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And You Thought Doller AVs Were Creepy!


“Her body is a doll, her heart is your imouto” – so runs the patter for “Imouto Rin,” an adult video featuring over an hour of nothing less than a man having sex with a doll he imagines to be his little sister who died 10 years ago in a car crash…



Whatever can be said about owning a love doll (the high quality models of which can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars and be rather realistic), that some would actually pay to watch a man having sex with one certainly takes things to the next level – too much even for the denizens of 2ch, it seems:

“The poor actor!”

“She looks like a doll?”

“So it’s a video of a guy masturbating?”

“This is certainly a test of his acting abilities.”

“For him to end up doing a doll rather than a real porn star is so sad…”

“What a surreal world.”

“It’s just too high level for me.”

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