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Miss USA 2011 “Like a Parade of Identical Body Builders”


Miss USA 2011 has shown off what it purports to be the flower of American womanhood – only to be jeered by 2ch as a parade of indistinguishable body builders.

Being nothing more than a parade of forgettable anorexics in skimpy swimwear it is probably safe to dispense with names and simply concentrate on the photography:






The winner was none other than Miss California.

2ch’s comments probably echo those of most males everywhere:


“They all have the same face!”


“They really like well defined features over there don’t they?”

“It seems they are more representative of Latin America than they are of North America…”

“They are all a bit too ripped.”

“Why aren’t there any American cuties like the ones in Hollywood movies?”

“Who on earth judged this…”

“Pretty but the sticking out ribs are nasty. Put on some weight!”

“They are like picture-book Americans. They’re too tall and so skinny it’s gross.”

“What America thinks of as a beautiful women are always like this. Europe seems to have a different sense of aesthetics.”

“What are these, body builders?”

“Not happening, all of them. I don’t get foreigners.”

“Why do all their faces look like middle-aged ladies? They were cute when they little girls…”

“The judges must have been women. They picked a bunch of women no men would like.”

“Like characters from a fighting game…”

“It’s pretty funny how ripped they all are!”

“There’s no black people? Discrimination!”

“They have something like this and there are no black people? It really is a country of whites.”

“If you gave them cloaks they look as if they would fly about.”

“The 2010 & 2009 winners:”







“I’d expect a more hourglass shaped healthy looking blonde girl to be honest.”

“I want to know what the Americans think of all this!”

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