Top 10 Bustiest Seiyuu


Creepy seiyuu fans affirm that status by supplying a most instructive ranking of the seiyuu they have identified as being the most well endowed, not with vocal talents but with large breasts…

The ranking:

1. Hitomi Harada

2. Kana Asumi

3. Yukana

4. Ayana Taketatsu

5. Rie Tanaka

6. Romi Park

7. Shizuka Ito

8. Kikuko Inoue

9. Mamiko Noto

10. Ryoko Shintani

Hitomi Harada, best known for voicing Dream C Club’s Rui and Baka+Test’s Mizuki (coincendentally busty themselves), is rather modest compared to the admittedly exhibitionistic standards of seiyuu, and so vanishingly few images of her exist, let alone any gravure ones.


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