Police Storm Home in NEET Siege



A NEET and possible hikikomori who chased his mother out of a second floor window with a knife after she told him to “get a job or get out” holed himself up in his home, prompting police to storm the building. The entire event was caught on video.

The incident unfolded in a Sapporo home inhabited by a 66-year-old retiree and her unemployed 20-year-old son, when the pair began arguing over financial matters and the man’s joblessness.

The quarrel became heated, with the mother telling her son to “get out” and her son responding by holding her captive with a kitchen knife, forcing her to jump out of a second floor window in order to escape him, spraining her ankle in the process but otherwise escaping unharmed.

He proceeded to angrily berate police and bystanders from a window, throwing various objects including a flaming bottle out into the street in anger and “barricading” himself in.

After lengthy attempts to persuade him to surrender himself failed, police subsequently stormed the residence, throwing a flashbang into the building and quickly subduing the man without injury to officers or the suspect.

The man was charged with involuntarily confining his mother, charges he admits, saying he snapped when she told him to get out.

Seeing how tragically similar incidents have ended, his mother seems to have been lucky to escape with her life and home intact.

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