“Why Do Japanese Use Umbrellas All The Time?”


The latest yawning cultural void to concern 2ch is why Americans never use umbrellas, as well as the converse issue of why it is the Japanese “fall ill if they get so much as a drop of water on them.”

The exchange begins with a English language discussion of why Japanese think Americans shun umbrellas, and why they are such effete little cowards for using umbrellas themselves:


“They’re right. I’ve never seen anyone use an umbrella here. If you have a car, who needs one!”

“I’ve not met one since grade school.”

“I think there might be a problem with the subs, but it’s true in any case.”

“Americans use them. It’s Canadians who don’t bother.

“We’re not like some Japanese person who falls ill if so much as a drop of water gets on them. We don’t need them.”

“I just wear a jacket, fuck umbrellas.”

“Nobody here uses them. I’ve never seen one. You can see people in hats and waterproof work clothes though.”

“I’m an American woman. The last time I touched one was years ago. I’m not a kid, a little bit of rain won’t hurt.”

“Umbrellas are for homos.”

“Exactly. Men shouldn’t use them.”

2ch is, as ever, unimpressed by barbarian criticism:

“You’re a homo if you use an umbrella? As expected of the land of Schwarzenegger…”

“They just love homos there.”

“The rain here is different.”

“I hate to say it, but we’re afraid of the radiation.”

“Hinto: black rain [the name given to the deadly radioactive ash contaminated rain which fell after Japan was A-bombed]”

“Our rain causes cancer.”

“You’d expect this from people who wear shoes in their homes.”

“They just have transient wet mists over there. It’s not like the long continuous rainfall in Japan.”

“You’ll regret going bald, hairy barbarians. Isn’t it unpleasant being soggy in any case?”

“This is why they are all bald.”

“America is arid so you’d quickly dry off.”

“If it rains, just don’t go out, then you don’t need one.”

“They do seem to prefer raincoats…”

“Anyone living near their bases can see – they never use umbrellas.”

“What kind of juvenile imbecile thinks it’s cool to be wet.”

“Try living a year in Japan and tell me if you still say that stuff.”

“I read about an English person who came to Japan and was surprised that everyone used umbrellas. Over there only rich people used them.”

“I laugh at all the pathetically sensitive Tokyoites who use umbrellas even when it snows.”

“America is a car society and that probably explains everything. Japan is different.”

“I was surprised when I first went to Europe – nobody used umbrellas…”

“Japan’s dampness will keep you so sodden you’ll find mushrooms growing on your body.”

“America, consider the possibility of an umbrella sharing event!”

“Westerners must not understand all the scenes in anime and manga where people catch colds after getting soaked. It seems only Japanese associate catching colds with the cold. Their pointing out Japanese as catching colds just by getting wet suggests as much.”

“I see.”

“Over there they already pointed out colds are caused by viruses not the rain or cold.”

“So why do you catch them? Your immune system is weakened by the chill?”

“It may be because Americans are very hot. Japanese eat 1900kcal a day, Americans 3790. So they are giving off twice the heat.”

“That’s just why they are so fat.”

“How each nation copes with rain:

English: “I’ll open my umbrella”

Japanese: “I’ll open my umbrella”

American: “I’ll increase my calorie intake”

We could make this into one of those jokes…”

“They are using all that fat to output enough heat to evaporate the raindrops which fall on them. That’s why they eat such retarded amounts.”

“It’s said Japanese buy over 100 million umbrellas a year, that’s insane.”

“You can’t understand such an uncaring race. They even have women strutting around with no bras on.”

“Don’t compare your rain to ours. Not only will ours make you bald, it’ll irradiate you as well.”

“So they won’t use an umbrella but they’re only too happy to extend a nuclear umbrella…”

For those wondering, large numbers of Japanese really do seem to believe rain causes baldness (there is no scientific evidence that rain, acid or otherwise, causes hair loss).

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  • Americans are not romantics.
    Imagine this situation. You and your girlfriend. Bus station. Midnight (so no buses until morning). Heavy rain. One small umbrella.
    What will Japaneese do? Yes, they will go together under this umbrella, sharing their heat. Romantic, isn’t it?
    British gentleman will give his umbrella to girlfriend, and go without cover. He will fall ill, but save his girlfriend from such fate. Romantic? Oh, yeah.
    Russians will do same thing as Japanese, but since normal temperature in Russia in autumn and spring is 5 C, this is necessary, and won’t be considered as “romantic”. At least by Russians
    What will Ammies do? They will call their moms and dads to take them home. But before they will have sex at the bus station, since nobody is looking. Not romantic at all. And if you’re a girl, and your girlfriend is a lesbian, then you will rape each other with that umbrella.

  • Anonymous says:

    japs don’t naturally have white skin, they need to stay out of the sun, so they carry umbrellas everywhere the go. japs are obsessed with white skin, just look at the billboards in tokyo.

  • Oh I did notice the all Americans are fat comments. Not true. Depending on your state, it can be hard to find a fat person. In the southern states were it is hotter, most people stay in shape more. Though even in northern states, not everyone is fat. maybe 30-40% of people in the northern half are over weight to fat. Just guessing, but Im also guessing not everyone in Japan is dangerously anorexic, has small breast, doesnt reach the height of 5 ft, has no muscle mass,eat everything raw and drive Gundams to school?

    See, there are a ton of stereotypes out there. You cant believe everything on the net.

    Im stil waiting for Japan to announce they have working Gundams… I know they say that one Gundam is just a statue that has working lights, but I’m waiting for that random test flight to be caught on youtube when they think no one’s looking.

  • Most guys in the US feel if you’re a man, you can handle getting wet and don’t care. Getting wet from the rain and not needing an umbrella is seen as manly.

    Some think it helps you become one with the earth.(Enjoying nature), Some celebrate it cause it doesnt come often, others just stay out of it and most have cars around 16 or younger.

    From the women side of it, it’s half and half. Some dont like getting wet and the others like wearing cloths that are see through when wet just because they can or like getting reactions.

    In Japan it’s a way to trigger a flag. And based on this page, most think it will lower their HP, cause them to go bald, get sick or other random things…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised that they still think the cold causes colds. If there’s anything cold weather and excessive exposure to rain causes it’s hypothermia, and everyone knows that. I think they should learn the definition of “correlation is not causation”

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Seattle. It rains here even when it isn’t raining. There’s one reason and one reason only I don’t use an umbrella. Where the fuck are you supposed to put it when you go inside?

  • I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this – if you are a man of the right height, the tips of the umbrella ribs of 90% of women on the street will be positioned directly at eye-poking height… reason enough to dislike them.

  • I guess it’s because:
    a) it rains a lot here
    b) in the cities public transport is cheap and extensive, while using a car is expensive. people walk to/from the station.

    It’s not because the people in Japan love umbrellas, they are just convenient.

  • “I read about an English person who came to Japan and was surprised that everyone used umbrellas. Over there only rich people used them.”

    Well that story was BS. Most poeple uses umbrellas when it’s raining.

    English: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    Japanese: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    American: “I’ll increase my calorie intake”

    “So they won’t use an umbrella but they’re only too happy to extend a nuclear umbrella…”

    Oh, did I laugh at these.

  • Anonymous says:

    lolol yeah ive always wondered if japanesse do really believe that theyll get a cold after a bit of rain as depicted in almost any anime i live in Colombia and as a tropical country we get a lot of rain so we usually have a couple of umbrellas at home but we dont carry em with us all the time

  • I know my Chinese teacher used her umbrella even in daylight. She said it’s because she wants to take care of her skin; her culture values clear white skin (no freckles, no tan, etc).

    As for when it rains, as an American I can say I don’t use one for one reason: I always forget it.

  • “Why do the Japanese think rain causes baldness?”

    Thinking that cold causes you to catch a cold is a common misconception everywhere. The idea is so pervasive that you really have to go out of your way to convince yourself that it’s not the case.

    It could be that temperature causes you to gather near other people and contract colds. Either because you go inside to avoid the cold outside or your gather inside around the AC.

    Also, don’t they have goretex?

  • Anonymous says:

    umbrellas are nearly useless for anyone taller then 1.90m unless it’s huge because the bottom half of our body gets wet and people who share an umbrella with you get wet

    I’m 1.94 m tall btw

  • Anonymous says:

    Asian cultures are sheltered and want comfort. They rush to seats on the subway whether they need it or not, they fuss about having something to drink every 20 fucking minutes, and they need umbrellas to keep them from getting sick and keeping their skin a nice shade of pale white.

    Any justifications otherwise are just excuses. It’s a cultural issue and to those in the West, yes, it’s the very definition of being a pussy. Exceptions to the rule like some of the commenters above are posting out of spite, not reflection of what is really true.

    But those in the East also question why folks in the West seem to constantly feel the need to prove themselves so “macho”. The East wouldn’t understand why someone would go out of their way to get wet when an umbrella is an easy answer.

    It goes both ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t go out of my way, I just don’t care.
      ^ That’s my attitude, and if that is supposed to be “macho” then whatever.
      I’m not going to let everything little thing bother me, and yes until I saw this I hadn’t realized I never used umbrellas during when it rains, usually I just put on my hoodie(hood) and make it in just after a couple of minutes from when it begins raining.
      The Japanese seem to be uptight about everything and go out of their way to be aware of every little thing.

  • Scared of the rain? Hahahaha!

    I take an umbrella with me to school when I think its going to rain but when it starts raining I usually consider taking out the umbrella to be too much of a bother.

    Ill use an umbrella during ridiculously rainy days with hail and shit, though, or if I have to go a long distance but Im usually most concerned about the water messing up my phone and PSP in my pockets. 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m using one of these short umbrellas you can easily put in a bag when it’s not raining. No matter if it looks “gay”, it’s not like looking gay will kill me or anything. Machos can enjoy their cold while I’m all dry and clean for the ladies.

  • I rarely use an umbrella. I did when I was in Japan though, and I even had an umbrella sharing event with a girl there. Really, to paraphrase Kyousuke from OreImo, it really was like a galge interacting with some of the girls there–not like American girls.

    Back to the topic though, umbrellas are just cumbersome to carry around. I challenge the assertion that Japanese rain is somehow harder than American rain, because it certainly rains harder in Miami, and the main time it rains there is in the summer when it’s about the same temperature as Miami rain. It’s just a cultural difference, really, no need to examine it too much.

  • Anonymous says:

    These xenophobes don’t understand American weather is different, and the simple fact hoodies do the job 90% of the time. I swear 2ch needs to go outside for more than 20minutes a year.

  • That would be an interesting theory if there were no bald people in Japan… which I know that not to be the case. Aya Hirano for instance lol.

    As for the acid rain suggestion, trust me acidic rain would eat through an umbrella quicker than it would of the the human head.

    Why does this have to be such a butthurt issue? People take themselves too seriously if the only thing they have to offer discussions are racist insults.

    I’m not sure who the more uncaring race was that they meant to refer to. Just reading this bullshit I find Japanese to be the most inconsiderate people on the planet… but then I’d be judging a whole country based on a few lost souls.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s a reason why the term ‘Big American’ is fairly common. Frankly, I don’t think they super size normal umbrellas big enough for most ‘normal’ Americans to fit under, as most of those convenient sized collapsable umbrellas are made in asia were the average person is about the third the size around the waistline…yep, if you’re that big, you might as well make a cultural taboo of carrying something to avoid getting rained on for the mortification of your average umbrella not being big enough – all politically correct to cater for the bulk of the ‘weight challenged’. Nasty, but that’s probably the subconscious truth.

  • Anonymous says:

    “How each nation copes with rain:
    English: “I’ll open my umbrella”
    Japanese: “I’ll open my umbrella”
    American: “I’ll increase my calorie intake””


  • Anonymous says:

    I hate being even slightly damp, so when it rains, I carry around a massive golf umbrella. It’s three or four feet wide, and only my feet even get touched by water.

    I HATE being damp.

  • I use one here in Japan for two reasons:

    One, if it’s raining properly over here in Kyuushuu, my rain coat isn’t going to protect me for more than 5 minutes.

    Two, it’s often too warm to wear a rain coat. Extra layer to keep the warmth in? No thanks. I’m already bad with warm temperatures as it is.

    I’m guessing the Japanese have the same idea (though they overdress nonetheless). That, and umbrellas are simply dirt cheap over here.

    Though I also use one back at home. The only requirement is that the wind isn’t too strong, because if it is, there’s simply no reason to use one (unless you want to break it). Of course, where I live it’s almost always windy to at least some extent, so using an umbrella is practically not an option half the time.

    I hear they invented wind-resistant umbrellas though. They have a funky shape. Shame they’re overly expensive.

    On a sidenote, if a man thinks that umbrellas are for homosexual people, then I’m guessing that he’s just insecure about his own sexuality and is trying to overcompensate for something in a futile attempt to convince himself that he’s straight. Have fun with that.

  • Anonymous says:

    So it’s fine to generalise all Japanese are the same as 2ch, but it isn’t okay when they generalise us with 4chan (Refer to “The Best Anime According to Foreigners” article)?

  • Anonymous says:

    As an American I find it hilarious that all other countries think we’re fat homophobes trying to act tough. Thing is, although many of us are, its not right to judge all of us by it. And the whole Schwarzenegger thing made me lol so hard. For one, he’s not American (if you couldn’t tell by his last name) and for two, I doubt most Americans could successfully spell his last name. As for the whole umbrella argument(which is by far one of the stupidest complaints I’ve ever heard), I imagine much of it is the fact that Japanese spend more time walking places than Americans. The whole calorie joke and the balding thing (are Americans known for being bald?) were possibly the most uneducated things I’ve heard this week and then the people who ran with it just made it worse. There’s no logic behind it at all. They call us all the time on our logic but then they say stuff like “rain causes balding” which has no scientific support whatsoever. In a way, they are acting a bit like hypocrites. On a deeper subconscious level it might be the fact that Americans are so set in their, how do I say this, they have a great sense of individualism and power that they have fought for and aren’t willing to let others take away. Its not that they don’t care by any means. Its the ideology that “after all that my people have been through, fighting for our freedoms, I can handle a little rain.”

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in the Seattle area, where it gets pretty damn rainy. Most of the time, I wear a baseball cap or trucker hat and a waterproof jacket to keep the rain off. Sometimes, I use an umbrella. Depends on how rainy it is and how far I have to walk.

    In Japan, you have to be a pedestrian to get just about anywhere, so it’s understandable that they’d use more umbrellas. Here in America’s urban and suburban areas, you park your car and walk no more than thirty or fifty meters before you’re sheltered from the rain under an awning or inside a building. If you’re dropped off at the curb, it’s even closer than that.

    In some parts of America and Canada, we have places called Edge Cities, which are suburban shopping centers and commercial spaces with low-density housing, Like Bellevue, Anaheim or Scottsdale. In these cities, you can’t get very far on foot or with mass transit because their layout is tailored specifically towards automobiles. It’s essentially the inverse of what they have over there.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do use umbrella but I dont like umbrella, below is why umbrella sucka

    1)A pitas to use in strong wind

    2) Most umbrella wouldnt protect your shoes, especially so if you are tall

    3) You only have 1 hand free, not good for balance on slippery surface

    Waterproof materials are the way to go!, Gortex jacket n boots

    Umbrella is for pussy scale rain or where you try to hit on some asian chicks

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, and I thought a good minority of American’s were idiots, what with reality TV being popular & all. After reading this, though, I’m convinced that all of Japan is infected with “the stupids”.

  • Anonymous says:

    there’s 2 americas. car america and city america. city america uses umbrellas all the time. car america just runs from car to building, building to car. a rain storm in manhattan you will see a million umbrellas. i like to watch japanese women during hot sunny day to protect against skin. i always think “why, that is the BEST use for umbrella i have seen…shade from hot sun”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Both sides are stupid, i live on a dessert, it rains like 3 times per year, rain its a blessing. When temperature goes up to 50c degrees were i live, you will be stupid to not go out and get wet a bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking NEETs non of those people in that discussion are of actual value to society

    I hate Americans because their ignorant, they follow any bullshit they are told and they think too much of them selves, but there are a few good ones

    The Japanese I respect they are clean, intelligent and hard working but sometimes they piss me off usually it’s those NEETs and Hikikomoris(the west have them to) who blame everything on the west despite being an embarrassment to their entire nation, I’ve Japanese people who are awesome and not like these 2ch tards(they are just angry because loads of japanese girls date hairy barbarians instead of them)

    *Not no woman would want to date a person like that Japanese Pansy Hikikomori or Hairy barbaric Geek

    Wow making a whole big deal about umbrellas, both of them should try being white in africa (I count Japanese people as white because well they are and it’s just skin I’m german/scottish and my Jap ex is paler then I am and I seriously white) here we get heavy fucking rain, serious heat and we get to see smelly fucking niggers every day not those domesticated ones like in the US these are real niggers

    So both of them should shut the fuck up before a big blonde hairy barbarian with a B.ed degree and IT qualifications beat them silly

  • All I can say is using an umbrella under the rain beats ppl who refuse to carry one with them around that they eventually have to enter the office all drenched, have to sit under the air-con and finally catch a cold.

    Honestly, in TV shows and movies you’d look sentimentally cool walking under the rain with a calm face, in reality you’d look either too poor to afford an umbrella or more accurately; an idiot.

  • Anonymous says:

    …..Who gives a fuck who uses an umbrella or not. Just goes to show just because its a different country doesn’t mean shit is any different. People regardless of culture and location love to bitch and moan about retarded thinges.

  • Anonymous says:

    Unless its like winter or something, I actually enjoy the feeling of rain falling on my skin, as well as the smell and sound of fresh rain. Kinda has an effect of washing away my troubles and worries. Best in the summer when the rain is cool, maybe flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder off in the distance. Soothing to me

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there really nothing else going on that all those people have to do is bitch about using umbrellas or not? Idiots, the lot of them. Especially when dealing with tragedy aftermath or an failing government.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a stupid thread and though I may be feeding the fire,I as an anonymous must try to bring reason back to humanity,the weather in the United States of America is very different in many regions,I personally live in Florida and here right now,it is smoking outside due to the recent forest fires and as we people in MANY parts of America,not just Jersey,Chicago,NYC,or LA,have a terrible mass transit system and use cars as personal necessities as opposed to having a mere walk from street to street with the frequent bus/train rides. I know that the Japanese people are intelligent despite people in 2ch(for the most part),Ishihara with his hypocritical conservative extremist fascism,and the Relics of WWII who choose to honor those who have commited mass atrocities like The Rape on Nanking,The Sino-Japanses Invasion and the many rather hostile takeovers of the Imperial regime. I just wish to nip this in the bud and maybe someone with enough logic,reason and compassion would feel the same way. I’m sorry for the touchy subjects on the Japanese expense but America also tried helping the victims of the two bombings and felt we had no choice as the Imperial Government would have continued in blind zeal to fight a suicidal rush into the Union. What we did is just as wrong but the world can’t better itself with empty hatred blinding many of our people as humanity as a whole.

  • I live in the South and it mostly because we have cars and try to drive close to any door if possible. Only people that work in the downtown area or on University campuses typically use a umbrella because they are walking, not driving.

  • Anonymous says:

    When it rains, yes Americans do use umbrellas. For every other weather occasion, no, we do not. As for getting sick in the rain, seriously, Japanese culture really is weary of ‘catching a cold’. Just about anything will make you catch a cold in Japan. Get wet in the rain: catch a cold, sleep with your stomach exposed: catch a cold, sleep without a blanket: catch a cold, etc. Ironically, though, they’ll hop into a natural, open-air hot spring in the middle of winter and NOT expect to get sick. Please explain that one Japan.

  • Because trolling each other in a forum is not enough, now you have entire forums trolling each other.

    Now let me troll a little, what seems funny to me is those girls using raincoats (clear ones are cute) along with the umbrella. I see little advatage here carrying the latter.

    By the way, that umbrella girl illustration is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m American and I always carry a mini-umbrella with me even if I only need it to walk to and from my car. If I see people just standing out in the rain with no umbrella I just assume that they’re an idiot with nowhere to go. It’s just not acceptable to show up anywhere soaking wet.

  • And that ‘black rain’ is still falling 65 years later, is it?

    When I’ve been to Japan, the reason for the umbrella is simple, as the dirty gaijins stated in the first place- you’re rarely caught out in it a mile or more between your home-office-train station-etc in the United States. In Japan, since you largely WALK everywhere between train stations you’ll find when it starts raining very rarely is there much place to wait it out and stay dry.

  • Anonymous says:

    Rain causes Baldness? Rain causes colds? They call us barbarians.

    Here in the South, when we get a rainy season and know it is likely to rain or has been raining a lot we will carry umbrellas with us. The problem is here that it’s usually humid with no precipitation in the summer or cold and dry in the winters so we usually go without carrying umbrellas. It’s the sudden quick rain storm that lasts for five minutes that catches us off guard and we usually just wait them out, which proves to be the right thing to do 95% of the time.

  • Being an American it does seem that Americans rarely use umbrellas, though I don’t think anyone would ever criticize someone for using one. It’s pretty much that you only take one if you REALLY need one because they’re a pain to carry around (and with transportation convenience it’s true that you can get away with not getting very wet anyway).

    By the way, where do these English conversations come from?

  • Here in Canada, I rarely see people with umbrellas, but it’s easy to find them for sale. You won’t get called out for using one, but it does seem unusual. I keep one in the back seat of my car. It sucks coming to work cold and soggy, then staying soggy for half a day while you work.

    As for the shoes in houses tangent in the comments… Of course you take shoes off in a house here. It doesn’t matter if the floor is stone tile – we keep our houses cleaner than the outdoors, so shoes come off in the front hall and stay there. Besides, who wants to wear shoes all day and get moist, smelly feet?

  • My creator uses an umbrella, but during those rough windy weather. It’s close it or lose it. Cause it’s better to just bear with it and enjoy it than to have to fork $35 for another supposed sturdy one.

    I decided to give up on those whiny neets crying hate against us. Hell, sure america has obesity issues. But any “fat american” nerd can be the shit out of a skinny hikikomori whelp.

  • “Americans use them. It’s Canadians who don’t bother.”

    We get snow, freezing temperatures and wrestle grizzlies with our bare hands while rolling down a river on a couple of logs. Why the fuck do we need umbrellas?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the most asinine fucking conversation I have ever read. Are you kidding me?? I live in the Bay, and people use umbrellas all the time. Shit, I’ve broken about 3 of them already. Why am I getting riled by 2ch… Something’s wrong with me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where I live, it rains and snows all the time but nobody uses umbrellas unless it’s for a fashion statement.
    They’re so dainty the the wind will break them, Mother Nature beats the shit out of you.

  • Anonymous says:

    English: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    Japanese: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    American: “I’ll increase my calorie intake”

    Holy shit you have no idea how hard I’m laughing right now. It started raining an hour ago and I was all “I have to take the dogs for a walk but first I must eat a ham sandwich”

    Oh everything makes sense!

  • Anonymous says:

    If mah gf makes me move to Japan… I will one day go to an anime convention… dressed as a hairy barbarian with a club and a sign that says 2ch’s barbarian.

    I will do it… for teh lulz.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate those scenes in anime/manga where they get a little rain on them and then get a fever. Not to mention the fact that if you get a fever in Japan people act like you’re dying. Bunch of pussies.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love how ignorant people are some the most assured people on the planet. For starters, the USA is one of the top 5 largest countries in the world (Japan could fit in Texas with around 100,000 sq mi of wiggle room left over). To generalize about the climate is just plain asinine. There are plenty of places in America that rain more than anywhere in Japan. Secondly, understand that umbrellas were never that popular in western cultures. In Europe and America, long overcoats have been used as rain attire for hundreds of years. Parasols were used as shade by wealthy woman but the vast majority of people did not use them. Umbrellas have had a long history of use throughout Asia, which obviously continues into today. Finally as many people have pointed out, almost all American use covered vehicles for transport, negating the need for any protection while walking around.

    PS Yes, I am America. Next time if don’t know something, instead of following the popular “lets bash Americans cause were jealous they’re still a super power and we don’t like it” kick, why don’t you educate yourself and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Anonymous says:

    It really does depend on where you live.

    If you live in most parts of California and have a car it would be stupid to carry an umbrella around for the little bit of rain that falls on you.

    Then you have the issue of living in places where the wind makes it pointless to carry an umbrella.

    And in places where it does rain a lot, we usually plan not to be outdoors that much.

    If the Japanese see it raining and want to walk around in that for extending periods, they can feel free.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese are just weak, they weight like 80 pounds (wet) any sun or rain will make their immune system give up. Plus look at their society the Women are more manly than their men, its no wonder why they are gonna be little bitches about everything. Take your shoes off? How about stop crying and just clean the carpet/floor.

  • Anonymous says:

    We in Europe actually use umbrellas, at least in the Czech Republic you can see many people use that. Many people do not have cars and there are a lot of buses and trains, trams and other public transportation services, so maybe that’s why. Because of isolation in recent past there are some similarities between our country and Japan – we have racialy homogenous population, are said to be a little xenophobic(I too don’t like those undereducated immigrants, they are trash who brings crime there…) and our politicians are also a bunch of idiots (well, that’s everywhere). If some of our people wanted to learn japanese, he would not have to learn pronunciation, while words are different, it sounds quiet similar. We can also use “ne” at the end of a sentence with the same meaning Japanese do. “ne” means “not” when translated to english, and the meaning in this case is “isn’t it?”. Before forced christinazitation (but we are mainly atheists now, forced too in recent past – by communists) people there had similar gods and spirits to that of japan. For example zaschiki warashi would be “domovoik” and kappa resembles “vodnik”, I don’t remember more right now, our past war gods or heroes are now used as a brand names for alcoholic beverages… lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I would imagine most people don’t have umbrellas cause they are never out in the rain for extended periods of time thanks to cars/vehicles. Japanese population tend to use public transportation and side walks and more likely to need an umbrella. Well looks like both populations are more alike than they realize, both populations are fucking morons and cant figure umbrella usage out.

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Canada and don’t use an umbrella because it rarely rains over here, we mostly get snow and you don’t need an umbrella for that, but when it does rain people will use umbrellas if they need to.

  • Anonymous says:

    “They are using all that fat to output enough heat to evaporate the raindrops which fall on them”

    power lvl over 9000

    ” They even have women strutting around with no bras on.”

    u jelly?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait so no one likes the idea of a girl getting wet in the rain?! My word! No wonder they use umbrellas.

    Plus some people use umbrellas, some don’t. I personally do because I like to stay dry and if everyone in Japan uses an umbrella then what’s the point of me bringing one if I’m going to be covered by everyone else’s umbrellas.

  • Anonymous says:

    “You’d expect this from people who wear shoes in their homes.”

    That I have to agree is one of the dumbest/retardest things I know. Why do you want to wear shoes in your home?


  • Anonymous says:

    God,for only once, can those stupid faggots of 2ch stop that nonsens?
    When i read their comments im somewhat sure they deserved that fucking earthquake.
    But sadly those fuckers just didnt die, FUCK!

  • Anonymous says:

    Umbrella or no umbrella. Coming from Sweden, I find it hard to find why there aren’t any shelters to begin with, and not to mention why a moron would stand in the rain at all. If the wind blows sideways you’ll still get wet no matter what you do.

    And let’s not forget that it’s a lot more practical to wear a rain/jacket than running around with an umbrella. If it still was the year 1911 then just maybe.. maybe I’d use one, but if the wind is strong enough you either gonna drop it and and get even more soaked because you had no freaking raincoat on for example.

    Or what.. you’re gonna use both? How about if it starts raining while your’re on your bike for example? Are you gonna pick up your awesome umbrella and steer with one hand or use your rain/jacket? Maybe you’ll hide under or tree or something which defeats the whole purpose of an umbrella… Same goes during winter… I guess?… Snow is hazardous right? I’d worry more about your crops/food before giving a damn about the rain that seems to melt your bodies.

    Balding has to do with Testosterone (DHT) sensitivity. But then again, the major Asian population eats a lot of soy-products that contains estrogen which in turn lowers T/DHT-levels (over the years/months to come). If western women knew the benefits of soy they’d be into it too, but since they couldn’t care less it is how it looks like now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do they really believe post like the ones on 4chan to represents everyone who lives in America -_______-

    There discussion turned up arguing about how their rain is more poisonous.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe a more logical reason we (Americans) don’t use them is because we can never find one when it rains. I meana, i can’t be the only one who can’t find one when it’s raining. Only to find like 50 of them (not really that much) when you don’t need it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “They are using all that fat to output enough heat to evaporate the raindrops which fall on them. That’s why they eat such retarded amounts.”

    “How each nation copes with rain:

    English: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    Japanese: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    American: “I’ll increase my calorie intake”

    We could make this into one of those jokes…”

    “It may be because Americans are very hot. Japanese eat 1900kcal a day, Americans 3790. So they are giving off twice the heat.”

    Best answers so far. Someone should make a short 4 panel comic strip of this.

  • Anonymous says:

    The west’ll never get to experience sharing an umbrella with someone in a serafuku.

    “You can’t understand such an uncaring race. They even have women strutting around with no bras on.”

    As for that… don’t bras make breasts saggy over time?

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the better question is whats with all the pussy/shy protagonist who can’t do shit for themselves and fight for everything in the name of friendship?? By 2ch’s logic, I’m assuming thats what the majority of 2ch users and japanese males are like.

  • Anonymous says:

    What I want to know is why half the anime I’ve seen always have “that” character with a “weak body” that can barely do anything without illness.
    They also always have the character with the eyepatch.
    Makes me think that half of all Japanese are partially blind and anemic.

  • Anonymous says:

    I find this very mysterious. I know plenty of people (American people) who use umbrellas, myself included. Then again, a lot of the rain in the Massachusetts area tends to be the downpour type, so if you don’t at least have a raincoat then you definitely have to change your clothes before you… say, sit on someone’s furniture. And during the winter it’s too cold for the rain to dry off naturally, and during the summer it’s too humid (and often not that sunny), so maybe that’s why we use umbrellas. I certainly prefer them to raincoats, which make me feel like I’m wearing an outfit made of used seran wrap. (For the record, I’m a chick, but I know plenty of straight guys who use umbrellas. In fact, one of the only people I know who uses neither an umbrella nor a raincoat is actually a gay guy, so the whole umbrellas = homo thing just really doesn’t click for me.)

    And um, rain does not make you bald. <__< Wat.

  • Anonymous says:

    It depends on the type of weather, type of rain, and distance from shelter to shelter.

    I live in Texas, But Japan is surrounded by ocean, so when they get rain, I can only assume they get large rain drops.

    Alot of the times in Texas, it’d be raining, and you can spend many/several minutes outside, and only get slightly damp to the point you’re totally dry in the next 5 minutes. A light cotton hoodie is sufficient in keeping one dry most of the time.

    However if rain was wet and heavy enough, and I had to walk/run farther than the distance from a parking lot to a building, I’d see a use for an umbrella.

    Or maybe Japs are pussies.

  • Anonymous says:

    a stupid discussion is just that a plain fucking stupid discussion

    whether anyone uses an umbrella or not no one cares

    i dont like carrying stuff i dont really need

    i will only carry an unbrella if its raining before i get out, if it rains after im out, fuck the unbrella i’ll either wait for the rain to cease or get fucking wet, it aint gonna kill me

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m French, and quite a lot of French people use umbrellas, at least in Paris.

    I’ve recently moved to Ireland though, and I’ve seen at most 1 or 2 umbrellas except mine so far.

    With Ireland being quite a wet coutry, I guess it must be cultural.

  • I was under the impression that Japanese use umbrellas all the time – they don’t like getting too much direct sunlight and go out of their way to carry shade with them.

    Americans simply find umbrellas cumbersome. It’s another thing to carry around with you and getting a little rain is less of a hassle than bothering with an umbrella.

  • Lonesnipa says:

    As a canadian, I kinda question that I don’t use an umbrella, as I have 3. What the fuck is with these broad sweeping statements about an entire culture that don’t really cover the whole culture?

  • Anonymous says:

    “You can’t understand such an uncaring race. They even have women strutting around with no bras on.”

    Well… Bras have been proven through scientific study to actually increase the chance of breast cancer AND they actually don’t help with sagging. There’s actually evidence that bras actually accelerate sagging because the ligaments in the breasts aren’t exercised/strained so they can become stronger.

  • Anonymous says:

    This German guy always puts a small umbreally in his bag when the forecast says it is going to rain and back when he still had a car he would always keep a bigger umbrella on the backseat, just in case.

  • Anonymous says:

    I only use an umbrella when it’s a calm rain. very often it’s blowing around and pointless to use an umbrella, so it makes more sense to just bundle up in a raincoat and hood and go where you need to.

    Also, Cars.

    -A Canadian.

  • Ah 2ch, I love how you generalize.

    I’m from NYC. The weather here is actually similar to Tokyo’s weather (expecially in regards to humidity). Not to mention this is one of the few places in America where you can live perfectly fine without a car.

    In the summer, we basically only have 2 kinds of weather: Blazing hot sun with humidity, or rain/thunderstorms followed by more humidity. Hell as I’m typing this it’s raining now. I rains plenty in the spring too, with similar levels of humidity, it’s just that the temperature is cooler.

    I however, don’t even own an umbrella. I don’t even dress different for the rain. Personally, my favorite kinds of days are the overcast ones. I love the look of the steely grey sky. Also I love that fresh smell the rain gives the surroundings.

    However I will admit that even for the people I know, I’m unusual in my like of the rain. I will gladly go outside in a full downpour, or in a thunder storm, without an umbrella. I just really love the rain. So I’m probably not the best person to ask in this situation, as my interests an likes are too skewed.

  • Up where I live in canada, its usually very humid, and I have never once in my life used an umbrella (parents wouldn’t let me use em as a kid, so it became habit) When it rains, I’d just put a garbage bag over my valuables (electronics) and let my body get soaked, and I wouldn’t dry off until the end of the day when I was heading back out into the rain (I hate humidity..)

    • A bit of both.

      The simplest explanation for this paradox is that using an umbrella is considered to be very middle/upper class. You’ll hardly ever see them in working class areas (i.e. the parts of the country that we prefer not to show to foreigners), but they’re a very common sight in wealthier areas.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m in Canada (just outside the GTA) and I can say I always use and umbrella in rain and see quite a few people running around with them. Also, wearing shoes in the house? WTF? That’s why there is slippers and socks.

    • I live in Canada as well and seems for a great percentage of the people here, slippers are a winter thing only.

      Meanwhile, no umbrella here is quite common as well, though I’d attribute that to the rebellious age… or people of that mental age.

      Of course, depends how much walking you’re doing outside. From car to door, my hood will do well enough, unless it really pours. The typical rain I get in Japan are equivalent to the really bad days of rain here. They need bigger umbrellas there, seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol, i live in Chile, and in here ppl use umbrellas, but of course there are some who like to run under the rain, those are maniacs. And about socks and shoes… i find it logical the way japs do it, since the streets and the outside can be very dirty, and you don’t want that dirt inside your home, but i also think it’s weird that it’s a subtle (or not so subtle) rule in japan, but i also don’t understand why they sit in the floor xD (so if they fall, it doesn’t hurt as much?)

      • Anonymous says:

        Asian countries don’t use shoes in their houses excluding those foreign born half-types and wannabees. We use slippers :D. With the kind of rain we have here, even jackets get wet. That’s what umbrellas are for.

      • True, but maybe that is why Japanese people get sick so easily. Us “Barbaric” Americans wear our shoes in the house and expose ourselves to all kinds of bacteria and germs brought from outside to inside the house. I’m amazed at how sheltered of a life some people can live. A little rain, mind you is water, will never hurt anyone. A little dirt will never hurt anyone either. Stop being pansies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, but a majority of american houses have different floors. Mainly hardwood, carpet, and tiles. Most of the people I know own mats to wipe your feet on before you walk in the house, and if its hardwood/tiles we just keep our shoes on. I’ve never met anyone okay with walking around with shoes on regular carpets, plus our floors aren’t made from tatami mats.

        • Anonymous says:

          Original anon who said WTF to shoes. I think it is easier to wash your socks or slipper at the end of the day then to vacuum a carpet. I have only had one person ok with me wearing shoes in the house and that was because they were remodeling.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m fairly certain that a significant portion of Japanese homes and apartments don’t have tatami.

          Beyond that, I have to remind visitors (including family) to remove their shoes before entering my abode. Unless you sit down and scrub the soles of your shoes there’ll always be stuff clinging to them, waiting to be rubbed off on your carpeting.

          Back on the umbrella topic… We get a lot of rain around here, but when we get rain we also get a lot of wind. I tend to buy an umbrella a year, and after the first use half of it is broken (and the side-ways rain gets me anyways). On the other hand, during my time in Japan (particularly in Tokyo) my umbrella held up fairly well against the constant, straight-down rain. I do think that my cheap (cost-wise) Japanese umbrella was better built than the relatively expensive ones you can buy around here.

      • Anonymous says:

        I grew up in a household (white) that always and still does insist on socks indoors and shoes in the entry closet, and every friend I had growing up (also all white) insisted the same of every guest, as do those same friends now in their own homes. TBH, I’ve never seen anyone – white or otherwise – allow people to walk around on their carpets with dirty shoes. Maybe it’s just a southern redneck thing?

        And I too am guilty of sometimes wondering why Japanese people bother with umbrellas so much. I mean, unless it’s like a downpour outside, I’ll just toss on a jacket and put my hood up. But it seems like if it’s so much as sprinkling outside, the streets in Japan are a sea of umbrellas. You NEVER see that around here.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          Maybe, just maybe, its the fact that not everyone has a fucking carpet. Seriously people logic is not that hard. Make the anon race proud by saying something intelligent, then following up with something intelligent and not fucking stupid. Please.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s how it is here too. The only place I wear my shoes inside the house at is my great-grandparents house, and if your shoes are dirty they have a waterhose right next to the front door.

          Also, as was mentioned by someone else, umbrellas are useless when the rain is sideways. A normal thunderstorm around here has winds around 60 mph, and a normal day the winds blow around 15 mph near here…

  • For those who rely on public transportation, it’s natural to bring an umbrella to commute in cases of showers (I do), whereas personal vehicles holders just drive up in front of the building, hence the lack of needing umbrellas.

    I don’t see how you can compare 2 different countries on how they deal with rain since transportation is a major factor…

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, it takes me like 10 seconds to walk to my car if its in the drive way, but most of the time its parked in my garage. The most I’ll be in the rain is probably 30 seconds depending on how far I parked from the store. Also, I wear hoodies and hats regularly, rain isn’t really an issue in Socal.

  • The most accurate post is this.
    “America is a car society and that probably explains everything. Japan is different.”

    In the US we can usually just run to our car and then drive it into the garage if it has not been fill with junk.

    I do use an umbrella when I walk my dog and it’s raining.

  • I live in Texas, we don’t need umbrellas due to the fact that it doesn’t rain as often here. In Japan, its always constantly raining and thus, their need of umbrellas.

    Little fact, since January 4th, Houston has received less than half an inch of rain.

  • It’s amazing for me… that people don’t use umbrella on rainy day… when I’m going out of home and it’s raining or about to rain I always take umbrella with me O.o it’s strange when i actually see someone without it and thing about him being stupid. (later they are surprised that they catch cold out of nowhere and other shit…)

    • Anonymous says:

      My girlfriend (who is from Trinidad) throws a fit if she gets caught without an umbrella, and insists she will catch a cold if she gets wet…from the rain, you perverts.

      I just tell her to take off all her clothes, and take a hot bath (like in Japan) that way she won’t catch a “cold”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Japanese women didn’t even bother with bras until they saw that western women did. Go back to the ’60s or so and many of them were still going about their day topless if their occupation involved getting wet, like diving in the ocean. Stupid Americans taught them to cover their boobs and ruined everyone’s fun!

      Alas I only know this from books and films, I’m not that old. Wish I did have the opportunity to visit Japan in the past.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually almost all the world was like that until Europeans started trying to take over the world.

        The reason that people cover up is because of the colder weather, however, that in time became the normal look of a person, covered in clothing, so then eventually people were only naked when bathing or having sex, so the naked body became private.

        If mankind suddenly stopped wearing clothes, and did that for 100 years, breasts would not be sexual, and society would be different.

        Go back a few hundred years in Europe, where the calves and ankles of women were also private areas, or back in the present in the “Middle East” where the entire female body is private, all but the eyes and eyebrows.

        The current sate of body privacy is just an evolution of society, defined by what is commonly seen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah lets forget all the Japanese teen girls whoring themselves online and selling their dirty underwear for money.

        O and all those gold digging japanese women that want to make you misogynist.

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Scotland and its usually raining here and the only people i see using them are the elderly or women.
    I’ve never bothered using one and that’s probably because the rain is so commonplace that almost everyone ignores it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was told by a pedophile book I bought that having one with me in the rain is not only good luck, but it will increase the chances of leading a young girl away with you in the rain.

  • Two words: Tropical Weather.

    I’m from Costa Rica, here, on rainy season it rains hell every day, also, here the men use black umbrellas, we call them ‘Paraguas’ and if you carry one you are smarter and manlier than some dude who gets wet to the bone….

  • Anonymous says:

    You see umbrellas quite frequently here in the Netherlands. It’s mostly kids and adults using them though. Teenagers think they’re too cool to use an umbrella. I for one never use one. A little rain won’t melt me. =P

    • Anonymous says:

      Arriving drenched at your work is no fun, that’s all. I wish I were a teenager again, when I didn’t have to care about that.
      So given that we only have one or two dry days in the year I kind of like my umbrella, although every now and then the rain brings a nice little storm with it that spooks around buildings in unpredictable umbrella-wrecking directions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Theres actually two major differences from America and Asian when it comes to umbrella usage.

    1. Distance walked in rain is significantly different. The average Japanese person usually walks wherever they need to go, and tend to use public transportation in between. Most Americans hop to their car, putting them in the rain for only a few seconds. Taking an umbrella with you is effort wasted, you’re not even going to get very wet. However if we started making walks longer than a minute in the rain, I’m sure we’ll start using umbrellas too.

    2. Climate. Eastern Asia is a lot more wet. It rains harder, and it stays humid throughout the seasons. Also, while no one really knows whether rain causes baldness or not, the water in rain isn’t as clean there. The city pollution really does mix in to that rain, and its quite filthy.

    But yeah, umbrella during snow is overkill.

    • Anonymous says:

      japan snow are deadly.

      i know this girl who decided not to use a umbrella and they found her body buried in snow.

      she could’ve avoided being buried alive if she’d just use an umbrella.

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Denmark, noone here uses umbrellas either, so it’s not just because of cars. We mainly use rainclothes, personally I just get wet.

    But while we’re at it, why do Japanese people use face masks. They have no effect against viruses, they have some against bacteria, but trying to avoid getting a cold, is like trying to avoid getting hungry or sleepy.

  • Pyrolight says:

    God reading these exchanges kill me.

    If I don’t have a raincoat on I use an umbrella.

    Also I live on the east coast of Canada so I know humidity and dampness but I am afraid the Japanese have no clue when it comes to a damp cold.

    I miss the prairies so much sometimes.

    • I think its not the umbrella thats an issue, but the US ppl*, complaining over a trival matter.
      (*not americans, “Americans” are the whole ppl on the continent, not just the US.)

      I’m with the Japanese on this one, whoever can use whatever in whichever time if he/she wants.
      If others have a problem?
      live and let live.

      • Anonymous says:

        “(*not americans, “Americans” are the whole ppl on the continent, not just the US.)”

        I’m starting to think that when the Japanese refer to “westerners” they are only talking about everyone from the Americas.

        It would make allot of sense then, and still be lulz.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, no. I only know of the Japanese and the people from the US to do this – the rest of the world says “United States”. Hetalia took a lot of getting used because I kept thinking of a continent rather than a country when America was mentioned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well actualy, Taiwan also have the same reason. The rain cause baldness thing.

      I have been there, and the rain is just “diffrent”.
      I live in tropical place, where rain is very common, with moonsoon that can cause Flood in just a day. and have no problem with get wet by rain

      but in taiwan and Japan, the rain is just hail mostly.
      and for some reason, the rain makes your head feel itchy. even if you only get a little rain in your head (Experience it myself when I go there).

      And the other thing summer in Japan and taiwan is realy Hot because of no wind.
      30 degree celcius in Japan somehow feel hoter than in my country.
      and my avarage Temperature on ordinary day, can reach 38 to 42 degree. thankfully there a lot of wind.

      And I the rain is the cause in Taiwan, Vegetable price is more expensive than Meat. Cause of the rain water in the country. you can ask Fruit and vegie seller in taipe. and they answer it cause of the rain
      where in Taiwan and Japan, there is no fuckin wind in summer in such a hot day.

    • Vegetable Japanese peoples and their silly problems. XD

      I don’t see the point to this argument since I see many Americans and Japanese engage in differing behaviors not always conforming to norms.

      Also, some of it might be cultural considering fair/untanned skin is actually still preferred with many Asian women. I do it too. I never expose my skin in the summer sun directly. I actually use the umbrellas a a parasol against the sun. Some Japanese girls do that.

        • I agree anon. Some of the most amazingly fit people I’ve seen in my life are Americans. I’ve seen Europeans and I’ve seen Asian peoples of all kinds in my life.

          A lot of Japanese girls tends to not see fitness as exercise based, but purely diet based and that doesn’t tone their bodies well enough. Granted, many naive American girls think that way too, but there’s more of a fitness craze in America.

          And some of the more fit Americans are REALLY fit and look like damn models. I see that in gyms all the time.

        • That stereotype is based the average fatness of Americans compared to that of citizens of other countries. A more interesting one would be “Americans are stupid” — ironically used by people I’ve found very ignorant in general.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why Japanese use Umbrellas ?
      because they wait for moment the one they love forgot bring a Umbrellas and ask to go home together under same Umbrellas.
      ( If you guy already see some Harem you will know what I mean )

    • Anonymous says:

      Well i dont know if i can speak for my entire country (germany) but we have two easy rules around were i live.. 1. When it looks like it will rain or it is raining.. if possible.. get a umbrella. 2. If you are already outside and it begins to rain.. you go like “ach scheiß drauf..” “ah fuck it..”. ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally someone understands. Monterrey, Mexico: 0%-20% of humidity since September 2010.
      Here the weather is so dry and hot, that when it rains everybody get out of their house to feel the water, no matter how filthy it’s, they do it.
      And for that comment about wearing shoes inside of the houses; that’s cultural stuff, only Asians do that. Everybody else walks inside of their house with their shoes on.

        • Anonymous says:

          I never use an umbrella at all. Real men don’t use them.

          I never wear my shoes in the house unless I am getting home from work, have non family members over for a visit, a nice meal at the house, or I am leaving the house.

        • Anonymous says:

          Er, it’s quite different in China, at the very least (and I believe it’s the same in quite a few other asian countries). Namely, you take off your shoes because you don’t want to track the dirt outdoors into the house. After all, you have a choice: clean the floor because you had guests over… or tell them to take off their shoes.

          It’s definitely exacerbated in China due to the pollution.

  • “You’re a homo if you use an umbrella? As expected of the land of Schwarzenegger…”
    Well technically Arnold’s Austrian…. so… yea…

    “How each nation copes with rain:

    English: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    Japanese: “I’ll open my umbrella”

    American: “I’ll increase my calorie intake”

    We could make this into one of those jokes…”

    Okay, I’ll admit, I laughed at this one.

    Anyways, personally, I just tend to lose umbrellas. Also where I happen to be located at, wind often accompanies rain thus making the umbrella ineffective. On top of that, there a few douchebag drivers around these parts who don’t slow down when there are large puddles in the road. Thus they splash people walking on the sidewalk. That umbrella won’t protect you from that. So I just find it more efficient to use a jacket that is built for rain.

    • It really depends.

      In my own house I never wear shoes. Hell in my own house I don’t even like wearing socks. In my own house, I always go barefoot.

      However, when I’m visiting another person’s house, I follow their rules about it. If they don’t ask me to take my shoes off I don’t, but if the do ask I take them off.

      There is however a general pattern. If you are going to someone’s house for a casual visit, than the shoes are probably gonna come off, and you are more likely to be asked for your shoes to be taken off. However if you are visiting with a bunch of other people for something more formal, you are most likely gonna keep your shoes on, unless specifically asked. That is what I’ve noticed.

        • Anonymous says:

          People who go around spouting off that they are athiest and who make fun of people for having a religion (instead of being indifferent) are usually the ones who think they are better than everyone.

    • It all depends on the person. It’s up to their personal preference if shoes inside the house is OK for them. For my family, we could wear shoes inside the house, as long as it was on the first floor with wood. If we wish to go upstairs -where everything is carpet- we take our shoes off.

    • Anonymous says:

      We wear house shoes, not street shoes indoors.
      As far as umbrella usage, its inconvenient to drag them around all the time. Just came back from Tokyo, umbrella racks everywhere, here they’d get vandalized and stolen.

      Right now where I live, everyone uses umbrellas, but only when it really rains hard, no point dragging it with you if its barely drizzling.

      I think it depends a lot on the city youre talking about. Toronto, everyone uses them, New York, its partial with a lean towards raincoats, Tokyo everyone always uses them.

    • If your shoes aren’t dirty, then it doesn’t really matter.
      Also, it seems that places with hardwood flooring/ no carpet generally invite shoes because walking/standing on them barefoot hurts after a while.

      Of course, it’s generally considered polite to take off shoes when entering a house, but you won’t be killed for not doing it, and the host’ll say something if they care.

    • Pyrolight says:

      That is a bit of a fallacy.

      Some people will wear sneakers inside. These are never used outside.

      We all wear shoes into the hallway where we take the off and put them in the closet, shoe rack, etc. We generally have a rug to catch the mud and whatnot.

      Sometimes we wear out shoes into the house if we forgot something and are in a rush.

      Lastly if a workman has to go in and out constantly we usually let them wear their boots so they don’t have to undo and redo up then up constantly (exception being on carpet).

      Most of the time we don’t wear shoes inside beyond the hallway but we always take them off inside unless they are caked in mud or crap (so Osaka need not worry in that regard) or such.

    • In my personal experience, it’s around 50/50. Some people won’t mind if you come in wearing shoes (assuming they’re not really dirty) and some people will ask you to take your shoes off in advance.

      As for taking shoes off in your OWN home, yeah, usually. Unless you have to, say, walk in and out constantly to put in groceries or something.

      • Anonymous says:

        i doubt they leave them just inside the front door like most Japanese but i do ware them inside though if the are muddy i would of course take them off rather than dirty the floor.

  • Anonymous says:

    Here in Sweden we sometimes use umbrellas but it’s not as common as rain-jackets though. I brought one to school once only because it poured, nobody said anything but I was the only one with one. Mostly people just don’t give a fuc* and wear wet clothes.

    • 1900kcal that’s almost nothing I probably would literally die of a horrible death by wasting away if that was all I could eat.
      Well I’d probably kill the person who was foolish enough to deprive me of food first.
      Heck even my little sister who was told by her doctor she’s too skinny eats more calories a day then that.

      • Anonymous says:

        To the fat comments so what?? I’m 5’8 and weigh about 150lbs, thats 68kg I think. Which is pretty small here. But you know what? I’d rather be 6’1 and weigh 220lbs(99kg) than 5’3 and weigh 110lbs(49kg). We play numerous different types of sports here, so looking like little girls on the courts/fields will not help your chances of getting picked for teams. Have fun trying to keep yourself warm in the rain, while I’m driving in my car with a heater on.

      • Anonymous says:

        I lived in Washington State for over 15 years before moving to Florida. Both states well-known for the rain. When you live in an area for so long where rain is common place, you get used to walking around in plain clothing without an umbrella. I used my heavy jacket and hood when it downpours.

        However, I do know people around here that use an umbrella, and I think “good for them”. Everything in this world is more or so, based on personal preference. Who cares if you use an umbrella or not, deal with it. There will always be someone different from you.

  • Blackbird says:

    It usually not rain a lot here, but if you going out when it’s rain you should used Umbrella, people just think that is just such a pain.
    Becuase no one used it that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do that too.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a person living in east Asia, the belief that rain will make you bald has some backing up.

    In some countries or cities like mainland China and those developing countries, the pollution and the amount of dirt in the air emitted by cars and coal factories gets brought back to the ground by condensation. (Studied in Chemistry class)

    This means that the rain is dirty, and the rain carries petrochemical materials, pesticides, burnt coal extracts and other filthy stuff like that.

    Try getting wet in the rain, and drying off, then sweating yourself, and wipe your face with a towel and see if it isn’t black or yellowish. That’s pollutants that cause hair loss and even blindness. If you say there’s no proof of this, try living in Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, etc.

  • PhantomStatistic says:

    You know, some of the people on 2Ch really get on my nerves. They are just some of the most bigoted people I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something, seeing as I live in the Midwest.

  • Anonymous says:

    “So they won’t use an umbrella but they’re only to happy to extend a nuclear umbrella…”

    Aww.. looks like someone’s great grandparents didn’t get to see August 7, 1945.. 🙁

  • manolito62 says:

    i was asking myself that some weeks ago, and got to the conclusion: “JAPAN IS COOL”, here in my country the normal temperature for everyday is 32° to 29°, today in Tokyo is 21° to 19°.
    Sorry if i make no sense, i am still learning English.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s just nonsense, many places in Europe are the same or worse. You don’t see us run around with those things.

      I find it double funny because people standing under waterfalls is an often used motif in anime. They can handle a whole waterfall but not a few drops of rain, what a joke.

  • Anonymous says:

    Brings back memories of my schools days, if you were a lad and had an umbrella you’d be shunned as a fag and laughed at. But for girls it’s Ok. Even as an adult you see woman all the time, but very rarely see men.