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Top 10 Female Beliefs Men Know To Be Wrong


Japanese men quizzed on which of the prevailing female beliefs about men’s romantic attitudes to women they consider to be wholly misguided provide a ranking of the most egregiously wrong.

The ranking:

1. Men just love a good layer of makeup on a woman

2. Men like skinny women

3. Men like women with big breasts

4. Men love women who are self-indulgent

5. Men adore the scent of perfume

6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing

7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”]

8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite

9. Men always love young women

10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you

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  • Anonymous says:

    1. is bullshit
    you can explain why you dislike makeup for hours and they wont care
    makeup etc. helps with their ever nagging insecurity over their looks regardless of how pretty/ugly they are and for the standard woman makeup is like breathing

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, most f this is true I think, except…

    “2. Men like skinny women”

    I see guys assuring that constantly, then those same people go and call someone with a normal body weight fat.

  • Anonymous says:

    god I hate skinny women and most makeup, if its a lil blush here or there and maybe a bit of eyeliner but…thats it

    girls have asked me what my views on makeup are and they dont seem surprised, though some girls are a bit surprised when I mention how most guys dont like skinny girls

  • Let’s see how I compare:

    1. Men just love a good layer of makeup on a woman

    Depends on both the taste of the man and the necessity for the girl.

    2. Men like skinny women

    This is generally true, but it must be healthy in nature. Women who starve themselves to extremes are as unattrative as a man that has excessively huge musculature.

    3. Men like women with big breasts

    I will say I’m guilty of this.

    4. Men love women who are self-indulgent

    Hmm… this statement is translated from わがまま in Japanese, which is closer to “selfish.” All the big brothers who are used to selfish siblings might like this, but definitely not a younger brother.

    5. Men adore the scent of perfume

    I will agree with this. It’s very sexy as long as it is not excessive in nature.

    6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing

    Again, I am guilty as charged. I love a girl in a feminine dress.

    7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”]

    Yes, we can. But I find it cute anyway. It’s irritating if done too much however, especially if the girl is ACTUALLY intelligent.

    8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite

    I don’t mind an appetite in a woman, but if she wants to be dainty and give me the rest of her food that strikes a chord in my male psychology as well.

    9. Men always love young women

    Yes, I will agree with this. Mostly only school boys like older women, but once you get to adulthood I think most men go back to liking younger women.

    10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you

    This statement is a fallacy of corelation being thought of as causation. The man may not say he loves the woman, but if his actions show that he has affection for her, then one can plainly see this logic is false. Especially in Japan, hidden love has long been the epitome of romantic beauty. The older women get, the more they come to realize how little the words mean and how much more critical the actions are.

  • Anonymous says:

    I honestly dont give a damn what a woman wears, as long as shes relatively in shape.

    Its not like I look at a woman and think oh, shes got a nice body but its so boring to look at her wearing jeans (or skirt, etc).

    It just doesnt matter to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought I’d only ever like young women until I travelled Europe and Asia. Damn trip turned me into a milf-lover as well as a lolicon. Now I want to hump everything.

    Older French and Japanese women can be so fucking hot.

  • It’s interesting how guys assume we think these things about them. Personally, I don’t presume to think any of these things about men as a whole, except perhaps #9. Younger women are, in general, regarded as more attractive as they don’t yet have the physical changes that accompany aging: wrinkles, loose skin, discoloration, reduced metabolism which translates into weight gain, etc. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I think all men LOVE young women, but I can certainly understand their physical appeal to a majority of men.

    Also, contrary to #1, I do believe that we women understand that men would rather not see a woman with a pound of make-up on. As for preferring skinny women, it’s simply the acknowledgement that men, in general, seem to prefer a petite-average figure as opposed to a larger one.

    Furthermore, any level-head woman will recognize and understand that every man is different and holds different ideas and tastes. If she doesn’t, well, she’ll be too concerned with preconceived notions to be worth any decent man’s time. Ignorance is not attractive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Both the “not in the anime/video games/internet geekery/my family” women I know seem to have genuinely thought the things on this list for a long time, with repeated efforts on my side to disclaim them in the name of all men.

      Sure, they acknowledged every man is different and has different tastes, but they thought everything on this list is most common taste.
      My impression is that a lot of women think likewise. Otherwise, socialization patterns would probably be different on many accounts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is that a list of things that are TRUE? Because it looks like it… The first one is my favorite because, most guys are like “We don’t like girls on make up” but the fact is, if you don’t wear it, they will certainly NOT like you. Pft, like man can tell apart a woman with and without make up… (side note: yes, I am indeed a guy…)

    • Anonymous says:

      Loads of women are not at all skilled at applying make up. Up close we certainly notice, and not like it.
      Even if applied skillfully, men might like (or even need) that it camouflages some imperfections, but often won’t like any attempt to enhance, like fard.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. I hate Makeup on woman. Show your real face, dammit.
    2. if your a stick, go away, i need some meat on a woman.
    3.I prefer As Bs. Cs are ok too, but anything bigger is bleh
    5. perfume makes my brain hurt
    6. Gimme some shorts and a Tshirt, and i’m good. I like Tomboys.
    8. If i’m going out on a date, EAT.
    my take on it.

  • As a woman….

    1. Men just love a good layer of makeup on a woman – I’m sure you like it when it’s well-applied. You know like every chick in every magazine ever/in every movie ever is slathered in makeup, right? But most girls aren’t as good at it as the pros and some girls look worse-off because they don’t know how to do makeup right.

    2. Men like skinny women
    If you try to tell me that most men don’t like thin women I will just laugh.

    3. Men like women with big breasts
    See above. Sankaku is biased because it’s full of lolicons. But most porn has women with huge tits, ffs.

    4. Men love women who are self-indulgent
    Idk what this means, really.

    5. Men adore the scent of perfume
    Idk anyone who likes perfume. I think mostly over-40 women use it, and then only a select few. It’s dying, I think.

    6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing
    Most lingerie is frilly and/or lacy. Case closed.

    7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”]
    It depends on the person, I think.

    8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite
    I think the “don’t eat too much in public” is a Japanese thing, tbh. You don’t see it much in the West.

    9. Men always love young women
    Same category as “large boobs” and “skinny”. Most men do like young women, it’s just a fact.

    10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you

    I’m more inclined to believe a man who says “I love you” is lying to get into your pants (the only guy who ever said that to me I later found out had been cheating… ahahahaha). I prefer not hearing it: actions speak louder than words. And I won’t say it either. It’s not necessary, imo.

  • 7. GOD HATE THAT SO MUCH. I had a girlfriend who did that when we first met. I asked her to stop. She did. She was a lot more pleasant after that.

    9. There is a “crazy” switch in the female brain that usually gets switched off around age 25. Sometimes earlier, sometimes never, but usually around then.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too much makeup doesn’t look good like they a effin doll……..don’t know were some a y’all get the idea that skinny is good looking cuz it’s jud looks unnaturall on ALLOT OF GIRLS

  • Let’s see…

    1. Men just love a good layer of makeup on a woman

    False, I hate it. If really needed, must be invisible just to mask little imperfections. Otherwise natural is better.

    2. Men like skinny women

    False, I love touching/squeezing something soft (not flabby, of course). Bones are not soft.

    3. Men like women with big breasts

    Big breasts aren’t that bad, but most important is their size relative to the whole body. A small figure is good even with small breasts (DFC is another matter ^_^). So partially false.

    4. Men love women who are self-indulgent

    Not sure I get it correctly… if it means excessive indulgence, above normal levels, then it’s false. Otherwise could be true, indulging a bit in one’s own pleasures now and then is good and boosts self-confidence.

    5. Men adore the scent of perfume

    False, I hate it.

    6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing

    Overall true, such clothes can be sexier than a simple jeans.

    7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”]

    You sure? -_^ “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”

    8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite

    False, a good appetite means good health both in body and mind.

    9. Men always love young women

    Could be true of course, as long as it doesn’t mean “they [b]only[/b] love young women”.

    10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you

    Kinda generic, but false. There are many ways to show true love/affection, just using words could be too easy/deceiving.

    All in all, I’d say this list is full of win.

  • I think women that believe all of these are the ones who turn dike because you men are apparently all one track pigs.

    I mean, there are some women who catch the attention of men loads easier than others, but it goes both ways. The same girls who complain about men being pigs are usually the ones who just about break their neck checking out a hot guy.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Men just love a good layer of makeup on a woman — False

    2. Men like skinny women — true

    3. Men like women with big breasts — depends

    4. Men love women who are self-indulgent — false

    5. Men adore the scent of perfume — depends

    6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing — depends

    7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”] — depends on the woman’s skill

    8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite — depends

    9. Men always love young women — depends

    10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you — false

  • Anonymous says:

    meh, frilly lacy clothing can look quite cute on some people. Of course,all extremes are a nono for us like:
    walking bones with skin; as fat as a whale; small like a dog or Big like a Gorilla; having absolutely no breasts and having water melons in your shirt;

    Perfume, by the way, is something for old ladies and heavy smokers but applying perfume on someone normal decreases her worth by like 50%, same with heavy makeup (50%),so having both makeup and perfume applied to you gets you a 0, you’d never enter round 2 where my gazes would check out your body (by the way, smoking/drinking = -100%, directly out of question, who wants a woman that becomes a burden as she gets older, not ignoring the fact that she’ll stink and likely puke in your house,maybe even on you while you’d have to collect her totally wasted, that would be disgraceful to the max).

    Men do always love young women,what’s wrong with that? If you don’t like young women, are you a necrophile? omg, it should’ve been “younger women” because of course (if you aren’t a sodomist) you’d like women as a man (especially the young ones but also the slightly older and those of the same age).

    healthy appetite is still better than skin+bones if she’s not like really fat because of that. a little bit overweight is not a problem for women since their body fat percentage is already way higher than those of men.

    Men saying I love you all the time would make them seem clingy to the public… of course,if a man loves a women he tells her so (if he doesn’t,there’s something wrong though and some might even lie just to have sex with the women [their own fault if they sleep with them before marriage]) but not always 24/7.A man mainly shows his love through his actions and not through saying fakeable words,same goes for women,too.

  • Anonymous says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that love doesn’t care what anyone likes. We may prefer a young, big titty woman but the reality is that we probably won’t fall for a young, big titty woman. She may be older; at least 5 years maybe. She may not even have that big of a chest. Sure we may be bumbed about it but, ladies, rest assured, when the love of our lives comes walking around that corner, we don’t care anymore. Our preferences become irrelevant. We got what we want.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love isn’t in question when you have a shared history.
      But someone coming out of the blue saying she loves you, and you are wondering where she was previously and refuses to discuss her past?
      Total fail.

  • Anonymous says:

    by their definition, men love lolis who are anorexic, act cute while looking like a tsundere in gothic lolita smell like they just fucked a bouquet of flowers who were sprayed with alcohol, cant resist eating chocolate with an f cup who cake a quarter inch of cosmetics on themselves to hide a freckle the size of the head of a pin, who go yandere if we dont tell them we love them every 15 minutes.

    yea, women are fucking stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, because men are supposed to be not shallow.
      But women choose the men they’re with based on their height.
      Here’s a quick experiment:
      Go into a shopping complex and see the couples out there.
      I guarantee you that near 100% of the men will be taller than the women.
      and yet women dare call men shallow?
      You can change your looks through exercise, but there’s no way you can change your height unless you plan on breaking your leg bones and re-setting them in China.

      • lol or maybe most men are just taller than most women and statistically it’s likely that the guy will be taller. I mean I’m 5’10” and all the guys I’ve dated have been taller than me (though not by much) – I’m not looking for tall guys, ffs, most guys just are taller because LOL GENETICS.

  • Anonymous says:

    the moment the man say “i love you” to the girl is the starting point of having problems and the relationship going down hill. keep it to yourself guys. save yourself the drama.

    • Anonymous says:

      > 2. Men like skinny women -> I do

      But that is actually rather uncommon. There is a difference between skinny and not too plump.

      > 3. Men like women with big breasts -> I do

      Yeah. I personnally don’t care for them but it seems to me men usually like big breasts, whatever they say.

  • 1. Men just love a good layer of makeup on a woman

    Actually men love women that don’t even require it.

    2. Men like skinny women

    Well I like women in general, and skinny is likely the same as obsessed. I prefer soft.

    3. Men like women with big breasts

    Anything past a B cup is likely pushing it actually. Big tits are fun for an occasional tit fuck, but if you ain’t going to be oohing and ahhing and spraying it in her mouth, then odds are big tits are a loss.

    4. Men love women who are self-indulgent

    Hmm wonder where this came from.

    5. Men adore the scent of perfume

    Like women who like the natural scent of men we actually like the scent of your sex, it’s biological. I don’t like the smell of perfume at all.

    6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing

    Actually, I have no beef with this.

    7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”]

    Men actually ARE quite stupid. The sooner you accept this the better.

    8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite

    Hmm I suppose this might be a problem once she goes past the status of ‘soft’. No one likes watching the fat eat too much.

    9. Men always love young women

    Hmm as you get older, you realize the worth of experience. A smiling skilled 40 something can run circles around a smiling inexperienced 20 something breeder. I happen to know this from experience.

    10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you

    Men simply don’t use words to say it. The sooner women realize I love you can be said in a variety of way the better.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Actually men love women that don’t even require it.”

      Yeah, but it’s not a lot of women who can look good without makeup. You’d be a really really lucky women if you have no imperfections on your face at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    All of those are spot on except #2. #2 is mostly true, but a little iffy.

    I don’t like overweight girls but I also don’t like boney stick girls. Middle of the road is the best!

  • About the perfume thing, I was always told in my youth that just a dab of good perfume is all you need. Some people like to bathe themselves in it (men included, can’t tell you how many guys I’ve been around that seem to have soaked themselves in Axe body spray) and that’s when it becomes repulsive. The good perfume (i.e., not $5 for a 32oz bottle) usually smells nice, and people don’t want to use too much because it was expensive.

    The best perfume is when you can only smell it when you get close to someone, something light and personal with a slight allure to it. If it repulses someone, it’s not doing its job.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a strong sense of smell(for now, welding is slowly killing it)so most women have way to much perfume on for me and what makes it worse is I like the sent of a woman, but what you suggest sounds good.

    • Anonymous says:

      EXACTLY, perfume should be a complement of yourself, not a replacement.
      And you are quite right, a perfume works best when it’s mild and only to be noticed in intimacy (at least that’s how I like it).

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a woman, and I think that this quizz makes men seem so self-centered, as if everything women do is for attracting them.

    Women are naturally inclined to beauty and pretty things. They are feminine by nature. They can do makeup, dress lacey stuffs and put on some perfume coz they like it, and not always for attracting the opposite sex.

    Women are humans too, that can be self-indulgent for the sake of themselves and not for attracting the opposite sex.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong. It all comes down to attraction and self-worth.

      Everything people, both males and females, do to make themselves look nice is in response to societal standards, social practice, and attraction.

      Even if you have the inclination to do it for personal reasons, physiologically, it’s to present yourself in a attractive way, even if it is solely on your personal standards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some men like Barbies women while other men don’t.

      It all comes down to what is inside. Men and women can fake it or not. Plain and simple.

      Men and women are human beings. People’s physical appearances change as the clock ticks! Yes, babies are getting old as well.

      It’s all about the mind. The way one sees things….differently.

  • 1. I like natural beauty, to the point of even preferring girls don’t using nail polish. Heavy make-up is ridiculous, it looks like they are covering their real face with a mask.
    2. I like low-fat, healthy meat. Not bones.
    3. I like beautiful breasts, that is, those ones with a good shape and conforming with the rest of her body proportions (a DFC is fine too, if 2 is true). Also, Big boobs tend to sage more with time, and a great butt compensates for the rackless.
    4. If “being self-indulgent” =/= “being a whore” then it’s OK.
    5. I don’t like strong smells, even when it comes to perfumes.
    6. Only if she looks young enough to use them. Otherwise it’s ridiculous.
    8. If she cares about her body and health, then I don’t mind.
    9. Only if she doesn’t behave like an annoying, stupid brat. And that’s true for all ages.
    10.Not always true, but I agree that the phrase looses its meaning/becomes annoying if it’s used without any restrictions.

  • 6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing

    That shouldn’t be on the list! At least not when it comes to lingerie (I don’t see any women with frills on their dress). Without frills/lace lingerie is a swimsuit.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. A lot of us guys are actually rather dumb to insist on having a girlfriend or significant other that doesn’t use makeup and yet somehow manages to avoid looking like a corpse. Let’s face it; almost nobody out there are at their hottest when they’re “natural”. Makeup completes the look.

    2. There’s a difference between thin and “oh fuck, I’ve seen starving Sudanese kids that look better-fed”. A little meat on those bones can be quite the treat.

    3. It depends on figure, actually. If the big breasts fit the rest of their proportions, then sure. If they don’t, then no.

    4. There seems to be an alarming trend among us menfolk these days to reject women out of hand because they like living for themselves on occasion, because it somehow makes them into loathsome parasites or something. What’s wrong with women having hobbies? Nothing, as long as it doesn’t break the bank. Responsible self-indulgence is the duty of every human being alive.

    5. Not if it smells like that air freshener shit that old ladies put in their bathrooms. Just slap on some deodorant; you don’t need all those fancy fragrances.

    6. Personally, I just love frilly clothing. The gothic lolita look is actually kind of badass. Some men may find it a little too cold and intimidating, and that may offend their manhood. Tough crap. I like it.

    7. I can read people like a book. Women really need to get over this misconception that men are incapable of reading facial expressions and tones of voice, or that picking up on these cues is the sole domain of enlightened women who get years and years of practice at it. We men are not nearly as gullible as you think, and your continued insistence on our gullibility is a very poor strategic decision.

    8. If you’re a normal human being, you need to have a normal diet to go along with it. This is just a matter of course.

    9. Some women age better than others. Some turn into better conversationalists as they get older. A little maturity goes a long way towards creating a healthy relationship.

    10. Men have feelings too. We’re not just creepy, emotionless, walking semen dispensers packed to the gills with muscle. We get upset, we laugh, we cry, we love, we hate. We’re all human, after all.

  • And it’s these kinds of statements and lists that perpetuate false relationships. Most of the things in the list don’t even matter in the long run. People don’t fall in love with someone based on anything in the list; most of the items in the list are just based off of attention-seeking traits that ultimately don’t matter in a healthy relationship.

    In the end it’s not about finding someone whose breasts you like or whose clothes appeal to you; it’s about finding someone you’re compatible with, someone you can enjoy conversation with, or someone you share something special with. Generally it’s about the whole package, not just the bonus items it comes with.

    • Anonymous says:

      “I love you” has a rather undefined meaning anyway.

      Not an issue. Just infer the meaning your partner is attaching to it, accept it as the meaning of “I love you” for the moment, and say it. Maybe adding something as “and so much more than that.”

  • Anonymous says:

    For once, I fully agree with the Japanese: it’s probably the first time too.
    Here’s why:
    1. I hate makeup.
    2. I don’t like skinny girls, nor girls obsessed with diets. I even prefer them a bit plump, as they look a lot healthier.
    3. I certainly don’t like A cups, but anything larger than a C is just too much IRL.
    4. No, this can be a dangerous attribute!
    5. Perfume usually gives me nauseas. It has to have a very mild scent.
    6. God no, I like feminine clothes, but I also like discretion.
    7. I instantly don’t trust girls who “act cute”, and I can smell them at a distance.
    8. Hell I love food too, so I find it interesting and healthy, as long as it doesn’t lead to obesity.
    9. Nope, I’ve met several beautiful girls up to 10 years older than me.
    10. Yeah right. Believe me, if you say “I love you” too many times, it loses meaning.

    • Anonymous says:


      1. I hate makup as an attempt to enhance qualities. That does not work. Unless the woman is extremely skillful, but then the benefits are not worth the skills needed.
      I understand it, and to some point appreciate it, when it attempts to camouflage imperfections. But that’s only a little appreciation.
      I think I’m an average Joe on it.

      2. Men like skinny women -> no we don’t. Men hate woman fat enough to be called fat. In underwears or swimsuits, we like them not too plump.
      We do not like them skinny. That’s what I’m hearing absolutely everywhere and I have no reason to doubt it. The contrary is an exception here.

      3. I do not specially like big breasts. It’s the same as A for me. But it is my impression most men do, whatever they say.

      4. Men love women who are self-indulgent -> To me it needs a healthy balance. I need to have the impression I managed to have a woman who leads the life she wants. But I wouldn’t like a woman uncaring of what I want.
      My impression is most men do not like self-indulgent women. They prefer *they* needs be catered, a rather simplistic approach.

      5. Men adore the scent of perfume -> Either we cannot detect perfume at all, or we hate it. That’s what I hear everywhere. But that’s a somewhat safe gift, so…

      6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing -> Too broad a description. Some I love, some I hate, some I find cute but not sexy (I’d want to protect but not date the wearer…)
      From what I observed I’m rather average on this opinion, but men usually do not love/hate/find sexy the same things as me.

      7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”] -> Of course we do. Anyone old enough to be called a woman cannot appear cute without acting it. We are aware of this.
      Some just happen to like it anyway, in the same way everyone like a child acting cute anyway.

      8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite -> I am actually not sure, I have yet to meet one. I have my doubts I’d have anything against it though.
      Feels like I’m average here.

      9. Men always love young women -> Not proud of it but I do have a preference.
      My impression, however, is that when gaining experience, most men tend to prefer experienced woman. It would be perfectly expectable that I’m nowhere near the required experience.

      10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you -> Nah. We just do not spontaneously get the urge to announce it, with maybe some rare occasions.
      As for why we do not have that urge, there are a variety of reasons, few of which could be rephrased as “don’t really love you.”

      • Anonymous says:

        @16:01 Women that don’t exercise much, aren’t plump. They’re fat and disproportional.
        The plump women I know exercise enough and eat according to their height: They aren’t thin, and they aren’t fat. However, you can grab their bodies without feeling their bones.
        THIS, is how to be healthy.
        No model you see in magazines are like this: they’re just to damn thin!

        @1:50 Exactly, great example.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like how these things always make the list of things that arent true, but lets face it; there’s not a lot of women who looks good with makeup, therefore men like the ones with makeup cuz they look prettier. Admit it, who in you guys looked at a plain girl thinking that she’s hot?

    Usually the ones that wear cute clothing with frills and laces are more looekd at, because it’s considered more feminine.

    I don’t know about you but I don’t see many people hitting on fatties….! Curves are nice though.

    Anyways maybe this change while growing up and maturing, but when guys are young that’s usually what they look for, sadly. And don’t make excuse, I go out of my house and that’s only what the guys look at. 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not that you’re doing it “wrong.” It’s just that we generally don’t care about the hours of extra effort you put into picking clothes, painting your face, starving yourself and pretending to be a model citizen. At the end of the day, all of it amounts to “gift-wrapping.” Not to mention, if your relationship started at a club, it’s already on shaky ground, because neither of you met a real person that night.

      But when you’re at home, everyone wears sweat pants and walks around in their underwear, and are honest. That’s the world you want to live with someone in. Look at yourself in the mirror when you wake up in the morning. Find someone who wants that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Clothing not being frilly/lacy doesn’t automatically mean it doesn’t accentuate the female form. It only means there’s less useless stuff on it.

      Maybe I’m completely wrong, but since when was the natural scent of a woman that of a rosebush exploding into your nostrils? (the only logical reason to use perfume would be to use it to hide your natural “feminine scent” which would only be necessary if you’re lacking personal hygiene)

      Burikko in the list isn’t acting “like a woman” it’s pretending to be an idiot.

      And birthrates are declining because the environmentalists taught the developed world in school that overpopulation is bad, and humans should die out to make room for “nature”, in end-effect creating a (possibly even positive) decline in population which, in many countries, is unfortunately offset by immigration from countries with a lower average IQ.
      ( )
      Who still believe having a large family (and forcefully impregnating) is socially acceptable.

      Guys usually aren’t looking for another guy. But even if they were, they wouldn’t be attracted to a guy disguised as a giggling flower bouquet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Birthrates are declining because independent income gave the people who have the option to choose who they have a relationship with, only choose to have relationships with the top 20% of men.
        Therefore all the other men are getting the used goods. Of course, they will be told “I have no recollection of a love life before you. Time begins now”… 😡
        It’s not surprising that they’re not signing up to pay full price on that situation, where half their worldly possessions can be taken away on a court order, and future salary forever deducted.

        • Anonymous says:

          Remember, the less people that play a game… the more the cost of entry for the remaining players.
          Marriage isn’t working out because many good men are figuring that it’s not worth paying with their lives for a “good” woman that took over 20 years to realise they existed…
          I feel sorry for you, has he called back yet?

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you dress like a woman?Fasion company’s mostly run by gay guys tell women how to dress like women.

      What is a feminine sent?You would think the body odor of an actual female is the ultimate feminine sent.

      How do you act like a women?Is there a quidebook?

      If it wasn’t fore the pesky physical attraction spell woman have on men i’m sure the awnser would be yes on the last 1.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll only comment on one point.
      If you think “feminine scent” is some advertized garbage you are fool. Also as above said, many people are allergic to some perfumes. No scent is definitely better.

    • All of this also relates to #7. Women being fake.

      Acts like a woman: Fake women annoy the everlovin’ fuck out of us, to put it mildly. In Japan, it’s subtly different I imagine. Think of it like a play over there compared to here. Girls acting fake cute is part of the culture, but it’s not the actual acting part, it’s the fact that they ARE acting that makes it cute. The men know they’re being fake, but I’d imagine it’s like over here if we see a woman joking around. It’s like ‘hey, this girl isn’t afraid to play around.’ But there are some girls who would assume that men can’t tell the difference, and they’re wrong. Men just stop caring about her as a person then, because by being fake, they subconsciously gave permission for that anyway. They can act cute, or they can be themselves in bed, doesn’t make a difference, the guy still gets laid. But when it comes to personality, a woman being herself is key, as always. Otherwise, if a woman is fake, then we stop treating them like people and treat them more like a surreal being with boobs. It might sound sexist but nobody ever told them to stop being themselves, so if they want to be fake, they’ll be treated as such.

      Perfume: Annoying as hell 90% of the time. And causes allergies to flare up for everyone around you if not careful. Many perfumes are severely overpowered and frankly overwhelm a room. We want to smell shampoo on your hair more than we want to smell citrus flowers assaulting us from all angles, understand? Simple moderation.

      Dresses like a woman: Nobody said anything about that. And there’s a certain generality to ‘frilly/lacy clothing’ that isn’t covered. If you’re walking around in gothic lolita on a normal day and there’s no anime convention, you’ve immediately become an ‘attention whore.’ There is no really good reason for something like that. If you want a practical reason why we don’t like frill and lace a lot, is because it’s often poofy and can get in the way. One thing we love is the shadows under the breasts and the shadows around the hips, because they define your physical form. Frill and lace can potentially ruin those shadows and often end up being less flattering than a single-colored shirt or something. As for dresses themselves. As long as you’re not dressing like a hippie, you’re fine. We love dresses and skirts that work well and flow with your form.

      • If you think goth loli types dress like that to get attention from men you’re extremely self-centered and probably sexist. Goth loli types wear that clothing because they love the fashion and the community.

        Dressing in an extreme clothing style isn’t about being an “attention whore” – the first time you go out dressed like that is nerve-wracking; you’re totally worried about sticking out too much and what people think of you. It’s about expressing your personality and style through your clothing and not being afraid to assert yourself, and associating yourself visibly with other like-minded people. You’re telling the world “I’m not hiding anything: this is who I am”. I think most people don’t have the strength to do that, especially in Japan, where the conformist culture paints you as a freak for being into that stuff.

      • This being Sankaku I should have realized this is a list of extremes.

        I mistakenly assumed they were discussing women who could make the distintion of what was appropriate to wear to the office or on a date.
        Though I have seen my share of lady Bozo’s.

        Same goes for perfume, I once again assumed that the women in question did not bathe in what my dad used to describe as “pail of piss”.
        Subtlety is the key in all things.

        Finally, By acting like a woman I did not mean affecting a cutesy pose or manner of speaking but by being herself and bringing her own special “spin to the dance”.

        Guess I misread the intent of the quiz but as a guy once said “Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown”.

        • Don’t think of it as extremes. Think of it as a badly-written poll that doesn’t label it as such. But what the purpose of the poll seems to generally convey is that if you went without any of these, you would be good.

          And honestly, even a little perfume to me is annoying. It really depends, but still, perfume covers up your scent, and we want your scent. If you wash your hair in a nice shampoo, I personally love that smell. Perfume is part of being ‘fake’ to me. Makeup isn’t really fake unless you go crazy. Makeup is merely an exaggeration of shadows and highlights when used well. Perfume is a fake smell, not yours. It rarely generates anything more than a “What the hell is that smell?” from us from what I’ve seen.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Hate the large layers of make up. Though it’s also true that the “natural looking” make up is a lot of make up, which even I find looking goood.
    2. Sure, but not anorexic. I do like some of the bigger girls too. It’s more about the curvature than the actual size.
    3. Not actually required. Like DFC all the way to big.
    4. wtf?
    5. Not really, though sometimes the smell of shampoo works wonders.
    6. I must admit that I’m a sucker for them.
    7. Wait, it’s not an act?
    8. I’d like a woman who can eat. It’d be a disgrace to not eat well. Nothing like a ridiculous appetite that surpasses mine, but a good portion. Don’t want no skeleton.
    9. I admit that this is somewhat true.
    10. I rarely say ILU to my gf and I love her to bits.

  • Anonymous says:

    Men and Women stereotype and I feel Asian people suffer is the most ha ha. Like yea I love big tits but I am not a fan skinny skinny girls, I like a little something something to grab on and bounce off. 😛

  • 10. Men don’t say “I love you” because they don’t really love you

    I don’t say to a girl I don’t love “I love you” either, only to girls I actually love.

    7. Men just can’t see through a woman acting cute [“burikko”]

    If a girl were to try that to me, I would ask a medic. I have yet to find a girl that has a cute personality by nature, rather than act.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like to believe that most women know better than to think most of the things listed above…. those are media stereotypes to be sure but I dont really believe that guys wont like me if I’m not skinny and endowed with a tiny appetite. Are this a list of things MEN think women believe? Or I guess maybe japanese women are different and do think these things.

  • #1’s a “definitely”, the rest are more debatable but mostly true I think, especially 3 (if it’s looked at as “only” like big breasts, I do know some breast men but I’m not one of them)4, 7, and 10. Despite being on this site and having a general preference for younger women, some are really annoying and half my girlfriends have been older than me, so 9 isn’t really true.

  • At this risk of being humiliated, here are my opinions:

    1. I absolutely despise makeup. Imagine kissing a girl with make-up on and tasting all that chemicals… Urgh.

    2. Slightly skinny -> Healthily Plump is fine by me. As long it’s neither of the two extremes.

    3. Everyone together now… DFC! DFC! DFC!

    4. I like to be self-indulgent too.

    5. Natural pheromones are the only perfume you’ll need.

    6. As long as you can pull the look off, anything is fine by me.

    7. Can get annoying, but it’s nice from time to time.

    8. It’s better for both parties.

    9. Older girls aren’t that bad. Just as long as it’s within a 5 year age difference.

    10. If I don’t love you, I say ‘GET LOST’. Why say something if you mean another?

    • Anonymous says:

      For #10, I thought actions speak louder than words?
      I observe that the guys who are the most detached from their girls, seem to have the most options.
      So, she’s basically with a person who has their eye on someone else.

      But at the same time, if men really revealed their emotions to women, women would call them weak.

      Watch who she’s with, if you want to know what she wants…

      • Anonymous says:

        The whole “weak” idea is in men’s brain.
        If you can’t express your emotions it only means you’re afraid of them.It has little to do with women,as it has more to do with you.

        • Anonymous says:

          > The whole “weak” idea is in men’s brain.

          Maybe not weak, but unmanly, or at least in whatever way unattractive. Women pretend they want a man who can express his emotions, cry, et al. It seems they do dream about it. But when they get one they find unattractive when he does just that. Long story short, they think they want it but they’re wrong. That’s really the same as not wanting an asshole: often these women will never date someone who isn’t an asshole. Or at least they’ll be dissatisfied.
          ‘Course, women are not all identical. It’s just a trend.

          > If you can’t express your emotions it only means you’re afraid of them.

          Nonsense. Emotions are an excellent exemple of what language can suck at expressing. Expressing emotions with words is just simply a very complicated task, that usually will be poorly performed even when doing one’s best effort. On a 90% unrelated note, it might also need some courage.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not sure what breast size has to do with raising kids, but ok.

        I also wouldn’t agree that a teen is more suitable for raising kids than someone in their 20s or 30s. Clearly the older woman has more experience which in most cases leads to better parenting. And from a natural pov the older woman has shown survival of the fittest. A younger woman hasn’t.

        • Anonymous says:

          > I’m not sure what breast size has to do with raising kids

          Nothing, but the male’s brain pattern recognition wires this vision with this idea as a reflex. Pretty much the same thing as wanting to punch someone you disagree with. It is unlikely that eliminating the disagreer will ever solve anything, yet we want to as a reflex.

          > And from a natural pov the older woman has shown survival of the fittest. A younger woman hasn’t.

          Natural pov is the only one that matters in this discussion. And nature doesn’t care the woman managed to survive longest, nature wants the species, in this case the foels, to be the healthiest. It so happens that it usually comes shortly after fertility.

          Life is unfair, yes, I know.

      • Yup, it’s the truth and many are in denial about it because of heavy Christian influence in the west. Nobody seems to recognize that genetic memory does have some effect. If we’ve had generations of people fearing sex as unnatural and evil in our histories, then we have in fact grown up with altered beliefs. The Original Sin concept and women tempting men as the devil’s work has hounded us unconsciously for years, and frankly I think that is partially what’s involved in causing certain forms of sex to be deified, while most others turned into evil or somehow mentally wrong.

        There are scenarios of course where fetishes are birthed from psychological traumas or just events in one’s life, but even if they discover that trauma and rectify it, the fetish still works on the sexual mind. It’s not like fear where we become more confident and less afraid once we find the source of trauma. Sex is still sex no matter what we think, the fetish just becomes more under our control once we know its source. You don’t lose fetishes, you expand your repertoire. The only people who actually have a mental issue with sex are the people who only like a single kind.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s not the heavy Christian influence. Heavy Christian influence was around the time of Romeo and Juliet too… they got married at 13!

          It’s the women sleeping around that want a fallback guy, who say that men going after younger women is wrong.

          If the goods don’t meet market standards, outlaw alternatives… that’s protectionism.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have a big breast fetish because i was never breast feed as a child. Your life effects your sexual desires, i was born lactose intolerant and now i love women with large breasts.

    • Anonymous says:

      men THINK they like natural better but everytime I don’t wear makeup all the guys at work ask me if I’m feeling ok and tell me I look really tired.

      I think what’s best is MINIMAL makeup, light coverage to make your skintone even and to hide dark circles. It barely takes any makeup to do this, but a lot of ladies are so worried about their “bad skin” that they put on more than necessary.

      • Yet it is so true. A relationships of mine broke ’cause of this. She sad “You never sad that you love me!” and I answered “Yeah, ’cause the word ‘love’ is just bullshit. I want to hold you tight, want you always by my side. I want to support you and be there for you.” she sad then “So, do you love me then?” and I sad “I won’t use a word with such a weak and subjective meaning like ‘love'”. She ran away saying she hates me. we broke up ’cause of this.

        One week later she had a new boyfriend …

        • Anonymous says:

          Obviously that would ba a (one-sided) summary of what actually happened. But this situation is somewhat predictable with the right thought patterns, and if he’s anything like me he could have thought about that sort of things and have that kind of answers more or less built in mind to answer.

          I’d never do that, though (unless I’d want to hurt the girl, which I wonder why I would). While it is sometimes sexy to have brains and to be rational, this is clearly a situation where it is not. The girl does not want a philosophical discussion about the meaning of the word “love,” she wants her partner to embrace the meaning she’s attaching to it right now, and her partner to feel “love” for her according to such meaning. And she would have settled for just pretending by saying it. Sometimes just give people what they want is the reasonable thing to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        About #10…those are pretty powerful words. How far into a relationship does a woman want to go before hearing that? If too early it’s obviously bullshit and if you wait too long then they get pissy. And no matter which way you go you are liable to incur their wrath after you say it due to their romantic expectations being impossible to live up to. Older woman are most likely the way to go and that’s a real shame for obvious reasons.

      • Nah I saw #3 as that, I actually prefer breasts in proportion to body type/size or whatever the proper term is for it.

        Short girls with small breasts are to me, hotter than the well endowed ones.

        I guess I;m just the type to for the overall look instead of just that one body part on a woman.

        Oh and btw, I’m a leg-man. Dunno if that’s the proper term but that’s what I call it XD

      • 6. Men are great fans of frilly/lacy clothing

        Naturally, ZUN (godly-awesome, uber-drunken, lolicon, musician and creator of Touhou Project and all his ‘daughters’) is on the top of the list…

        8. Men don’t like women who exhibit a healthy appetite

        As long as she ain’t Whitney Houston anorexic or a fat-ass sumo wrestler, she is healthy enough…

        Then again, how about healthy ‘below’ there…That’s another story…

        • I’m pretty sure a healthy appetite just means that when a woman goes to a restaurant, she’ll order from the entree menu and actually finish it, instead of eating half of a salad and trying her hardest to skip dessert. The keyword is “appetite,” which you two seem to have misconstrued for “figure.” It’s a plus if she has both, though, especially for her health’s sake.