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15-Year-Old’s First Time “Was With That Famous Mangaka!”


The confession of a hostess that her first time was with an “ultra-famous” mangaka at age 15 has lately been raising eyebrows online, though not nearly as much as the purportedly huge size of what he was keeping in his trousers.

The interview as published in tawdry rag Tokyo Sports:

Who are you?

Rumi, a 20-year-old hostess.

Body data:

164cm, 50kg, C cup.


20 people, 8 boyfriends.

Who were the non-boyfriends?

Male friends and their acquaintances. People who hit on me.

Your first time?

15, first year of high school.

Who was it with?

That ultra-famous mangaka **************-sensei.

How did you end up with him?

He hit on me at Ohmiya. Seems he wanted to hit on a normal girl and came out from the centre of Tokyo. He spent 2 hours working on me and he was so persistent I finally gave in and did him. As you might expect, he was totally loaded, I was surprised to see he had ¥3,000,000 in his wallet!


Right. He bought me ¥100,000 worth of clothes.

How was your first time?

It hurt quite a bit. Pretty normal play, now I think about it it wasn’t too bad.

The identity of her supposed conquest is not revealed, but there are only a handful of mangaka who meet the “ultra-famous” and “bags of money” qualification.

2ch is more interested in the size of the wallet mentioned than the identity of the mangaka or the tale’s veracity:

“A wallet with ¥3,000,000 in it…”

“That sounds physically impossible.”

“I want to see one! I want to see one!”

“With ¥10,000 notes that would be 300 though.”

“However you look at it it’s not possible!”

“How thick would that be…”

“What kind of idiot puts that much in a wallet anyway?”

“You can’t even bend a wallet with ¥300,000 in it.”

“It was 3x¥1,000,000 notes.”

“Somebody post a picture of a wallet with that much in it.”

“It was this:”




“This is ¥1,000,000… what kind would you need to fit 3 million? That’s like 3cm, or 3 smartphones in your wallet.”

“You people have no imagination:”


“Looks like a pair of pantsu.”

“What is that, a kid’s wallet?”

“Here’s ¥3 million:”


“¥5 million:”


“You can easily fit that much into a wallet. How would anyone not know that?”


“It’s impossible!”


“You really can’t bend it at all with that much.”

“Why did this become a wallet thread?”

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