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Lady Gaga: “I Want To Live in Japan” 2ch: “Please!”


Lady Gaga’s august presence in Japan is delighting not only her fans but 2ch as well, with her latest makeup and apparent love for Japan making quite an impression.

Her latest appearances:


Moving pictures with sound:

The makeup is actually a recycle of an earlier appearance – even Gaga can’t manage a new look every time:


Japan may have got more than it bargained for when it invited her in to whitewash its nuclear disaster – it seems she would like to stay:

“I love show-business from the bottom of my heart, and if it were possible I’d like to live in Japan.”

Even hard-hearted 2ch is taking a shine to her antics, particularly when presented with her out of cosplay:


“What, she’s damn hot!”

“She’s nice!”

“Pretty cute.”

“What the hell, she’s ridiculously cute.”

“Very nice. But who’s the fatso.”

“Please live here, you’d be welcome!”

“America is pretty amazing to keep turning out this kind of person.”

“Damn, who’d have thought she has this much style…”

“She’s teasing us, as expected of our Lady Gaga.”

“She is paying her respects to the ancient Japanese tradition of ‘scrawling doodles on a passed out drunk’.”

“She’s interesting, I like her now.”

“If she were Japanese she’d just be a comedian or someone annoying pulling stunts to sell her name though.”

“I think she’s stringing us along but I do now like her…”

“She’s too good… I support you, do as you like, please!”

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