcement when “fun” will finally be patched in.

  • Hey, if they’re going to do major changes to the game, the least they should do is stop with the monthly subscriptions because it’s stupid to pay full price for the game ($60) then make players pay for the game again ($12-$13) every month just to keep playing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amazing the level of ignorance on this page. FFXIV has been free-to-play since it was released. They aren’t planning to charge people until the game is “fixed” most likely around ps3 release.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does that have to necessarily mean that the surplus points will be done away with? I don’t play FFXIV, and I don’t have any intention of doing so, but it’s not the end of the world if players can level quickly and efficiently. They’re gonna hit level cap sooner or later.