Busted Lolicon Collected Spit from 4,000 Schoolgirls


A man has been arrested for collecting the spit of some 4,000 young girls on the street, filming himself and hoarding their spit in his home.

The incident came to light in Tokyo’s subcity of Koganei, where an unemployed 55-year-old man approached a 10-year-old girl at an apartment car park, asking her to spit for him as “I’m conducting research into spit.” He proceeded to film the girl spitting into a camera film case for him.

Police finally acted and arrested him under Tokyo’s anti-nuisance ordinances (for “habitual vulgar conduct”).

Searches of his home turned up at least 200 film cases and videos of his research, all centred on 9 or 10-year-old girls.

He admitted the charges, explaining that “I wanted to make the girls mine but I couldn’t take them home, so I took home some of their saliva as a replacement. I did this to 4,000 girls over the last 17 years.”

Police found other reports of his antics as far away as Saitama, and saw online reports of his activity, where he had become known as “Tsubaku-Kure-Ojisan” (“Spit-Please-Old-Man”), so consistent was his modus operandi.

2ch has confirmed online reports of his activities dating back to at least 2005, and it appears even then he had become something of a creepy urban legend.

Just why it took police 17 years to do anything about him is an interesting question – apparently police have more pressing concerns than catching actual perverts.

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