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Man Arrested for Stealing Second-Hand Saten-chan


A man has been arrested for the theft of Saten Ruiko in what must rank as one of the least well thought out robberies ever conceived.

Shizuoka police arrested a 47-year-old man on theft charges after he reportedly stole a figure from a local recycling shop; he apparently distracted staff by having them appraise some manga and DVDs, only to shove a figure in his bag and make for the exit.

Alarms at the entrance immediately alerted staff to his ruse, and when they caught up to him and asked if he perhaps had an unpaid for item on his person he showed them the figure – only to make a dash for it mid-conversation.

He escaped them, but as he had just left his membership card at the counter, including his real name and address, it was only a matter of time before police caught up with him.

Police identified the 20cm high figure as “Saten Ruiko” of the anime “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun,” valued at ¥6400.

The suspect is refusing to comment on the charges.

Aside from the theft itself (which seems so ill-planned it could only be the result of temporary Saten-induced mania), much comment has also been made about the police and media’s helpful decision to supply details down to the anime involved, evening mentioning Saten by name…

For those wondering, there are only two figures matching the description, with smartphone Saten probably the closest match – though stretching Saten seems the least inexcusable target for theft:


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