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Sweden: “Men Who Like Adult Manga Are Sick Pedophiles”


Sweden’s state radio has warned people who enjoy adult anime and manga that they are in fact dangerous sex criminals who are violating Sweden’s draconian child pornography laws and should “seek professional help” immediately.

The “Sleeping with P3” programme, aired recently on Sweden’s state-run radio station P3, featured the host posing a listener’s question about his onanistic interest in raunchy manga to an “expert”:

Host: Mr. Larsson asks “I often jerk off to cartoon girls, mostly “manga,” is this normal?”

Expert: Hmm, images, movies or animations, photos and drawings that depict or that can be viewed as children are illegal in Sweden, as defined by Swedish child porn law.

So if you viewed, own or published this kind of material it’s a crime!

[Translation Note: nowhere did the original question suggest he was interested in lolicon manga]

And what he asks about is so-called “manga” or “lolicon,” that have images or movies of pre-pubescent girls in pornographic situations, and this is illegal.

There have been court-cases here in Sweden about this [see here], where this kind of material has been ruled to be child pornography, and which have resulted in fines or jail time.

Additionally, in 2007 a government inquiry determined that if you in anyway make or duplicate pornographic images of children, it is degrading to all children, not only the depicted child.

Another part of the question that I find interesting is whether this is normal.

I don’t think this is about what is normal or not normal. Everyone has their own thing that turns them on.

But if Mr. Larsson has any more feelings or questions about this, I seriously think he should contact a hospital or a psychiatrist, and seek professional help.

Host: In short, he needs to seek professional help?

Expert: Yes.

Incidentally, some time prior to this a young girl asked a similar question of the same station – whether it is OK to like yaoi manga – and was told she should feel free to do whatever she felt comfortable with.

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  • from a biology stand point, a girl is a girl aka, something that you put a penis in and breed offspring with. a boy is a boy, aka, something that has a penis and uses it to breed children with. a human is a species taht lives on by pumping shit ton of babies into the world.

    it doesn’t matter how old they are, technically, because duh, what the fuck man why does it matter? everything’s only superficial anyways.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know what the sad thing is?

    I’m right wing. Like, really right wing. Like, miss GWB and don’t think Nixon was all that bad right wing. *expects downvotes due to the traditional left-wing internet flashmob*

    And yet I still think these Swedish officials are overreacting. The only real loli-manga I see is doujin. No decent publisher would ever go as far as an ero-doujin. Even Kodomo no Jikan kept it tasteful. And even if I think the stuff is a little wrong, I still don’t grudge people for liking it. At least no real children are being harmed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I saw/read something (Manswers maybe?) that stated that Swedish girls (I think) are most likely to fuck on the first date out of all other ethnicities.

    So…guess this is the price to pay? Can’t possess hentai but can fuck real girls. Yeah, in principle it’s an infringement on freedom of speech, but something to consider if you prefer actually pounding girls instead of just looking at a bunch of dots and lines.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well this is quite funny.

    Regular manga readers just brush this off as stupid, and relize they are talking about lolicon in reality, and it shouldnt really be taken personaly since its just ignorant.

    Lolicon loving pedos completely miss the message and freak out and try and defend their pedo taste, and bash Sweden out of their insecurity

    Stay classy pedos.

  • Great, that means more that 60% of Japanese guys are dirty paedophiles? Oh, and when I was 10 years old, I had a hard on looking at 10 years ol girl, so that means I’m a paedophil? Lol.

    Oh, and I have about 30 gigs of real-life child porn on my hard-drive (I do), where daddys ass fucking their 10 y/o daughters and cumming in their mouths. But really, why should we spend all our resources to fight real life crimes that make real people suffer, let’s share some to fight fictional crimes, so more pedo-daddys could go free!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m swedish but I would not like to be grouped with those who don’t know the cultural factors of anime and manga. It is just that the people in this country has yet to discover the wonderful world of anime and manga. Just a small group (25%) of the people in this country even know of the excistance of anime and manga and a much much smaller group (0,05-0,1%) that actually watches/reads it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the question boils down to:

    Why are we, as human beings, so fucking stupid? I mean, all of us! Ones more than the others. Why do we keep doing these idiotic rules for protection something that’s nowhere in danger and will never be?

    I really wish I had born another specie. I think my relative intelligence inferiority would make me happy of who I am and of what my fellow beings are. At least we wouldn’t have these useless discussions and wars over harmless things… Sigh…

  • Anonymous says:

    Shit! I live in Sweden and i love manga. I think that most manga characters can be viewed as lolis in their eyes anyway. But dude, this country is full of homo, free sex, age of consent at 15 but naturally sop being virgin since 12, alcohol and smoke freely…

    I believe the lawyers here are either homosexual or impotent…

    I prefer onee-san type so I should be saved, or not?

  • Anonymous says:

    WTF sweden?!
    You used to be cool, with vikings and berserkers and stuff.
    id expect this sort of thing from the bible belt or the near east or china or whatever, but not from an alledgedly secular, civilised european nation.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well its is a bit retarded that he started talking about loli manga and such with no refrence to loli, but it is true that pedos that read loli manga and get off on thoughts of fucking kids should get help.

    I think loli should get more attention so that these sick fucks can be seen more easily and helped or locked up before they hurt a child.

    • Anonymous says:

      a pedophile will rape children regardless. Loli manga has never as far as I know influenced anyone to commit a crime against children. If anything, it has been used as an excuse by perpetrators to lessen their twisted ways and make us take our focus off of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then start protesting against these things….. really, Sweden is becoming an embarrassment to the world with their anti-loli and anti-pedosexual bullhockey, even worse than the United States.

      That isn’t easy either.

      • Anonymous says:

        Protesting is being done already, though the major pushing hasn’t started yet. Most organizations are waiting for the highest court to take up a related case.

        The following groups have made critical statements about the law:

        Journalistförbundet (swedish journalist org.)
        Seriefrämjandet (comic book support org.)
        Assorted free-speech groups (PEN)
        The Pirate Party
        Assorted celebrities
        Etc. etc.

        Funniest was a law supporter who made a statement akin to “This law is important to make a statement. Of course some people might be arrested who would do no harm, but those are necessary sacrifices for the greater good”.

        This person was this year arrested for suspicion of drug crimes and fired from his job and he said it was unfair he was treated this way because he was innocent 😀

        It’s not so nice sacrificing people for the greater good when YOU are the sacrifice 😀

  • The point is adult manga have milfs not just pre/adolescent girls in them. I think this so called expert is a complete moron and this Sweden radio station are pricks for generalization. So I guess me being into big breasted 18 year old anime chicks makes me a pedophile? WTF man. Seriously.

    Where is John Titor and his prediction on WWIII already? It’s about time this world needs to be reset or at least some one invent the stargate already. I’m getting sick of Earth and its ignorant population.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think, that Swedish authorities have some strange obsession on the point of sex. Everything is acceptable, every deviation, and even acknowledged officially (like gay “marriages”), but never even any fantasy.
    Generally here, in Europe, many things acceptable in Japan, are banned, either socially or by law.
    I think, that it is because majority of Japanese have the ability of differing strictly between fantasy and reality, Europeans – not necessarily. More, many Europeans live in conviction, that fantasy arises from the real attitiude, so if somebody likes adult manga or anime – he MUST be a pedophile.
    In Japan it is nothing strange to read even pedo-hentai manga or watch anime of this kind in the evening, go to sleep and next day to be normal, law-abiding human. In Europe the prevalent thinking is, that if someone in interested in pedophile fantasies, he MUST be a real pedophile. Here very few people can understand, that internal and external worlds of a human do not necessarilly reflect each other. I understand (and approve) punishing crimes of involving real minors in sex, but how can we punish somebody just for his fantasies without any real consequences? Isn’t it similar to the Thought Police from Orwell’s “Year 1984”?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, the REAL thing that they are worried is that people will start thinking (as I have) and realize that the anti-pedosexual, ‘protect the children’ attitude that these idiots have is insane.

      As I keep on pointing out:

      1. If children/teenagers weren’t supposed to be sexually active (even with adults) from birth they would be born WITHOUT external genitalia until the age of 18.

      2. If adults weren’t supposed to be having sex with children, the above would be true or there would be a forcefield between adults and children’s genitalia… since there ISN’T…. you do the math.

      The whole anti-pedosexual thing is NOT about protecting children…. it is about creating a boogie man for society. Hell, I’m DEAD certain that if pedosexuality was legalized that most child forcible rapes/murders would disappear tomorrow.

      Children are more than able to make their own sexual choices…. and to tell on an adult or another child (unless they are snatched off the streets, which is directly coming from the illegalization of pedosexuality) if either tries to force them into sexual interactions that they do not want.

      • Anonymous says:

        My girlfriends mother was sexually abused by her stepfather during her whole childhood. You might want to ask her some questions about how it was.
        The snatched of the street-cases of pedophilia gets allot of media attention cause it freaks out people. Statistics show that a HUGE majority of the victims of sexual abuse(towards adults and children) knew the offender. Most commonly, husbands, boyfriends, close friends, relatives, family. Did you listen to your father when you was a kid? Did you do what you were told?

        Kids are born with genitalia, but the reproductive system isn’t active until they’re 13-16 years old. Just because you’re born with hands, and other people born with faces, doesn’t mean that you have to punch people in the face. Your logic fails.

        More on topic, I think that expert didn’t know enough about the topic to give a real answer. Hentai is really uncommon in Sweden so I understand why she didn’t knew the difference. She thought it was a question about CP and gave an answer thereafter.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate how lolicons get all the bad rep while all the disgusting shotacon fujoshis are still on the loose.

    So what, masturbating to pre-pubescent boys is okay, but girls are a no-no?

  • *sigh* the guy didn’t even ask about lolicon and the expert went all closed minded and argonaut on him, *Sigh* people really need to learn the differences between a fictional character and a real child, when we start arguing on imaginary and reality, its when we now see how far people have fallen.

  • Yo, FUCK SWEDEN! They a bunch of fucking ignorant, bias ass mother-fuckers! They DO NOT know shit about anything other than their shit-hole you call a country and their shit laws! I’m sorry to make that outburst like that but I can’t stand it when people talk shit about things that they can’t comprehend with which pisses me off. And also, if one of you guys are from that country, don’t take it personally because I despise the ignorance radiating from that country.

  • Sweden has a overarching feminism culture. If you get charge for rape, the judge will most likely believe the female. That is why Julian Assange is avoiding going back to Sweden because he knows he going to become the victim of radical feminism.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree. Really, he isn’t even accused of TRUE FORCIBLE RAPE…. he is accused of the bullshit of ‘rape by surprise’ because he didn’t wear a farking condom!

      With all due respect, a woman KNOWS if you are not wearing a condom. Hell, the girls who I was with back in middle and high school years knew when a condom BROKE in 99% of the time and told me that they thought it broke.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yep, the host was absolutely right. All true anime fans are lolicons who should seek help. If you aren”t into loli then your not into anime as much as you think. I know this to be true. I have never been in a more uncomfortable situation than talking with anime fans who squee over little anime girls and talk about how hot they are.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Incidentally, some time prior to this a young girl asked a similar question of the same station – whether it is OK to like yaoi manga – and was told she should feel free to do whatever she felt comfortable with.”

    To be fair, that advice was and is wholly correct.

    My guess is that they switch “experts” between broadcasts, but it’s just as likely that their so-called “expert” is a ridiculous hypocrite. (He’d be in good company in that sad excuse for a country)

  • Isn’t it about time there was some sort of pro-loli movement?

    Cause i always feel trapped knowing there is no official representation for us loli lovers then again most say/do nothing in fear of entering a near permanent godwins law situation which is understandable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s but honest here. If you are a pedophile and a manga fan there is a good chance you’ll be a lolicon fan. I may not agree, but I can understand why a country or different culture would not be okay with depictions of underage girls in manga.

    What confuses me here is that they seem to be putting adult manga and lolicon in the same boat. So if it’s manga of an eighteen year old girl then we’re still pedophiles? WUT?

    Another thing, why would you compare yaoi to lolicon? Not all sexual situations are lolicon. That generalization is what’s fucking us over in the first place with Ishihara’s dumb ass.

  • Anonymous says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong people. Isn’t Sweden known for it’s extreme feminism? Was it not named the country best suited for women?

    Anyway. The credibility of the expert is instantly lost when he puts words into Mr Larsson mouth. Secondly he refers to the man needing psychiatric help. It may have been deemed a crime in Sweden. But nowhere is liking drawn pictures is an Psychological Illness that is even recognized within the International Board of Psychology.

    What concerns me more is that if this so called expert see imaginations and reality as the same thing. Then I am disgusted at how this guy (or any other who thinks along this line) is an so called expert to beging with. Not only did this guy call out thousands of people being mentally ill, or was suggesting it. It’s basically saying the Japanese are all mentally ill just because the allow it.

  • Anonymous says:

    A couple of months ago, an 11 year old girl was raped by 20 men while attending a birthday party in a bath house. None of those men were even called in for questioning even tho they were caught while they were raping her.

    Guess the police are too busy protecting the fictional girls…

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol has he ever said he jerk off to depiction of “young girls” ? The host is just being a ignorant douche, trying to to relate manga and animes to paedo.Most kids watch Pokemon, so they are padeo?

  • Anonymous says:

    I always thought life, liberty, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS were inalienable rights. If that’s the case, then who the fuck cares about what sort of hobbies/fantasies make you happy? If these said hobbies only exist in the 2D world and have no negative bearing on the rights of others, then there is no problem.

    What is a problem though, is when a government tries to take away these basic human rights. Now THIS is a crime (anyone see the irony?). For shame, Sweden, for shame…

      • man creates these “hypocritical” laws usually under the impression they’re protecting children from predators / discouraging attacks on children by potential predators.

        need not get so deep over someone criticizing pedophiles (how horrible); this is just the host’s opinion.

        • Theres nothing potential about someone who is enjoying a fiction, so what next your going to say rapelay creates rapist, GTA 4 creates criminals, slasher movies create serial killers.

          If you won’t such a narrow minded person who could ACTUALLY read and understand posts properly then you would understand this however we can’t change the fact that your close minded so whatever.

  • Well, this is another country that the Reptiles experimented on in social control.

    It’s a “Progressive” country meaning it’s pro-feminist/anti-male. It’s also the country that’s trying to frame the Wikileaks person on a fake rape charge, it’s rape laws so loose a woman can casually ruin any man with her word alone.

    They control the populace, then control even the commercial/private fantasy, and do it to ensure a frustrated desperate working class and a steady stream of criminals and domestic terrorists to justify more control.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s no longer progressive if it’s going backwards for another gender. So if women are now oppressing men through the government and law, the country is no longer progressive or egalitarian.

    • I don’t think aliens are involved here just really really stupid humans with no foresight.

      I also don’t think Sweden’s government will last much longer if they keep getting more regimented.

      Dystopias rarely stand the test of time they either decay from apathy and rampant corruption or are overthrown by it’s subjects.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh look, another heterosexual white male with male privilege with a victim complex.

      Yeah, you’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeally oppressed. Right. Come back and act like there is a such thing as female privilege when most of the money and power in society is controlled by women as opposed to men.

  • Anonymous says:

    So wait, expert in what??? Psychology? Manga? Bullshit? Did they just bring some random guy on air and name him “expert”.

    Well, then I can do that. Hello, I’m an expert, and I call bullshit on this!

  • Anonymous says:

    If you are a woman feeling down about your gender, Sweden is a terrific place. But it’s no secret that Sweden has turned into a terrible place to be a man, and one that no self-respecting guy would ever live in unless they were a masochist.

    It’s like they say; once things get positive enough you’ll hit the cosmic bit-limit and switches from extremely positive to extremely negative. For every good thing about Sweden that’s widely publicized, there is a bunch of bullshit double-standards and low-lying arrogance.

  • go criminals!.. but seriously..

    “Futhermore an EU study published in the same month showed Sweden at the top of a “European rape league” with 46 incidents reported per 100,000 residents – twice the figure recorded in the UK and four times higher than its Nordic neighbours.”

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually felt the urge to slaughter sweden, not kill, I am not that nice.
    We the Otaku’s, Japan and all other countries request that they should immidiately search for professional help.
    I think Konata Izumi could help them.

        • @大和魂

          Calling people who enjoy e.g. loli manga “pedophiles” is no more than mere childish name-calling.

          And no, I did not mean that we are “deeply suffering inside.” In fact, I find it highly amusing that someone who can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality is claiming that it is somehow we who are “deeply suffering inside.”

        • @大和魂

          Why don’t you go and bitch on the World of Warcraft forums about how they’re all monsters for slaughtering entire cities full of innocent people instead.

          We know the difference between fiction and reality, so why should we be the ones who suffer when it is people like you who don’t? Surely, if anyone is a danger to society, it is those who can not differentiate between what is fictional and what is not.

        • LOL!!, you really are funny man,let make you understand 2 things, 1) lolicon is not linked with pedophilia (am not saying they may not have pedophiles who wouldn’t watch it), if I had to put lolicon in a category it is a fetish, just like stockings and feet or rape, its is just a fetish and 2) I am by far a pedophile(unless your telling me that lusting after women is pedophilic ?), if you want to be a “normal, close minded, ignorant, sheep” then go right ahead.

          What I don’t like about you, is by far no one here has been going on about fucking real kids or encouraging in sexual relations with them, yes they are one or two individuals who would “troll” or say stupid stuff for the lolz however it does not reflect on the entire community much less the lolicon community, yeah sure they drawing of kids, so what ? their drawing, many of us like the art style, others like the taboo feel, it isn’t really about wanting to do it in real life, it just another fetish, have you ever heard of a rape fetish ? a S & M fetish ? a bondage fetish ? a feet fetish ? a stocking fetish ?, people like your “majority” are just blowing things out of proportion, if lolicons really wanted real children, we would of been hunting down real kids pictures and kids like pedophiles, if you don’t like it fine whatever however don’t ever fucking trying to pull that we are that deranged and theres IS a different taste for people in 3D to 2D.

        • “moronic” because i object pedophilia like a majority of (normal) people, or because you are offended by my posts due to being a pedophile?

          or because of stating that pedophilia in any form is usually the resulting mental trauma from mental disorders developed over a certain period of time?

  • Anonymous says:

    Really? I’m swedish and quite open with my anime which has a lot of lolicon in it, and to be quite frankly, no one ever judged me like that. One stupid radio channel states it and of course the whole sweden is supposed to have a mindset like that?

    Sankaku, you’re no better than the radiochannel itself.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh fucking sweet. Now would I give a shit what some dirty old politician crackpot, or asslickers thereof, label me as? Of course not. It’s just a dammed drawing. I’ll make a doodle of such “banned depictions”, show them to the state police right there in Sweeden, and be deported back here just for the lulz one of these days.

  • Anonymous says:

    Being from Sweden, I really can’t see how these people keep getting re-elected. In a few generations, when we outnumber our tradition humping ancestors. These laws will surely be removed. At least that’s what I hope for, but alas I am an idealist. These laws just encourage real peadophilia to satisfy that craving.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well the thing is that Mr Larsen never said anything about Lolicon… The expert just jumped to that conclusion.
    The Expert is a complete idiot because he said that Larsen was a criminal and told him to talk to a psychologist, right after he told him that it’s alright to get turned on by different things. -.-

  • As a fan of “adult” manga, I have to say that if you want to generalize, yeah, that’s about right. A vast majority panders to pedophiles at least as a token thing, or at the very least, ephebophiles. In most “Western” (or philosophically Western) countries, the distinction between the two is never made.

    Bans are a totally separate issue, as I challenge anyone to prove harm in any case of these depictions. Still, let’s call a spade a spade shall we? Most ero-manga and ero-doujinshi features characters young enough to go to jail for actually having sex with.

  • Those priests (& even nuns) of those Catholic Church (Yes, the Church knows who they are with names and all) haven’t even watched these kind of hentai manga and anime, but they did hurt real children for many years! The ridiculous thing is that they do not go to jail because they have money to pay off their guilt. Put these monsters who have abused those innocent children in jail first!

  • Anonymous says:

    All the northern european countries are a fucking joke: sweden, norway, finland…all douchebag countries where the feminazi cunts ruin everything for everyone. The perfect reason why women should not be allowed to fucking vote !


  • Years on and I’m still trying to find out the answers to these questions:

    Why do people confuse Lolicon and Pedophile?

    What’s wrong with being a Lolicon and indulging in a fantasy that doesn’t harm anyone?

    Why people don’t devote more time to protect and save the lives of REAL children instead of fictional ones?

    Why are men always the bad guys?

    Why are people so god damn unaccommodating? It’s the same with race, religion, creed, sexuality, etc…

    • Yes, agreed, peeple over there (in sweden) and any other place that may have that similar rule and belief should respectfully, take a chill pill and, as someone stated with more commonsense, Focus on REAL peeple Not fictional ones. Unless this particular person(s) have been rightfully accused for AcTuALLy Harming some child.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because we are desensitised people and they are close minded people who believe their way and form of thinking is the correct and normal way to view anything, and yet they think it is their given right to condemn people like you and i as any such name they wish to stick to us simply because we act and think differently from them and they apparently find it “strange” and “not normal”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahh… You see… that’s why there’s a need for extremists on our side just like they do on their side. People who incorrectly label us with insulting names should just go ahead and die… It’ll make the world so much a better place, and also reduce the stress on Earth…

      • Yep in the end people will always follow what the highly charismatic leader-like person would say.
        Hell I bet they can make killing look good if they used the proper words in an convincing speech.
        The fact that we got no one like that on our side; makes us get easily stepped on.
        Who wants to run for the World-leader of Anime?

    • What impresses me the most is why these moral faggots tend to change their views drastically yet still remain negative; When you expressed that you like a certain character due to how well depicted and designed she is, they won’t take you seriously for admiring and adoring a fictional character. Then you admit that you jack off on that character’s erotic works and now they’re changing their views from “Dude, she isn’t real!” to “Hey, that’s equivalent to raping a real child!!!

      • maybe it’s because you’re jacking off to pictures of fictional characters that are being portrayed as children

        you know, with their child-like bodies, appearances, and mentality (if one was created).

        Tsutomu Miyazaki would agree with you 100% tho’, bro!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hello there, let me introduce this new concept to most earthing, called “basic logic” here!
          Note that the symbol “!=” means “not equal” and “=” means “equal”
          1. Manga girl character != Manga loli character
          2. Manga loli character != Erotic Manga loli character
          3. Erotic Manga loli character != Erotic Manga loli character involved in sexual activity
          4. People with Pedophilia != People with Pedophilia sexual-assault child
          Hope you are comfortable with this new concept, see you next time!

        • I didn’t even mention anything that character is supposed to be depicted as a loli or not, the last line is basically the typical response these kind of ppl would automatically do by the time they hear the word anime and manga.. which unfortunately also applies accurately on your comment. Don’t forget that this is the same nation who thinks and sees the girls in DOA as children.

          To further my view on how normal and so-called moralistic people can be double standard on this kind of topic, let me rephrase this possible conversation:

          Dude 1: Hey Bob, what are you playing?
          Dude 2: Oh, it’s CA3. You get to abuse and kill children in this game.
          Dude 1: Cool, can I try it?
          Dude 2: Here, now use this revolver and shoot that little girl on the swing.
          Dude 1: OMG! That was so badass! Her brains burst out like jelly beans!
          Dude 2: Now try shooting that boy with his puppy.
          Dude 1: Oh god!! This is the best game I ever played!!
          Dude 2: Now try entering that house over there. You get to rape the 9yo daughter.
          Dude 1: WTF dude!!? That’s so sick!! Who ever made that scenario has mental illness!!!

        • *sigh* I guess trying to get a reasonable respond is impossible o well, I guess no matter how reasonable you try with someone unless they are willing to be reason with you, it is impossible, what ever you “think” is so, if you can’t tell the difference between the two, trying to explain it to you is useless, so continue on your trip of ignorants.

        • @maidniac
          i’m pretty sure your original post was more you venting your rage at moral fags who aren’t too judgmental at pedophilia expressed in lesser degrees than sexually satisfying yourself.

          “admire” has a broad definition. admiration for a character who happens to be a “child” by a grown man simply because said character was iconic to them in their youth, for example – completely different from admiration fueled by interpersonal attraction which would most likely be the case if you ended up jacking off to them. “admiration” could label you a pedophile.

        • @maidniac
          the point i’m trying to make is that people would generally be disturbed at a grown man jacking off to fictional depictions of children with their child-like bodies, appearances, and mentalities .

          a video game where one gets to interactively rape a 9 year old would cause an uproar.

          Regardless whether or not the pictures are real or a work of fiction, men being sexually aroused by child-like qualities will forever be regarded as taboo (as long as pedophilia itself is), deemed “abnormal,” and as scientific research has proven is most likely an interest spawned out of trauma caused by some sort of mental disturbance.

          it’s only natural to assume that if you’re interested in a drawing of it, you’re interested in the real life thing, too.

        • @Legend of the Evil King

          i’m positive that as long as pedophilia itself is generally frowned upon, masturbating to Japanese caricatures of children will be frowned upon, also.

          that last statement is perhaps the only thing which convinces you to continue getting up in the morning, i suppose. gl 🙂

      • The expert in this case is reasonable. While confusing manga and lolicon (both of which he’s likely only heard of in legal instances) is an understandable mistake, he also practically says

        “What you do might not be wrong, but in order to avoid legal trouble you should find someone who can kill the desire to do it”

        which I find awesome. His attitude might be weak, but his words lack the irrationality of your average Joe. For that, he deserves props.

        • demonhaseo says:

          Ok I’ve read quite afew posts, WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP… Listen just because say, I get aroused by a fictional anime girl who happens to look like a child doesn’t mean i’m aroused by a girl in Real life that looks like a child. I’m morally appalled by that shit and think it’s fucked up and disgusting to see in the news how little girls get raped and murdered and also I want to kill the towel headed people in the middle east for what they do to the little girls there. But there is a fine line between fiction and reality, they’re ink on paper, NOT FUCKING REAL LIFE PEOPLE. What pisses me off about the moral fucktards who get ass hurt by people liking fictional characters is that they fight so hard to protect just that FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS… when they SHOULD be putting forth that effect to protecting REAL LIFE CHILDREN!!!

        • @VVayfarer
          “confusing manga and lolicon (both of which he’s likely only heard of in legal instances) is an understandable mistake”

          there’s a lot of sexual overtones in the mangas with pre/adolescences (i.e. a lot of the mangas showcased on this website)

          it’s pretty obvious “pedophile” is being used in its de facto term meaning general sexual attraction to minors by adults.

      • Grown men looking at scantly nude children fictional or otherwise would generally be frowned upon by society, and readily linked to some sort of mental disorder.

        Perhaps more in those who like looking at children in said state in the form of a 5 year old’s cartoon character.

        Geesh, and this is just that guy’s OPINION XD

        • Anonymous says:

          I think I’ve got a solution that hopefully might make some people happy; invent an easy to erase ink for making manga, and if you’re dissatisfied with the way a character looks, just grab an eraser, then draw some bigger breast on those characters and then, voila, everyone is happy. Okay, next, to feed all those poor children in this world I proppose that we…

        • Anonymous says:

          No, it isn’t. The fact is that during a study of men (from all walks of life, ages, etc.) they found that 80%+ were attracted/got sexually excited at seeing pictures of nude children back in the 1970’s.

          It’s time to realize that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality that a bunch of people dislike because:

          1. They are trying to create a boogie man for society to distract from the ills that they themselves are creating.

          2. They are pedosexuals THEMSELVES who are having sex with children (which I personally don’t have a problem with) and are directing attention away from themselves with that two-faced hatred trip.

      • Anonymous says:

        we who does like animé and lives in sweden cares
        about the law…

        and i feel sorry if a person that want to work will children will be stoped for that he/she
        has had some hentai on the pc…

        we lives in a strange country =~,~;=

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the world works that way.
      Fellow anon explained quite a bit; I’d like to add hypocrisy.

      This “saving 2D instead of 3D” is the same as the shit you hear from the US and Japan. Middle schoolers selling pantsu/whoring themselves/making porn movies/etc.
      Go figure.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actar, to answer all your questions in one general reply, I think that it works out like this: Less than 5% of the general populace of a country, and 98% of politicians/lawmakers actually “care” in some way shape or form about it. Although the latter is for ulterior motives, since as they get paid to do something, they just decide to spend their time trying to look like they’re actually “doing” something.

      • most pedophiles never seek children for sex, most of them do however get jobs around kids.

        lets go one step further, not all people who have sex with kids are rapeing or harming them… lets go me as an example.

        i knew when i was 10 weather i wanted to take a dick in the ass or not, or if i wanted to stick my dick into something. because society wants to treat me as an angel that can do no wrong, i never learned the implications of either, such as sex = baby, penis in pussy = sex, or about desieses (no friends or older siblings to teach me these things) so, it took till i was 12 to have a better understanding on the issue than most adults have (internet and tons of research, not looking for porn but actually learning)

        this is me, in a repressed community, learning at 12, i can assume places like… lets go California, people learn FAR sooner.

        adults think like bastards, as in when they see a “molestation” case, they always assume rape, or they were conned into it and have NO idea what they are doing, which is also not true.

        pedophile alone is harmless, however somehow pedophile became the word that means “person who will rape your kids”

        • 大和魂
          14:38 19/06/2011

          define mental state. because if its knowlage, than tech them, thats what it really comes down to.


          can just as easily exploit a drunk chick, but the way you are saying it is how most people think it goes down too.

          its part of a reason i want to get rid of age of consent and other such shit, and replace it with a license system. anyone over 18 the day its implemented gets grandfathered in, but any one under 18 needs to take a license test to be able to fuck, and we start teaching kids at age 12+ (younger if they hit puberty younger) and they take the test every so often.

          this test would be the way to do away with age of consent in a more… non damning way, and a the same time, also take away retarded statutory rape laws (you know, the laws where the parents don’t like that you had sex with their kid)

          Legend of the Evil King

          so true.
          at least give them knowlage. how they apply that knowlage is up to them.

        • @大和魂L- god your a moron, again with your stupid logic, I spoke about whats really going on with kids not “justify fucking them”, for the last fucking time read goddamn properly, you are beginning to make me wonder how you even function, if you didn’t get it before, I’ll say it one more time, I am not a pedophile, real kids are unattractive and unappealing, if we’re talking about good looking girls, yes sure I would kindly fuck them silly not kids, do you understand ? or do I have to draw it out and have drifts and charts and shit worked out for yeah ?

        • the reason that kids, and i mean ones that are “ready” (puberty hit them) are able to learn the implications.

          i’m not saying everyone is ready, im saying at 10 i knew if i want to have something crammed into my ass, and if i wanted to stuff it somewhere. had i known about… lets say aids or herpes or babys, i can say that my 10 or 12 year old self would have damn well been smart enough to use a condom.

          i know women who are over 30 who don’t understand shit about sex.

          we draw a line at 18 and you are ready, but not a fucking day sooner, when bologicly, we are ready when we can get stiff or bleed.

          and if you are saying im a pedo because of my comment, you are wrong. im just not so fucking stupid that i think kids are innocent little angels

        • Hahaha! Yes, challenge the idiocy!

          … is what I’d like to say. But while anon 11:10’s point is moot (children can learn and fully understand if taught in a right way), allowing even apparently ‘consensual’ sex with children is just too risky. Especially preteens are often way too easy to control and ‘force’ into sex due to their general lack of consciousness of life and their surroundings. They also usually have only a very limited understanding of their rights. Those with seriously ill but intelligent minds could easily exploit this.

        • lol, it funny how people “think” that most kids are “innocent little angels” when they are under 18.
          lol I want you guys to look up the gang raping of a 8 year old by two ten year olds here, then I want you to look up all the teen prostitutes, please know the difference between naiveness and actually innocences, the whole thing about, “kids can’t understand what there doing” is stupid, at least, if you think back on your days you would realize, kids are way more fucked up then they are given credit for.

        • Anonymous says:

          God you’re fucking stupid. Children can’t properly understand the implications of what they are doing when it comes to sex. Everyone looks back at their childhood and thinks “Hey that was fucking stupid,” and sex would definitely but one of those moments if they did it super early.

          The fact that you’d rationalize that it’s okay to have sex with kids as long as it doesn’t hurt them as the time you want to get off is fucking sick dude.

    • Anonymous says:

      probably because most humans are still a race of unpleasant savages with the us and them mindset hard wired in them so they need to hate someone for being different
      hating gays and jews is no longer politically correst (unless you are muslim), same for beating women, so there is demand for new hate fetishes
      hating what you dont really know jack about always was the simplest path, no?

      • womens rights brought about in equal treatment. as in they want all the good rights but still be treated like women.

        women can say ANYTHING knowing that you cant hit them for it, and they all know when they cross the line. and everyone knows where the line is, because if a guy said it you would knock him the fuck out or die trying for it.

        im not sure there were more “hit her till she does it right” than there are now, i think it was more acceptable to hit the woman during a fight back than.

        but thats just a bit of a rant.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you took a shot at the US in your comment though I can’t quite tell because of the poor grammar/typos in that section:

        “with the us and them mindset”

        Not sure what that means but I believe this is a post about Sweden on a blog about Japan…both of which are extraordinarily hateful and prejudice. So if you really did try to drag the US into this maybe you should hop off the hate bandwagon and see that hate is all throughout the world and not in one place. If you are from the US and think that it is a hateful country then I encourage you to actually leave your house for once…if you already do that then kindly gtfo my country. If you are from somewhere else then I’m sure I would have equally bad if not worse things to say about your country. I’m not a religious person but the bible says it best: Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your neighbor’s eye but pay no attention to the plank in your own?

      • Anonymous says:

        People hate jews and fags for reasons. Jews because they’re a brood of deceiving control freaks. Fags because they’re sick, disease carriers who eat each other’s feces (which is not healthy, btw).

      • You could be right. Then again, most people don’t come to SC, and thus all of us deviate from the average = not normal. Me being intelligent to the point of awkwardness is me being, again, not normal. Thus, being abnormal in itself doesn’t mean shit.

        As for “society” -as in our society- being normal? Weird statement. Haven’t seen any alien societies for awhile so I guess?

        • Anonymous says:

          for some reason, that avatar makes me think that “that” character is trying to convince himself that everything he does is right, no disrespect to the user using such an avatar of course, just trying to lighten the mood.

        • @Yada

          In that case, the contrast isn’t between normal and abnormal people, but instead between conformists and deviants. I get your point, but it’s a debate so being specific pays off.

          I thought about bringing up the purpose and meaning of taboos here, but I guess it’s not really necessary. I’ll settle with saying taboos aren’t exactly useful, especially the social (unwritten) type. Hugging strangers on the street, for example, is often thought of as a taboo. Still, there are a lot of reasons why it isn’t outright banned, and the same goes for even those taboos that have resulted in legal restrictions—the best example may be media produced for lolicon.

        • “i can’t help but be amazed at all of the flame posts in response to my criticisms on pedophilia….”

          there is no flaming about pedophilia, its flaming on your ignorant opinions, your stupid way of reading a message and it appears your english and use of PROPER words.

          By the way, if you didn’t keeping posting out of timing about some conspiracy that sancom is just a home for sexual predators then we wouldn’t dislike you then again your narrow minded and idiotic that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    They keep saying people watching images of drawn children are sick. These same people is watching porn of real girls that just turned 18 because it’s sexier than old hags.

    The irony is striking.

  • Carrot_Glace says:

    “It is OK to have a dick?” “No, it’s a crime, and you deserve jail” “But I’m only use it to fap and have consensual sex with another adult human being” “Just shut up, you sick beast!”

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah, Sweden. Please keep the insanity inside your border, alright?

    (I know a Swedish guy. Poor bastard says he’s sick of his own country, that they are ran by a bunch of illuminated right-wing activists, etc.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello, swede here. I jerk off to drawn boobies and wide hips and asses(hell yeah) and cant see how that would be harmful.

    Also, P3 is full of shit, one of our worst radio stations. And “Sleeping with P3” is some shit for crackheads and no-life truck drivers.

    This “expert” is an idiot totally bypassing the real question and considering all manga as loli, with no further research.

    Did I mention P3 is full of shit?

    This is ridiculous.

  • To be fair, the majority of hentai manga would be illegal in Sweden, since all they are about is if the character in question is under 18… not if it looks like a child or not. And most hentai mangas are based off high school age stuff.

    Don’t forget they banned Dead or Alive just because the girls were 16 in the storyline, even though they were fully mature with E+ cups

    • Anonymous says:

      The DOA game is not banned, some guy reported it to police and they did nothing.
      Nintendo still shat their greedy little corporate pants just thinking about it and pulled the game, scared their very lucrative family atmosphere could be damaged.

      The game is now imported by some of the stores instead and nothing has happened to the stores or their customers, not a word from police.

      And also the law say there has to be some sexual activity to be CP, just nude is not enough.

  • starsplash says:

    well…ok. that link may be child pornography. Ill agree with that. But thats not the lolis that us on this site are even talking about.

    These bastards encompass that anything anime is considered child pornography because they are cartoons no matter what the stated age is.

    Get ur arguments right Sweden!

    • erochichi says:

      Nobody has gone to jail yet. I live in Sweden, i proudly admit being a hentai otaku.
      Thing is, i like curvy milfs, like The Queen in Astarotte no Omocha, and i don`t see children as sex objects, but they are amusing to watch.
      Those 2D hunting people are clearly crazy. Mental asylum is the right place for them.
      Not moving anywhere, at least until our currency ceases to be so strong it has been couple of years now, and if i still can have my income level untouched.

  • Sweden is fucked place so this statement doesn’t shock me. Swedish people are mostly 50+ so their brains are fucking old and rusty – they still think abba is hype. Fuck you. (and die).

    Oppai~ boing boing~

    • These old fossils, not just in Sweden, clinging to their outdated and illogical draconic laws will all die out and will be replaced by anime-orientated people who will jerk off to Hatsune Miku’s pantsu and armpits while drinking their morning coffee like it’s the most normal thing in the world…

      It is inevitable…Anime WILL reign supreme when they are dead along with their beliefs and ignorant stupidity…

      The old ways must be purged to make room for the new (anime-filled) ways…

      As the years go by, they will say:

      “Hey, I don’t see anything bad about these adult mangas! It’s the same as all those adult comix I wank off too, only more, uh, more–”


      “Yeah! More MOE~! And less flaring nostrils! I especially love these ‘ahegao’ faces that doesn’t exist in my regular adult comics! Thanks for introducing these to me, son!”

      “No problem, dad!”

      So everyone, don’t be in a foul mood and don’t let this get to you~

      It may not be now…But eventually, everyone will be chanting how much they love anime when the old fossils become fuel in their earthen tomb…

      And I’ll get to see big bill-boards in the highway with Hatsune Miku exposing her pantsu on top of a car–er, product she’s promoting~

    • Anonymous says:

      Sankaku is a fucked place so this statement doesn’t shock me. The people on Sankaku are mostly shutins who like to watch drawn images of little girls so they are socially retarded and a load on society – they’d like nothing more than to mooch of their parents and watch little girls do mundane stuff on tv all day. Fuck you. (and die).

  • Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with Sweden and others advocating this.
    I believe the majority of Japanese males are orientated towards sexual encounters with children,little wonder that the Japanese birth rate has been falling for so long,Your woman want nothing to do with your strange habits or Paedophile activities,in China we put paedophiles to death,there can be no greater crime than harming a child in this way.Japan indeed has become decadent since its occupation by the Americans,This is very sad indeed to see such a great culture as Japan being eroded by simpering fools and perverts.

  • Isn’t it funny how the opposition to…anything…automatically thinks the most vulgar things about it, and nothing else?

    Opponents to manga, or manga porn, only think of loli porn (which, to be fair, is probably most of it these days, but it’s been like that since way before the stereotype became the norm). Homophobes constantly focus on and harp on the idea of male-male penetration, and how much they don’t want to think about it, despite thinking about it more than (open) homos.

    What I’m saying is: There are clearly a lot of pedos in Sweden, and most of them aren’t (admitting to) reading manga.

  • Anonymous says:

    ”Just for some idiots thinks there are people that can’t see a diffrent between hentai and the reallity”

    wHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!? its not some stupid cock sucker repeating everything everyone says except for what they think but hey! stupid fucking retard is as stupid fucking retard does! no, its not that thats letting the goverment use stupid dumb asses like your comments up there to pass more AND MORE FUCKED UP LAWS OF THEIR TWISTED CHOICE. no, its a few people who downloaded some pictures of 2d girls and are forced to live in the woods because now goverments are privatising jails to stuff in whoever they want for the SMALLEST fucking thing.

    being a cowering simpering weak willed conforming douche bag isnt whats wrecking the world,no, 2D pictures of girls who your uglier than being downloaded are wrecking things. THIS is the moment that society falls! .. but keep taking whatever the rotting frog necked rapists in ”goverment” keep telling you to think and feel in the butt. keep injecting those completely useless ”swine flu” vaccines in your foot and in your brain while you quietly march off to ”church” for the rest of your life obsessively every sunday and listening to what the pedophile in your area believes in.. publicly, whos mysteriously always one step ahead of jail where actual hell waits..

    because hes protected by the biggest pedophile land snatcher gun dealer drug dealer shit eater crime lord rinkled rotting darth sideous nut sack skin head of them all.. the pope. because among many harmful things like kidnapping actual children that actually have something to do with harming chilren… hE’s NoT oNe Of theem. nooo waay priests do that!

    or should actually be what your wasted focus is on! nope! in a world full of wars set off by nothing(like vietnam) and people the goverment never actually cared about at 9/11 so they could go kill kill kill some sheep herders in the place of jesus’s birth but its okay because you also worship a flag you have no clue what it stands for that..somehow.. means something..
    2d girls on paper, waaay ahead of the gulf oil CRISIS obama bin laden never did anything about – are the most dirty little horrifying thing in the world. because ruining lives that bought a printer, stops the kidnapping, of thouands of kids every year. and never has. you.fucking.retards.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, please go on Artefact ridicule our country some more.
    In our contry its ok to be homosexual (or you cant critize this at least) it is not to be ok to be transexual, intersex (or person with alternative physical development as we like to call it), or anything else transgendered. We have got child “protection” organizations (with politcal influence) in this country who deny the existens of transexual children. Obviously our laws are rubbish and hate manga with boys that look like girls.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a disgusting place to live in. I can fully understand why they even need those over-the-top pirate parties. It’s the only thing they have left. In many ways.

    Oh, that and their porn bigotry. Yeah, let’s bash virtual sex while happily producing trash porn like fresh bread.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Sweden. Fuck you, who in the world gives a shit about your views anyway? Everyone has their own tastes, who gives a shit. Who are you to judge anyone, and who the fuck am I to judge anyone elses tastes as well? I don’t care for loli nonsense, some others do. Not all japanese manga is loli so fuck you. That is all.

  • The difference being yaoi manga predominately features males of age where as loli is pedophiliac depictions of children.

    The problem isn’t that it’s sexual drawings that people are aroused by, it’s that there’s a certain segment that get off on seeing depictions of children in sexual context.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alan P. is right.

        Also because in the sexual department yaoi and loli is what sells the most in their respective gender markets. Also this what the OP was mainly talking about.. so there’s that.

      • I was responding to the commentary at the end of the article that essentially equated yaoi with loli:

        “Incidentally, some time prior to this a young girl asked a similar question of the same station – whether it is OK to like yaoi manga – and was told she should feel free to do whatever she felt comfortable with.”

        • But nowhere did the questioner say that what he was fapping to was loli manga. In fact, what the questioner was fapping to was “[i]tjejer,[/i]” which means they weren’t lolis.

          You appear to be jumping to conclusions, just like Robert Jacobsson did.

      • Anonymous says:

        I said “predominantly” not all.

        predominantly |priˈdämənəntlē|
        mainly; for the most part : [ sentence adverb ] it is predominantly a coastal bird | [as submodifier ] predominantly Russian areas.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t see children in sexual context. Ever. If you do, you are either working in anti-cp agency or you are in serious need for help.

      You DO NOT have the authority to tell people what to think. As long as they don’t do anything, I’m fine with whatever people like to imagine. It’s quite hypocritical to ban the imaginary depiction of a certain crime you feel strongly about when slasher movies are readily available everywhere in Sweden.
      CP is illegal for a good reason, and that reason has nothing to do with lolicon manga.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘You don’t see children in sexual context. Ever. …

        You DO NOT have the authority to tell people what to think.’

        This is hilarious. So the Anon thinks he has the authority to tell other people that they DO NOT think about children sexually, and also that they DO NOT have the authority to tell people what to think.

        So the Anon is the only person in the world who has the authority to tell people what to think, because he gets to define what thoughtcrime is.

  • What is Sweden to me.

    Well let’s see, they sold iron to the Nazis in WW2 so right off the bat that makes them scum.

    Ok they gave us ABBA so it’s not all bad.

    But their recent stance on the whole loli issue or rather how it is clear they seem ok with branding the entire industry as loli makes me less than interested in saying anything pleasant.

    And thanks to Piratebay (which is really only what it is) they are essentially facist friendly, loli obssessed fucking thieves who once gave us a nice singing group.

    Fuck the Swedish, they have so much against them, and so little for them.

  • The same people bitching about the host’s comments, the same people who were requesting 14 year old Japanese girl sex videos a couple of days ago.

    So many people here think they’re not sick fucks who fail @ life and all its standards…