Top 10 Reasons You Dumped Your Ex


Japanese people quizzed on the reasons they split up with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend supply the expected relationship minefield ranking, one unlikely to do much to reassure those currently in such a relationship.

The ranking:

1. You liked someone else

2. They were selfish

3. They cheated on you

4. “For some reason or other”

5. You got tired of their habits

6. You got bored of fighting all the time

7. They were too restrictive of you

8. You no longer had enough time to spend with them

9. Their sense of morals or manners was inadequate

10. It turned into a distance relationship

Narrowly missing out on inclusion were “they spent money wildly” and “they were tight-fisted,” both coming close together, and perhaps in less charitable interpretations being identifiable as the two sides of “they spent too much on things other than me and not enough on me.”

Interestingly, amongst the least cited (though by no means uncited) reasons for dumping an unwanted partner were “their parents objected,” “they wanted to marry,” “they refused to marry,” “you can’t understand their interests” and “they don’t appreciate your interests.” Possibly they all simply encountered one of the other reasons first…

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