“How To Become The Ideal Woman” = CLANNAD


aWomen are being urged to model themselves after the heroines of blockbuster visual novel Clannad if they wish to become a man’s ideal woman.

From “Menjoy“:

Amongst bishoujo games, one is known as one of the most godly – Clannad. In fact, it is even said that “Clannad is life.”


So, why are we going on about Clannad? Well, that’s because we’ve noticed that the reason Clannad is so popular is because of the popularity of its characters with men, or in other words that they have succeeded in conquering the male heart.

Clannad’s main heroine Nagisa Furukawa can illustrate just how this is possible:

Become a woman he wants to protect!

Try adopting strange speech patterns!

Take up odd hobbies and have inexplicable interests!

Develop an ahoge!

Try developing a modest, lovable and dedicated personality!?

In this brief introduction it should hopefully be apparent what an outstanding title Clannad is, up there with the most heart-rending movies and books. It may seem pretty otaku-ish but it’s well worth experiencing if you can just get past that.

You may even hear some of the Clannad heroines using useful phrases and behaviour which you can make use of yourself…

The online response is sceptical to say the least:

“Wait, wasn’t Clannad an eroge?”

“It is life.”

“Just spread your legs. We already knew that.”

“If I met a 3D woman like the ones in Clannad I’d knock her lights out.”

“This is what otaku seek in a woman, not what men seek.”

“It’s an eroge.”

“The people who keep going on about calling Clannad an eroge are seriously annoying.”

“Learning from bishoujo games is all very well – but do remember it is all based on the premise that you are a bishoujo.”

“I cried whilst onanising over this. Clannad truly is life.”


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