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Onsen Exposure Girl Busted for Naked Extortion


A girl has been arrested for attacking the staff at a ryokan after they refused to pay her compensation for “accidentally” walking into the male baths.

The incident began one morning at a Kagawa prefecture ryokan, after an unemployed 17-year-old girl barged into the male bathing area naked.

She promptly began complaining to the ryokan’s management, blaming them for allowing her to be seen naked by the male patrons and insisting it was their fault for providing inadequate explanation.

Police interceded and she left the premises, but returned at noon to make stronger demands.

When staff refused to pay ¥30,000 in compensation for her accidentally walking into the male baths, she vowed not to leave until they handed over the cash, becoming angry and going so far as to kick one member of staff.

This time police arrested her on charges of assault and extortion. She denies the charges, insisting she was merely trying to “negotiate a settlement.”

The online reaction:


“She’s crazy.”

“She should have tried the ‘Now I can never get married’ line instead.”

“What kind of 17-year-old is she!”

“It’ll be interesting to see what her future holds…”

“A new way of selling the female body.”

“She’ll surely have been an ugly fatty, no mistake.”

“She’ll have been one of these:”



“I feel sad.”

“2D is superior, it has to be said.”

“Dirty sows…”

“¥30,000 for just an eyeful!”

“She probably went in there deliberately.”

“If a guy walked into the female section he’d have been arrested instantly…”

“She should be arrested as a chijo [female pervert], if she’d been a man it would a chikan arrest.”

“A fine young yakuza.”

“Sounds as if she’s been doing this elsewhere a lot…”

“She had to go really far to get arrested, as expected of a woman.”

“The men exposed to this garbage are the ones who deserve compensation.”

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