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Hatsune Miku Banned From Schools: “It’s Just a Machine”


Reports that some Japanese schools have banned Vocaloid music from their campuses are causing a stir amongst Vocaloid fans.

From a widely circulated Twitter-based exchange on the subject:

“At my little sister’s school, they’ve been forbidden from broadcasting Vocaloid music during recesses. They gave reasons like “because it’s a machine” and “because we don’t know the lyrics.”

I don’t like to see them banned for reasons like that. They may be machines, but they still sing songs capable of moving the human heart. These prejudices are grossly disrespectful to Vocaloid producers and programmers.

I wish they’d stop promulgating such misunderstandings.”

“Vocaloid tunes are banned at my school too!”

“If they banned Vocaloids at my school, there’d be a riot…”

“Banning Vocaloid music broadcasts during lunch break… so they’re trying to stop young people developing a taste for Vocaloid music, are they?”

“Saying they’re no good just because they are machines is like banning Johnny’s groups because they are idols. It’s not a sound reason at all. They should at least understand something about Vocaloids beforehand.”

“Hearing this reminded me of something similar at my little sister’s middle school. They banned them at lunch too. Something to do with the lyrics being no good, apparently.”

2ch’s response:

“Doubtless because they are associated with otaku.”

“Seems some places even broadcast anime songs during lunch.”

“This atmosphere really is unpleasant.”

“Well, that’s what school and society are like. Once the prejudice is ingrained we might be seeing some laws banning us from listening to Vocaloid music everywhere. If you don’t like it, become a politician or something. People who just sit and spout complaints whilst doing nothing have no right to complain in the first place.”

“Imagine having to listen to a bunch of anime music which reeks of otaku all lunch, it’d ruin the atmosphere.”

“Who cares what music they broadcast at schools. It’s just for the self-satisfaction of one lot of them over another.”

“Imagine playing one of those Miku songs with lyrics about meltdowns in one of the contaminated zones, it’s no wonder they are banned!”

“This is pure creepy otaku doing. The ones who want to play that stuff are just creepy otaku who’ve become too big for their boots.”

“I wonder what those old guys would have had to say about the Beatles being banned in their own day?”

“This is because the broadcast clubs naturally end up packed with otaku. I was like that, but I still made sure to play tunes everyone knew.”

“When I was at high school the slightest suggestion of otaku type stuff would see everyone turn on you. It’s amazing to see they’ve seized the initiative like this.”

“The reasons are pretty weird. Does that mean they shouldn’t broadcast any music with no lyrics?”

“Who cares if they air this stuff. When I was airing the music I liked I thought of it as brainwashing them, sort of thing.”

“Miku’s religious following is become ever more devout. As expected of our angel Miku!”

Such schools now join the illustrious company of visual-kei bands in their unfriendly attitude to the music of virtual idols.

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