Ishihara Rape Eroge Released


Four term Tokyo governor and noted otaku hater Shintaro Ishihara has finally had the most notorious of his perverted rape novels adapted into an eroge, complete with paper screen penis penetration action.

Entitled “Shouji Ch**ko Man no Kisetsu” (“season of the paper screen door d**k man”), the visual novel is reputedly by one “Chintaro Ishihara.” It is a strictly unauthorised doujin affair, described as an “homage” to “Season of the Sun” by its makers.

It is now on sale in Akihabara, where its merits are made clear:


The eroge is evidently mostly inspired by a notorious passage in Ishihara’s most famous rape novel, Season of the Sun:

His body still dripping water from the bath he had just taken, Tatsuya decided it was time for Eiko. He draped the towel round his naked torso, and called to her through the shoji [Japanese-style paper screen door].


When he felt Eiko was looking in his direction, he thrust his erect penis through the paper door. The paper tore with a dry sound, and Eiko, who had been reading a book, threw the book with all her might at the door. The book hit its target and slid to the floor.

In that instant, Tatsuya’s whole body tightened with pleasure. He savoured the pleasure of being resisted by another human. He opened the door and went inside…

Critics of Ishihara’s censorship drive have frequently made derisive references to shoji penis penetration as a result of this outstanding literary record; though strangely the entire passage was omitted from the hit movie adaptation released in the fifties.

The fact that his ban specifically excludes both novels and photographic material has also not escaped attention – Ishihara seems to be in the unique position of having banned any illustrated adaptation of his own novels as “harmful literature,” whilst leaving the warped originals for all to enjoy.

The visual novel is now on sale for the bargain price of ¥525 in Akihabara doujin emporia.



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