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“Why Do Girls Wear Their Bag Strap Between Their Breasts?”


2ch has been “discussing” the finer points of female fashion again – this time the topic is “π/”: the name given to wearing a bag strap slung between the breasts such as to emphasise them considerably.

2ch’s enlightening discussion of the matter:

“Why do girls wear their bag straps between their breasts like that?”

“Try Googling pai-slash ( π/ )” [“pai” from “oppai”]

“If you bend over like that nobody gets a glimpse!”

“Where are the example pictures?”

“No jpgs yet?”

“Hurry up with the jpgs.”


“How lazy can you get, no pics yet?”

“No images, this is pitiful.”

“So this is a π/ thread?”

“First time I’ve heard the term.”

“So that’s what it’s called?”


“π/ girls are mostly uglies. Nice girls wouldn’t do it.”

“I was in a rush and left the house quickly forgetting to put on my bra, and had my bag slung like that. I was sat on the train and the old guy opposite seemed to be staring at my chest… the strap was emphasising my breasts and on top of that you could totally see my nipples. Being seen like that is pretty stimulating and makes your nipples erect, doesn’t it?”

“Just like you guys to come up with a name like that for it.”

“Look, without jpgs this thread has no value.”

“This thread is suffering a major lack of jpgs!”

“I told an ota-girl ‘that’s sexy’ and she was like ‘what is?’ – apparently only being naked is sexy to girls.”

“I like it when this happens with seatbelts.”

“In reality only chibis and fatties do it.”








“Pai-sura, ahegao, double piece – there is loads of strange new fetish terminology all of a sudden.”

More of this in a previous gallery of such.


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