Top 10 Anime Characters You Just Want to Punch


Anime fans asked which characters they would immediately be compelled to punch were they actually to meet supply a yet another harsh ranking of hated characters, indicating even some of the most beloved of moeblobs are as likely to find themselves nursing a black eye as are more traditional villains.

The ranking:

1. QB (Madoka)

2. Tarao Fuguta (Sazae-san)

3. Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!)

4. Makoto Ito (School Days)

5. Kirino Kousaka (Ore no Imouto)

6. Katsu Kobayashi

7. Makoto Niwa (Denpa Onna)

8. Accelerator (Index)

9. Shinji Matou (Fate/stay Night)

10. Haruhi (Haruhi)

Just what poor Yui did to deserve this is not clear.

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