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Man Arrested for Being Naked in Changing Room


Police have arrested a man for public indecency after a female hotel employee saw him naked in the changing room.

According to Fukui prefecture police, on several occasions the 38-year-old civil servant called female employees in their forties into the changing room of a baths at a local hotel, asking them to bring him a towel via the interphone system.

He was apparently naked whilst in the changing room, and would approach the employees he asked to bring him towels when they came in.

The man denies the charges, saying he did nothing which could be construed as indecent.

According to the man’s career biography as dredged up by the local rag, he was a model civil service employee for 15 years and showed no signs of abnormal behaviour. What could possibly possess him to go naked in a changing room remains a mystery.

Despite him denying the charges, his civil service superiors have already apologised for his disgraceful conduct and obvious guilt:

“This is truly regrettable, we apologise profoundly to the people of the prefecture. We are determined to completely eradicate civil service corruption and hope to regain the people’s trust in future.”

They promise strict disciplinary action once the details of the incident are established.

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