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“The One Type of Guy Japanese Girls Will Never Date”


2ch is in uproar after the publication of an article which alleges the type of man Japanese women find most undesirable are none other than the extreme rightists of 2ch.

The article in question:

We decided to survey local women, asking them to identify “the men you’ve seen online who you would absolutely not want to date.” Right at the top was “net-uyo.”

[“Net-uyo” – Internet slang for “net-rightwingers,” a vocal and largely 2ch-based population of ultra-rightists who generally seek to blame all of Japan’s ills on foreigners, and Koreans and Chinese in particular.]

The term “Net-uyo” is disparagingly used to identify the net right, who operate solely on the Internet making baseless and irrational attacks on China and Korea. It generally excludes those who have actual reasons for criticising these nations, and who do not rely solely on the Internet to do so.

Below are some of the reasons the women asked considered net-uyo to be creepy:

“They don’t work but on 2ch they are suddenly fully fledged members of society.”

“They call anyone who likes Korea a traitor – I wish they’d realise the only traitors around are jobless losers like them.”

“I don’t think they’ve noticed they are on the same level as all the Chinese and Koreans who bash Japanese for no reason.”

“They are petty and gutless people who only judge people by race.”

“The kind of people who take pride only in being Japanese are really creepy.”

“I wouldn’t want to be seen with the kind of people who spout accusations of propaganda everytime there is something about Korea on TV.”

“If you actually say ‘chon’ [racist term for Koreans] and ‘busayo’ [insulting 2ch term for leftists] in real life anyone would recoil…”

As the net-uyo only make their bold proclamations online, it appears they are mainly considered unemployed or people who have trouble with communication.

It should be noted that the perception that 2ch’s various crazy sub-strata are compromised of jobless NEETs is as baseless as 2ch’s theories about race – although otherwise such assessments seem fair.

The article soon incited tens of thousands of posts from 2ch itself, most of which either jeered the net-uyo or, as if to prove the article’s point, denounced it as a Korean plot to discredit them.

However, as one of the writers on the site in question actually identifies himself not only as Korean but also a former “intelligence researcher,” and the article itself is credited to “Yamato Nadeshiko,” it is not hard to see from where they derive such suspicions.

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