Ero-Anime Revolution: “We Got Rid of the Guy’s Voice!”


Ero-anime fans are marvelling at the latest “revolution” in the world of adult animation – studio Pixy’s latest title, the vaguely pregnancy-themed “Haramasete Seiryu-kun!” (“Knock me up Seiryu-kun!”), dispenses with the tedious business of male dialogue altogether, substituting subtitles instead…

The creators have this to say:


“For parts of the feature, the H scene male voices have been replaced by subtitles. You can immerse yourselves in the scene without their voices interfering.”


Such features have long been a feature of the eroge genre (along with male protagonists rendered faceless by way of a convenient fringe), although this appears to be the first time it has been  applied to adult anime.


The actual anime itself is an adaptation of a 2008 eroge by Lilith, which unsurprisingly also focussed on the (for some at least) enticing prospect of impregnating schoolmates. The first episode is available online and shortly in disc format, with further details available on its homepage.

Whether this tremendous innovation will catch on remains to be seen.

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