Berserk Trilogy Trailer Unveiled





The upcoming movie adaptation of ultimate dark fantasy manga Berserk was recently confirmed as being comprised of a trilogy covering the manga’s “golden age” section, and the first trailer has also been released.

The trailer:

The first movie is to be released to cinemas in January of 2012.

Berserk mangaka Kentaro Miura even tore himself away from his Xbox 360 for long enough to comment:

I never expected to be blessed with another chance at a video adaptation. The old anime version of Berserk was where we received our first widespread recognition. 14 years on, I think the new movie will be greeted as a perfection of that vision by fans and movie watchers alike.

14 years ago my skills were crude, and I was franticly working to keep the serialisation going (don’t say anything!). Added to that, back then Japan had no Amazon and hardly any Internet – for a rookie mangaka there was virtually no way to get details on medieval armour and history. I used my “Excalibur” movie pamphlet until it was ragged.

Times have moved on – now we are in the information age, and we have CG as well! I’m confident that this time around the movie will attain levels of visual accomplishment I could never have achieved back then.

Expect a quality Hollywood remake sometime in the next decade…

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