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Tokyo Manga Ban Now In Effect


Governor Ishihara’s initiative to rid Tokyo of depraved 2D filth has finally come into effect on the first of July, making it a crime to distribute any anime, manga or game the government deems “unhealthy” without consigning it to the same channels hardcore porn is distributed by.

In the best traditions of Japanese law making, the law itself is vague and its application is entirely in the hands of unaccountable civil servants and very nearly unaccountable politicians like Ishihara and his deputy Naoki Inose, both of whom have made their loathing for manga, anime and games no secret.

The law itself specifically targets (2D) content which “improperly glorifies or promotes illegal sexual activity,” a notably broad definition which Tokyo, for the time being at least, has clarified as specifically targeting “works depicting women enjoying being raped or incest as being fun.” It is widely expected that underage sexual activity (i.e. anything involving schoolgirls) is intended to be part of the ban in due course.

The actual scope of the law excludes novels (otherwise Ishihara would be in the unique position of banning his own novels, which feature lurid tales of underage rape) and photographic material. Although drafted with manga foremost in mind, it is also intended to cover anime and, in principle at least, also supplants Japan’s game censorship regime.

The letter of the law also suggests events such as Comiket are now technically illegal, and if permitted are only allowed to continue on government sufferance – at present the only thing supporting Comiket’s legality is a series of tweets by vice governor Inose in which he invents various legal arguments, such as that Comiket is in “festival space” and that doujinshi publishers are not actually “publishers” and so are not covered by the ordinance.

The law has already been ferociously criticised by mangaka and the publishing industry for its vagueness and indiscriminate nature, with many concerned that fear of the ban alone will cause nationwide “self-censorship” so as to avoid being shut out of the mainstream publishing industry.

Several high profile works, such as Akisora, have already been banned, but it is likely that the majority of the law’s effect will be from publishers quietly cancelling or declining to publish material they feel Ishihara might disapprove of, as some mangaka have already reported.

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  • That dumb ass govt is gonna ruin the industry with this ban.

    I would not be susprised most of the manga creators would retire cause of the ban or just leave the country and go to another one that doesn’t have it.

    If the creator of Aki Sora is reading i recomend relocating to the US and complete your work of Aki Sora.

  • Anonymous says:


    Great Job Ishihara. Stage one of removing the USELESS FUCKING FILTH / Waste of a human brain and flesh that is the Otaku.

    I like anime and porn is nice and all. But some people, MOST people, take it way too far. Especially when they realistically claim that 2D girls are better than 3D because “Oh no, girls want your money”. Not all girls are like that, it’s called getting out of your damn house and meeting them.

    And no, there will be no freedom of speech movement. Because cartoon watchers aren’t that organized. Everyone will just have a “Someone else will do it” mentality.

    Marijuana will sooner be legalized before this law is removed. And Marijuana legalization has LEGIONS of people supporting it and it’s own political party. THE GOVERNMENT IS FUCKING YOU AND YOU STAND NO CHANCE! The New World Order is on the horizon. It gets clearer and clearer every day.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did I read that fourth paragraph correct:

    “The actual scope of the law excludes novels … and photographic material.”

    am I to understand that lolicon is now forbidden but actual pictures of underaged girls is not?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait. You mean that writers might have to start writing good stories instead of relying on school girls showing panties and being in sexually motivated situations?

    God forbid this ever hit anime and manga.

  • Anonymous says:

    They should just sell everything as porn. That way if everything is porn than all that means is that their children will become the smartest people in the world because everyone knows that all the little boys love porn. So they’ll actually read a book/manga that actually has information in it. Like their history books sold as porn, art books sold as porn, and everything else sold as porn. Japan could just change it’s name from the land of the rising sun to the land of the morning wood.

  • Anonymous says:

    Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!Die Ishihara!!!

    Ruining your own life wasn’t enough, and you;re ruining everyones life. Ishihara I loath and despise you, and I was you were death along with your fucked up law.

    I really hope the people from Japan realize he;s a threat to society and will stand up against him.

    I’ll drink wine and party all night once I know that the inferior governer is no more.

  • “In the best traditions of Japanese law making, the LAW ITSELF IS VAGUE and its application is entirely in the hands of unaccountable civil servants and very nearly unaccountable politicians like Ishihara and his deputy Naoki Inose”

    UN Resolution 1973 .jpg

  • Anonymous says:

    has clarified as specifically targeting “works depicting women enjoying being raped or incest as being fun.”~

    So, if the women are crying and not enjoying it it’s ok then?

  • Anonymous says:

    FUCK YOU! DON’T LIKE IT? DON’T READ IT AND RUIN OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE. YOU SICK JAPANESE GOVERNMENT! lol they probably won’t read that but still, I keep getting the feeling that they are trying to force otakus to accept fucking 4D and not 2D.

  • This is Ishithara’s way of getting people to buy his even worse novels of lurid underage rape stories which is base on 3D and not some non-existant 2D drawing. Now if the manga companies would get smart they would move their entire shop out of Tokyo including sales and nothing he does would affect their readers.. After all their faithful readers would jump on a train and go to the next city over to get their mangas!

  • Is there any news of what people are doing to combat this on a legal level in Japan, Artefact?

    Also, while I realize that Wikipedia is not a completely reliable source- a very brief glance at the Constitution of Japan ( indicates that:
    Article 19 indicates that freedom of thought and conscious are guaranteed.
    Article 21 guarantees free speech and communications in ANY format- and without monitor by the government in ANY capacity.
    Article 39 states that a person is not criminally liable for a act lawful at the time committed if that act is now unlawful.
    Article 98 guarantees authority above that of any established law, ordinance, or anything that tries to contradict the words of that document.

    This would indicate that all publishers, buyers, and sellers, authors, and whoever falls victim to this ban should disregard the moral demands based on several correlating articles in the Japanese constitution. I do realize that in at least two places there could be a defense for this ban because of Article 25, but this in my view is a very shaky defense to invoke in this situation due to the specific nature of the persecution invoked by Governor Ishihara.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you…. I knew that the Japanese Constitution had something in it that was meant to stop things like this and analogous to our First Amendment here in the United States.

      Hell, those parts you point out might be MORE HARSH on the matter than our First Amendment.

  • get all otakus to hire an assassin!!! band togeather save that cash send it to assassin target ishihara!!!

    or someone needs to do this asap ^3^ i want my lolis untainted by ishihara!!! fuck him and his noves stick a nuke up his ass!!! lol

  • This again huh
    Let the buried dog rest already, returning same topic over and over gets old quickly.

    tl;dr nobody cares for that ban aside of frowning upon it.
    It’s same how they are fighting piracy for games. Harsh penalties..police raids..monitoring…and it’s still as common as grass.

    Same with anime/manga.

  • Anonymous says:

    “targeting works depicting incest as being fun”

    Maybe if the birthrates weren’t so low and more people came from multi-child families, incest as a fetish/taboo would lose some of its allure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do what -Pachinko Palors Did-

    Go one side of place = buy balls -> play machines -> turn in for Eromanga -> Return balls for cash.


  • “The letter of the law also suggests events such as Comiket are now technically illegal”… well great ishihara, you successed, if you wanted destroy one of the biggest events in japan and this will be surely a big tourist lose too.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not too worried about what will happen in future titles, because people will FOR SURE challenge it with new IPs in ways that are tasteful. As for the rest, the ecchi artists will just have to own up the fact that they’ve been drawing softcore porn for a long time.

    It’s all the compelling titles in the middle ground that have yet to finish, like HOTD and Berserk, that are easy targets for this crackpot ban that I worry about. While democracy is working it’s magic, there may be a few casualties.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is this evil man getting rid of some of the stuff we love most even scientists agree that it actually healthy for guys to read that kind of stuff no seriusly its true even google it Ill tell u what happens if you dont read that or have a sex life your health goes terribly low you get depretion and thoughts of suicide so its healthy for GUYS

  • wow, he didn’t include his own works to the ban… what an unfair, biased, and prejudiced jerkface…

    it’s like preventing others from doing something only you want to do… that is, making “sensitive” content…

    nowadays, people are so damn liberated that even 2 persons of the same gender can even marry… i wonder why Ishihara just can’t get along with what’s happening today…

    • Anonymous says:

      OLD FOGY! Enough said….. that is what most people above the age of 40 are: old fogies who LOVE to try to take things back to when they were children because they have such ‘fond remembrances’ of that time…. which are usually no where close to reality when it comes down to it.

  • “Comment by Actar
    16:38 01/07/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Another case of parents not wanting to take responsibility for what their children read and watch.”

    That comment has limits.

    And as a parent I have the ability to know there are SOME things I want to limit myself, and there are some things I don’t want to be stuck doing all by myself.

    I have no problem with child porn being eliminated without me having to do it.
    I would rather the definition of child porn be for me to decide though.

    I don’t consider a 14 year old acting like any other 14 year on the planet, in print, on par with images of 5 year olds being used for sexual gratification regardless of the explanations.
    I don’t care if the image if just a doesn’t get harmed image.
    I also don’t want you throwing garbage out in the park, I don’t want you storing rusting cars on the street in front of your home.
    I reserve the right to tell you you can’t play music at any volume level you wish.

    I don’t mind some laws preventing some from trashing the environment I am trying to live in.
    I don’t give a fuck if you want to smoke in public.

    I’m ok telling you it is against the law to spew out hateful lies of an ethnic slur variety.

    I don’t mind some forms of speech being crushed.
    I’d have silenced that homophobic cock sucker Fred Phelps a looooooong time ago.

    I have no beef with my son watching hentai, as long as it is 13+ hentai. If I found it going 12 or below, his computer will be formatted in his sleep, nothing saved. And he’d be in a world of shit.

    I’d love to tell Ishy to his face he’s a useless fuck, but THAT will never happen sadly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gee, your awful selective in who gets to voice their an opinion and who doesn’t.

      Only people who agree with Sukunai get to have opinions?

      I don’t care what Fred Phelps says or doesn’t say. He’s a fucking idiot and if you waste your time listening to him then you’re an idiot too, but silence him?

      Pehaps you would like to start burning books you dont like too?

      As far as I’m concerned all speech, even the most hateful is to be heard. Laws against “hate speeech” are biggest crock of shit I’ve heard of in 60 years. I’ll form my own opinions, thank you.

      The net is the last bastion of truly free speech but not for long. Governments are already at work to speed the demise of the “golden age”.

      Perhaps in a few years the government will format your computer for you so can enter the new pure homogenized net.

    • Anonymous says:

      > I don’t mind some forms of speech being crushed.

      each and every form of speech has the same right to exist.

      > I have no beef with my son watching hentai, as long as it is 13+ hentai. If I found it going 12 or below, his computer will be formatted in his sleep, nothing saved. And he’d be in a world of shit.

      then, you wouldn’t mind if I’ll do the same to you (once found out something that “I don’t like” on your computer), would you?

    • Anonymous says:

      > I don’t mind some forms of speech being crushed.

      each and every form of speech has the same right to exist.

      > I have no beef with my son watching hentai, as long as it is 13+ hentai. If I found it going 12 or below, his computer will be formatted in his sleep, nothing saved. And he’d be in a world of shit.

      then, you wouldn’t mind if I’ll do the same to you (once found out something that “I don’t like” on your computer), would you?

  • I wanted to panic and I wanted to be concerned.

    Then I realized

    A. as a Canadian my voice simply matters as much as Ishy’s does here in Canada.

    B. chances are his market merely tells him to fuck off and the creators go out of his reach (and Japanese fans get to know what it is like to want something from a foreign source I suppose).

    C. if the creators really want to make the stuff they will, and it will get into circulation like it always will, and if you are under age, you will just need to get your fix like the rest of the planet does, as downloaded copies.

    And when you consider the planet has almost entirely made pdf readers a complete reality, print is really now only for the elite.

    It will likely force the makers of anime to finally give me more anime that is more anime, and less content only good for stroking off to. Not that I hate stroking off to hentai, but, I’d rather there was more anime, that was more clearly NOT meant to stroke off to.

    Hey some of us DO think A Channel was a great show eh. No fan service was required to make me like it.
    For those that desperately need to jack off looking at their panties, you will just need to get those images from the usual rule 34 options that will always exist. To bad if none of it comes directly from the show.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, I don’t like porn, so how about we ban that too?
    Or maybe we can go ban Short to bald for women since I don’t like that too?
    It’s lke one persons oppinion is fucking the live of everyone.
    When you say Japan, people think Manga and Anime (and some other things)
    So why ban that what made that country popular???

  • Anonymous says:

    I indirectly blame the otaku community, most are of voting age and large in number. If they all got up and did something (like voting this idiot out) he wouldn’t be in office.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I dont think that voting really can solve this kind of problems, see the case of my country Brazil, here vote is obligatory EVERYONE 18+ needs to vote no excuses and we still have some of the worst politicians, the real problem is people is dumb.

      • Anonymous says:

        People are not dumb…. the problem is that it is a choice between dumb and dumber in most cases when you are talking about politicians.

        Here in the United States it’s a choice between Democrats who LOVE to try to take away the right to keep and bear arms and the Republicans who LOVE to try to take off the necessary regulations on businesses.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how Arnold in California (known for violent movies) tries to fight violence in games and Ishihara in Tokyo (known for sexy books) tries to fight sex in manga. Basically, both of them want to atone for what they did when they were young. Not the best way to do it, guys. Get some therapy, don’t get the whole country involved.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is. The material can still be published, it will still make it to the internet, and it’s not like most people here were paying for it anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    “and that doujinshi publishers are not actually “publishers” and so are not covered by the ordinance.”

    This just in. Hundreds of doujinshi publishers arrested for copyright infringements. They were all miraculously in one place for a festival when caught.

  • Anonymous says:

    So like…. I’m 26, and I enjoy Anime.. and Manga… and Japanese video games.. so if those things aren’t for children.. So things with actual story’s about life.. violence. sex. basically anything considered to be adult in terms of it’s target audience.. are those things now Illegal?

    I don’t understand, what are they trying to do? Why did they leave out Novels? Ishihara wrote Novels about rape of all the things one could write stories about.. what the heck is going on//

    I’ve been into Manga long before the Anime & Manga boom happened.. and slowly. with it becoming more and more popular.. it’s becoming worse and worse, to think what it’s going to be like in another 20 years, it seriously scares me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lets hope the effects of this ban are minimal. Like a phase that people just got used to and appropriately responded to with more support for those manga that were once not rated adults only.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s probably been said, but I’d say this puts Ishihara on the same level as a terrorist. Let’s wait to see the damage this will do the japanese economy, both internally and externally.

    With such a vague law, they can go ahead and ban something like Naruto, for violence. Full Metal Alchemist for using magic, Bleach for the same things.

    Down with Ishihara, the low-life scum!

  • If this is the case, why don’t they put age rating on their shit like any other normal person would do and NOT allow children to read or watch anything that is considered inappropriate to them which is common sense. But I highly doubt old shit-bags like Ishihara wouldn’t know the meaning of common sense even if it had hit him in the face. Also, now that this manga ban is effect, people may end up losing their jobs as publishers and writers and may end planning on killing Ishihara and any others that are involved in the manga ban. But that’s just my speculation on the subject.

  • Anonymous says:

    People are overreacting. Technically this law bans nothing; only forces certain works to have a +18 label on them. So fucking what? Hardcore loli manga and other extreme porn will continue to be made.

  • You get what you vote for. He got elected 4th time in a row …

    And besides, they are a nation of cowards with submission carved into their heads since they are born. Not all of them of course, but most of the people making decisions (small or big ones) nonetheless.

    In the other context, they are statistically a nation of old farts, in quite pinchy economical situation. It’s pretty obvious whom (and what kind of things) old farts prefer to blame for everything …

    They have been censoring everything releated to pornography (3d, 2d, whatever) since 1957 (using certain trial as a starting point), basing the “reasoning” on vague two-liner from Meiji period … They don’t have problems with that, and you want them to have problem with this. Come on …

    You could almost say that this vague “law” is a natural evolution …

  • Anonymous says:

    Bwahahaha… Take that in the ass, pedo sick fuck bastards!!! 凸(^_^)凸

    Seriously, it’s about time I get fucking tired of shitty anime with the same recycled animu high school themes. Now that it’s banned, maybe they can focus on animate other more grown-up and coherent works in that vast ocean of manga.

    If Akisora was banned right after its first 5 chapters, I might jump in the bandwagon and trashtalk about Ishihara but now it’s just a shitty and empty manga about sex, sex, sex, and sex so the timing cannot get any better than this. By buh piece of shit LOLOLOLOL

    The only concern is games but games like SMT or Persona barely show any sex so they can’t do shit about those. As for disgusting crap like visual novels or pr0n games, only ronery pervs like the majority of this weaboo userbase will suffer and I shall el oh el while pissing on their misery… Feel good man ~

  • Anonymous says:

    But 2-D to 3-D content is okay, right? That’s where technology is going anyways. And if the law specifically targets works depicting women, then it’s fine to have works depicting men? Or rather, just cut gender altogether and make everyone “genderless”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kill iSHIThara dammit kill him. Or actually no, his entire family should be rape-murdered exactly the way described in his novels, and in front of his very eyes. Then he should be killed. And leave it to the media to point the blame on his rape novels.

  • And America just got out of the “Comics Code authority” 100% not that it isn’t really struggling with expressive freedom also.

    There have been a lot of essays on the effects of the comics code. Frank Miller did his take, Scott McCloud in “Reinventing Comics” did a nice graphic representation.

    The implementation of it, rather a voluntary boycott by publishers/distributors, did a great damage to America, notably the literature development. Cartoons were “Disney or commercials or Kid’s Saturday Morning” and comic books were “Family Friendly aimed at kids 12-16” or the (often literally outlawed) “Underground”… This stereotype stayed for a long time so after the rut/laws got smashed the medium was still seen in the narrow eyes… “You wanna write comic books, they are for kids/ WTF!? This comic has stuff that’s not for kids, you FREAK!” Matter of fact Japan’s relative freedom compared to the USA’s deliberate rut is what made Anime/Manga so popular.

    Moving the mainstream to a bland family friendly tedium will just push the profits/innovation elsewhere. Tokyo’s fragile economy will take a hit it might not be able to afford and the culture will be lessened for it.

    But, hey, if I do manage to create my kingdom (a SeaStead project I’m working the feasability of) I’ll allow “Dirty Hentai Magnaka”… Mind you it’ll probably be a floating “Walled City of Kowloon” and you’ll be cramped in a filthy tiny apartment as bad/worse than Tokyo but there will be all sorts of stuff outlawed elsewhere… Minimum 10 years by my estimate for this option and I’ll say MUCH better if you guys fight this by any and all means here and now. Matter of fact, fight it like a stray animal captured by a retard facing it’s 20th daily “Temperature Reading”… I’d be more likely to recruit/accept/grant favors to people jailed for (just for fictional example, not meant to inspire any real events) sabotaging book printing plants (a certain rape novelist for instance) and publishing XXX manga after worse bans are pushed through… Although yeah if they wanted to move in and could draw good I’d let in guys that just abided the boycott but now wanted to draw and publish XXX but I hate cowards for the most part.

    The main suggestion is:

    1. Boycott Tokyo…
    I’m not kidding, BOYCOTT TOKYO.
    Have the magna publishers (with the threat of an artist’s strike) move the distribution OUTSIDE Tokyo. Watch how people buy less inside Tokyo, likely taking fewer but long trips to load up on Manga/Anime and otherwise staying home when they’d otherwise walk around and spend on stuff besides manga. You have a good public transport system, USE IT.
    Really, make ’em go to Kobe or Osaka and then have the downtown “Manga City”. The business shock will get Tokyo in chaos and they’ll undo the law overnight and this a-hole will be out on his arse. Then you’ll have Tokyo begging you to come back and Kobe/Osaka whatever begging you to stay. Manga artists will suddenly get decent salaries with all the “public patronage of the arts and recognition of the visual profession…”

    Really, in America (Back when it was that great country) there used to be this neat western town called “Dodge City” which was full of gambling, hookers, gunfights, barfights, etc. Only since Tortuga had there been such a “Modern Sodom”.

    Problem was, the business owners and prominent citizens of the town were such nice church goers and decided to legislate morality. So, rather than just tossing out the worst the Sheriff closed down the brothels and went the full book on any roughhousers… Within a year they were publishing ads BEGGING the brawling drunken cowboys, the hookers, the outlaws to return. They’d cut their own throats! In between vice and brawling well the Cowboys bought new gear, the farmers bought equipment and needed supplies (wives tended to LET them go to the cathouse so they’d not get pregnant again too soon, btw), the hookers were paying local taxes and buying from the shops… Without all the tourists coming to have wild fun, their economy could not support 1/10th the population and then at frontier poverty.

    But they didn’t come back. Lots of other “Cool” places to have fun and waste hard earned money at…

    2. Go Pulp…
    Hey, Manga is already close to Pulp. The original Pulp thrived in a real depression. Just pick up some Pulp reprints (The Spider, various magazines) or find them scanned and posted online.

    Pulp and Manga have some similarities. Manga obviously was influenced by 30s – 50s pulps as they drifted over. But just as manga got a MOE “Glut” they had a major difference;

    In Pulp the heroes are the super personas and the idealists and the villains usually are just greedy/evil/insane or are “Evil Idealists” at best. It’s more or less the opposite with Manga, painful to see how the “hero” has to be virtually beaten into his role. There were some notable exceptions like “Big O” but too much is “Unwitting Hero”. I think they do this to try to identify with the everyman or rather the young boy/girl in the vapid bland soulless culture. But it’s a bad thing, telling them they are the good guys if they don’t set out to change the world and only become “Heroes” if some villain (that at least has ideals/vision/goals) tries to change the world. They rarely invent anything, it’s invented for them. Girls are thrust on them and they are scared of them, it’s a bit disgusting.

    The controllers are trying to create a world where no one cares, no one does anything, people just live but are not alive. Sick as it is you Magnaka are the “Storytellers” occupying what was once an honored place. Maybe you just wanted to draw boobies on Moe characters and dream of being the next Mizaki or whatever, well you can try for that too, but try to tell stories that actually have a message that aren’t just a progression of events and stereotypes.

  • Anonymous says:

    We just need to hint that this ban will affect Loli!NanoxFate pr0n and the next thing Ishihara hears is DIVINE BUSTER from one side and THUNDER SMASHER from the other…

    Not the befriending version ofc =)

  • Anonymous says:

    Game over for some of the most popular titles. Now there’s no way that anime will rebuild itself rather completely.

    Not that I want to repeal the ban, but couldn’t ANY politician get their hands on one of these “unhealthy” materials and say if they don’t like it, then it’s banned? If so, then we have a major problem in our hands.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a freakin discrimination at its best….
    I dont know how dumb Japanese are to actually uphold Ishihara’s bias views.

    Oh well, mangaka’s and publishing companies should just move out of tokyo and furnish the industry on a different prefecture.

    Acts to prove how much tokyo will lose because of such ban should be implemented by publishers just to make Tokyo feel how stupid Ishihara is.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Mangaka should move their assets outside Japan, as they don’t agree with the current law. This would teach some lessons to politicians about not cannibalizing an important source of income for the Japanese economy.

    • @ Actar 15:43

      Because the alternative puts a strain on their intellect and causes headaches. Giving the government the responsibility frees them to eat,sleep,shit,fuck and perform the other functions of good barnyard livestock.

      • (Slightly off topic but…)

        This then begs the question… Why in the world would you want to have children in the first place? Even if it was an accident, there’s something called abortion you know?

        I think it’s highly selfish and irresponsible for people to bring a life into this world if they don’t want to take responsibility for it. For instance, I just can’t stand the fact that some parents just dump their kids at day care centers or leave them with relatives or their maids for 20 hours a day.

        If you are not ready for it financially, emotionally and whatever-ally, don’t have kids.

        • @ Actar 06:21

          I agree with you, I think some of it is social pressure from parents, relatives and married friends. It’s expected of them. Married people who don’t have children are viewed as selfish.

          Even a healthy child is a tremendous drain on finances, time and emotions.It can manifest itself in friction and resentment between the couple and also the child.

          I honestly don’t know if most parents are emotionally mature enough when they bring a new life into the world. I don’t know who would make that decision. I certainly wouldn’t want the government doing it. Too much like Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

        • Anonymous says:

          The industry is becoming a monster of porn, the majority wants porn and no substance, there is no democracy in business, whoever pays the most will get what they want and then they ruin it for everyone else, not the other way around.

    • The actions taken by Ishihara and his cronies strikes me as being very similar to the unreasoning hatred that homophobes have towards homosexuality. It’s not that they hate it, they hate the fact that they’re so attracted to it.

      I think he’s a closet otaku, is ashamed of it, and doesn’t want anyone to find out. He probably has a huge collection of loli figures squirreled away in his closet.

    • People like censorship because people have weird ideas on what they think is appropriate for everyone else to know or think about at any given point in time: See what we think you should see; hear what we think you should hear; know what we think you should know; think what we think you should think; and do what we think you should do. That’s the whole point of censorship.

      • Anonymous says:

        just one thing… if ishihara is going to ban those kinds of materials… wouldnt his works become banned as well he is just showing what kind of hypocrite he is since he is a rape novelist which is a lot worst since your imagination works a lot more in another level to see an image of whats happening than that of seeing it in 2d… its just my opinion though ***

        • Rape and older men with teenage lovers is a pretty common theme in Japanese literature.

          Naomi by Junichiro Tanazaki 1925.

          Utsukushisa to Kanashimi by Yasunari Kawabata (Nobel Prize Winner) 1961.

          Just to name a couple.

          Actually Ishihara was a really good friend of author Yukio Mishima (also nominated 3 times for the Nobel Prize in literature) whose tetralogy “The Sea of Fertility” is considered a masterpiece.

          Mishima was an extreme right winger who actually had his own private army “Tate no kai”
          (the shield society) in the 1960’s which was made up of university students who vowed allegiance to the emperor. On November 25, 1970 Mishima took over the Tokyo Headquarters of the Japanese Self-Defense Force. He failed in attempt to foster a coup d’etat and commited seppuku and was beheaded by one of his men.

          I’d be more concerned about Ishihara’s right wing politics than his so called “rape novels”

      • Anonymous says:

        Phew, it’s a good thing you censored most of that statement, otherwise my children could have wandered onto this site and read it, possibly being negatively influenced by its contents. If we can enact more censorship, then I won’t need to worry about parenting my children at all!

    • demonhaseo says:

      Apearantly cuz they fear it’s “Dangerous material children can read” since japan doesn’t have a rating system for stuff besides games… as far as my research has gotten my that is. I may be wrong, I may be right… if i’m wrong don’t harp on me people I’m only human.

      All in all though… DOWN WITH iShithara!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          With all due respect, Houselife, one person’s idea of ‘making a child right’ is not another person’s.

          Many people dislike that people don’t brainwash their children with the idea that sex is ‘bad and wrong’, and would LOVE to force people to brainwash their children with that.

        • NakkiNyan says:

          My brother and I were actually raised by my parents and they didn’t interfere much and we are not out murdering, raping or stealing. I also got spanked (something else parents are not allowed to do any more) it is no wonder the schools I went to are full of fucked up kids now with sue happy parents, I swear the parents wanted the kids as a trophy and then want the city/fed to raise them.

        • yuriphoria says:

          In a way, this is the beginning of the end of the era of ero Japan.

          Japan is well known for two things. eromanga and it’s low sex crime rate.

          While I’m sure that some of the fags that complain about ecchi anime (even here on sankaku) will love this ban this is nothing but cultural imperialism from Occident and Occident appeasing peons.

          As a social experiment Japan demonstrated that high availability of soft ero content worked well in society.

        • @ Nakkinyan

          Nobody does. Here’s the honest truth. In most first-world nations, children are objects. The concept of having to be 18 to be considered an adult, the idea that they don’t have their own rights or responsibilities until ‘legal age,’ these have all swung entirely opposite of the days when child labor existed and children were given responsibility.

          Don’t get me wrong, the child labor laws were correct and a great step, but now it’s become coddling. Children are treated as objects that must remain cute for as long as possible, devoid of thought or reason and act wonderfully. Nobody cares to know why, or even pretends to know why children do anything, which is pathetic because they were kids once as well.

          The most hilarious irony is that the people who seem to actually recognize children as humans are pedophiles. It’s laughable how that can be. Of course there are parents who raise their children, but they truly are few and far between. Most of them don’t know anything at all.

          We are federally mandated to learn how to operate a motor vehicle that has a complex set of directions and processes to understand before we can use said vehicle in public. We even must take tests to be certified.

          This MUST happen for parents. A child psychology course needs to become a necessity for all of our cultures. If you’re going to make a child, take the fucking time to make it right.

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot for the life of me understand why people like law and order.
      Honest to god, if you don’t like to act like a homicidal maniac, DON’T. Why the hell spoil the fun for everyone else?

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘I cannot for the life of me understand why people like censorship. Honest to god, if you don’t like it, DON’T. READ. IT. Why the hell spoil the fun for everyone else?’

      I can’t for the life of me, understand why some people don’t like Holocaust Revisionism. If you believe the Holocaust happened, that’s just your opinion. Don’t force it on other people.

      • A holocaust revisionist novel would receive more protection in some countries than a picture book with drawn images of SEX…

        Now if that ain’t some fucked up priorities.
        The problem with censorship is that those doing the censoring are often unelected, corrupt, or misguided to the point of being useless.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are dimwit.

      It is obvious that your argument of “if you dont like it dont see/read/observe it” is naive at best.

      Should everything then be legalized based on this argument?

      Would you draw the line anywhere?

      • Consider Ishihara’s very deliberate omission of written material from his his ban. The man has published multiple written works which depict abduction, drugging, gang rape, and murder, with most of the victims underage girls. In more than one case, his books inspired copy-cats.

        Meanwhile, he aims to restrict the animation industry from depicting various sexual situations, using vague wording in his laws so he can extend this power further yet. He claims his actions are in the interest of preserving public virtue, while he continues to create works which involve many similar, questionable themes.

        Ishihara abuses his power by limiting the actions of the anime industry, while preserving his own outlet, the written word. Perhaps in his mind, “evil” thoughts are not all the same, and that painting an image of them is somehow worse than describing them in detail.

        He is a hypocrite. He is corrupt. He is a spiteful man who bullies those who don’t fight back. He is the kind of man who makes offhand remarks about otakus and gays having defective DNA, and that tsunami victims were punished for greed. Whether or not you agree with censorship or how legal it is, you should never agree with a man of such character. The point is: Governor Ishihara is a disgrace, and he has no right to be making decisions for others.

  • (Meanwhile, in the distance)

    Ishihara’s Aide: “Heil Mein Fuhrer.”

    Tokyo’s Political Society: “HEIL!”

    (Meanwhile, From the rooftop of a skyscraper miles away)

    *Cocks .357 Magnum Revolver*

    “Looks like I got some issues to discuss with the mayor…”


    • Anonymous says:

      Eroge ban was initiated in the form of a “self restraint” BS by eroge companies. Internet IP from outside Japan were blocked by these companies and continue to do so this days. The self restraint can be blamed on a certain feminazi group that politically damaged Japan because they were offended by “porn”. This group has now since long “disappeared” and I cannot help feel that their main purpose was anti-Japan, as sexual abuse against females still exist in western countries but they aren’t there to protect female rights at all. They’re like the politicians that imposed restrictions on extreme porn, only that they made a niche industry suffer for the protection of their ideal world, in which only males are allowed to be sexually abused (they never pushed for equality among sexes, but only “more” power for women).

    • That’s the worst part about the law, in my eyes. Other than being able to block any kind of erotic manga or doujin, it could easily be utilized to censor any manga that has outspoken criticism against the government.

      I can only describe this law as “Chinese”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dunno, for all the negative press, the fact that pornographic manga needs to be sold as pornography (as it does in most other countries) doesn’t seem as barbaric as sankaku makes it out to be.

      • The current thought process is that if it’s considered adult, then it is taken from major publishing locations, and as such, kills sales. But with this ban, it may actually reverse that entirely. It may be so widely understood that the ban went over the top that people will actually MAKE an adult manga and anime section that will entail far, far more than anyone anticipated, and in the near future, people will recognize it’s not taboo to go into the section. If you walk out with Azumanga Daioh, who gives a shit? You could even proudly look in the eye of the clerk knowing that nothing you bought is in any way wrong.

        This is just going to be very strange. As long as the publishers adapt to it reasonably, everything will be fine. Nothing even needs to be cancelled, they just need to re-classify it. But them being reasonable, responsible, or adapting at a speed faster than petrified molasses is proven false so far. Here’s hoping this does what it’s supposed to do. Make people angry enough to take action.

        • Japanese people feeling proud of something not related to work? What alternate universe are you talking about, Houselife? Sorry to say that, but Ishihara is a clever motherfucker, he knows the culture of his country & with this, people would be so ashamed that now most of manga would lost all the “casual readers”.

      • See my post.

        tl;dr To-Love fans are teenage tards who get exciting seeing dry-humping, and are too young to buy real H manga. Exactly what To-Love’ll be competing against when it gets relegated to the Adult section, so how well you think it’s going to sell there?

        • yet if YOU dont like them, its easy enough. don’t watch them, the thing is i find ppl who likes soccer to be uneducated and dumb, BUT while i strongly belive that, it dosent make it an absolute truth, in the same manner your rant about harem/ecchi anime its invalid. like not every soccer player its a dipshit (i think otherwise) not EVERYONE who likes harem/ecchi anime its a perverted fapping-all-day teen.

          sometimes my friend its just because those are funny, enjoyable o even interesting.

        • -Posting on Sankaku about your love for harem anime hardly qualifies anyone as ‘normal’ or a typical example of demographic..

          To-Love appeals to the lowest common denominator in a widely-published format. And now the carpet’s been yanked out from under it. No wonder publishers of terrible, one-trick-pony manga like it are cowering and simpering. Ishihara’s just killed their golden goose.

          >>Also, adult sections in Japan are considered a ‘touch of death’ for sales. If people don’t have parents from there, they wouldn’t understand how literally they take the governmental fears of risque manga/anime/games.

          Gee, I wonder if that’s what Ishihara was counting on?? It’s almost as though he knew he could FUNCTIONALLY ban something, without having to LITERALLY ban something which might ACTUALLY incur the wrath of the legal system and generate some sort of plausible freedom of speech challenge which even in Japan would still get paid lip service to.. not just a bunch of publishers grovelling about having their free lunches stolen.

        • I totally refute your comment, im a marred 28yo,working lad, my wife and me both loved To-love anime as much as many harem animes.
          if you think those animes are only for pubertous virginal males,sir you are an idiot.

        • Also, adult sections in Japan are considered a ‘touch of death’ for sales. It’s almost like how it’s perceived in the West. Except Japanese parents and older generation actually believes adult-sectioned entertainment causes insanity and turns one into a social degenerate. If people don’t have parents from there, they wouldn’t understand how literally they take the governmental fears of risque manga/anime/games.

        • Anonymous says:

          “To-Love fans are teenage tards who get exciting seeing dry-humping, ”

          Which is precisely why I approve of this kind of bans. Stupid teenage retards. Why don’t they try and make something out of their lives instead of fapping to ero manga shit?

      • Unfortunately, very true. Japan hasn’t quite had any kind of a social upheaval with civil rights since everybody are just so docile in regard to fighting back against governmental and big corporate power. They kind of mellow it out through things and just let political extremists rule the nest. Most people just has totally given up in having any kind of a voice as a people.

        Between this and how videogame sales are going down, down, down, I wonder sometimes if Japanese entertainment is in real trouble now.

        • I’ve been given to understand that the Japanese are only reserved & orthodox in public situations & this may be why no one seems to be protesting much. The ban will most likely only affect things that are shown openly in public. My guess is that if there isn’t, there soon will be, an “underground” industry of manga & anime that most people in Japan will know about but not bother much as long as it doesn’t become “public”. Kind of like those mob-controlled bars of theirs that everyone knows is illegal, but doesn’t bother as long it doesn’t draw too much attention. I imagine that in Japan, not drawing too much attention is trick that allows you to get away with doing much that otherwise would be illegal, and may also be why laws are so vague in some cases: This is illegal, don’t let me see it so I don’t have to ban it.

        • Yes, and what you forget is how this ‘docile’ conformist mentality (which as an aside has only been the last 50 years, there was plenty of Communist/labour-inspired unrest and anarchy in the 50s-early 60s in Japan) powered Japan from WWII loser to world-leading economic powerhouse for 50 years.

          The docile team spirit attitude WORKED. VERY WELL. FOR 50 YEARS. Unfortunately the social cost of it has finally caught up with them, now that the new-car smell and polished shine has worn off the economy.

          The Japanese were too busy making money and being a world leading success story to worry about encouraging people to be creative and independent – the sorts of creativity, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit that lift countries OUT of problems like Japan has been mired in for almost 20 years. The reasons why Japan has been stuck in a rut for 20 years are huge, but all boil down to the same basics – 1) the Japanese government is too cowardly to make real, painful, hard decisions to FIX the underlying problems and 2)The Japanese people themselves are too stubborn/predictable to do what needs to be done – spend their way out by increasing domestic economic activity. Instead they’ll just keep fiddling while Rome burns.

      • *Sign* I knew this would come but I didn’t think I’d feel this bad. Part of the ban I supported was that the main point of being was to rid the ability of 18yrs below, the ability to gain access to really explicit things like incest, child rape/sex, and sex at school(I think I missed a few). Because let’s face it, would you really mind sitting at the park, and hear school children talk about Aki Sora, It’d feel wrong for me that’s for sure. And let’s face it history has given us tons of examples of children being stupid. You’ve seen characters from anime smuggling porn mags into school, funny sure(in anime) real life? Not really

        But crappy part of this, is that instead of restricting child from porn, porn is restricted to child, you get what I’m saying?(English not perfect here) Instead of concentrating on controlling children, they implement THIS^, a ban so big and vague that it simply looks like it’s gonna bomb everybody. A lot of authors will lose their income and a lot of stories will end up canceled all because a handful of parents decided to complain because they couldn’t control the children they themselves spawned. All in all, the main point of the ban is a good thing, but their craptacular way of doing it is simply TOO FAST, they should slow things a lot down and let the the industry adapt. They should have have tried bursting the pimple when it was small not know when it’s so god damn big it’s gonna leave a crater bigger then one’s head, consider applying cream, more subtle more effective less damaging. But they can still control it with almost no damage at all if these people were just willing to work try enough(and that’s saying something cause this is about Japan)

        • Anonymous says:

          Diemeow23, you miss the fact that since we are born with FULLY FUNCTIONAL genitalia (outside of reprodution) it’s kinda apparent that we are SUPPOSED to be having sex as children and teenagers, including with adults.

          Seriously, if nature didn’t want us doing that? She could have EASILY made us without genitals until the age of 18, save for a pee and poop hole!

        • NakkiNyan says:

          But here is what i don’t get, why is sex considered such a bad thing?

          I mean how many manga are they reading with murder in it? It is fiction, no one is hurt, why make it a crime at all I mean no one was actually murdered so no harm to anyone.

          No amount of “they should slow things a lot down and let the the industry adapt” will fix the issue of something harmless (a drawing and some text) being banned, I mean what difference does it make when a decade old manga was going to be reprinted and now cancelled?

  • Anonymous says:

    The biggest cause of immoral behavior in Japan is the media’s obsession with consumerism. Children are brought up on variety shows, glamour pop idols wearing perverted outfits, and magazines and merchandise to back it up. It makes it necessary for young people over here to have money in order to be “cool”. Anime with all its depth is probably the only GOOD infludence in young people’s lives – too bad only older people watch decent anime.

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay normally I might agree that the censorship is harsh, but unlike most other countries, Japan is definitely suffering from the materials being produced.

    Most of us are from fairly well-adjusted places. But look at Japan’s unhealthy subcultures, love of sex with minors, love of sexualizing actual children, and low birth rates combined with all the hikikomuri.

    Something needs to change there. Might as well give this a try.

    • Anonymous says:

      Time to have some fun.

      So, you clasify having one of the lowest rape rates in any developed nation as “suffering”, eh?
      Might wanna grab a dictionary on that one, buddy.

      “Unhealthy subculture”? What unhealthy subcultures? You mean the hikikomoris? (Also, you got the spelling wrong on that one. Might wanna look up the spelling if you’re gonna talk about something.) Any culture has “unhealthy subcultures”, even the ones that are from “fairly adjusted places,” as you so delightfully put it.
      Here in America, we tend to call em “losers”. But, hey. To each his own.

      “Love of sex with minors”? Obviously, you’re just getting all your information from Sankaku. What you failed to remember is that the one does not represent the whole. Just because one person is a delusional egomaniac doesn’t make us all crazy, does it? Or rapists? Or pedophiles? Hmm?

      “Sexualizing actual children.” Well, if you’re gonna complain cuz Japan is doing it, you might as well complain at the rest of the world as well. Sadly, it’s something you can see anywhere. Somehow, though, I doubt that manga/anime is the cause behind it all. Try again.

      “Low birthrates”? And you’re pinning this one on the manga/anime industry, how? Please, explain this one to me, because I am absolutely confused.

      “Change.” Right. And basically shooting the manga industry in the foot is supposed to change what, exactly? Once again, might wanna explain that one, Einstein.

      Please. I’m open to opposing arguments. I encourage you to atleast try to explain most of your nonsense.

      • Anonymous says:

        “So, you clasify having one of the lowest rape rates in any developed nation as “suffering”, eh?
        Might wanna grab a dictionary on that one, buddy.”

        Japan is projected to actually have one of the highest rape rates when examined through women’s health divisions as opposed to the Japanese government, who very obviously tries to make Japan appear safer than it is.

        “”Unhealthy subculture”? What unhealthy subcultures? You mean the hikikomoris? (Also, you got the spelling wrong on that one. Might wanna look up the spelling if you’re gonna talk about something.) Any culture has “unhealthy subcultures”, even the ones that are from “fairly adjusted places,” as you so delightfully put it.
        Here in America, we tend to call em “losers”. But, hey. To each his own.”

        You might want to run spell check on your posts before bitching about spelling, grammar fag. And we aren’t talking about other countries. We’re clearly talking about Japan and it’s high percentage of shut-ins. As Japan is already an introvert society, this is problematic.

        “”Love of sex with minors”? Obviously, you’re just getting all your information from Sankaku. What you failed to remember is that the one does not represent the whole. Just because one person is a delusional egomaniac doesn’t make us all crazy, does it? Or rapists? Or pedophiles? Hmm?”

        Actually you only have to live in Japan for about five minutes to see the vast chunk of the modern culture dedicated to glorifying sex with minors (and not just females.) Luckily for you, I’ve lived there much longer and can point out all the reasons you sound like you get your info from 4chan or Wikipedia. And nothing was said about rapists or pedophiles in that part of the response.

        “”Sexualizing actual children.” Well, if you’re gonna complain cuz Japan is doing it, you might as well complain at the rest of the world as well. Sadly, it’s something you can see anywhere. Somehow, though, I doubt that manga/anime is the cause behind it all. Try again.”

        Deflecting by calling attention to other countries does nothing to help your argument. Especially when Japan is very public about sexualizing children and trying to find loopholes to allow it. Most Western countries are heavily against the sexualization of real children, even in a borderline manner. None of those countries have images, 2D or otherwise of this nature in nearly the same volume of Japan.

        “”Low birthrates”? And you’re pinning this one on the manga/anime industry, how? Please, explain this one to me, because I am absolutely confused.”

        There have been about a thousand articles on this, many of them on this site alone, siting from Japanese people’s own mouths that they have forsaken the opposite sex and find comfort in other outlets, one of them being 2D and all of the idealizations that come with it. This isn’t the only outlet, as there is also a high presence of enjo kosai, sex dolls, infidelity, host clubs, and underage celebrities trying to pass off borderline sexual images as “innocent” while selling them in magazines filled with fap material. But regardless of the many outlets people find, there is a large presence of otaku. They make up a small percentage of overall Japanese, but that’s still a shitton of people.

        “”Change.” Right. And basically shooting the manga industry in the foot is supposed to change what, exactly? Once again, might wanna explain that one, Einstein.”

        People are heavily influenced by media. That’s just the way it is. Over the years, surveys have been taken to examine the qualities of women men find to be ideal in Japan. A few decades ago it was office ladies. Then high school girls. Slowly the ages of the ideal girl started to get lower. And not surprisingly, this has corresponded with changes in the anime and manga industry.

        No one said it was the entire cause. In fact I can name many causes that have nothing to do with the industry. But it could possibly help some of their issues. Note I said “could possibly help,” and not that it was a definite thing.

        You can get as emotional as you want over it, but while you’ve got all that sand in your scrot, I’ll continue to think about the possibilities and not be particularly bothered by it either way. After all, if Japanese people as a majority want things changed, it’s up to them to do it.

      • Anonymous says:

        “So, you clasify having one of the lowest rape rates in any developed nation as “suffering”, eh?”

        Hey dipshit, just because Japan SAYS it has the lowest rape cases doesn’t make it so. Or have you forgotten Japan’s culture of avoidance of shame? Maybe the reason why they REPORTED that they have the lowest rape cases is because only a very small number are actually being reported just to save face?

        • Ikuhisashiku says:

          You also failed to point out anything else that was said, anon. That makes it pretty obvious that you were just trying to find places to poke holes.

          Just because it isn’t reported hardly means a thing because of the simple fact that the report statistics are all we have to go by. Even if we were to assume that Japan’s rape rates are actually higher than they seem, it’s hard to believe that they could be THAT much higher without some kind of proof.

          Also, by that logic, we would have to assume that _all_ the rape statistics are higher in reality than they seem. You hear about it all the time, about how some woman was raped in didn’t report it because of fear or shame or something. It’s not just Japan, it’s everywhere. So, even if Japan’s was higher, the rest of the world’s would be higher as well, keeping Japan pretty much near the bottom.

      • Anonymous says:

        With all due respect, anonymous…. leave the pedosexuals out of that…. pedosexuality is nowhere NEAR being the same thing as raping, even when the people in question are having sex with actual real life children.

        99.9999999% of the time, the pedosexuals in question are in CONSENSUAL sexual relationships with the children in question.
        Not forced… C O N S E N S U A L!

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t know man, when I was 8 I already was trying to get sex. Sure I didn’t actually know what it was at the time, nor can I claim I would have known the repercussions. that said however, if I had found myself in a position to do it and knew what it was, I sure as hell would have.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bullshit. Anyone who actually thinks children can properly consent to sex or fully understand the consequences or their actions needs to be shot, because they are taking advantage of the child’s want to make someone happy (which is not the same as an actual desire for sex.)

          So yeah, pedos are raping the children.

  • Anonymous says:

    GL japan hopefully you haven’t killed yourself too much will see how this plays out if it goes bad we can just nuke you again i mean.. what is japan w/o the awesome hentais,manga,loli stuff? NOTHING lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Just hope that someone will sacrifice his life and kill this asshole. But still, i don’t understand if this shitty laws will have effect in all Japan or not because every time i read Ishihara i read Tokyo.