New Vocaloid “Looks Like Some Tawdry Eroge Character”


Vocaloid fans are flabbergasted at the design of the latest addition to the Vocaloid family, comparing her to an eroge character with a gem lodged in her brain…


The new Vocaloid 3 character, still a work in progress according to the site, is in fact designed by noted eroge illustrator Carnelian, and her immaculate if plain style is already proving rather unpopular:

“What eroge is this?”

“Looking at a bankrupt design like this just shows how professional the work of Kei and Yuuki is.”

“A jewel on her head? Pretty weird looking if you ask me.”

“This is going a bit far. Who’s going to voice her anyway?”

“A princess character doesn’t really fit into the Vocaloid family. And you just know fans are going to determine she’s black at heart…”

“It can’t be helped, but it looks as though the gem is actually stuck in her head.”

“Why’d they put this girl’s soul gem on her head?”

“It’s like she was struck by a meteorite!”

“Isn’t she a little cute?”

“She’s not going to sell until she’s the star of her own masterpiece anime.”

Not the most promising of debuts.

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