Nanpa Master Busted: “I Did 100 of the 1000 I Asked”


Police have arrested a nanpa master who reports hitting on 1000 girls, of which 100 agreed to have sex with him.

Fukuoka police arrested the 34-year-old man on suspicion of committing indecent acts with minors (highschool girls he had hit on), and for manufacturing child pornography (likely for making a private record of his conquests).

He admits the charges, explaining “Of over 1000 people I approached, I had indecent relations with about 100.”

Police are obligingly looking for more charges to pin on him.

2ch is fascinated by the prospect of a 10% success rate and none of the fees normally associated with slatternly schoolgirls:

“1 in 10 odds. Amazing success rate.”

“What! Disgraceful! How I envy him!”

“A true winner.”

“What exactly is wrong with this? He had their consent.”

“He was probably paying them, I bet it wasn’t really nanpa.”

“I don’t think so. The charges are for the sex and the photographs, they’d not publish those and leave out one for prostitution.”

“Nanpa is all about the volume of fire. You don’t have to be a hot shot, you just need to keep firing and eventually you’ll hit.”

“Was he a hot guy or did he just hit only on ugly girls?”

“Or, in other words, he was turned down by 900 women. He stood up well.”

“I’m ugly and no smooth talker, but when I tried hitting on high schoolers as a student I got  almost all of them to give me their name, address and number. Not one was upset or angry about me asking. Doesn’t matter if you’re not hot, although being old is a problem.”

“I tried ‘If you have a moment, will you have a chat with me?’ – 80% blanked me, and the remaining 20% blanked me and then made an angry face. You need a steel heart or it’s impossible.”

“I’m making notes here.”

“If he did 100, doesn’t that mean he probably succeeded in hitting on more than that number, but never got to the sex part?”

“Developed countries are right in thinking talking to strangers is dangerous. Overseas he would have been immediately arrested. Japanese are like school children in their thinking about this.”

“My daughters were saying how creepy all these sex starved nanpa types are when they try to hit on them, although that was to their mother.”

“If you’re not paying them, 10% is impossible.”

“People like this don’t even view women as people.”

“What’s the point of this law? It’s just the authorities toying with people.”

“This far and still no jpg?”

“If he had their consent, who cares.”

“It’s obviously bad. It’s not fair at all.”


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