45% of Korean Kids: “Japan is Our Biggest Enemy!”


The news that 45% of Korean children apparenently consider their nation’s principle enemy to be Japan, with less than half as many considering North Korea as grave a threat and a further 20% actually believing the USA is a worse enemy than either of them has lately been stoking much comment.

The survey reportedly questioned students in over 400 South Korean middle and high schools in an effort to establish the views of South Korean youth on their nation and its security situation.

44.5% of those questioned reported that “our nation’s number one enemy is Japan,” compared to only 22.1% who thought the same of North Korea (with whom the South is technically still at war) and 19.9% who believed South Korea’s greatest enemy was in fact their major ally, the USA.

12.8% meanwhile felt the biggest threat was actually the friendly dragon of China, and a tiny 0.6% worried about the pernicious influence of Russia.

Korean media interprets all this as “the result of Japanese perversion of history and territorial demands worsening the image of Japan amongst the Korean youth,” although it seems they are silent as to why their supposed allies America and Japan are considered greater threats to South Korea than the neighbouring totalitarian dictatorships currently allied against them.

Regarding the apparently minor problem of a third of the Korean nation still being enslaved by a ruthless dictator, 59.6% did at least believe that “further Northern provocations should be met by counter-attacks and firm measures,” compared to 27.7% who would rather pursue the so-called “sunshine policy” of appeasement.

However, nervous allies fearing betrayal may not have too much to worry about (except for what happens if this generation is attacked) – 58.8% of those asked responded that if war came, they would abandon their country and flee overseas, versus 21.6% who would be prepared to stay put and do nothing and a mere 19.8% who would be willing to fight to defend their homeland.

2ch is known to froth at the mouth at the mere mention of their peninsular neighbour, and as ever does not disappoint:

“First free your countrymen.”

“They have no connection to reality. Japan, at peace, is their worst enemy? They may have a ceasefire but South Korea is still at war with the North, you know?”

“They are really engaged in educational propaganda on a massive scale over there.”

“Who cares if the people you hate hate you.”

“The Net-uyo are going to go crazy.”

“Anyone who says Net-uyo is bound to be a Korean. Watch out.”

“The statistics must be faked.”

“To be liked by a country like that is a terrible thing.”

“Probably get the same results if you asked Japanese, as long as they weren’t the ones on TV.”


“That last bit about them wanting to flee their own country kind of sums it up.”

“The only ones warping history are the Koreans.”

“Who cares.”

“If the results are really like that, shouldn’t South Korea ally with China and the North?”

“Korea is really indoctrinating its people to think Japan is its major enemy. For Japan to be so incautious is really dangerous.”

“The anti-Japanese education Korean children receive:”

“Which country do Koreans actually like? If you did a survey on it you’d probably find Japan near the top.”

“Korean history – ideal:




“Please hurry up and rescue your poor countrymen from the enemy nation of Japan.”

“They’ve always been like this. It’s nothing new.”

“If half their population is nuts its probably better to have nothing to do with them.”

“Japan is more threatening to them than the country they are still at war with… nice one Japan.”

“It’s a good result. Despite it being totally ridiculous, they’re pointlessly increasing their air and naval forces to counter their fears of Japanese attacks. The North is massing troops and artillery, all aimed at the south. When China dumps them and they get desperate, they’ll only have one place to attack.”

“Why would you even take a survey like this?”

“I just hope the ones who flee when war comes don’t come to the coutnries they say they view as enemies.”

“There was that famous street interview with Koreans in Seoul where they said if America attacked the North, they’d attack Japan…”


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  • To the western eye it does not matter. First off they all look the fucking same slanted eye buck teeth squeakie tooth. Second, their all yellow as fuck. Third, they all talk that mikkiikao language. Fourth, they all like CARTOON PORN!

  • Philippines needs a Hitler version of that country and conquer the world or even the universe but because of corruption, lack of discipline among Filipinos, bad politics, lack of modernization on armed forces, uncivilized society, and being a “hospitable” and “happy” people in the world then that will be more difficult to do. 🙁

  • Unsurprising, given japanese aggression prior to (and during) WWII. The situation is likely the same in China too.

    If anything, I’d say the japanese youth are probably NOT properly educated on WWII (note how none of them make the super logical connection to history).

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh. You can find pictures of Japanese peasants living dirt poor and post them up with idealized screen caps of modern Japanese cinematic interpretations of the past, and you’d get the same effect.

    Everyone looked liked shit back in the day, even Europeans living in medieval times.

    As for Koreans hating Japanese, what’s the big deal? All Asians hate other Asians more than they hate foreigners anyways. Koreans hate Japanese, Japanese hate Chinese, Nepalese hate Chinese, Vietnamese hate Hmong, etc etc and on and on.

  • I’m from Europe – many ppl in mu country still think that everybody else is the enemy (no, I’m not from Russia). Things will keep this way till the next big war. Or zombies attack.

    I’d prefer zombies cos’ that will mean, I could finally take a damp on the main street without any yelling or police tickets.
    Also I would like to steal some girly clothes and build my own nakama out of shimapans.


    And I would also like to help a girl in deep trouble and have a “thank you” sex.

    So where are zombies? Huh?

  • Anonymous says:

    OK the survey or whatever the hell they did IS WRONG the statement makes the survey CONFUSING they STATED a 45% percent of an “… japan is their biggest enemy” so, I don’t see the real variable here,i dont see it posted in the article,SO,the question probably was ” what’s your nations principle enemy?”not biggest and they answered japan?,

    Well for one instance the title is wrong.

    it also states thay the survey was offered to high school kids were they talking about junior high?(7th,8th and 9th grade) or are they incluiding teengers aswell, well this survey IS WRONG because there’s CONFUSING data.

    We all know kids are influenced by parenting and school’s historical govermental propaganda, that’s why kids dont have a vote on a democratic party in America.

    Now if you talk about a relative maturity levels we can ovbiously state that teengers on a range from 15-18 have an differnt opinion about EVREYTHING from what they tought back when they were from 9-12 years old,it’s called puverty and that’s a confusing parameter, it’s an absolute state of change from childhood to adulthood a really big one,that the surveyors NEVER considered that,


    400 kids I consider it a very little sample to actually take in mind that 45% of kids in whole SK hate japan, I want the full survey ‘s hardcopy and see what the parameters where!

    • Anonymous says:

      Presuming that they didn’t happen to be within the blast radius. And this arising may take several generations, and that’s on the assumption that the planet is still fit for human life and civilisation after the Big Oops.

  • Anonymous says:

    This place is full of white kids taking things out of context

    1. The same old copypasted images from 2chan doesn’t prove a thing
    2. All East Asian countries have a casual sense of nationalism, it is not the sort you associate with genocidal hatred
    3. In South Korea talk about Japan is mostly just talk for the sake of talk, think of it as a meme
    4. Korea and Japan share far more similarities today than differences, if this was a survey of ADULTS it would show nothing more than the usual grumbling
    5. Relationships today between Korea and Japan are more like neighborly rivals, not mortal enemies

  • This is a problem for me. I love Japanese people, but I also love South Korean people. I bet there are some cool North Koreans out there too, but their government doesn’t let them have a voice so I wouldn’t know…

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one realizing that these are /schoolchildren/ they’re asking here? I’m sure that if you were to ask American kids what they thought our biggest enemy was, you would get at least a small percentage saying Canada, simply because they’re the closest country, or the only one they happen to know of, or they heard about the war or 1812 or something, despite the fact that Canada has been our best friend in the world for 200 years now. Don’t gauge the public opinion of a country by its schoolchildren, because schoolchildren are ignorant.


  • Anonymous says:

    Koreans (both north and south) are so brainwashed from childhood that it’s terrifying. I’ve never met a Korean that actually stops and thinks about ANYTHING, much less politics.

    Every Korean has useless facts about Takeshima memorized, it’s very creepy. An idiot Korean I went to school with even tried to write an essay in a history class about how the Japanese island Takeshima actually belongs to Korea and not Japan. She filled her paper full of fake Korean “facts” citing only useless Korean politicians, got a C, and still to this day thinks it was only because her professor was “racist” and not because she was wrong. There is something very wrong with the children over there…

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh and about that street interview above where Korean people say that if the US waged war on N. Korea, S. Korea would wage war on Japan? Japanese civilians of today do not deserve get randomly attacked in that situation. Leave Japan out of this. If somebody attacked Japan, we Japanese wouldn’t randomly attack other countries that have nothing to do with it!

  • Anonymous says:

    So South Koreans think modern day Japan in 2011 poses more of a military threat and is overall an ‘enemy’ than even North Korea? And they also consider the US their third enemy? South Koreans must be deluded, or insane, or stupid, or all three. It’s difficult to have positive feelings towards S. Korea if they truly believe this crap. There are many things I don’t like about the US way of life and issues in the US, but I don’t consider the US to be Japan’s enemy. While I don’t have many positive feelings towards S. Korea overall, I don’t consider them my enemy. You would expect that countries like Iran or N. Korea would deem the US or Japan as an enemy nation, but I guess S. Korean people are no different. There’s a difference between regarding another country as an economic rival and regarding them as an enemy. South Korean people, wake up! N. Korea is far more dangerous than modern day Japan!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, I don’t think Korea has any right to hate on Japan. If it weren’t for Japan, many Koreans would be out of a job.

    1. A lot of Japanese animation work is outsourced to Korea.

    2. Most Japanese restaurants in North America are in fact, owned and operated by Koreans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Completely off-topic. Also, even if he has the gift of enticing a laugh or two from us, when you start to actually analyse his statements, most of them turn out not to be actually true.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a South Korean myself, I’m glad I moved out of that goddamn country. I don’t love Japan, but I at the very least don’t hold animosity towards the country to the point of borderline insanity.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is so stupid. if 400 american kids were interviewed i bet our greatest enemy would be china. its pretty obvious that in the korean language enemy and adversary and competitor can all be construed as the same thing. not only that but translation always leads to confusion. and who did the translating on this article from korean to japanese. my guess? dumbass rightists again.

  • Anonymous says:

    you Japanese are brainwashed, your schools never taught you the history of japan huh?acually i know they never taught you stupid japs history. you dont know what the japanese did to Koreans, you horrible horrible piece of shit to humanity.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh shit, watch the youtube flick. ESPECIALLY pay close attention to who ever is using that Sailor Moon drawing. Jesus, use Japanese culture to fucking hate on Japan.

    Wow, another Senkaku-esque issue resulting in Anti-Japanese movement. What is sad is, I BET you Japan will just roll over and give it to them. Because as much as “Koreans are pussies”, Japanese people have no balls when it comes to these kinds of foreign aggression

  • Anonymous says:

    I like that last pic:
    “q: What would you do if America attacks(b/c SERIOUSLY, America is going to do that, since the creation of NK and SK are ALL AMERICA’s fault, and America is going to disturb the peace of SK and side with NK, who is firing it’s missiles left and right)

    a: I’ll take arms and fight against Japan”

    Seriously, idiotic comments like this must warrant some flaming. I mean, jesus christ, what is this logic?

  • Anonymous says:

    The world is never perfect. Japan hates Korean, Chinese, Americans, and other race because Japan has always thought they were superior to all other countries but not all Japanese hates other races. To me, I agree with Korea that Japan is a great threat because if you actually look into history you should know what the Japan did to China and Korea. Right now Japan is all peace loving and shit but there is always a chance when Japan will do something crazy.

  • Highly doubt these are their legitimate opinions. This is the same as American teenagers not being able to find the US on a map, or those facebook heroes calling the tsunami payback for Pearl Harbor.

    They’re just fucking retarded and ignorant. I doubt they even know where North Korea is.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sure sounds like about the same level of brainwashing that Japanese kids undergo. Or American, for that matter…

    Japanese enemy: China and Korea
    Korean enemy: Japan
    American enemy: Everyone

  • Anonymous says:

    This whole survey based on children and teen is beyond ridiculous.

    Kids are easily influenced, they really can’t think and make decision for themselves yet. History and older generation tells them Japanese people did terrible things to their ancestors.

    News media often relate Japan with rivalry issue, especially territorial claims. There is no open hostility.

    But of course, kids don’t know any better. Japanese people are enemies!

    Stupid survey, stupid media blowing this out of proportion and stupid people making big deal out of what kids think these days based on what they hear and watch on TV.

  • I don’t doubt Korea embellishes its history but aren’t those images from different time periods? It’s like contrasting images from the Edo period vs photos of Japan shortly after being bombed by the US.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s a quite realistic point of view. US are SK worst enemy. (or Japan)

    Remember. Mimic US and expect:
    Rise in criminality that is hard to contain (or even legalized when rich gets into parliament and seduce themselves it should be legal.)
    Inefficient military.
    Wrath of terrorists because you are in the same bag.
    Wrath of intellectuals because you are mimicking retards.

    And remember. The difference between a country that is mimicking US and the real US is the real US took German petrochemical patents, you don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      No one is under any obligation to mimic US fiscal policies.
      Criminality in western countries exhibits a general downward trend. (In re your parenthesised expression: state what you mean. You make yourself sound like you’re anti-gay-rights or anti-choice or something.)
      As a European, I wish we had something that could rival the US military, even taking their more recent fuck-ups into account.
      The terrorists are opposed to us because we don’t want to cede to the ummah wahida. Or shouldn’t we have been on the allied side in WWII, since that just made us a target for the Nazis?
      I think I can safely say that no one cares what intellectuals think. And to some extent I can see why… as people get more intelligent most of them just get better at defending their preconceived views, rather than at self-criticism.

      Please, think before you post.

      • Anonymous says:

        I decided to become merciful and don’t paraphrase Bronn as a reply to your last sentence.

        No one is under obligation to mimic US fiscal policies, the same as Japan wasn’t under obligation to mimic western colonial policies. It just happens, either unconsciously or willingly. Look for example at military procurements of Holland (also called Netherlands). Allegedly it wasn’t a corruption, it was just US fanboyism of people in government.

        Latent criminality is on rise, actually it’s probably an exponential curve.
        (MS, RIIA, BSA… Have you looked and analysed changes of laws in democratic countries during last 20 years?)

        Finland was on Nazi side, it wasn’t only one country on Nazi side during WWII. WWI started because certain alliance were honored, otherwise it would be a small local war against a country that allowed few terrorists to blow up important government official and his wife during his visit. What was your point?

        Before WWI French people were about as much aggressive and militant as current EU population. All that talk about military similar to US…

        In terminology of Game of Thrones, you are sounding like a knight of the summer. Smart politicians/intellectuals in your country are probably saying: Winter is coming. White raven with message Autumn arrived few years ago already.

        I prefer fire and blood.

  • Anonymous says:

    they have a reasonably good reason for not liking the USA, though I doubt the kids would know why, the Americans supported the military dictatorship that ruled South Korea after the Korean war until the late 80’s going so far as to being complicit in the student massacres at the start of 80s.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol @ Korea
    Don’t they know that the Japs originally came from Korea? Japan was originally inhabited by the Ainu, and the Japanese pushed from west to east. Japan’s origins are essentially that of a Korean “colony” of sorts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I visited Korea this spring and had a wonderful time.
    One of the best moments was when I discovered a banner in the central shopping area that read: “Don’t give up Japan, we are your neighbors!” This is the attitude I would want to see with all Koreans and Japanese.
    The main dispute they have right now is because of a japanese history book with dubious claims about a certain island…

  • Anonymous says:

    Source: Japan
    Article: Korea propaganda against Japan
    Reality: Japan propaganda against Korea

    I’m not gonna say that most of Asia hate each others guts, especially for things that happened before they were even born. But the legitimacy of this article is – on a scale of 1 to 10 – less than 3.

    Ironically this very article about how the Koreans hate Japanese show how much the Japanese hate Koreans.

  • Anonymous says:

    To open east Asia from the rule of Europe powers, Japan fought.
    It was consequentially accomplished even though it was only a polite fiction.
    Because it had not liked it, the USA and Britain advertised Japan in World War II like pure evil.
    The government in Korea uses it to keep independent validity.

  • Anonymous says:

    The black and white pictures are interesting. Is there a source for them? A site in Inglese would be really good.

    I tried Google Image search for “Ugly old Koreans” and couldn’t find them, although it did yield an amazing amount of nasty porn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every country does this. America is the most successful at it. But the way Americans do it made the world advance in knowledge and modernization.

      China on the other hand, is guilty of rewriting history as they see fit after the true history was already been made known to the world. Cultural revolution anyone?

  • Speaking as a Korean high school student, I’ve never come across prejudice this serious.

    I really do hope people receive proper knowledge on Korea soon. But I’m not hoping for anything.

    It’s complicated.

    Note: The pictures of the people in armor and the pictures of the people living in poverty are completely different time periods.

  • What? Nobody had a grandpa that wasn’t a pussy that dodged out of the draft/wars? War stories are always great, and you always learn a tidbit or two like;

    “What was the best part about the Korean War? Watching those chinks and gooks get barbequed with flame throwers.”

  • This is…distressing. Yes, Japan should apologize for their aggression in the early 20th century, however South Korea should know better than to dwell on these things, especially when Japan is probably its second most important ally against the very real threat of North Korean aggression. I’m willing to bet it’s less being irresponsibly nationalistic on Japan’s part (although that element certainly exists), and more to avoid being subjected to possible huge amounts of reparations. I’m sure the reparations would be justified, but Japan simply can’t afford something like that, especially after what happened earlier this year.

    It’s especially worrying that they don’t consider China a threat, as while China may not invade while things stay peaceful, they will and are establishing regional hegemony which would subject Korea (and all of Asia, and possibly the world) to the will of the Chinese state. That’s the same government that has, on countless occasions, demonstrated that it just doesn’t give a shit what its own or other people think–at least the US pays lipservice to our ideals and to global governance.

    Lastly, I’m especially frustrated that they consider the US a threat when we’re South Korea’s biggest ally. It’s fine if you want to reconcile with the North, but sitting on your hands and doing nothing probably isn’t going to work. It’s not impossible that North Korea will collapse eventually ala Russia, but spitting in the faces of your staunch allies while pining for your totalitarian rival to drop 50 years of communism and reunite does not speak well of these kids.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not surprised. Japanese relations to its neighbors are a catastrophe. I have seen first hand how they treat other Asians and it’s not positive in any way. For the most part that is due to what happened during WW2 but there really weren’t many sincere initiatives to foster better relations. I can understand the strained situation with China, because China has its own bullheaded approach to foreign relations. South Korea is something different however. In this case, the bad blood really is Japan’s fault.
    I think it’s wrong for the Koreans to call them “enemies” though.

  • Anonymous says:

    South Korea is an official stalker in Japan.
    The main work is a thing to steal the one from Japan. There is no permission and it digs a tunnel in Japan.
    The South Korean writes the Japanese and the newspaper of the favor and South Korea writes only the lie.
    Japan is not interested in South Korea.
    It is thought only an annoying stray dog.
    The Japanese hopes for rupture of diplomatic intercourse.
    However, it is likely to disappear in the war against the north even if it doesn’t do.
    The Japanese is quietly expecting it.

  • Anonymous says:

    North Korea is not considered an ‘enemy’ by most
    South Koreans because children are taught that north and south were united and that the north koreans are brothers. The north and south were split apart by opportunistic superpower nations (USA / USSR), and that opportunity was fighting against Japanese beligerence during WWII.

    China, Russia, and USA are in Korea protecting interests that have emerged only in the latter half of the 20th century. Japan has made a habit of off-and-on invasion of the peninnsula for the last few hundred years – and the occupiers treated them as inferior because they carried on living under occupation instead of forcing japanese troops to wipe out the Korean race.

    • Well put. It may confuse people why they would hate us, but ironically if you learn long-term history, you realize the long-standing historical battles overtake recent things far more.

      The problem is, younger children have a warped sense of time. So unless it’s clearly communicated that the world has changed, saying ’50 years ago’ can affect them mentally as if they just did it. I remember catching myself doing that when I was younger and finally hit the age of reason. You MUST add at the end how the world has changed in the meantime so that they don’t have a final thought that Japan has invaded them for generations, or of course this is the end result.

      For children, indoctrination is nothing more than not giving them all the information. It’s that simple.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well put. That said, children that I was teaching in Korea in 2004 we’re received a lot of what might be called indoctrination over the Dokdo/Takeshima affair, which at its heart, seems to be more about fishing rights than history. For example, children would come to class with t-shirts that said “Dokdo is Korea.” I don’t think they truly hated Japan, but they were content to believe what they heard around them (like all children).
        Thankfully, among the university students I teach in Korea now, its difficult to find a student with any anti-Japanese sentiment. In fact, most of my students have shown a desire to travel there and expressed a great deal of sympathy to the Japanese following the tsunami.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget that Koreans and Chinese invaded, subjugated, humiliated, and occupied the Japanese tribes for LONG periods of time throughout history too. In fact, Japan was a vassal state to China for much of its pre-history, and the original word in Chinese for Japan (wo4, or “wa” in Japanese) meant “dwarf”, “inferior”, “submissive”, and so forth. Revisionists who believe the oppression and aggression only occurred in one direction are either blinded by their own biases, or don’t realize history reached farther than 100 years ago.

      tl;dr: All peoples throughout history have treated each other like shit for so long, it’s no good pointing fingers now.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the above poster has gotten the truth of the matter and basically pointed out most everything I’ve been thinking.

        I know many korean exchange students here in canada, and even my hapkido instructer who lived in korea as a child when the japanese occupied korea during the war, all of them have been quiteopen minded about the japanese. their general oppinion when this subject was braught up was that what was done by japan was indeed horrible, but the japanese of today can not be held responsible for their ancestors mistakes. infact a few had actually studied japanese language and intended to do an exchange their if they could in the future.

        children are born ignorant and will remain that way until they come to be able to look at things from more than one perspective, most people learn to eventually lets hope these kids do so as well, and pray that war does not come once again.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Japanese didn’t take over Korea, they’d be a part of Russia or China, harvested for resources. See Tibet.

      Even though they suffered in the past due to occupation, the nation they have now is partly due to Japanese colonization of the area. The suffering they blame on Japan is called the cost of war, where the defeated have to deal with their own problems and the occupants cannot help them because they chose to fight against the occupants in the first place.

      Also, Japan’s military strength was never actually enough to wipe out Koreans from the planet. Like in WW2, when China was invaded by Japan, the Japanese sought to train Chinese troops for war and send them to the middle-east to meet with Hitler’s forces, assuming it did happen. But that was their plan. In a similar fashion, Korea was used like this.

  • Those that won’t learn from the past will be condemned to repeat it.

    Although it needs to be said, the US is not guilty of gang raping and murdering Koreans within the span of a generation. The Japanese ARE guilty of the rape and slaughter of countless numbers of Koreans.

    It’s basic history and a few decades worth of producing eviable high tech consumer goods is not going to change what they did.

    The US though, needs to stop milking 3 years from the 50s and fuck off out of the country if they seriously are not wanted around. Oh but the North Koreans might attack the south…. How exactly is that a threat to the US is my question. Maybe way back in the dark dangerous commie infested 50s it might have seemed important.

    The only reason to be there, is to be in a position to get all pissy if the Chinese make a play for Taiwan. And again, if China were to attack Taiwan, precisely how is that a danger to the US? Maybe if I mention that once upon a time the US backed the people that created Taiwan. But the politics of those days have been gone long before this century began.

    And I happen to be an expert in global military history not to mention I lived through most of this crap.

      • Anonymous says:

        All of these Korean “kids” have no proof that they’ve been raped/massacred. In fact they’re doing it to themselves.

        It’s their ancestors who were affected, and I bet they never wish for their next generations to feel the same.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously, your supposed “expertise” really is lacking.
      US is there for many reasons but biggest one of them is that US has vested interest in protecting the region for economical reasons – plus Korean and Japanese government has been biggest US allies in the region.

      Think of effect on world economy if Korea or Japan went to war? How do you think that would affect US economy?

      Also, which other countries have been supporting US in the region against balancing the threat of our “friendly” China, North Korea, and Russia?

      • Anonymous says:

        I concur, The bullshit detector on my desk exploded after reading Sukunai’s post.

        During the span from 1950 to 1953 the US by far and away invested more in manpower and blood spilled than any of her so called allies who as usual just provided lip service.

        Mind you the US did this while continuing to rebuild Europe through the Marshal Plan and also Japan. Not bad for a country of ravenous war mongers.

        I’d ask the citizens of Taiwan and Japan if they’d like the US to bail on them and leave them to the good intentions of the PRC. Somehow I think I know the answer.

        So sit up there in the “Great White North” and do what you people do best. Play hockey and make bad beer.

        By the way I’m as old as your are or older (Vietnam Vet) and my response to that is so what?

    • Something with US being direct allies to South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

      Though some Asian nations are also sour that Japan received BILLIONS of dollars in rebuilding money while many other Asian nations didn’t. Really strange how that worked out politically.

      • Anonymous says:

        we caused two of the greatest acts of genocide, and stripped them of a conventional army. I would say that is reason enough that we spent so much in Japan.

        Though I am sure there were other reason though.

        • China 1947 to present 40 to 70 million dead.
          Stalinist Russia 40 million dead.
          Nazi Germany 11 million dead.
          Nagasaki and Hiroshima 250,000 dead.

          Nagasaki and Hiroshima, as horrific as they were hardly qualify as the 2 greatest acts of genocide. Used in wartime against a known enemy they were a means to an end, winning the war. If wartime Japan had the bomb and a delivery system don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t have used it on Hawaii or Los Angeles.

          Stop buying into the revisionist tripe spewed out by the PC media and professors.

  • They are free to hate, as long as they won’t try to project that bullshit into real life motion.

    Also, I don’t think that kids are to be blamed. Normally you don’t find juniors have any interest into politics and such.
    So I’d say, some really messed up nationalistic grievers are trying to pour own ideologies on the younglings.
    And that is more disturbing than anything else.

  • Anonymous says:

    I could understand if the question was: “who do you hate more?”, with Japan at the top for obvious historical reasons. it would then make sense for NK to get the results it did since for the most part they’ve abused their own, not their neighbors. their aggression against SK has mainly been rhetorical. and the US being there… well, the US is always gonna get hated on by other countries because of both jealousy and their perennial near-sighted foreign policy.

    • Yeah. It’s easy to hate the NK government, but you can’t really help but feel pity for the starving NK people who are being victimized by their own government.

      Japan in the meantime, has only ‘semi-officially’ apologized for atrocities by a few under-reported mentions by several prime ministers and the nation actually has prospered instead of being downtrodden after the war. Meanwhile places like the Phillipines and China are pretty much left in turmoil after all that. Doesn’t mean the hate is verifiable or justifiable, just that contempt could be there.

      Japan definitely should have went for an all out campaign of national regret and apology like Germany rightfully did. Even to this day, Japanese government hasn’t made proper restitution to the Ryuukyuu (Okinawan) people and the Ainu of Hokkaido in the way they basically invaded the natives of the land and decided to help erode their culture through mass migrations. Stuff like that is the reason why many Asian nations still doesn’t trust Japan.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes but that doesn’t excuse children saying that modern day 2011 Japan is an enemy nation. Not trusting Japan, I can understand. But believing that modern day Japan in 2011 poses more of a threat to S. Koreans’ wellbeing and peace than N. Korea in 2011 is simply inexcusable. You can still say, ‘I wish they’d apologise, but they are not at war with us any more, modern day Japan in 2011 is not an enemy’.

        There are many things I don’t like about the US or it’s government, but I would not consider modern day US as an enemy nation, even though they were against the Japanese (my home country) during WW2. That’s the difference.

      • Anonymous says:

        Apologize for what??
        Let all Asian free from European colony??
        Doubled population of Korean and gave much amount of money??
        Japanese colony wasn’t same as European. Not same.

        So you think European countries which had colony and USA apologized to ex-colony countries officially? USA have to apologize to so many countries.
        All white ppl apologized to all African slave officially????

        • Anonymous says:

          Even though I don’t 100% agree that at the time, the a-bomb punishment obviated the need for an apology, I don’t think the situation compares at all with 9/11.
          The scale is completely different to begin with. Two office buildings versus two cities…
          And then there’s the context in which the actions were performed. Although the reasons were shitty and I think the primary reason the US dropped the a-bombs is because they could, at least it happened in the context of WWII. The 9/11 attacks on didn’t and were executed because the attackers saw the US as an embodiment of everything un-islamic; in other words they were religiously motivated and a part of the struggle between shari’ah and freedom.

        • Anonymous says:

          I dunno about that, since they’re not really related; isn’t that kind of like saying America shouldn’t have to be apologetic about the bombs and can act like they never happened because of 9/11?

        • @ TFish & Shippoyasha

          Precisely. It’s a gross simplification to say that we as a future generation are apologizing for the sins of the fathers. Consider the idea to a nation who doesn’t know much about others, or has little communication that we take for granted in our internet era. These people only have history to judge how the future will come. It’s the cyclical nature of history that we all inherently understand, and it’s not untrue, so we’d be incorrect to say it’s foolish to believe history would repeat itself.

          Apologizing for the failures of a nation in the past is not only an admission of of a mistake in the past, but a representation of the fact that the nation will not do the same in the future. In order to understand a mistake, one must first admit it. Mentioning something publicly and recognizing it as the wrong way to have done things is simultaneously clearing the past for many millions of people sometimes, and also a declaration that it will not come again in the future.

          To deny its existence is to generate the unconscious feeling that they had every right in the world to do it, and to complain is the mark of a weaker dog. It is arrogance and ego that allows a nation not to recognize and comment about something they have done, nothing more. It doesn’t mean that they must grovel and beg forgiveness, but to understand and make note of their history. Prove to the people that they are not a stagnant culture that will not propagate the same histories that have generated such hatred and fear initially.

        • Anonymous says:

          “No government today should have to apologize or make any mention of what happened in world war 2 simply because of the fact that most of the world leaders weren’t even alive during the war.”

          Funny you should say that; Clinton still apologized for the Japanese interment camps of WW2.

          I think it’s less a “moral obligation” and more a “you do this because it’ll be better for humanity as a whole.” It’s definitely true that if my dad killed your sister, I shouldn’t have to pay for it, and I’m not obligated to apologize or help you through your time of grief. However, by doing so, maybe I’ll spread goodwill, help alleviate some of the pain, and make you more likely to want to work together with me. (It’s kind of understandable that you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the family of your sister’s murderer, right?) It’s just a way to make things nicer for everyone at no cost to myself.

        • Anonymous says:

          I really have to disagree on that “Philippines” part. The country is in turmoil not because of being invaded by Japan in the past, but merely out of its own citizens’ and governments’ incompetence. Anything else would just be an excuse to throw around the blame rather accept the reality of things.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think the asian cultures that Japan oppressed won’t be satisfied until they get hundreds of millions of dollars from them and make it illegal for Japanese to question the atrocities committed by their government and military (much like Germany by the Jews).

        • TFish, I agree with the notion, but it’s not that simple when histories of nations goes much longer and ties between parent and child is considered to be much tighter than it is in the west.

          Also, even in the case of serial killers and the like in Korea, they had moments where the entire city bowed out of respect and sadness before. Like with the Virginia Tech shootings. Koreans in their nation was not responsible, but they felt responsible anyway.

          And at this point, yeah, it’s not about a direct apology. But a gesture. An olive branch. And again, we can’t really expect much out of the bumbling Japanese government. But everyday people may. We can get into Korean-pop and manage to make friends with Korean kids and break that cycle and racism in our own ways. We can share the love of anime, manga, baseball, etc. And during the World Cup in early 2000s, they shared the whole event amongst both nations. Maybe they can try that again.

          As for ‘post mortem’ apologies, the Popes has done that many times. America is doing it now with Native Americans (or trying to). Australia is doing it with its native population. It’s not a crazy idea as you may think. Nor does the people apologizing have to give up all dignity. Besides, the victims usually don’t have the power to be bullish about it anymore. Especially if they lived in another era.

        • Anonymous says:

          Killing is still killing no matter from which country, and I’m not surprise Japan is not at the top of that list of killed the most.

          People have power, money or even meaning does not give them the right to kill other. Two wrong does not make a right, yet there are no people asking other country to apologize for what they done.

          So typical that you guys only focus your hatred for the most know crime and been blinded by lies.

        • I wonder when people will stop hounding for an apology from people that did nothing wrong.

          It seems everyone’s mentality is for children to pay for the sins of their fathers, when no matter how many people my parents murdered or raped I’d never tell people that I am personally sorry for what I did when it was my parents not I that did something wrong.

          No government today should have to apologize or make any mention of what happened in world war 2 simply because of the fact that most of the world leaders weren’t even alive during the war.

        • Anonymous says:

          The current generation wasn’t responsible for the war and generally holds very different views than the military government in 1945. If the fascists didn’t own up properly and weren’t punished adequately that’s regrettable, but an apology from Japan now would be meaningless.

        • If you are talking to normal civilians, there could be times where people do apologize personally. It’s the scumbag and still-racist and hate mongering (AND Yakuza controlled) government that can’t do anything. Not to mention the Japanese civilians have zero trust in the government as is.

        • Anonymous says:

          >Precisely. It’s a gross simplification to say that we as a future generation are apologizing for the sins of the fathers. More meaningless drivel.
          No it isn’t.
          >… In order to understand a mistake, one must first admit it. …
          One can and should do so, but you cannot ask people to apologise for such mistakes.
          >More bullshit.
          Japan has more than adequately proven that it has given up its fascist and militaristic ways. There is nothing the Japanese could say at this point to win over anyone who isn’t convinced already.

  • Anonymous says:

    I find this very difficult to believe for so many reasons.

    Unless there is a misinterpretation
    rival instead of enemy.
    who to beat to be the most awesome.
    would not surprise me

    I mean, what are the Japanese going to do?! one of the most docile people on the planet

    • >most docile people on the planet

      I lol’ed. The Japanese can be as passionate (and by that I mean crazy extremist in usually small but annoyingly noticeable amounts) about this as any other people in the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I don’t think America hates its neighbors as much as the guys on the other side of town– namely China and the Middle East…

        (and the occasional Japan and India thrown in for good measure)

      • Anonymous says:

        Didn’t ya know? Americans despise both the canucks and s.o.b.s (SouthOftheBorder) in equal measures~ In fact; Invasion plans to claim the oil fields of canuckistan and mehico are already completed. There’s also an massive gathered force of brain conditioned shock troopers and bombers in Alaska now ready to roll over All of Korea to amass all them slave labor for the coal mines of Kentucky! With this pincer effect, Nippon with fall over like a $2 whore like it already is!
        Overthere Kids today just don’t have the imagination like us trailer trash hicks!

        • Anonymous says:

          Inmigration built the USA. USA is full of British, Africans, Chinese, German, Irish, French, Italians, Russians, Jewish and Latino people. The real gringos are the Native Americans. USA has such a huge population because they have a lot of space. And they got all that space because they had a war with Mexico. Mexico losed and lost their territory. California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas… all of that was once named Alta California, Nueva Santander and Coahuila y Tejas; they were part of Mexico. People from the East Coast started to emmigrate to the once Mexican West Coast, they found gold and got rich. They founded cities and connected the two coast and made the USA a rich country.

        • The relationship with Mexico is actually a bit of isolationism. The issue we have is illegal mexicans coming over, which isn’t related to their country or who they are, but what those people are doing. Many idiotic Americans have trouble separating that though. Their actions are damaging our economy because they earn money and do not pay taxes on it. It wasn’t so big an issue initially when there weren’t that many, but now there are literally millions of illegal immigrants who could be helping out even a little bit.

          I’m in Arizona. The rest of the country calls us bigoted for doing that law where police could check green cards during routine traffic stops. I say they lack perspective because they don’t know shit about shit. If you ask any citizen here if they would happily get another state-mandated card to prove they’re a citizen, I know I would. It’s just another thing with “License, Registration and Citizenship.” It’s not racial profiling when the vast majority of illegal immigrants are in fact hispanic. I don’t like that it’s the case that it comes off as victimizing them, but it is the truth.

          The true solution of course is to actually streamline the process of citizenship. Pretending everyone’s a terrorist is ridiculous and backwards and slowly killing us from the inside, exactly as the terrorists hope it would I’m sure. If people want to be here and contribute to the melting pot following our laws, they should be welcomed. One of the problems of course is that many of them want to circumvent the English exam because it takes time to learn English, among other things, and they want to escape their own clusterfuck of a country immediately. I do actually believe that the must learn English in order to function in this society, just as much as I’d be expected to learn Spanish to function in theirs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why is it a surprise that Asians hate Japan? They tried to control all/most of Asia several times and won’t apologize. Yes, everyone knows that the current inhabitants weren’t responsible for it, but the lack any sort of apology shows that the general public and government haven’t matured and moved on. Without regret or shame for the rape of other countries kinda gives off the impression that you’re capable of doing it again.

    • Anonymous says:

      have you ever read news.

      The American ask for Compensation for the War in Iraq

      They dont feel sory about destroying Iraq
      and The reason why the Invade, WMD. was never there in the first place

      If someguy kick your ass, because you own a Knife
      and then when the guy found out you dont have it

      The guy somehow ask you to Pay him, because He kick your Face

      and you say Japan is a Dick
      how about USA ?

    • Anonymous says:

      imagine: you now have a second-hand car which the previous owner once ran over and killed a person with, should you be apologizing to the family of the victim if they are still mad?

      • Anonymous says:

        Here is a better comparison. A certain company’s manufactured car caused accidents due to malfunction in certain parts. This company did not make those parts do they still have to apology and compensate?


      • No. Cars can’t be the direct children of people who has committed crimes on an international scale. Time can heal wounds but I just can’t understand people who want to push issues under the rug.

        Better yet, confront our history openly and open dialog instead of further causing more paranoia by pretending we can ignore everything. The reason why we should at least try to acknowledge things have happened in the past is so we don’t emulate that again. Acknowledging the past probably can help the healing process, not hamper it as I see it.

        • As I’ve said previously, why should children pay for the sins of their fathers?

          The car is the perfect analogy, a country is just a vehicle for people to survive together in. If that vehicle kills someone should the person driving apologize if it was wrong? Sure. Should the 4th owner after him apologize for his car killing someone 60 years ago, when he was just an infant? No. The thought of that is just stupid.

          If it was wrong then it should be acknowledged that it was wrong, but an official apology by people that committed no wrong are useless. On the other hand if nobody in that country thinks it was wrong, no matter how strongly the rest of the world thinks it was wrong, well, that’s just their opinion. You can’t dictate what is the right way and wrong way to view a series of historical events, especially when neither you nor the other party were alive during them.

      • Well, it IS a drama and that word itself tells you already to expect exaggerations; not to mention history is always glorified by their respective countries.

        Besides we watch drama to get entertained so they need to make things interesting for the viewers; I doubt they’ll be historically accurate.

        • Anonymous says:

          >2ch is a propaganda tool that average Japanese passionately hate.
          Given the size of 2ch’s user base, most 2ch’ers must be rather average Japanese. It is not a 1-to-1 copy from society, and notably more conservative, but still.
          I think it’s just that when people are anonymous they are less reluctant to speak their minds. We all have things that we think that we cannot utter in public without getting ostracised. But on 2ch or 4chan you don’t have that problem.
          As a closing note, 2ch is much broader in scope than politics alone.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep, terrible comparison. Since when photography was available during the time spears and arrows were used for war?

          Also like any countries with social ranking during that time, 90% of the people were piss poor peasants, often history “drama” isn’t really about them.

        • The pictures are from completely different time periods. The black and white pictures are Koreans during the war, and the pictures of the guys in armor are the recreations of what happened many hundred years ago. Koreans aren’t saying that’s what exactly happened either. It’s just like every dramatized western war movie.

  • Anonymous says:

    i am a half german / korean and i understand both sides very well

    but im very sad that they brainwash children to hate a neighbour country for their crime in the past…

    i can understand the older generation and they shall die in their hatred if they really want it to end like this

    but they should let children get their own impression about their neighbours

    and not just about japan – korea

    every country in peace should

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m Chinese and I agree; the Japanese army did all kinds of terrible shit, but our countries really forgive Japan. The Jews got over the Holocaust and for the most part aren’t all FFFUUUUUUUU GERMANS anymore, and Japan != Japanese army anymore.

      I do still think that Japan should, in the interest of peace, at least offer apologies and ask for forgiveness though. Germany apologized for the Holocaust, and America apologized for internment camps, and I think it’s more than just correlation that the Jews and Japanese-Americans are more cool with their former oppressors at this point. Forgiveness is hard for humanity, but repentance can reaaaally help speed it along, and I think a lot of Chinese/Koreans are more angry about the denial of crime more than the crime itself at this point.

      Hopefully, as the old people die out– Chinese, Korean, or Japanese– the kids will be less likely to be racist. Thankfully Korea and Japan exchange a lot of pop culture, so Japanese kids are too busy listening to K-Pop and Korean kids are too busy buy Japanese gadgets to hate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Koreans are pussies. Japan leveled the Philippine’s ass in World War 2 and did as much horrible things they did in Korea(lol as if they were even attacked that badly). They destroyed our capital city, annihilated nearly all of our forces including American forces at Bataan and forced our country into a period of horror, oppression, poverty, rape of many women, slaughter of remaining forces, and a puppet government. Ask any Filipino if they still have any hate for the Japanese. Go ahead. Nobody even cares anymore.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m of Filipino heritage myself. We more worry about our country’s endless corruption than Japan. Although the Japanese government promised to fund our urban renewal for decades and it turned out to be a lie.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s because the government is incompetent and lost their ties to Japan when the Philippines entered 3rd world status.

          Remember that the Philippines had the best economy in Asia in the past before the corruption set in.

      • Might be the case of Filipinos still struggling to come out of poverty nation-wide. While Korea has the luxury of being a 1st world nation to be able to look into the past in retrospect.

        Also, Korea didn’t just get attacked in WW2. It was under occupation from Japan for almost 70 years, its language and culture was near dead since the Japanese citizens ‘migrated’ to Korea, Korean culture and language was illegal and many elderly Koreans know Japanese language and customs due to the integration of the time. AND Korea was LITERALLY part of Japan for 30+ years.

        I totally agree Philippines had the brunt end of things during the war. But with Korea, it was long, prolonged war of imperials versus the rebels. And I do believe some of the first suicide bombers in history came from Korea, trying to kill imperialists.

        • Anon, I think you’re forgetting also that Korea was invaded by Japan multiple times over the period of a thousand years as well. Not to mention, there’s just a general sense of rivalry.

          That’s why I’m saying the media playing out this hatred is overblown. Some of the biggest Japanese-fanatics in this world are South Koreans. And one of Japan’s biggest economic allies is South Korea. And after South Korea lifted the “Japanese entertainment” ban, it’s now flourishing there apparently.

          Filipinos going through their own trials and tribulations are something I’m sad for as well. I think any heavily oppressed peoples needs to have their voices heard.

          But like I said, Korea was LITERALLY Japan and Korea and its culture would have been completely wiped out if it wasn’t for America butting in and ending the Empire. That sense of ‘near total death’ of a culture and nation and identity is why Koreans remain so prickly towards Japan. I would say it’s understandable considering that fact. But even then, it’s not like the interaction between them is all that hostile. Contentious, rivalrous maybe, but not too much more.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t see my grandparents shouting “blame the japs” to our losing economy. Koreans have a better economy and achieved 1st world country status, all to fuck it all up. 70 years? We’ve been under Spanish colonialism for 333 years. If you’ve been under that iron fist rule for that long, you’d explode to have war with Spain for centuries. We always lost but endured the whole war for 300 years till Americans came. What Korea experienced is nothing compared to us. Yet we learned to forgive and NOT waste time.

  • Anonymous says:

    i am a half german / korean and i understand both sides very well

    but im very sad that they brainwash children to hate a neighbour country for their crime in the past…

    i can understand the older generation and they shall die in their hatred if they really want it to end like this

    but they should let children get their own impression about their neighbours

    and not just about japan – korea

    every country in peace should

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Be that as it may, you cannot get numbers like these without some major indoctrination going on. Especially considering how grossly out of touch with reality the Korean views are.
      At least the Japanese history book scandal generated opposition in Japan as well. And the Japanese seem to agree that their part in WWII was wrong, and that war in general is a horrible thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        “At least the Japanese history book scandal generated opposition in Japan as well.”

        Really? But when Kuni ga Moeru was published, Japanese people made a huge outburst against historical fact– that the Japanese army actually did a bunch of shitty things during the war. Also, I think the Korean media here does make a point that this is messed up thinking.

        • Anonymous says:

          “why there aren’t wny mixed ppl in Korea?”

          Oh please, there are mixed people. How long ago do you think WW2 was? They are either dead or very old now. You have no proof on what you believe. And how do you know the Viet Korean mixes are victim of rape? You have not proof of that either, again. Lol, you are nothing but a child on a keyboard with no sense of reality. Why don’t you take a walk OUTSIDE of you room? You will find discover many new things. Perhaps you will be embarrassed how your knowledge of the world is some bull s*** that you learned from internet.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with you.
          All European countries didnt apologize to colony in Africa and I dont think they were more cruel than Japan did.
          why can they criticize Japan??
          They are really selfish.

        • Anonymous says:

          Only winner make history book.
          At least Korean didn’t fight for Japan.
          All Korean was Japanese in the era and killed many American.
          There were many Korean soldier and general.
          Population of Korean is doubled only in 30 years.
          If there were many Japanese cruel raper and killer, why there aren’t wny mixed ppl in Korea? Cruel raper but used condom?? There are many mixed ppl by Korean raper in Vietnam.
          Dude, there isn’t any proof of things Korean believe.

        • Anonymous says:

          Kuniga Moeru isn’t the best example. Part of the shitstorm was caused by the fact that the manga did its own little bit of history falsification. In any case the series was (rightly) not cancelled and freedom of speech prevailed.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s no surprising as youth are still easily influenced by media and those around them since their cognitive skill is not fully developed.

    Territorial issue relating Liancourt Rocks has been a hot media topic soon after Earthquake in Japan (although this comes up every year) as there has been many effort to aid Japan to recovery from their situation. It was for humanitarian so it shouldn’t matter but it still doesn’t make public opinion about Japan any better.

    Another issue regarding territorial claim was that there was an effort to change Japanese textbook to teach kids Liancourt Rocks belong to Japan at the same time.

    Older generations and history also teaches South Korean youth about many atrocious acts committed by Japanese soldiers during WW2.

    I just hope most of them are smart enough to think for themselves when they grow up.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, actually no surprise here and i don’t know what’s all the fuzz about. It’s only to be expected that every asian country will hate Japan forever for their war crimes and the fact that Japan’s goverment has never apologised for it. So yeah, if Korea or China ever get the chance – they’ll rape japan for good and good reason.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a Korean American I am ashamed. Who gives a shit what happened in the past. Although, I kind find this research hard to believe. From my view all the Korean pop stars heading over Japan.

    • ashamed of what? As a korean american, but more as an adult I’ve not put much faith into the opinions of children much less a bunch of horny teenagers. Hell if they leased such a survey in the US prior to 2001 I think the most likely answer would’ve been mexico simply as a prank.

      I’m more concerned about what it is that’s going on in the household. All I know of are concerns of my family there which are bit more closer to home than worrying about who to go to war with… They could care less about the going on’s about Japan, they were more concerned about the GI’s running around getting drunk and causing a ruckus and whatnot >_> Not that that’s as big a concern as it used to be…

    • Agreed; what I find funny is that Korean pop stars get popular in Japan, Japanese pop stars get popular in Korea… those brainwashed kids are but a small portion of the country; I’ve visited Korea and for example girls go gaga for idols/musicians, and that includes Japanese ones.

      It’s obvious this was the work of the usual extremist groups, wanting to sow the seeds of hate for stupid reasons, and we see plenty of those in every single country out there.

      • It’s all the fault of those parents and old men who can’t differentiate between teaching their kids about their bitter history or brainwashing them into legions of hate machines. The same thing applies to certain old fossils in my state, I had this one annoying teacher back in highschool who kept on telling us how evil and filthy the British and all sort of westerners are, not remembering if it’s not because of them, my generation would still chopping other people’s heads in order to get married.

        Oh, do I need to mention that teacher also often took advantage on the girls, “encouraging” them if they got the answers wrong by rubbing their hands?

  • Not sure what to think of the ‘ideal vs reality’ thing other than that you won’t find a more peasant-driven nation than Japan in history even if you tried.. And all those legends of samurais and ninjas are some of the worst examples of embellishments of myths as a semi-history in this world. Imagine George Washington mythical stories X 100.

    And didn’t Korea basically turn totally modern and become one of fashion meccas in 100 years? Japan tried to copy Europeans for hundreds of more years to get to this point.

    • Anonymous says:

      It wasn’t that long ago that history lessons in my own home country were the same. It was all knights in shining armour, gold-plated sailing ships, rich merchants and so on and so forth. Little mention was made of the peasants who didn’t have to eat, of the crews of the ships (only half of which survived the voyage) or of the people who mined peat from 3:30 till dusk for barely enough money to eke out a living. It’s always tempting to whitewash history.

    • Not trying to stir up a debate here, but I think the implied point was that Korea has been embellishing its history in many ways other than its embellishment of the atrocities by Japan, by presenting its civilization in a much more civilized way than it was, as reflected by the “unorganized thatched roofs and topless people in Seoul” state that existed as late as the introduction of western photography- which was simply untrue in major Japanese cities.

      Read: I don’t hold the same opinion. Francis Bigot makes many caricatures of Japanese life that are as non-conforming to the western notions of lady/gentleman as the above photos, in the later Meiji period.

      On another note, your statement “Japan tried to copy Europeans for hundred of years” implies that Europeans were ostensibly more advanced during that time period, and that isn’t true in the areas that Japan took in: crafts, weaponry (up until 1600), and religion (advanced or not is a nonissue). In the Meiji era, Japan went from peasant-fueled feudalism to post-industrialism in a matter of decades.

      • Let Korea believe that they are special, it kept the Country from going to hell since the history of there culture existed.Just like Japan believe they are special as well.In the end they will fuck up and it won’t be funny for both of them.

        • However, though their contacts with the rest of the world were limited, it should be mentioned that they were up to date on what happened in the rest of the world. Through the dutch trading mission located on Dejima, Nagasaki, they received information about the rest from the world. They also received information about Western scientific advances. In the beginning, this was primarily medical science, but after the Phaeton incident and the Opium War in China, they also began to focus on physics, steam power, weapon production (particularly cannons) etc. Primarily the Saga-han was involved in that, as it was one of the two han (provinces) charged with the protection of Nagasaki. The Saga-han was also given permission to create cannons for this purpose – no other han in Japan were allowed to do so at that time.

          With that in mind, it is safe to say that they didn’t start from nothing when the country was opened up to the rest of the world again. The different han in Kyuushuu – with easier access to Rangaku (literally Dutch studies, which were first focussed on medical sciences but later also broadened in scope to encompass other scientific fields (largely for military purposes)) – would later also play a vital role in the modernization of Japan.

          To say that it tried to copy the west for hundreds of years is wrong however. They did try to learn from the west, but that mostly focussed on a few select fields until the 19th century. They however never tried to be like the west during that time. It is easier to argue that they tried not to be like the west, in fact!

          Starting from the Meiji era, there’s a strong switch in which they do try to copy the west to the best of their abilities. Though this also isn’t unreserved. There are some amusing anecdotes to be found about the cultural differences which the Japanese found outrageous. I recall reading a text where a Japanese man scathingly described a ball as people trippling around like mice. Or his dismay when the men first politely asked the women who accompanied them for permission to light their cigars/cigarettes. Fun times. 😛

          Long story short, they then went from “copy everything” to “copy stuff which fits into our culture.” And I’ve written a long enough post for now. Cheers!

      • Well, it’s not that Japanese culture was inferior in any way, other than how its leaders kept looking towards the Dutch and other European nations on the art of nation building, modern economy, modern army building, etc. They didn’t emulate them full time until Meiji era, but they were always on a communicable basis. Which is why the ‘closed port of Japan’ is not entirely accurate. Plus, many shogunates of 1500s and 1600s started importing European gun designs as use for small sniper units as well.

        As for Korean technology and all, it probably was pretty advanced considering they had a longer history of war than the Japanese (spanning thousands of years) and they had advanced gunpowder powered weaponry during 1500s/1600s.

        Though during the early 1900’s, it became known as the hermit kingdom for refusing to cave into western influences and taking itself out of the picture unlike Japan. I don’t think many Koreans would argue that point either. It’s just the climate of the times with the excessive European-jealousy during that era.

  • Eh… this is old news… Although the older generation might hate Japan because of what they did to them during colonization, us new generation are not like this. These are just handful of children who were indoctrinated by older generation who still holds grief towards Japan.

    Seriously, writing something like this where making others generalize our whole country is not cool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mazinger rip-off is MOST DEFINITELY NOT worshipped as national robot hero.

      People only like for nostalgia, EVERYONE knows it was ripped off and it’s shameful act done by the “creator”/director.

      • They’re still doing it now actually, some would try to defend it by claiming that Robo Taekwon-V was created years before Mazinger did and in fact even made a propaganda video of RTV destroying a Japanese invaders warship.

        Before ppl start to get me wrong, let me admit this; I actually respect (South) Koreans for finding their own originality and improve themselves after years of bootlegging stuff, unlike China. It’s just that I hate how they despise Japan but at the same time still producing medias that are blatantly inspired from the same country.

        • Anonymous says:

          Those people defending Kim Chung-Gi, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Cheong-gi) who ripped off Mazinger, Valkyrie (Macross) and Tobikage are more or less ignorant for nostalgia, afraid to admit their awesome child-hood hero turned out to be a rip-off. Those same people are also supporting the revival of franchise instead of just letting it die.

          Many people (korean) thought it would be better to just move along and try to bring something new to the industry but anime industry is heavily dominated by Japan Korean anime industry will not risk anything more than kids show. Most of animation studios in Korea rather work with Japanese studios as it is safer in business perspective.

  • “Japan is more threatening to them than the country they are still at war with… nice one Japan.”

    Yeah! What gives? I expected this from North but South? Wow and I thought Korea was a “happy” place, guess it isn’t that “happy” after all.

    All their Happy K-pop songs must be a call for help. Ah well, as long as they don’t actually bomb each other

      • Anonymous says:

        Like how Japan brainwashes it’s own citizens to believe Nanking, Comfort Women or Unit 731 never happened and that all of it is a big lie made by China and Korea to worsen the image of Japanese.

        I had faith that the Japanese majority wouldn’t become such, definitely wasn’t like so 5-6 years ago. Ask about it now and they deny the hell out of it.

        • The Korea/Japan hate seems a bit overblown by the media anyway. It’s mostly just snarkiness and it is more like a heated rivalry than open attacks like in China.

          And you know, Chinese and Filipinos hating on Japan even today is probably well deserved considering stuff Japanese soldiers did in those nations that would have made Nazis blush.

          Either way, people shouldn’t just try to forget. Just use that as a springboard to prove to eachother that we’re better than our flawed ancestors.

        • Anonymous says:

          Japan now is a very civilised country. It does not deserve this hate from Korea; what happened 70 years ago is in the past,they have done nothing wrong in recent years. Do you think that Jews would educate other Jews about Hitler and force them to hate the Germans?

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m copying and pasting my comment for fun.

          Koreans are pussies. Japan leveled the Philippine’s ass in World War 2 and did as much horrible things they did in Korea(lol as if they were even attacked that badly). They destroyed our capital city, annihilated nearly all of our forces including American forces at Bataan and forced our country into a period of horror, oppression, poverty, rape of many women, slaughter of remaining forces, and a puppet government. Ask any Filipino if they still have any hate for the Japanese. Go ahead. Nobody even cares anymore.

          We love Japan. And Spain

        • Anonymous says:

          Brainwashing indeed.
          Winland was attacked by Russians but we have almost forgotten what was done 70 years ago,
          It wasn’t russians living today who attacked us.
          most of them have died already.

          So should Koreans do the same.
          Koreans are just stubborn idiots.
          living in the past.

    • It’s a funny things to say, but we don’t have a common enemy. The faceless, mindless crowd, which is humanity, just pointlessly existing in the space. There is no plot, no reason. So apparently there is no common enemy. And such matters of speech like “common enemy” or “natural rights” are just a weapon in the hands for demagogues and sophists like You and me. ^_^