Ghibli: “We Won’t Use Nuclear Power to Make Anime”


So much does Studio Ghibli want no part in the unnatural evils of nuclear power that it has proclaimed it wants to produce anime using non-nuclear electricity.

The statement was spotted emblazoned on the top of one of their buildings, looking very much like the work of primary schoolers.

Miyazaki is of course famous for his dementedly anti-technology views, so the proclamation is surprising only in its boldness and placement.

It is not clear whether they have actually taken any steps to put this objective into practice – short of installing solar panels and a diesel generator there is no much they can do to avoid using tainted electricity.

Indeed, considering that their production of anime masterpieces is in fact directly responsible for increasing demand for nuclear power as people turn to their TVs to watch their products, it does not seem the most well thought out of positions.

On a lighter note, observers cannot help but notice how depressingly shabby the horrible building in question is:


They do possess a much more Ghibli-esque HQ, but how much of their production actually occurs there is not clear.

Kyoto Animation’s studio also resembles the horrendous sweatshop it in fact most likely is:




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  • Anonymous says:

    I can see a Nausica-esque Mononoke, where the world was torn by nuclear devastation, and the heroine is fighting to find survivors. She is the only one in the world… And she will die soon, due to all the contamination in the area, but she does not want to die…alone…

  • Anonymous says:

    instead of storing nuclear waste, it should be disposed of.

    there is in fact the perfect place to get rid of the stuff. its in the exact location where the source of the March 11 tremblor originated.

    simply dump the stuff in sealed containers and allow it to be shoved back down into the earth’s crust over the course of millions of years. Where it will safely be recycled by nature – naturally.

  • Anonymous says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think, Japan has the rivers or enough land area that would be sutable for major Hydro-Electric Damn’s. So the only other means for electricity production is either large solar farm and wind farms.
    That said the only reliable source of electrical power is Nuclear power. Given that, I have one question. How is he going to tell if the electricty comes from a nuclear power station or not?

  • Anonymous says:

    In Japan, the energy consumption per capita is half as much as us Americans. However, their energy consumption per square kilometer is 6.7 times higher. Nuclear power is 80 times more space-efficient than solar power. You do the math.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, not this shit again.

    Ok, look folks, we NEED nuclear fission power until we get the first nuclear fusion power plants running. Why is that? Because coal sucks ass and is the reason why our glaciers and polar caps melt and wind energy and solar energy aren’t nearly effective enough to satisfy our need for energy. Also, wind energy needs a lot of open terrain and the conditions on where to build Hydropower Plants are very restrictive.

    So shut the fuck up and donate some money to science instead of complaining!

    Sorry, but I really needed to ge that off my chest.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve visited the ‘much more Ghibli-esque’ HQ and I can say that at least some of the work for the anime occurs there. Specifically, there were numerous booths with artists with ridiculously small paintbrushes creating elaborate background scenery.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is how all the animators should be doing…planting their feet to the ground instead of copmplaining like little bitches,these days kids want to work somewhere else instead of doing their own…what a bunch of queers,grab your balls and start doing something morons!

  • Anonymous says:

    Studio Ghibli is stupid…. done PROPERLY, nuclear power is much much much much much much much safer than gasoline and oil power.

    The problem with Fukushima was that it was hit with an over-the-design-specification quake AND a Tsunami of above average size on top of that.

    Any plant would have been having problems right now with the old design being used.

    Yep, old design… we now have some Mark III+ and IV reactors that CANNOT go meltdown at all or are extremely hard to get to meltdown because they are passive cooled.

    • starsplash says:

      To add to that, Fukushima had Chernoblye designe as well. Not to mention that they stored the waste right there on the site. The earthquake only opened the floodgate.

      If Fukushima followed saftey protocols and upgraded the plant from Chernoblye designe to a more modern design, this disaster would never of happened.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Chernobyl plant had a design that resulted in rapid failure (in the matter of seconds) when the coolant water was lost. In contrast, the Fukushima reactors failed slowly, over the course of hours and days–allowing time for emergency responders to anticipate and prepare for the concequences of the failures. At Chernobyl, only one reactor (in a complex of several) failed. At Fukushima, several reactors have failed, and there is the added (and potentially more serious problem) of damage to nuclear waste storage pools.

        Due to a terrible flaw in the Chernobyl reactor design, a massive explosion distributed the leaking radioactive elements over a gigantic geographic area–including most of Western Europe, aside from the Iberian peninsula. In contrast, the Fukushima explosions have been comparatively tiny, steam explosion and hydrogen gas fires.

        While damaged, the Fukushima reactors have both primary and secondary containment buildings to help block or slow the leaks into the environment. Chernobyl had no such containment buildings, with one hastily constructed by workers subjected to high radiation levels.

        • Anonymous says:

          WHAT is the difference?
          Quarantine zone size is hundreds of times smaller. The leaked dangerous radiation is almost not existent unless you fancy taking a walk near the reactors. The zone CAN and WILL be cleaned up in the near future. There are no acid rains all over Europe (or anywhere for that matter). Nobody died in Fukushima, except one guy who died from a heart attack.

          That’s the difference. And for the record, CNN is a sensationalist pile of crap, go find a real news source.

        • Anonymous says:

          It was still the basic design that Chernobyl used… the only thing different was that it had better ‘containment’ in the words of a nuclear power engineer who CNN had commenting on one of their stories about Fukushima.

          When that is the only real difference? The thing hadn’t been properly maintained and the safety things hadn’t been properly maintained.

  • I think Ghibli’s No Nuke Power is a very understandable response to their recent nuclear fandango. In terms of science, nuclear power makes a lot of sense. In terms of a capitalistic society, it makes none what so ever. The world is run by bean counters, not scientist or even safety officers. It is run by how much can we get for how little investment. And, as has been seen time and again, even the most adamant culture of precise science and safe design is compromised when corporate entities become involved. Corporations are in the business of making money, the manner it is made is almost inconsequential to the officers and the majority of stockholders.

    And for regions of geologic instability, nuclear is a no-brainer. Sure, you can debate the best approach or design for geologically stable areas, but in places where earthquakes and tidal waves are the norm, get real. No Nukes!

    I like Ghibli and I like science, but there is no intelligent choice between the two here. Ghibli is leading the way.

    And for the comment in the original commentary here about Ghibli being to blame for people turning on their tv and thus the demand for electricity and consequently Japans nuclear choices and ultimate disaster… Wow! What a whinging crock of guilt by association teen angst crapola! Just as well blame Autism and PDD disorders on the need to discuss anime via the internet leading to imbecility which, given the level of A’s commentary, seems fairly obvious. But just this article, Artifact, everything else here seems pretty gosh darn witty! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    If any of these idiots (like the germans… ugh) bothered to look past their initial shock reactions over scary nuclear power plants for a second, they’d know that yearly, about 500 Chernobyl disasters worth of people die from the consequences of coal and oil, be it through pollution or through conflict over these things.

    But hey, if it doesn’t happen all at once like in Chernobyl, it’s ok, right?

    Seeing how power consumption is only going to rise sharply in the coming decades, and wind- and sunpower can’t fulfill more than a fraction of our needs yet, anyone opposing nuclear energy is supporting death and destruction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, then why don’t you volunteer for have nuclear garbage dropped off into your garden or cellar or wherever you dwell.

      Let’s just see how long you’ll be able to keep up your deluded pro-nuclear stance then. Idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL, you have no right whatsoever to call anyone else an idiot. Get the fuck out of here and go look up how modern nuclear plants work, learn about a little something called the half-life (that’s not just the name of a videogame, you know!) of different elements used in them, and learn about the actual real-world issues involving different methods of power generation.

        Wind and solar power don’t work, and coal and oil are a thousand times more deadly than nuclear power to the earth and all the generations of people to come, including your own children and grandchildren. Get that through your thick skull. Stop believing in the latest scare rant from some retard on the news who’s telling you people are gonna dump leaking barrels of green goo in your back yard.

        Then if you still stubbornly insist on remaining ignorant about everything and making judgments based on your gut feeling alone (oh noes nuclear power is scary cuz the old woman down the street told me!) and feel like marching in the streets of germany carrying cardboard signs with bullshit on them like so many, just go and fucking kill yourself. Do us all a favor.

        • Anonymous says:

          I smell more samefag germans.

          Either way, 09:59, while you’re on wikipedia look up thorium.

          Of course, it’s precisely retards like yourself who are going to stifle development of new types of reactors with your sheep mentality and panic reactions, so whatever happens, we’re all going to be fucked thanks to people like you causing pollution and death through your willful ignorance.

        • Anonymous says:

          well if you had just looked up the half-life of uranium, you would have seen that the half life of uranium 236 is 2.342×107 years. i don’t think that anybody can guarantee safe storage of materials containing U-236 for such a long time.

    • Globally coal releases more radiation then Chernobyl in the form of radon and thorium in the ash on a yearly biases.
      The mercury is even more worrying then the radioactive elements.
      There is much much more of it and it gets concentrated by the biosphere.
      The truth is nuclear and hydroelectric are the only carbon neutral power sources that can form base level power generation.

      Now nuclear power need not be the second generation reactors like those at Fukushima.
      Third and four generation reactors such as CANDU and MSR are far safer.
      They also burn most of their waste and can use more common thorium as a fuel.

    • Anonymous says:

      The true scope of the Chernobyl damage is not so easily calculated. The same goes for coal-based deaths.

      Not that I buy into all the “omg nuclear is evil” panic, but I still disagree with your arguments, even if your has a merit.

    • Anonymous says:

      i think the germans are right.
      Well.. Nuclear power is just aweseome. But as long as humans are around it will just go wrong. See Fukushima, Chernobyl. Or terrorists who could destroy them. And because of the lack of reliability of humans it is good to decrease the number of nuclear power plant. But if we are in the corner of stupid arguments:

      People die in africa because they are poor, ill and nobody from the 1st cares for them. Ah. and people die of aids and cancer. zzZzZZZz

      Dont forget the energy companies. They try to run a nuclear power plant until it is at the brink of destruction. Where even a small blow of wind could collapse the whole building. Which brings me to my first argument: Humans suck in terms of reliability and responsibility

      • Anonymous says:

        Ooh, the evil [s]boogymen[/s] terrorists are going to use nukes.

        Well Jimmy, sit down and let me tell you something about Nuclear energy. To create a reactor, you need to understand physics and particularly about particle physics. And in case you failed to notice in high school because you were too high, that is actually a damn hard thing to understand and certainly above the level of some dumb terrorists who think it’s a bright idea to cause an uncontrolled fission reaction on the only planet they live.

        Fukushima is barely worth mentioning and the damage has, so far, been mostly limited braincells damaged by all the idiotic media hype.
        Chernobyl was a dangerous experiment made possible by stupid administrators, lack of oversight and lack of 40+ years worth of technology we have today.
        As for the human problem, that’s why we have an army of techies running around each reactor and still install a bunch of computer systems to monitor every little aspect of the damn things.

        [quote]People die in africa because they are poor, ill and nobody from the 1st cares for them. Ah. and people die of aids and cancer. [/quote]
        That’s not really related to our energy problems, but I’m glad you care.

        [quote]Dont forget the energy companies. They try to run a nuclear power plant until it is at the brink of destruction.[/quote]
        Sadly they do that, but that’s an argument against energy companies and not nuclear power.

        [quote]Where even a small blow of wind could collapse the whole building.[/quote]
        I don’t know about small wind but several nuclear reactors have been hit by hurricanes and the only outrage they seem to suffer includes some damage to the surface installations which are not involved with the reaction itself.

        [quote]Which brings me to my first argument: Humans suck in terms of reliability and responsibility[/quote]
        Well, feel free to offer something more suitable for the job. No? Then we’ll stick with what we have, rather than going into another dark age (literally!) of technology.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dropping a plane on a Nuclear reactor will do exactly nothing unless it’s a 30 year old relic (hello Fukushima). It’s just like ignorant people to overreact because greedy energy companies don’t want to upgrade to inherently safe modern reactors, which could never accidentally go into an uncontrolled chain reaction (including earthquake or crashing airplane damage).
          Sadly, most people love jumping the gun instead of actually educating themselves on the subject before they open their mouth. Do some research, the people who design and build these things are probably just as concerned about blowing up Earth* as you are.

          *Note: You can’t actually blow Earth up. Just to be safe.

          Contrary to what you may believe, explosives of any nature don’t do much to nuclear fuels. You can crash that plane in a wall of U-235 to much the same effect as you saw in the video.
          To cause a nuclear reaction you need specific particles which can not be produced easily, particularly not by chemical fuel.
          Even if you crashed that plane in a thorium reactor proper, it will just stop the reaction rather than make it critical.

      • Anonymous says:

        Germans are retarded beyond hope for several reasons, all of them being tl;dr.
        Enjoy your AIDS and fucking expensive “green energy” (which makes another shitload of problems, but it’s green, so it’s all well and good).

        • @07:13
          You’re forgetting the costs for operating reserve in form of conventional backup power plants and/or pumped storage. Solar and wind energy have extremely fluctuating output and cannot be used by itself.

          Also you’re forgetting the costs for toxic waste disposal once your solar panels reach their end of life in 20 years.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, free as in “it requires a crapload of maintenance for huge installation areas”. A reactor is small, well trained and can be taken care by a small personal. Cleaning pigeon crap from hundreds of square km of glassy surface requires much more than that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really hate the ignorance of the masses. Push for retrofitting existing power plants to cheaper, safe thorium. Not to have nuclear power removed from society.

    Removing nuclear power will not generate a boom in solar & wind power, instead it will create more strain of coal supplies because it is the only cheap power option that can be placed anywhere. Japan does not have the landmass for a large body hydroelectric dam.

    These nuclear naysayers should kill their selves for spreading their ignorance & overly naive views to others.

  • starsplash says:

    Go environmental all you want: Japan needs Nuclear power. Its the only way Japan can be fully powered. Honestly it really is the best of two worlds: its safe (If you are not stupid and ignore protocols and do shortcuts) and its clean.

    Ghibili isn’t doing itself any favors. Just give up ur environemental stance and concentrate on what you are built up for: anime.

    • Technically they could run with out nuclear power but it would mean restarting the dangerous under sea coal mines on battleship island.
      Or worst yet importing coal which would be very expensive.

      It would mean more polluted waters though scrubbers can handle a good portion of it so it would not be China levels of pollution.
      Plus there would be greatly increased train traffic to carry the coal.

      It also would entitle tapping into some of the hot springs for geothermal energy.

      This could mean the loss of some hotsprings and possible an increase in micro heat quakes if water injection is used as well such as to make use of a region that has hot rocks but no water.

  • “Indeed, considering that their production of anime masterpieces is in fact directly responsible for increasing demand for nuclear power as people turn to their TVs to watch their products, it does not seem the most well thought out of positions.”


    • Anonymous says:

      And the people won’t turn their TVs to watch some dumb TV show instead if the studio didn’t produce anything?

      They are trying to make a statement, not solve the world’s energy problems by shutting down a few lights.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kyoto Animation actually gets praise for letting their staff members go home on time, which is rare anywhere in Japan. So I think they are the least likely to be compared to a sweatshop.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          James camoron can get butts in the seats for most of his movies, but it doesn’t excuse the fucking hypocrisy he dribbles out with his “save gaia” shit. You should youtube a look at his MEGA MANSION. So too should we Not hold back and blast that old fart of a “master” of entertainment when he declares such stupidity as mentioned above!
          + No nuke on my watch? I hate technology?!
          If so; why is he wearing the clothes and checks the watch on his arm? Or even draw for the matter~ since it is all made by MACHINES [Inks, Cels, paints, cameras, pencils, lights,~]! Hand made wears? MACHINE spinned strings! Glasses to prevent walking off a stair or cliff in low lights? MACHINE formed lenses and frame! Dark and needing light? Even if you just use wood, it’s more than likely you needed tools to make the torches of which are MACHINE made tools!
          ~it goes on, but I’ll leave it here as showing what a fucking ‘TARD this old libertard old fart is when he FLEW around euroland in a goddamn FUCKING PLANE!

        • Anonymous says:

          Miyazaki is real, a genius, and a living legend.

          Tony stark is a bland, 3rd rate character. Portrayed in movies by a cokehead.

          Miyazaki has more success during his breakast than you will ever have.

    • Sticks were part of plant which used the tainted nuclear power of the Sun to exist, so that would still be wrong.

      Using you fingers to draw would be bad as well, because your body grew thanks to nutrition tainted with that curse.

      Therefore, if you really want to be honest with your beliefs You should cease to exist and not hinder the rest of humanity in it’s path to godhood. :3

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking idiots. Nuclear powers gave you the plot to tell grave of the fireflys and make shit tons of money and now your badmouthing it? Nuclear shit brings in billions of dollars in tourism for your puny country and you… I… I can’t even finish the damned japs are so idiotic.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan didn’t invest that much into regenerative power sources, just like the rest of the world (except for Germany and a few others who want to get away from nuclear power).

    Japan is highly unsuitable for nuclear power plants, yet they have the highest density compared to the size of their country.

    And now look at how poorly they handle the crisis in Fukushima.
    If anything, they young generation SHOULD have demonstrated their asses off. The government and all those old self-righteous idiots and this horrible TEPCO company should have been sacked.
    Nothing happened. The Japanese are completely indifferent as a society. I have never seen such brainless non-activity.

    Germany wasn’t directly affected by any of this, yet they immediatly shut down more than half of their nuclear power plants and they are now aggressivly pursuing regenrative alternatives. And that was done AGAINST a pro-nuclear government.

    I personally think that the Japanese are as good as finished. The have resigned into catatonic indifference. There’s no sign of change, no sign of hope or a better future. They still cherish their robot-like non-existance and faulty obedience towards complete idiots.

    I like SOME Japanese and many of my fav past-times are Japanese in origin but as a whole…i think they are fucked.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s like people have this horrible misunderstanding of how much energy is required to run a country and where it can come from.

      The only alternative to nuclear power Japan could possibly have is coal. If you think that coal is cleaner and safer than Nuclear power you are fucking stupid.

      • Anonymous says:

        When considering the costs of nuclear power plants, don’t forget to include the costs of storing the radioactive waste safely for some million years- you will see that nuclear power is not very cheap any more.

        • Anonymous says:

          well, shooting the stuff into space would indeed be a solution, but the costs of shooting several hundred tons into space are so high that nuclear energy would be very expensive when using this diposal method (at least until someone invents a warp drive of some sorts).
          instead we are going with the strategy of storing this stuff here and hope that nothing happens in the next thousands of years.

        • Anonymous says:

          You know, I bet that’s quite similar to what people said a long time ago when someone first mentioned the idea of sending equipment and people into space.
          An ad hominem is not really an argument, but then again, that’s what trolls do. For the sake of the argument, let’s assume you aren’t a troll despite what my intuition is telling me.

          Nobody said you have to use chemical rockets for it. You may be not be able to imagine another, more efficient way to send things into space, but that just says a lot of things about you.

          Nuclear waste is non-breakable and we don’t care about it’s condition as long as it stays in it’s container. The easiest thing in the world is to load it into some kind of (stay with me here) huge cannon* and fire it into the sky. Before you start bashing on how ridiculous the idea is, let me remind you that some serious people actually have thought of this way before then I did:

          That’s not the only option either, a lot of brainstorming has gone into what you dismiss so easily as silly:

          *Mass drivers are not really cannons, but cannon has a much better ring to it and is a good approximation. Plus, most people have no idea what a “mass driver” means.

        • Anonymous says:

          Man, that last Anon comment is like the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard in my life. Must be a child, thinking you can just fire nuclear waste into space. Even they thought is completely infantile.

        • Anonymous says:

          When talking about something, know what the fuck you are talking. See: thorium

          Regardless of the fuel, nuclear waste is so tiny that you could just fire it into space, like for example in Uranus (sorry, I couldn’t resist) without having to go through all the trouble to dig a hole in earth for it.

          It’s easily to send stuff into space if you don’t particularly care about where it goes, as long as it doesn’t come back. It’s not like we need an artificial orbital ring of nuclear waste. There is an entire universe out there full of mostly nothing and already rich of irradiated stuff (like that huge fireball in the sky that shows up every day).
          Heck, just launch it into the sun, it’s not like we can do anything to it.